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Have you forgotten the name of a book you once read? This group is here to help you find it again!

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PinnedPosting Guidelines--Read Me First!50 por ler / 50amanda4242, Ontem 10:23am
PinnedGeneral help and topic title change requests106 por ler / 106amanda4242, Quarta-feira 10:56am
PinnedAnnouncements60 por ler / 60Petroglyph, Agosto 23
PinnedTips for Finding Requested Books19 por ler / 19miss-jules, Novembro 22
Fantasy book2 por ler / 2sueelleker, Hoje 4:16pm
Fiction, young female MC working as barefoot thief, hiding identity2 por ler / 2humouress, Hoje 2:08pm
Forgot name of book I read when I was younger.3 por ler / 3humouress, Hoje 2:03pm
Book with purple cover and two figures standing with their backs to each other5 por ler / 5humouress, Hoje 1:40pm
Ebbtide fairies?1 não-lido / 1Olivetreegal, Hoje 11:12am
Found: YA Finnish Immigrant Girl3 por ler / 3violetspring5, Hoje 9:41am
SF Novel by Mostly Mystery Writer58 por ler / 58Bargle5, Hoje 9:00am
Horror Book, Possibly 2, from 70s-80s (Spoiler Ahead)35 por ler / 35Bargle5, Hoje 9:00am
YA USA set in 1960s/1970s4 por ler / 4beyondthefourthwall, Hoje 6:17am
Fantasy/romance1 não-lido / 1strictlyeve, Ontem 10:56pm
Cosy Christmas Romance2 por ler / 2MissSquish, Ontem 8:49pm
Possible YA summer romance1 não-lido / 1lbarr9027, Ontem 6:08pm
Book about a fat girl11 por ler / 11eholtzclaw, Ontem 4:57pm
Teen Suspense/Mystery/Thriller/Horror10 por ler / 10eholtzclaw, Ontem 4:39pm
YA Action 2010s3 por ler / 3eholtzclaw, Ontem 4:33pm
book about a kids and dragons1 não-lido / 1affeeee, Ontem 3:39pm
sf short story human boy and insect aliens hunt larvae14 por ler / 140Z, Ontem 2:01pm
Old YA book about Searching for a Healing Unicorn Tapestry4 por ler / 4saa27, Ontem 12:38pm
Found: Thriller - Female Hero4 por ler / 4juels, Ontem 10:37am
YA Fantasy Series1 não-lido / 1egoerzen, Ontem 1:14am
Found: Horror/Thriller about Boy Being chased by Ghost4 por ler / 4RyanStevens1414, Quarta-feira 5:42pm
Found: YA fantasy/mystery/romance- possibly older chapter book3 por ler / 3midnight72, Quarta-feira 4:12pm
Found: Adult romance10 por ler / 10jules001, Quarta-feira 1:43pm
House by the River or Tree1 não-lido / 1ReginaStone, Quarta-feira 1:32pm
Found: Dystopian? Boyfriend clone in dad's basement lab4 por ler / 4juels, Quarta-feira 1:28pm
Picture Book - Boy Battles monsters before bedtime2 por ler / 2KITIkay, Quarta-feira 11:53am
Can't remember book titles!3 por ler / 3rarm, Quarta-feira 11:07am
Home Alone style adolescent book about boy with guns under pillow1 não-lido / 1Walter.B, Quarta-feira 8:31am
YA romance book1 não-lido / 1ilovebooks1778, Quarta-feira 7:31am
Changing world in UK 1950s2 por ler / 2dharmabeats, Quarta-feira 6:55am
Interactive children’s picture book about saving village where the ocean tide has gone out1 não-lido / 1JamesSwart, Quarta-feira 5:12am
Middle school home invasion book3 por ler / 3LawnChairNWO, Quarta-feira 4:06am
YA Fantasy Book9 por ler / 9terribleworm, Quarta-feira 12:17am
Found: Fantasy, young adult, girl befriends gawky musician3 por ler / 3BecRaj, Terça-feira 11:54pm
SF: First Contact story5 por ler / 5rattica, Terça-feira 10:30pm
Children's book about a boy named Daniel who loved science2 por ler / 2saskia17, Terça-feira 8:13pm
Dystopian survival graphic novel read 2016-20202 por ler / 2keachachu, Terça-feira 7:23pm
classic, man made fun of for his coat2 por ler / 2Kathy_Moon, Terça-feira 1:53pm
1800s literature2 por ler / 2amanda4242, Terça-feira 1:45am
Romance/ enemies to lovers1 não-lido / 1Stardust1234, Segunda-feira 10:04pm
kids, purple cover, boarding school, 2013-20158 por ler / 8MissSquish, Segunda-feira 7:32pm
Erotic Book - Black Cover1 não-lido / 1tsoui, Segunda-feira 5:22pm
Book about a kid who travels through a silver disk3 por ler / 3lextreasure, Segunda-feira 4:07pm
College romance2 por ler / 2juels, Segunda-feira 12:45pm
Small green paperback about notorious FBI cases YA3 por ler / 3TwinFriends, Segunda-feira 7:45am
Found: YA/Fantasy Novel Series - Can only remember some vivid plot beats8 por ler / 8beyondthefourthwall, Domingo 5:24am
