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Have you forgotten the name of a book you once read? This group is here to help you find it again!

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PinnedPosting Guidelines--Read Me First!48 por ler / 48ontograph, Janeiro 6
PinnedGeneral help and topic title change requests13 por ler / 13amanda4242, Maio 22
PinnedAnnouncements53 por ler / 53jimmr, Março 7
PinnedTips for Finding Requested Books18 por ler / 18Bargle5, Maio 17
Children's book from a dog's POV - read in late 1980s4 por ler / 4bookel, Hoje 5:56am
Would greatly appreciate help finding a book I read as a teenager.1 não-lido / 1DarrylB, Hoje 5:49am
Children fantasy novel boy & vampire parents1 não-lido / 1wileymom, Hoje 4:04am
Children's/picture book about boy in castle, black and white1 não-lido / 1jmaxsinclair, Hoje 2:53am
Whats the name of a book about a mother and daughter that crash in a magical valley in the middle of a road trip.3 por ler / 3Cinder_Fall, Hoje 2:51am
Human-bush cliffhanger children's novel1 não-lido / 1Babamots, Hoje 2:05am
Historical novel with character named Irina2 por ler / 2MissSquish, Hoje 1:24am
Found: Children’s book - boy tries out new parents4 por ler / 4reba1122, Hoje 12:41am
scifi/fantasy; boy forced to leave home city1 não-lido / 1JustTyson, Ontem 11:26pm
Children's Book About Creating a Mate for a Newly Discovered Creature2 por ler / 2antqueen, Ontem 10:02pm
Dark romance. Neighbors. The anti-heroine is a killer and hero is a geek/nerd.1 não-lido / 1Amy_Welch, Ontem 9:04pm
MC: Nicholas gets a system in his head after interview failure1 não-lido / 1Henry192837465, Ontem 7:05pm
Juvenile/YA Fiction Angels1 não-lido / 1CerealJunkieScholar, Ontem 7:00pm
Literary Fiction, 1820s India, British East India Company2 por ler / 2vorkosigan, Ontem 6:18pm
Crime/Detective novel - High School Girl disappears in Minnesota and is found dead in a cave4 por ler / 4eclbates, Ontem 4:24pm
counterfeit British pound3 por ler / 3beyondthefourthwall, Ontem 3:51pm
Western/Cowboy novel - horse & rider chased by wolves10 por ler / 10ImShaunie, Ontem 12:34pm
YA? undead/vampire snow white, as told by other girl narrator5 por ler / 5Sen_Tuar, Ontem 7:12am
Found: Historical Romance novel2 por ler / 2AAA-1, Ontem 1:30am
Girl boy watch storm together, she's 18, her parents disapprove of the boy1 não-lido / 1SilviaMK, Quinta-feira 11:44pm
Found: Middle grade girl MC who had a family death, possibly had an “E” name3 por ler / 3bittyrose, Quinta-feira 10:57pm
YA farm girl joins lunar buggy building team2 por ler / 2welt-kids, Quinta-feira 6:42pm
Scifi (i think?)1 não-lido / 1Monzy, Quinta-feira 1:53pm
MC romance book3 por ler / 3beesocks, Quinta-feira 1:18pm
Children's Book Girl Fantasizing2 por ler / 2humouress, Quinta-feira 9:54am
Romance novel poor woman ends up wet nurse to own child1 não-lido / 1Deborah.Pruyne, Quinta-feira 12:47am
Confederate soldiers then up in modern day texas - eternal youth3 por ler / 3MissSquish, Quarta-feira 8:49pm
Found: please help find children’s fantasy book, girl and super dog very adventurous old timey5 por ler / 5RosetheReader, Quarta-feira 5:31pm
80's vampire thriller1 não-lido / 1old_bonesy, Quarta-feira 3:18pm
YA love by lake rich girl/poor guy works on docks -- early 2000s1 não-lido / 1sarahaha003, Quarta-feira 2:34pm
Fantasy kids book Possilby with the word "Quest" in title2 por ler / 2humouress, Quarta-feira 1:34pm
Thriller, mailman and lost packages, Adults book3 por ler / 3saskia17, Quarta-feira 1:10pm
Cookbook, possibly Indian inspired, anecdotes go with recipes8 por ler / 8lesmel, Quarta-feira 12:16pm
Middle/YA Fantasy 3 Children Battle below ground23 por ler / 23Cecrow, Quarta-feira 7:22am
YA fiction 1980s - adopted girl with paranormal abilities1 não-lido / 1flusteredduck, Quarta-feira 3:39am
fiction book in modern times, about a flower on a wall that is the portal1 não-lido / 1DamianHaken, Quarta-feira 2:39am
Looking for a shifter book I Read a few years ago1 não-lido / 1djmcreese, Quarta-feira 1:04am
fiction/new/ big tech companies governing cities/ techno capitalism2 por ler / 2Aquila, Terça-feira 11:59pm
Fantasy two grumpy men and castle5 por ler / 5merrystar, Terça-feira 11:58pm
Young readers, mystery fiction, Girl and Dog, Eccentric Family in Hotel, Treasure hunters arrive, pirates3 por ler / 3BriRaidt, Terça-feira 9:05pm
MC romance3 por ler / 3beesocks, Terça-feira 6:32pm
Girl lost in another world/gets help from boy who turns out to be brother1 não-lido / 1eharrill96, Terça-feira 6:22pm
