2023 Category Challenge

In the Category Challenge, the only rule is that there are no rules. Every member sets their own categories (as many as they want, on whatever topics they want), so every member’s challenge is going to look different. Some members use the same categories every year and change the theme. Some members put aside their challenges halfway through the year and start over. Whatever works for you!

We host optional year-long theme reads called CATs and KITs, as well as a BingoDOG. The planning of these challenges begins in October 2022. See the welcome post, the pinned posts, and the list of wikis for more details.

The challenge officially starts January 1, 2023, but you’re welcome to start earlier or later!

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PinnedWhat are we reading in November?50 por ler / 50christina_reads, Hoje 10:07am
PinnedNovember ClassicsCAT: The Ancient World22 por ler / 22JayneCM, Sexta-feira 7:56pm
PinnedNovember AlphaKIT: T and L67 por ler / 67christina_reads, Hoje 2:32pm
PinnedNovember SeriesCAT - Historical series44 por ler / 44VivienneR, Hoje 3:34pm
PinnedNovember 2023 ScaredyKit I Don't Like Spiders and Snakes!18 por ler / 18whitewavedarling, Ontem 11:02am
PinnedNovember MysteryKIT--Senior Sleuths/Kid Sleuths44 por ler / 44Robertgreaves, Ontem 8:33am
PinnedNovember SFFKit - Graphic Novels, Novellas, and Short Story Collections51 por ler / 51staci426, Hoje 11:42am
PinnedNovember GeoCAT: East Asia35 por ler / 35staci426, Hoje 11:47am
PinnedNovember Kiddy-Kat: Fairy Tales, Myths & Legends18 por ler / 18DeltaQueen50, Domingo 1:06pm
PinnedNovember RandomKIT - A little light57 por ler / 57christina_reads, Hoje 10:58am
PinnedBingoDog, thread the second230 por ler / 230MissWatson, Ontem 2:57am
Pinned⏳ Historical Fiction Challenge ⌛281 por ler / 281LibraryCin, Agosto 20
Pinned2023 ClassicsCAT23 por ler / 23fuzzi, Novembro 15
PinnedGeoCAT Planning Thread84 por ler / 84Robertgreaves, Novembro 14
PinnedSeriesCAT Planning62 por ler / 62VivienneR, Outubro 15
PinnedKiddyCAT Planning68 por ler / 68LadyoftheLodge, Novembro 14
Pinned2023 MysteryKIT Planning64 por ler / 64lowelibrary, Novembro 13
Pinned2023 SFFKIT planning thread61 por ler / 61majkia, Novembro 9
Pinned2023 RandomKIT Planning37 por ler / 37susanna.fraser, Novembro 15
Pinned2023 ScaredyKIT Planning52 por ler / 52LibraryCin, Novembro 14
Pinned2023 AlphaKIT43 por ler / 43majkia, Novembro 9
PinnedBingo Dog planning138 por ler / 138VivienneR, Dezembro 2022
PinnedWelcome to the 2023 Category Challenge!275 por ler / 275christina_reads, Novembro 9
RidgewayGirl Reads What She Wants in 2023 -- The Back Half180 por ler / 180RidgewayGirl, Hoje 5:09pm
Helenliz escapes to another world: pt 4101 por ler / 101Jackie_K, Hoje 4:42pm
Jackie goes back to basics in 2023180 por ler / 180Jackie_K, Hoje 4:39pm
VivienneR Watches Weather in 2023 part 4170 por ler / 170VivienneR, Hoje 4:04pm
DeltaQueen Tries for Balance & Focus in 2023 - Part 674 por ler / 74LadyoftheLodge, Hoje 2:59pm
JayneCM Lives A Thousand Lives355 por ler / 355LadyoftheLodge, Hoje 2:57pm
Christina reads more series in 2023, part 2229 por ler / 229christina_reads, Hoje 2:45pm
Lisa's 2023 Retro Reading Challenge Part 2168 por ler / 168lsh63, Hoje 2:40pm
pamelad reads everything but406 por ler / 406dudes22, Hoje 1:46pm
December RandomKIT - O (Christmas) Tree21 por ler / 21dudes22, Hoje 1:35pm
Wytwavedarling's Thread of Pets and Reads156 por ler / 156whitewavedarling, Hoje 1:22pm
⏳⏳Historical Fiction Challenge: Part II ⌛⌛175 por ler / 175benitastrnad, Hoje 11:50am
Tess Reads and Bakes the Final Batch page 494 por ler / 94Tess_W, Hoje 9:55am
mstrust #2: Just A Hot Mess159 por ler / 159mstrust, Hoje 8:51am
MissWatson goes down to the sea again. Final voyage100 por ler / 100MissWatson, Hoje 3:28am
Charlotte's (charl08) reading light(houses) 5156 por ler / 156charl08, Hoje 2:22am
Cindy/LibraryCin's 2023 Challenges325 por ler / 325LibraryCin, Ontem 11:03pm
mathgirl40's 2023 category challenge, part 254 por ler / 54mathgirl40, Ontem 10:47pm
NinieB Plays with the Cats in 2023258 por ler / 258NinieB, Ontem 10:28pm
Jean (majkia) Hits the Beach195 por ler / 195majkia, Ontem 9:15pm
rabbitprincess grooves through 2023, part 2181 por ler / 181rabbitprincess, Ontem 9:15pm
LadyoftheLodge Reads in 2023310 por ler / 310LadyoftheLodge, Ontem 7:52pm
