2024 Category Challenge

Welcome to the 2024 Category Challenge! The only rule for this challenge is that there are no rules. All members choose their own categories (as many or as few as they want, on whatever topics they choose), so everyone's challenge is going to look different. Some members use the same categories every year and change the theme. Some members put aside their challenges halfway through the year and start over. Whatever works for you!

We host optional year-long themed reads called CATs and KITs, as well as a BingoDOG. The planning of these challenges will begin in the last months of 2023. For more details throughout the year, see the welcome post, pinned posts, and list of wikis.

CATs for 2024
CalendarCAT (wiki)
HistoryCAT (wiki)
PrizeCAT (wiki)

KITs for 2024
RandomKIT (wiki)
AlphaKIT (wiki)
MysteryKIT (wiki)
SFFKIT (wiki)
ScaredyKIT (wiki)

BingoDOG (wiki)

The challenge officially starts January 1, 2024, but you’re welcome to start earlier or later!

TópicoTópicoMensagensÚltima Mensagem 
PinnedWhat are we reading in May?60 por ler / 60Tanya-dogearedcopy, Ontem 9:53pm
PinnedMay Randomkit Art & Architecture37 por ler / 37LibraryCin, Ontem 1:18pm
PinnedMay PrizeCAT - Doubling Up14 por ler / 14MissWatson, Terça-feira 4:19am
PinnedMay 2024 HistoryCAT: Middle Ages23 por ler / 23threadnsong, Sábado 8:35pm
PinnedMay ScaredyKIT: Graphic Novels and Short Works20 por ler / 20mstrust, Ontem 6:02pm
PinnedMay CalendarCat45 por ler / 45dudes22, Ontem 8:21am
PinnedMay SFFKIT: Archaeology!35 por ler / 35Charon07, Sexta-feira 4:58pm
PinnedMay MysteryKIT - The Golden Age28 por ler / 28MissBrangwen, Ontem 11:57am
PinnedMay AlphaKIT N and P53 por ler / 53MissBrangwen, Ontem 2:38pm
PinnedWitches, Evil Spirits, and Black Magic -- the April ScaredyKit25 por ler / 25JayneCM, Sábado 12:38am
PinnedMarch 2024 ScaredyKIT: True Crime21 por ler / 21mstrust, Abril 2
PinnedBingoDog reads part 2162 por ler / 162clue, Ontem 8:45pm
PinnedJanuary ScaredyKIT: Psychological Thrillers30 por ler / 30lkernagh, Fevereiro 4
PinnedAlphaKIT: YEARLONG X and Z14 por ler / 14MissWatson, Março 20
Pinned⏳ 2024 Historical Fiction Challenge ⏳107 por ler / 107VivienneR, Ontem 7:38pm
Pinned2024 HistoryCat Planning Thread75 por ler / 75MissWatson, Maio 14
Pinned2024 PrizeCAT Planning Thread64 por ler / 64pamelad, Maio 16
Pinned2024 CalendarCat Planning Thread33 por ler / 33MissWatson, Maio 15
Pinned2024 ScaredyKIT Planning52 por ler / 52LibraryCin, Maio 19
Pinned2024 RandomKIT Planning41 por ler / 41DeltaQueen50, Maio 14
Pinned2024 SFF Planning Thread38 por ler / 38whitewavedarling, Maio 16
Pinned2024 MysteryKit Planning45 por ler / 45NinieB, Maio 14
PinnedBingoDog planning thread125 por ler / 125clue, Fevereiro 27
Pinned2024 AlphaKIT Main Thread41 por ler / 41majkia, Maio 14
PinnedWelcome to the 2024 Category Challenge!239 por ler / 239Jackie_K, Dezembro 2023
VivienneR Reads in 2024 - volume 333 por ler / 33VivienneR, Hoje 12:10am
Tess Does Her Own Thing-2nd page126 por ler / 126pamelad, Ontem 11:57pm
DeltaQueen's 2024 Tea Party - Part 444 por ler / 44threadnsong, Ontem 11:01pm
Ann's Keepin It Simple In 202430 por ler / 30Ann_R, Ontem 10:43pm
June HistoryCAT: Historians15 por ler / 15threadnsong, Ontem 10:14pm
JayneCM Finds Magic in 2024194 por ler / 194JayneCM, Ontem 9:40pm
Threadnsong Has Some Reading Fun in 202493 por ler / 93threadnsong, Ontem 8:55pm
Charlotte's garden of reading in 2024 #350 por ler / 50Familyhistorian, Ontem 8:52pm
Clue's Shelf Life 2024104 por ler / 104clue, Ontem 8:24pm
Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered: pamelad reads more romance143 por ler / 143pamelad, Ontem 6:29pm
RidgewayGirl Reads More Books in 2024, Part Two84 por ler / 84RidgewayGirl, Ontem 6:23pm
Jennifer's back for 2024!96 por ler / 96pamelad, Ontem 6:16pm
Mstrust's Year of Swell Stuff- #244 por ler / 44mstrust, Ontem 5:50pm
April catches up in 2024 - the Second Quarter98 por ler / 98Jackie_K, Ontem 4:31pm
MissBrangwen's reading delights in 2024 - II83 por ler / 83MissBrangwen, Ontem 2:34pm
scaifea's 2024 Challenge138 por ler / 138scaifea, Ontem 2:26pm
Lisa Leaps into 2024201 por ler / 201lowelibrary, Ontem 1:30pm
Damiella is focusing on simpler times52 por ler / 52rabbitprincess, Ontem 10:50am
Barb Gets Moving in 2024 -Room by Room59 por ler / 59rabbitprincess, Ontem 10:39am
