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Is SHE Available
Igor Goldkind (Author, Concept by, Consultant Editor, Produced by), Glen Fabry (Artist, Illustrator), Liam Sharp (Illustrator, Artist), Wendy Farrow (Artist, Illustrator), Dix (Illustrator, Artist), Shakey Kane (Artist, Illustrator), Lars Henkel (Artist), Mario Torero (Artist), Jeff Christensen (Artist, Illustrator), Eleanor Brooks (Artist, Associate Editor, Drawings by, Editor, Literary editor), Bill Sienkiewicz (Artist), Rian Hughes (Cover Design by, Drawings by, Illustrator, Index by), Gilad Atzmon (Instrumental Soloist, Music by), David Lloyd (Artist, Illustrator), Amy Sterling Casil (General Editor, Executive Producer, Editor)
Is SHE Available? is the hardcover, high quality print edition of the eBook, which pushes the edge of what is possible with present EPUB3 technology and how books are created and made. It is not an App, it is a true book that marries pop art, comics, avant-garde, jazz, spoken word poetry, video and animations, and type design. Its creative journey was more than a year in the making, growing from the collaborative work of artists, musicians, editors, and designers on two continents. The poet, Igor Goldkind, is a San Diego native who lived in France and the UK for two decades while promoting the work of today’s most notable comic and graphic novel authors and artists. As a teen, he was one of the co-founders of San Diego’s legendary Comic-Con. Is SHE Available chronicles his journey from California to Paris, London and back again, and the stories of his Jewish father and Costa Rican mother, as well as love, sex and death -- and the contemporary Jewish male identity. According to Bleeding Cool, “It was Goldkind who popularized the phrase ‘graphic novel’ with the media and found that gave them permission to cover the previously-considered childish medium of comic books . . . . Now, Goldkind’s vision of what graphic novels could be, is returning.” Is SHE Available? was produced using an international collaborative model, but the book is one man’s voice and one man’s story. Goldkind’s words and voice inspired the art of over 26 internationally-known artists, including cover art and interior illustrations by Eisner-winner Bill Sienkiewicz (Elektra Assassin and more), additional interior illustrations from other graphic novel illustrators and award-winners including Glenn Fabry (Hellblazer, Preacher), David Lloyd (V for Vendetta), Liam Sharp (Judge Dredd/2000 AD/Madefire), fine artists and illustrators Lars Henkel, Mario Cavalli, Mario Torero, Wendy Farrow, and many more. Music and spoken word were recorded in New York with UK Jazz Album of the Year winner, author and ex-Israeli Gilad Atzmon. A US-based jazz and spoken word tour is scheduled for September 2015. The type design and hardcover book are created by the eminent London-based designer Rian Hughes (2000 AD, Vertigo, Dan Dare), who includes an afterward about the collaborative design process. E-book production, incorporating Madefire animations, audio and additional animation, were provided by Chameleon Publishing in Southern California. Note: We will make a limited number of EPUB3 copies available via a separate listing - this is for the HARDCOVER only and please, do not request this book if you are unable to provide at least some form of review or response - the book not only took up hundreds of hours of time on the part of all internationally-known professionals involved, we can't afford to give away copies to people who are just gaming the system. There is no DRM on the e-book and never will be, but the hardcover edition was very time-consuming and costly to produce. The most common comment we have had is "It's like nothing I've ever seen before! You have to see it to believe it!" YES we will be at ComicCon. Twenty percent of North Americans regularly buy and read books. Nearly a hundred percent can read. Chameleon’s mission is to make books for everyone, not just a selected few. Is SHE Available? Yes.
Graphic Novels & Comics, Poetry, Fiction and Literature
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