Book Help - Exchange Student Imposter - Thriller1 não-lido / 1Dustrod, Terça-feira 3:50pm
steampunk fantasy with gay doctor2 por ler / 2amanda4242, Terça-feira 3:36pm
YA:70's Girl must save kingdom by making a bird laugh out the back of his beak1 não-lido / 1KYbookfan, Terça-feira 12:16pm
hii please help me out if you know the title of this book1 não-lido / 1csreads, Terça-feira 10:08am
Hermaphrodite & make time traveler16 por ler / 16RxHdz, Terça-feira 9:30am
YA teen romance, nerdy girl and outcast boy with disabled brother1 não-lido / 1nosunshine, Segunda-feira 10:14pm
Found: YA Shifter Fated Mate3 por ler / 3clhartman, Segunda-feira 6:06pm
Elementary teacher with terminal illness - school shooting - 2010s27 por ler / 27RosetheReader, Segunda-feira 5:27pm
Comedy novel about a handsome man1 não-lido / 1psinaptic, Segunda-feira 2:16pm
Middle grade girl passes under a bridge transported to a new world1 não-lido / 1S4lomee, Segunda-feira 12:10pm
YA mystery island treasure3 por ler / 3humouress, Segunda-feira 9:37am
protag, family, friend battle a supernatural(?) force1 não-lido / 1elliptorhinajavanica, Segunda-feira 6:02am
Children's fiction, talking cat loses voice3 por ler / 3saskia17, Segunda-feira 1:54am
Fantasy book with magic jewel2 por ler / 2humouress, Domingo 11:48pm
YA Medieval Chapter-Book4 por ler / 4humouress, Domingo 11:31pm
Interracial relationship + fantasy book2 por ler / 2humouress, Domingo 11:26pm
Thriller/ chase with Mazda miata Dr1 não-lido / 1lrogers287, Domingo 9:10pm
Girl falls in love with her boyfriend's sister, i think they were twins.1 não-lido / 1gonegirl6, Domingo 4:26pm
homeless women, falls for rich boss, he helps at soup kitchen5 por ler / 5beesocks, Domingo 12:49pm
boy takes his fathers place on a row boat1 não-lido / 1snig, Domingo 12:00pm
Sci-Fi People vs Computers3 por ler / 3beichst, Domingo 8:38am
Kipnapped vampire prince underground mate Gives twins1 não-lido / 1Dutchesss, Domingo 8:24am
Looking for a mystery novel1 não-lido / 1Outintti, Domingo 5:18am
Seventh child5 por ler / 5Teji2, Sábado 6:26pm
Lady moves to island after breakup, legend of lady whose husband left after she had no baby, Cornish female author2 por ler / 2leennnadine, Sábado 4:13pm
MM Fantasy, prince finds island for help3 por ler / 3eggshausted, Sábado 3:26pm
Fiction. Psychic Children. Experiments.2 por ler / 2eggshausted, Sábado 3:06pm
Picture Book about a girl with a stuffed animal3 por ler / 3eggshausted, Sábado 2:49pm
Boy learns tunnels by touch12 por ler / 12bookel, Sábado 9:23am
fantasy, no record of a boy's existence, goes back in time with a girl1 não-lido / 1zxcvbhytrfdx, Maio 26
A historical romance set in England and Scotland(I think)4 por ler / 4AAA-1, Maio 26
Book with both hero and heroine being single parents5 por ler / 5AAA-1, Maio 26
Historical Romance-Wild West9 por ler / 9AAA-1, Maio 26
Romance/Mystery(?)4 por ler / 4AAA-1, Maio 26
YA Romance / guy was kidnapped as kid and girl work as stripper9 por ler / 9AAA-1, Maio 26
A Book I Found Years Ago When I Worked As A Detention Officer1 não-lido / 1HexCleric, Maio 26
Found: mindbendy diamond caper novel in french beach town10 por ler / 10nshapshap, Maio 25
Highlander romance2 por ler / 2leennnadine, Maio 25
(Romance) A set up by dead parents romance2 por ler / 2oyin1, Maio 25
Irish romance fiction similar to circle of friends2 por ler / 2oyin1, Maio 25
Mystery/Thriller2 por ler / 2MissSquish, Maio 24
Found: Dragon Shifters/Other Shifters series5 por ler / 5lowelibrary, Maio 24
Found: YA? Girl moves to Norway, kidnaps baby??4 por ler / 4vorkosigan, Maio 24
Found: African American Romance Novel3 por ler / 3Booda1ao, Maio 24
Found: YA Fiction Read in 1987 Girl Lives in Woods Makes Liniments and Poultices4 por ler / 4welt-kids, Maio 24
Found: Romance book. Read one or two years ago on my kindle. Book about a girl who run in her sleep. Her coach finds out and tr4 por ler / 4vorkosigan, Maio 24
Girl and boy search for treasure, pre-1981 kids book13 por ler / 13humouress, Maio 24
Teen/YA book from 70's or 80's; general fiction or family drama2 por ler / 2murderbydeath, Maio 24
Cozy Mystery2 por ler / 2lib.rare.ian, Maio 23
Cozy mystery series with widow protagonist2 por ler / 2lib.rare.ian, Maio 23
Found: Help! Children book naughty boy underwater..6 por ler / 6masaNASA, Maio 23
Historical Fic - a girl in dynasty era china2 por ler / 2Caramellunacy, Maio 23
Found: Book that has Gypsy and King6 por ler / 6juels, Maio 23
Adult (steamy) paranormal/supernatural book1 não-lido / 1bennett20, Maio 23
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