Lovers of the Paranormal

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This is a forum where people who love reading paranormal fiction can talk about what they are reading, make recommendations and have chats about their favorite books!

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what are you reading/plan to read 20112 por ler / 2viciouslittlething, Agosto 2011
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Same world, different characters6 por ler / 6viciouslittlething, Junho 2010
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New Releases12 por ler / 12Ceridwen83, Março 2010
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Amanda Ashley Interview & Giveaway1 não-lido / 1sidhevicious, Janeiro 2010
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Holiday Reads?4 por ler / 4Jenson_AKA_DL, Novembro 2009
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Up Coming Releases for 2009 and Beyond8 por ler / 8viciouslittlething, Outubro 2009
what are you reading in September?15 por ler / 15viciouslittlething, Outubro 2009
What are you Reading in August 2009 ?3 por ler / 3viciouslittlething, Agosto 2009
What are you Reading in July?10 por ler / 10FicusFan, Julho 2009
Favorites - books, series, authors33 por ler / 33luvtink81, Julho 2009
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Favorite Paranormal Character?30 por ler / 30narcissus_in_theory, Abril 2009
What do you think?20 por ler / 20Kat32, Abril 2009
What Books Are You Most Excited to Read in 2009?4 por ler / 4Kat32, Abril 2009
What's Your Favorite Supernatural Creature?3 por ler / 3Kat32, Fevereiro 2009
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