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Haiku de Livros Recentes

Nemesis de James Swallow

the shiny nips of empire
seek out to destroy
a naughty chaos monster (elahrairah)

The Year of the Locust de Terry Hayes

Iran ou Russie,
le super-espion survit.
Vive la CIA.

One Night Only de Joey W. Hill

Monk meets vampire queen,
One night to prove loyalty,
Soul marked, centuries.

The Haiku Year de Michael Stipe

praise the haiku year /
friends sharing their heartfelt thoughts /
in five seven five

Tales of Moonlight and Rain de Akinari Ueda

Precious gems /
or bedazzled tales /
Timeless truths.

You're All Invited de Joey W. Hill

Vampire queen's cheer reigns,
Christmas joy, hearts intertwine,
Love's warmth fills the night

Bound by the Vampire Queen de Joey W. Hill

Challenges faced, love's bond strong,
Vampire Queen regains might,
Servant's devotion shines bright

Vampire Trinity de Joey W. Hill

Hunter's oath, now bound,
By love's unexpected grip,
Vampires reshape fate.

Vampire Mistress de Joey W. Hill

Hunter's heart, now torn,
Bonds with vampires, new dawn,
Desires intertwine

Beloved Vampire de Joey W. Hill

In sands and jungles,
Fugitive's heart bears deep scars,
Vampire finds solace

A Vampire's Claim de Joey W. Hill

Vampire's pause, unsure,
Human bond grows, love ignites,
Bound by fate's design

The Vampire Queen's Servant de Joey W. Hill

Ancient queen in need,
Alpha soul, her Sir Knight bound,
Devotion entwines.

One Night Only de Joey W. Hill

Monk meets vampire queen,
One night to prove loyalty,
Soul marked, centuries.

Njal's Saga de Anonymous

Bloody feuds /
Hallgerður‘s delight /

The Appeal de Janice Hallett

novel modernised. Follow
clues to find killer.

Rogue Dungeon de James Hunter

Mage in game's new world,
Rogue dungeon twists the rules hard,
Battle to find home.

Crimson Shore de Douglas Preston

Stolen wine whining
Pendergast's hit and big miss
Larger evil lurks

The Midnight Library de Matt Haig

Where'er you may roam
(Existentially speaking)
There's no place like home.

The Wind in the Willows de Kenneth Grahame

Mole and Rat are chums,
Badger is a reclusive,
Toad causes trouble.

The Dean's Watch de Elizabeth Goudge

Old cathedral town:
Eccentric population
Feels the strength of love.

The Passenger de Cormac McCarthy

Plongeur en eaux troubles
à jamais, il aimera
sa soeur disparue.

Placet Is A Crazy Place de Fredric Brown

Placet orbits weird
Phil quits and then regrets it
Then he likes Placet

Non farti fottere. Come il supermercato del porno online ti ruba fantasia, desiderio e dati personali de Lilli Gruber

Crescono con il porno, ormai
Realtà distorta

Love That Dog de Sharon Creech

Student finds his voice / Poems bear personal truths / New verse reflects soul. (hiki)

Why We Remember: Unlocking Memory's Power to Hold on to What Matters de Charan Ranganath

Dimenticar non è un difetto,
Il cervello è fatto per lasciar andare il superfluo,
Tieni solo ciò che ci guida.

AI 2041: scenari dal futuro dell'intelligenza artificiale de Qiufan Chen

AI: Futuro incerto
Intelligenza guida,
Destino in mano all'uomo.
Scelte a un bivio.

L'alfabeto di Dio de Gianfranco Ravasi

Parola di Dio,
Tradotta con devozione,
Guida per l'anima.

Why We Remember: Unlocking Memory's Power to Hold on to What Matters de Charan Ranganath

Forget is not flaw,
Brain designed to let go most,
Keeps what guides us
Dimenticar non è un difetto,
Il cervello è fatto per lasciar andare il superfluo,
Tieni solo ciò che ci guida.

Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West de Gregory Maguire

A witch is a witch
Not evil - not understood
So men will kill her

Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West de Gregory Maguire

Not like musical;
Much, much darker, full of sex;
Not fit for children.

