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The place for LT members who keep a piece of chalk in their handbags for correcting badly punctuated restaurant chalkboard menus. For members who would rather leave off their underwear than leave out an apostrophe. If you swear in court on a copy of Eats, Shoots and Leaves, this is the place for you.

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CHRISTMAS1 não-lido / 1justmum, Dezembro 2016
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Words that ought to exist (but don't - yet)36 por ler / 36bluepiano, Agosto 2016
But - - I didn't write what I do.3 por ler / 3LolaWalser, Fevereiro 2016
At least12 por ler / 122wonderY, Agosto 2015
The Thinking Thing52 por ler / 52Noisy, Agosto 2015
Would you want this group to be your publisher?9 por ler / 9Muscogulus, Agosto 2015
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I'm so "Prideful" and "Transparity"21 por ler / 21varielle, Julho 2015
NASA-SPEAK. A whole new language.75 por ler / 75jjwilson61, Julho 2015
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A feast for pedants both grammarians and typesetters.57 por ler / 57Studedoo, Novembro 2014
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Bad Dream Leads Florida Man to Allegedly Beat His Girlfriend28 por ler / 28PhaedraB, Agosto 2014
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info16 por ler / 16darrow, Agosto 2014
Flooring the Groundless26 por ler / 26krazy4katz, Julho 2014
Group Theme Song!5 por ler / 5darrow, Julho 2014
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Without Fail.14 por ler / 14thorold, Junho 2014
Pronunciation225 por ler / 225Muscogulus, Junho 2014
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Literally a Bombshell50 por ler / 50krazy4katz, Abril 2014
Definite and indefinite articles to be abolished7 por ler / 7thorold, Abril 2014
That word doesn't mean what you think it means.19 por ler / 19JerryMmm, Março 2014
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"Impact" as a verb76 por ler / 76CliffordDorset, Março 2014
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'For' Preposition and Conjunction7 por ler / 7CliffordDorset, Fevereiro 2014
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