Graphic Novels!

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Lookin' to trade recommendations for graphic novels and/or comic books that read like good memoirs or novels. I've recently gotten interested in the genre, and I would love to see everyone's "Best Of" lists here. Cheers!

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Teaching the Graphic Novel3 por ler / 3sorell, Junho 2013
Alternative History1 não-lido / 1Hapthorne, Fevereiro 2013
Nonfiction Graphic Novels18 por ler / 18jnwelch, Maio 2011
graphic novels -> movies1 não-lido / 1deirdre_lyon, Abril 2011
Comics or Graphic Novels?13 por ler / 13deirdre_lyon, Abril 2011
Comics I've Loved So Far...18 por ler / 18artturnerjr, Janeiro 2011
Graphic novels are my business...1 não-lido / 1jonathan_rigby, Novembro 2010
What Graphic Novel are you currently reading?1 não-lido / 1msf59, Maio 2010
Original work2 por ler / 2Rolandeco, Agosto 2009
Looking for a graphic novel..11 por ler / 11kraaivrouw, Agosto 2009
How is it that no one mentioned . . .4 por ler / 4TomWaitsTables, Agosto 2009
Eh, can't hurt to try here also!1 não-lido / 1thegreattim, Março 2009
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