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The Climate Book: The Facts and the Solutions de Greta Thunberg
The End of Ice: Bearing Witness and Finding Meaning in the Path of Climate Disruption de Dahr Jamail
Heat: How to Stop the Planet From Burning de George Monbiot
High Tide: The Truth About Our Climate Crisis de Mark Lynas
How to Blow Up a Pipeline de Andreas Malm
The Long Summer: How Climate Changed Civilization de Brian Fagan
Love in a Time of Climate Change: Honoring Creation, Establishing Justice de Sharon Delgado
Nature's home, Autumn/Winter 2020 de RSPB
New Internationalist #534: November-December 2021: Shifting Horizons: The Future of Work de New Internationalist
New internationalist #537: May-June 2022: How We Stop Big Oil de New Internationalist
New Scientist, 1 August 2015 de New Scientist
New Scientist, 10 April 2021 de New Scientist
New Scientist, 10 July 2021 de New Scientist2021 North American heat dome
New Scientist, 11 December 2021 de New Scientistcollapse of Amazon rainforest
New Scientist, 12 February 2022 de New ScientistAndean countries face 'peak water' ; ban on new gas boilers in England ; freshwater lake algal blooms
New Scientist, 12 March 2022 de New ScientistAmazon rainforest-savannah tipping point
New Scientist, 13 January 2024 de New Scientist2023 officially hottest year on record
New Scientist, 14 May 2022 de New ScientistIndia 2022 heatwave ; five worst recent heatwaves
New Scientist, 15 April 2023 de New Scientistwarmer seas and worse storms in 2023 ; viral plant diseases
New Scientist, 16 October 2021 de New Scientistexpansion of breadfruit cultivation
New Scientist, 16 September 2023 de New Scientistthreat of 35C wet-bulb events
New Scientist, 17 April 2021 de New Scientistending fossil fuel extraction
New Scientist, 19 February 2022 de New Scientistmelting permafrost and dormant microbes
New Scientist, 2 December 2023 de New Scientistwarming below 2 degree C within grasp
New Scientist, 23 October 2021 de New Scientistpersonal carbon allowances
New Scientist, 24 June 2023 de New Scientist2023 will be the hottest year yet
New Scientist, 25 March 2023 de New Scientist1.5C is slipping away
New Scientist, 26 February 2022 de New Scientistrising sea levels
New Scientist, 26 March 2022 de New ScientistArctic and Antarctic temperature records broken
New Scientist, 27 May 2023 de New ScientistChihuahuan Desert, Texas/Pacific Decadal Oscillation link broken
New Scientist, 30 April 2022 de New ScientistChina still building coal power stations
New Scientist, 30 January 2021 de New Scientist
New Scientist, 30 September 2023 de New Scientistpredictions with confidence margins v. risk assesments of worst case scenarios
New Scientist, 5 March 2022 de New ScientistIPCC report and adaptation
New Scientist, 6 August 2022 de New Scientistinformation campaigns
New Scientist, 6 May 2023 de New ScientistFossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty
New Scientist, 7 August 2021 de New ScientistSvalbard; leapfrogging fossil fuels
New Scientist, 7 October 2023 de New Scientistrisk of oil tanker spills in Arctic
New Scientist, 8 April 2023 de New ScientistUK government's net zero carbon targets ; ammonia-powered ships ; and comedy
New Scientist, 9 April 2022 de New ScientistEU's flawed net-zero plans
New Scientist, 9 December 2023 de New Scientistclimate records smashed ; CO2 emissions at all-time high ; 1.5C of warming ; positive tipping points
No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference de Greta Thunberg
The Pentagon, Climate Change, and War: Charting the Rise and Fall of U.S. Military Emissions de Neta C. Crawford
Six Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet de Mark Lynas
Storms of my grandchildren de James Hansen
The Sun, 21 November 2013David Cameron
Tell Me What You See de Terena Elizabeth Bell
This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate de Naomi Klein
The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming de David Wallace-Wells
Varoom 04 de Association of Illustratorsillustrations
What we're fighting for now is each other de Wen Stephenson
New Scientist, 29 January 2022 de New Scientisthot streak continued in 2021
New Scientist, 2 September 2023 de New Scientisttree leaves die at 47C