AlphaKIT: YEARLONG X and Z22 por ler / 22majkia, Ontem 12:41pm
susanna.fraser's 52 weeks of reading in her 52nd year of life209 por ler / 209susanna.fraser, Ontem 12:02pm
Lori (thornton37814) Simplifies Categories in 2023 - thread 267 por ler / 67thornton37814, Ontem 10:54am
lavaturtle's 2023 Category Challenge75 por ler / 75lavaturtle, Ontem 8:27am
scaifea's 2023 Challenge251 por ler / 251scaifea, Ontem 7:21am
September RandomKit--"The Wild, Wild West!"66 por ler / 66JayneCM, Domingo 9:21pm
Some Enchanted Evening: pamelad reads romance320 por ler / 320pamelad, Domingo 6:41pm
MissBrangwen goes on a reading adventure - II110 por ler / 110MissBrangwen, Domingo 1:17pm
Sally Lou's reading in 2023149 por ler / 149sallylou61, Sábado 8:26pm
April's Ultimate Reading Challenge 2023 - The Final Stretch (Part 4)65 por ler / 65lowelibrary, Sábado 2:50pm
October Geo-Cat: Canada and the United States45 por ler / 45thornton37814, Sábado 2:08pm
Nickelini's Categories in 2023110 por ler / 110mathgirl40, Quinta-feira 9:34pm
Betty (Dudes22) Reflects Back for 2023 - Part 2205 por ler / 205dudes22, Quinta-feira 5:02pm
lindapanzo carries on in 2023--part 177 por ler / 77pamelad, Quinta-feira 5:31am
December ClassicsCAT: Re-read a Classic9 por ler / 9thornton37814, Terça-feira 9:18am
December 2023 KiddyCAT--Holiday Stories9 por ler / 9thornton37814, Terça-feira 9:12am
March KiddyCAT YA Historical Fiction35 por ler / 35JayneCM, Terça-feira 4:22am
Lori (lkernagh) Makes Steps with her 2023 Reading178 por ler / 178JayneCM, Terça-feira 1:03am
Kathy's (kac522) Reading Challenges in 2023248 por ler / 248kac522, Novembro 20
Threadnsong Reads More in 2023181 por ler / 181MissBrangwen, Novembro 20
bookworm3091's 2023 Reading Challenge49 por ler / 49bookworm3091, Novembro 20
December 2023 SeriesCAT6 por ler / 6LibraryCin, Novembro 19
October KiddyCAT: Siblings27 por ler / 27mathgirl40, Novembro 19
December AlphaKIT : R and Y21 por ler / 21NinieB, Novembro 18
recent Haitian fiction6 por ler / 6purpleiris, Novembro 17
October ScaredyKIT - Tricks, not treats30 por ler / 30sturlington, Novembro 17
December GeoCAT: Books You Missed Earlier7 por ler / 7dudes22, Novembro 16
DeltaQueen Tries for Balance & Focus in 2023 - Part 5203 por ler / 203DeltaQueen50, Novembro 16
December SFFKIT: Wrap Up9 por ler / 9amberwitch, Novembro 16
Pete's 2365 por ler / 65psutto, Novembro 16
December ScaredyKIT: Ghost Stories6 por ler / 6Tess_W, Novembro 16
December 2023 - Cozy Mysteries13 por ler / 13mstrust, Novembro 15
The August RandomCat: Tell Me Something Good!44 por ler / 44JayneCM, Novembro 14
August SeriesCat: I've Been Meaning to get back to this series ...46 por ler / 46JayneCM, Novembro 14
October AlphaKIT - N and H49 por ler / 49MissBrangwen, Novembro 14
September AlphaKIT - V and E50 por ler / 50MissBrangwen, Novembro 14
September 2023 MysteryKIT: College/University Setting41 por ler / 41MissBrangwen, Novembro 14
Mystery Max Trying to Keep it Simple in 23200 por ler / 200mysterymax, Novembro 14
Jean's Genre Challenge9 por ler / 9majkia, Novembro 14
Shannon (sturlington) Lists Her Reads in 2023107 por ler / 107sturlington, Novembro 13
July RandomKIT - The Muppets59 por ler / 59MissBrangwen, Novembro 13
October MysteryKIT - Locked Room Mystery22 por ler / 22Robertgreaves, Novembro 12
BeeBeeReads Keeps On Steppin' in 2023149 por ler / 149threadnsong, Novembro 11
Tanya-dogearedcopy's 23 in '23: A Quiet Corner66 por ler / 66Tess_W, Novembro 10
October SFF Kit - Award Winners47 por ler / 47threadnsong, Novembro 7
staci426 reads in 202367 por ler / 67staci426, Novembro 6
October Series CAT: Set in Asia or an Asian Inspired Setting32 por ler / 32nrmay, Novembro 5
September ScaredyKit- Haunted Houses40 por ler / 40sturlington, Novembro 4
October RandomKIT - Treats, not tricks51 por ler / 51LibraryCin, Novembro 3
Koalamom in 202335 por ler / 35koalamom, Novembro 1
What are we reading in October?89 por ler / 89pamelad, Outubro 31
October ClassicsCAT: women's classics43 por ler / 43sallylou61, Outubro 29
JoeB1934 Finding and Reading Literary Mysteries5 por ler / 5VivienneR, Outubro 28
Zozette’s BoMBs, Boomerangs and Beyond101 por ler / 101VivienneR, Outubro 23
Soelo's 2023 marathon24 por ler / 24soelo, Outubro 23
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