Maximum Ride, Volume 9 [Manga] de Narae Lee

Dangerous air shows / Rescue Dr. Martinez / Wings unfold, flock soars. (hiki)

Maximum Ride, Volume 8 [Manga] de Narae Lee

Expedition's guise / Beyond frostbite, danger lies / Betrayal, cold skies. (hiki)

Maximum Ride, Volume 7 [Manga] de Narae Lee

Fang's blog exposes / ITEX fails, research closes / Tiny victories. (hiki)

Maximum Ride, Volume 6 [Manga] de Narae Lee

Rift within the flock / East and west their courses lock / Trouble at each dock. (hiki)

Maximum Ride, Volume 5 [Manga] de Narae Lee

From ITEX, they flee / Bearing heavy destinies / Calm before the storm? (hiki)

Maximum Ride, Volume 4 [Manga] de Narae Lee

Anne softens the Flock / Time to leave, wishing to stay / Danger looms at school. (hiki)

Maximum Ride, Volume 3 [Manga] de Narae Lee

New truths test their trust / As secrets emerge from dust / Flock's bond is a must. (hiki)

Maximum Ride, Volume 2 [Manga] de Narae Lee

Fleeing from shadows / Max Ride's flock faces new woes / Their journey still grows. (hiki)

Maximum Ride, Volume 1 [Manga] de Narae Lee

Avian kids flee / Chased by threats, seeking freedom / Their bond is the key. (hiki)

Where the Sidewalk Ends: Poems and Drawings de Shel Silverstein

Sidewalks end, dreams start / Silverstein guides us with art / To where wonders lie. (hiki)

A Light in the Attic: Poems and Drawings de Shel Silverstein

Attic beams with light / Where tales and poems ignite / minds to dream and flight. (hiki)

The Kitten's Garden of Verses de Oliver Herford

Kittens' verses play / In gardens of whimsy stray / Purred words dance and sway. (hiki)

A Child's Garden of Verses de Robert Louis Stevenson

In youthful gardens / Verses bloom with wonderment / Dreams beneath the sun. (hiki)

Calvin and Hobbes de Bill Watterson

Boy and tiger roam / Imagined worlds come to life / Laughter, joy, and growth. (hiki)

Case Closed Vol. 2 de Gosho Aoyama

Shrunken sleuth strikes back / Hidden clues, masterful mind / Dark crimes brought to light. (hiki)

Case Closed Vol. 1 de Gosho Aoyama

Boy detective shrinks / Puzzles of crime he untwines / Justice will prevail. (hiki)

Corduroy de Don Freeman

Lost bear on a quest / Missing button, dreams of home / Love finds, mends, completes. (hiki)

Before they changed the world : pivotal moments that shaped the lives of great leaders before they became famous de edwin kiester jr

Why are they famous?
The reasons may surprise you.
Read it to find out.

Ogatu de J. Barrett

Duncan found green place
He was invited to land
Earth is in danger

Star Born de Andre Norton

Delgard journeyed
Raf from Earth landed on Astre
Raf rescued Delgard

The Brink of Infinity de Stanley Grauman Weinbaum

Was held by a lame madman
He solved the problem

The Island of Dr. Moreau de H. G. Wells

Doktor Moreau
macht Tiere zu Menschen.
Doch es geht schief.

The Island of Dr. Moreau de H. G. Wells

Doctor Moreau
made animals human
but this goes wrong

Flight Behavior de Barbara Kingsolver

Climate change is bad / But what to do? Kingsolver / has all the answers.

The Book of Lost Things de John Connolly

Boy who hears books talk
is a jerk to his stepmom,
but he learns better.

The Book of Lost Things de John Connolly

Don't bargain with the
Crooked Man, even if he
offers you the crown.

4 3 2 1 de Paul Auster

Four lives in one man/ History lurks behind him/ Chance builds character {Helen Gress}

The Darkness de Ragnar Jónasson

Deux émigrées russes,
Hulda qui les cherche, jamais
sera en retraite

Country Club: Ladies' Night de Tim Miller

Shadowed mansion walls,
Ladies dine on gruesome fare,
Betrayal's cruel test.

Your Absence Is Darkness de Jon Kalman Stefansson

Qui raconte l'histoire
de 120 ans de passions,
de souffrances, de morts?

Rum Luck (A Bar on a Beach Mystery) de Ryan Aldred

Ben drank all the rum
Now he owns a murder bar
Time to solve the crime

The Dark Flood de Deon Meyer

Policiers ripoux,
mais un hacker les découvre,
il est enlevé

Journal d'un vampire en pyjama de Mathias Malzieu

Quand Dame Oclès hurle,
C'est dans le rêve que je fuis,
Question de sur-vie.

The Puppy Who Went to School de Gail Herman

Puppy goes to school
Lots of knees and shoes to sniff
Finds his boy at last

A World Lit Only by Fire: The Medieval Mind and the Renaissance: Portrait of an Age de William Manchester

Intriguing title.
The rest is tabloid fodder;
unsupported tripe.

