Go Review That Book!

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This is a simple idea aimed at encouraging people to read and/or review books from their own shelves whilst adding a spicy random factor to their reading.

This is how it works:

1. Jump into the latest Game Thread. Pick an unreviewed book from the shelves of the member posting above you and tell that member to "Go Review That Book!"

2. Wait for the next member to do the same for you.

3. Read or re-read the book as necessary and write your review.

4. Return to the Game Thread to tell the group that you've posted your review so that we may all enjoy it. In the same message, pick a book for the member above you...

...and like the circle of life, the game goes on.

You can read the reviews as the game goes along or you can follow progress on the Go Review That Book! Wiki pages. These set out all the reviews (where consent from the writer has been obtained), giving you a handy place to catch up on them all.

There's also a "Reviews to Come" page which is a list of books that have been assigned to members but not yet been reviewed by those members. This is handy for members to check what they've been assigned when, for example, they take a break from the game.

This game isn't an original idea. I adapted it from a game on RateYourMusic, devised by the clever Kronz. It was a lot of fun there and encouraged the writing of great reviews, so I thought it might be worth a try here. Given my propensity to go AWOL, thanks to tjsjohanna for keeping this going.

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