rabbitprincess has a Master-ful 2024144 por ler / 144rabbitprincess, Ontem 10:35am
Jackie's 2024 Challenge126 por ler / 126Jackie_K, Ontem 10:17am
Betty (Dudes22) – Quilts in the Garden in 2024198 por ler / 198dudes22, Ontem 8:50am
NinieB Decorates with Orchids in 202478 por ler / 78NinieB, Ontem 8:41am
Lori (thornton37814) stitches her way through 2024 - thread 1188 por ler / 188thornton37814, Ontem 8:18am
pamelad is buried in a book271 por ler / 271pamelad, Ontem 6:12am
Susan's categories for 2024 - Thread 258 por ler / 58susanj67, Ontem 5:03am
Kathy's (kac522) 24 in 2024 Challenge132 por ler / 132kac522, Ontem 1:16am
Rhea's 2024 Thread :D12 por ler / 12Settings, Sábado 11:25pm
Cindy/LibraryCin's 2024 Challenges136 por ler / 136LibraryCin, Sábado 10:42pm
Helenliz gets crafty again103 por ler / 103Helenliz, Sábado 4:47pm
June ScaredyKIT: Serial Killers11 por ler / 11LibraryCin, Sábado 3:38pm
LadyoftheLodge Reads in 2024195 por ler / 195LadyoftheLodge, Sábado 2:48pm
Jean's Genre Challenge131 por ler / 131majkia, Sábado 1:02pm
Petricor's 2024 Reading Diary1 não-lido / 1petricor, Sábado 7:54am
MissWatson hatches a cunning plan (B) ...79 por ler / 79MissWatson, Sábado 7:21am
SALLY LOU'S REVISED THREAD -- Replaces Sally Lou simplifies her thread55 por ler / 55sallylou61, Sexta-feira 11:26pm
DeltaQueen's 2024 Tea Party - Part 3255 por ler / 255cindydavid4, Sexta-feira 10:39pm
susanna.fraser climbs Mount TBR in 2024103 por ler / 103susanna.fraser, Sexta-feira 9:38pm
Charon07’s 2024 category challenge73 por ler / 73Charon07, Sexta-feira 5:11pm
VivienneR Reads in 2024 - volume 2200 por ler / 200VivienneR, Sexta-feira 4:57pm
Purple Iris 2024 challenges42 por ler / 42purpleiris, Sexta-feira 12:09pm
CBL's 2024 Categories138 por ler / 138cbl_tn, Sexta-feira 10:47am
Christina reads even more series in 2024: Part 282 por ler / 82christina_reads, Sexta-feira 9:57am
Kerry (avatiakh) travels the world by book101 por ler / 101avatiakh, Quinta-feira 11:55pm
Talking about Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier (SPOILERS!)8 por ler / 8LadyoftheLodge, Quinta-feira 12:53pm
June Calendar CAT9 por ler / 9pamelad, Quarta-feira 5:42am
Puddle-Jump a Little Higher120 por ler / 120Helenliz, Quarta-feira 3:04am
June AlphaKIT - J and B11 por ler / 11cyderry, Terça-feira 8:39pm
Pauline's 2024 Reading79 por ler / 79bookworm3091, Terça-feira 1:13pm
June RandomKit: Initials19 por ler / 19amberwitch, Segunda-feira 9:20am
June MysteryKIT: An Author New to You11 por ler / 11LibraryCin, Maio 19
June 2024 PrizeCAT Booklists13 por ler / 13LibraryCin, Maio 19
Ebook Bargain Basement113 por ler / 113susanj67, Maio 19
June SFFKit: Monsters!9 por ler / 9amberwitch, Maio 17
April AlphaKIT: U and O58 por ler / 58MissBrangwen, Maio 17
April CalendarCAT55 por ler / 55MissBrangwen, Maio 16
My Year of S and M84 por ler / 84Zozette, Maio 15
Tricia's 2024 tries to meet her challenge!149 por ler / 149hailelib, Maio 14
Mystery Max Tries Something More in 2464 por ler / 64mysterymax, Maio 13
Charlotte's garden of reading in 2024 #2195 por ler / 195Caroline_McElwee, Maio 12
Shannon (sturlington) Gets to Those Books She's Been Meaning to Read (or Reread) in 202437 por ler / 37sturlington, Maio 11
lindapanzo reads her usual in 2024--part 146 por ler / 46lindapanzo, Maio 8
April 2024 HistoryCAT: Riots, Revolution, and Mayhem28 por ler / 28JayneCM, Maio 8
April SFFKIT: Time Travel32 por ler / 32whitewavedarling, Maio 8
mathgirl40's 2024 category challenge109 por ler / 109NinieB, Maio 8
Joy (jlshall) Keeps It Simple in 202446 por ler / 46jlshall, Maio 7
Becky's Carefully Curated Reads for 202425 por ler / 25beccac220, Maio 6
VictoriaPL's 2024 tsundoku Challenge75 por ler / 75Charon07, Maio 5
Cheli's 16th Category Challenge in 202444 por ler / 44thornton37814, Maio 3
CRAZY4READING 2024 CATEGORY CHALLENGE ATTEMPTS AGAIN31 por ler / 31crazy4reading, Maio 3
staci426 reads in 202448 por ler / 48staci426, Maio 2
Lisa is late to the 2024 reading party!79 por ler / 79LisaMorr, Maio 2
Mstrust's Year of Swell Stuff200 por ler / 200mstrust, Maio 1
April 2024 MysteryKit: Series69 por ler / 69LisaMorr, Maio 1
April RandomKIT - Enchanting Garden Visitors47 por ler / 47lowelibrary, Abril 30
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