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Affection and Trust de Harry S. Truman
The American Way of Empire: How America Won a World--But Lost Her Way de James Kurth
Analogies at War: Korea, Munich, Dien Bien Phu, and the Vietnam Decisions of 1965 de Yuen Foong Khong
Apollo de Matt Fitch
Archie to Sam: A Short Operational History of Ground-Based Air Defense de Kenneth P. Werrell
Ascent de Jed Mercurio
Band of Brothers de Ernest Frankel
Battle at Best de S. L. A. Marshall
Bean Camp to Briar Patch-Life in the POW Camps of Korea and Vietnam de John N. Powers
The Best of Life de David Edward Scherman
Beyond the Legend: Bill Speakman, Vc de Hunt
Bob Hope: A Life In Comedy de William Robert Faith
The Book of War Letters de Paul Grescoe
The Borinqueneers de Noemi Figueroa Soulet
Bridge de Han-Sook Chung
C Street: The Fundamentalist Threat to American Democracy de Jeff Sharlet
Captured at the Imjin River: The Korean War Memoirs of a Gloster de David Green
China Yesterday and Today de Molly Joel Coye
The Coldest Night de Robert Olmstead
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A Conscript in Korea de Neville Williams
Deadly Deceits: My 25 Years in the CIA de Ralph W. McGehee
Dearest Debbie de Dale Evans Rogers
Dog Company Six de Edwin Howard Simmons
Don't Know Much About the Presidents de Kenneth C. Davis
The Dragon Strike de patrick roe
The Enemy Within: 2,000 Years of Witch-Hunting in the Western World de John Demos
F9F Panther/Cougar in action - Aircraft No. 51 de Jim Sullivan
The Fifties in Pictures de James Lescott
Fighting Canadians: Our Regimental History from New France to Afghanistan de David J. Bercuson
Finding Junie Kim de Ellen Oh
Flight of the Eagle: The Grand Strategies That Brought America from Colonial Dependence to World Leadership de Conrad Black
For the Boys de J. M. Snyder
Forward March Hare [1952 animated short film] de Chuck Jones
From the tundra to the trenches de Eddy Weetaltuk
The Frozen Hours: A Novel of the Korean War de Jeff Shaara
Gods of Howl Mountain de Taylor Brown
The Great Leader and the Fighter Pilot: The True Story of the Tyrant Who Created North Korea and The Young Lieutenant Who Stole His Way to Freedom de Blaine Harden
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Indignation de Philip Roth
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Korea: The Forgotten War [videorecording] de Lou Reda
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Korea: Where the American Century Began de Michael Pembroke
The Korean War de Dean Acheson
The Korean War (20th Century Perspectives) de Michael Burgan
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Lark and Termite de Jayne Anne Phillips
Last of the Breed de Louis L'Amour
The Last Stand of Fox Company: A True Story of U.S. Marines in Combat de Bob Drury
A Live Coal in the Sea de Madeleine L'Engle
Lovecraft Country de Matt Ruff
Lovecraft Country [2020 TV series] de Misha Green
Lovecraft Country: Soundtrack from the HBO Original Series de Laura Karpman
M*A*S*H Original Movie Script de Ring Jr. Lardner
MacArthur and the American Century: A Reader de William M. Leary
MacArthur in Korea. The Naked Emperor. de Robert Smith
The March to Glory de Robert Leckie
Marching As to War: Canada's Turbulent Years de Pierre Berton
Medicine Walk de Richard Wagamese
The Mermaid from Jeju de Sumi Hahn
Die Mission der Schweiz in Korea : ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der schweizerischen Aussenpolitik im kalten Krieg de Marius Schwarb
The Naked Tree de Keum Suk Gendry-Kim
Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales: Cold War Correspondent: A Korean War Tale de Nathan Hale
Norwegian by Night de Derek B. Miller
On Desperate Ground: The Marines at The Reservoir, the Korean War's Greatest Battle de Hampton Sides
One Thousand Chestnut Trees de Mira Stout
The Origins of the Korean War de Peter Lowe
Please Look After Mom de Kyung-sook Shin
The Post-War Dream: A Novel de Mitch Cullin
Reckless de Andrew Geer
THE RED SAILOR de Patrick O'Hara
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Sergeant Reckless: The True Story of the Little Horse Who Became a Hero de Patricia McCormick
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The Story of Father Emil J. Kapaun
The Surrendered de Chang-Rae Lee
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Command of Office: How War, Secrecy, And Deception Transformed the Presidency, from Theodore Roosevelt to George W. Bush de Stephen Graubard1953
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