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19th century(84) 19th century literature(23) 20th century literature(65) 21st century(45) _queer(102) academic(52) African American(70) African American literature(14) African American studies(25) American(170) American culture(32) American fiction(57) American literature(510) art(57) autobiography(41) bibliography(148) biography(230) black studies(11) book history(17) books about books(400) books and reading(54) Cather(7) children's literature(55) crit(25) critical essays(6) critical theory(44) cultural studies(96) culture(80) cyberpunk(59) detective(57) detective fiction(54) domesticity(10) English literature(29) erotica(50) essay(61) fantasy(602) Faulkner(19) feminism(199) feminist(23) feminist criticism(7) feminist science fiction(9) film(63) film studies(21) Fitzgerald(8) gender(114) gender studies(89) genre fiction(14) glbt(30) gothic(44) hardboiled(38) Hawthorne(16) Hemingway(19) Henry James(18) history(415) history of reading(6) horror(96) journalism(40) law and literature(8) lgbt(53) library science(25) literary(42) literary analysis(55) literary criticism(1,719) literary reference(54) literary studies(188) literary theory(133) literature(756) media(21) media studies(32) meta(37) modernism(25) mysteries(35) mystery(572) naturalism(12) noir(58) on writing(27) politics(47) pop culture(116) publishing(21) pulp(133) pulp fiction(36) Pynchon(10) race(110) reference(667) romance(123) scholarly(10) science fiction(1,252) sexuality(66) sff(79) short fiction(25) short story(33) sociology(47) speculative fiction(78) Star Trek(61) stories(28) Stowe(7) Thomas Pynchon(5) travel(426) travel writing(46) us(31) usa(153) utopia(28) Vampires;(47) vr(15) women(141) women's studies(91) writing(339) ya(63) young adult literature(51)

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