Solar de Ian McEwan

Homme sans qualité,
il fuit, vole les idées d'autres,
la cata finale!

Faithless de Erica Chilson

Innocence fades fast,
Lost in a cruel world's grasp,
Faith, then Syn, at last

Dexter de Erica Chilson

Secrets unravel fast,
Dexter's world collides, chaos,
Ignorance revealed

Thief de Erica Chilson

Layers peel away,
Familiar saga twists,
Truth's deeper unveil

Les Yeux de Mona de Thomas Schlesser

Mona et Dade,
le coquillage de Mamie,
cinquante-deux oeuvres

After the Funeral de Agatha Christie

Surprise announcement
followed by brutal murder:
Poirot asks questions.

Peril at End House de Agatha Christie

Hercule Poirot comes
out of retirement to
prevent a murder.

O Senhor dos Anéis de J. R. R. Tolkien

Halfling bears the Ring
from Bag End womb to Mount Doom,
hence Return of King.

O Senhor dos Anéis de J. R. R. Tolkien

Take ring to Mordor!
Why did they walk all the way?
Should have used eagles.

Die Enkelin: Roman de Bernhard Schlink

Elle cherchait sa fille,
mais c'est Kaspar qui trouvera
la petite-fille.

O Mágico de Oz de L. Frank Baum

Headline: Kansas girl
Enters strange new land; at once
Starts a killing spree.

Shirley de Charlotte Brontë

Shirley: "Pantheress"!
A woman in a man's world
Boldly makes her way

Jane Eyre de Charlotte Brontë

She's poor and orphaned
But educated and proud
Boss gets all fired up.

The Warm Hands of Ghosts de Katherine Arden

The fiddler will take
your memories of the war
but will claim your soul.

Le chant des innocents de Piergiorgio Pulixi

Le Marionettiste
pousse les ados à tuer.
Mais Vito déprime

The Meditations de Marcus Aurelius

Live life with reason. / The cosmos doesn't need you. / Be still. Watch. Listen. (johnxlibris)

O Sobrinho do Mago de C. S. Lewis

If you ever did
want to know where the White Witch
came from, read this book.

Once Upon a River de Diane Setterfield

A drowned girl who lives
'She's my daughter.' 'No, mine!'
Tale of love and loss

The Adaptive Ultimate de Stanley G. Weinbaum

Dying from TB
They gave her fruit fly serum
She became superhuman

The Buried Giant de Kazuo Ishiguro

Axl and Beatrice
go on a quest and find the
truth about themselves.

The War of the Worlds de H. G. Wells

Mars attacks England.
Earth's defenses are no match,
But-- ah, ah, ACHOO!

The Handmaid's Tale de Margaret Atwood

Lirios azules
que se tiñen de sangre;
color robado.

The Stars Are Ours! de Andre Norton

They left Earth behind
And found a brand new planet
And made mermen friends

Emergent Mars de Russell Klyford

Mars society struggles,
Conflict looms, Ailia fights,
Future's fate in hands.

Wagner : The Valkyrie [score : full] de Richard Wagner

Twins go for incest.
Valkyrie gets Wotan wrong.
Stuck on fiery rock.

Graça Infinita de David Foster Wallace

Tennis and junkies
A polymath's doorstopper
Be kind when you can.

The Sand People: a collection of magical realism and other stories de J A Croome

Different stories
Various topics to read
Magical and real
(Judy Croome)

Wolf Hall de Hilary Mantel

How many Thomases?
How many Annes? Enough for
A Reformation?

Wolf Hall de Hilary Mantel

Hilary Mantel's
character resurrection
of Thomas Cromwell.

Wolf Hall de Hilary Mantel

Fast-paced, well-written
political thriller. Twist?
Set in Tudor times.

Wolf Hall de Hilary Mantel

Thomas Cromwell: from
historical figure to
man of flesh and blood.

Wolf Hall de Hilary Mantel

A court of bared fangs,
Who will survive the scheming,
In this hall of wolves?

The Lost Angel de Elizabeth Goudge

sense, whimsy, and grace
no mere haiku can capture
light falls in our souls
- Cathery

Curls: Versatile, Wearable Wraps to Knit at Any Gauge de Hunter Hammersen

Neckwear known as “curls” / Lace, cables, no gauge needed / Use up single skeins (glaucous)

Toxic: The Story of Nine Famous Women in the Tabloid 2000s de Sarah Ditum

Are upskirts free speech? / New social experiment / Humans all along (glaucous)