Double Possession Haunted House1 não-lido / 1AtlasIves, Domingo 1:42am
Ya Horror Novel Cabin (cannibalism??)1 não-lido / 1aramagsinon, Sábado 10:34pm
Boy whose parent was killed by man who fell asleep while driving1 não-lido / 1ineedhelpwithabook, Sábado 10:11pm
YA Cannibal Cabin Horror2 por ler / 2konallis, Sábado 9:36pm
Sci Fi: dystopian Earth2 por ler / 2readerup, Sábado 8:08pm
Found: Siblings trapped in author's fictional world3 por ler / 3Aquila, Sábado 7:12pm
Juvenile Great Escapes Collection8 por ler / 8beichst, Sábado 9:20am
PilotCrashLandIslandSandSinksFindsGiantCavernPre19707 por ler / 7beichst, Sábado 8:55am
Scifi: men travel through subterranean world, parachute down deep cavern15 por ler / 15beichst, Sábado 8:55am
I can only remember the last two lines!2 por ler / 2lilithcat, Sábado 8:39am
Found: A girl and a golden box, a white stag maybe featured on the cover3 por ler / 3Aquila, Sábado 4:30am
Fantasy short story1 não-lido / 1annikinn, Sábado 2:52am
Comic about blue eyes girl, violinist, chinese boy, Japan invade CHina1 não-lido / 1duan_emily, Sábado 2:29am
70s SF adult novel alien invasion, female hero1 não-lido / 1flerk, Sábado 12:52am
Children’s horse stable fire rescue4 por ler / 4bookel, Sexta-feira 11:53pm
Childrens Book about orphaned brother & sister hiding in NYC3 por ler / 3MajorKira, Sexta-feira 5:26pm
Found: boy+girl with spirit animal things?5 por ler / 5ImShaunie, Sexta-feira 5:25pm
Young girl befriends neighbours to stop dog food factory being built1 não-lido / 1soph234, Sexta-feira 3:13pm
Boys girl best friend dies5 por ler / 5amysisson, Sexta-feira 6:35am
YA Fiction 90s Mystery w/ Golden Triangles5 por ler / 5DisassemblyOfReason, Sexta-feira 1:12am
Found: Short story: radio DJ/newsreader trapped in building with killer4 por ler / 4Nooiniin, Sexta-feira 12:33am
very old book, help!3 por ler / 3MissSquish, Novembro 30
short story about guy being tricked into sleeping outside in a barn1 não-lido / 1sunsetskydiver, Novembro 30
SciFi travel to future story7 por ler / 7beichst, Novembro 30
Seeking SF Shortstory - Pilot/Soldier taken over by Spaceship Fighter15 por ler / 15beichst, Novembro 30
Fiction Memphis flood1 não-lido / 1cpartri, Novembro 30
Scary child’s book pre 1970 little girl disappears in night through hole in bedroom floor6 por ler / 6emmilespdx, Novembro 30
Fantasy, time-travel, magic powers, and shadowy organizations oh my!4 por ler / 4vroni, Novembro 30
Uk YA Fiction boy is accused of killing girlfriend3 por ler / 3bookworkuser344334, Novembro 30
HELP: Middle Grade Fantasy about Sick Boy Finding Orbs1 não-lido / 1batbirdmanology, Novembro 30
Scifi Alien Abduction and Competition Series3 por ler / 3beyondthefourthwall, Novembro 30
Found: Children's Christmas Cat book3 por ler / 3merrystar, Novembro 29
Childrens book or fable - jungle cat is takes too long getting to female1 não-lido / 1Cirats, Novembro 29
80s middle grade kidnapped witch woman2 por ler / 2MissSquish, Novembro 29
I need help2 por ler / 2amanda4242, Novembro 29
High School Boy tries to Chat Up Older Woman4 por ler / 4AuthorSSD, Novembro 29
Found: Fiction, teen mystery/suspense, female MC abducted and escaped3 por ler / 3BluBella, Novembro 29
I'm looking for a book5 por ler / 5Grace-Cherith, Novembro 29
Found: 2000's YA fantasy?7 por ler / 7humouress, Novembro 29
pre 60's book with child farmhand's1 não-lido / 1S_Mathers, Novembro 29
Found: YA boy breaks into houses3 por ler / 3eclbates, Novembro 29
Name that Book3 por ler / 3Dauphine27, Novembro 29
Released from prison, crash killed gf mother1 não-lido / 1e189walker, Novembro 29
Forgotten book title1 não-lido / 1charlottepotato1234, Novembro 28
Nonfiction book about children in world war 22 por ler / 2rarm, Novembro 28
Murder mystery for younger readers (was in a grade 8 library)1 não-lido / 1MothersBasement, Novembro 28
Preschool/children’s book shaped like a rocket1 não-lido / 1jacpotter, Novembro 28
Found: Bellend4 por ler / 4juels, Novembro 28
Fantasy or Medievil setting Book5 por ler / 5humouress, Novembro 28
Historical Fiction Portuguese Doctor1 não-lido / 1Helpwithbooks, Novembro 28
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