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The 9/11 Report: A Graphic Adaptation de Sid Jacobson
The Accidental American: Tony Blair and the Presidency de James Naughtie
Adrian Mole: the Prostrate Years de Sue Townsend
Airhead de Emily Maitlis
All Out War: The Full Story of How Brexit Sank Britain's Political Class de Tim Shipman
American Ally: Tony Blair and the War on Terror de Con Coughlin
The Assault on Truth: Boris Johnson, Donald Trump and the Emergence of a New Moral Barbarism de Peter Oborne
The Autobiography de Johnnie Walker
Bad Science: Quacks, Hacks, and Big Pharma Flacks de Ben Goldacre
Behind Palace Doors: My Service as the Queen Mother's Equerry de Major Colin Burgess
The Best Democracy Money Can Buy de Greg Palast
Biographical Dictionary of British Prime Ministers de Robert Eccleshall
Blair de Anthony Seldon
The Blair Decade de Ian Hernon
The Blair Effect de Anthony Seldon
The Blair Revelation (Socialist Renewal Pamphlet) de Michael Barratt Brown
The Blair Revolution: Can New Labour Deliver? de Peter Mandelson
The Blair Supremacy: A Study in the Politics of Labour's Party Management de Lewis Minkin
Blair Unbound de Anthony Seldon
The Blair Years: The Alastair Campbell Diaries de Alastair Campbell
Blair's Wars de John Kampfner
Born Yesterday: The News as a Novel de Gordon Burn
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason de Helen Fielding
British Politics de Dennis Kavanagh
British Politics: Continuities and Change de Dennis Kavanagh
Broken Vows: Tony Blair The Tragedy of Power de Tom Bower
Brown's Britain de Robert Peston
The centre is mine : Tony Blair, new Labour and the future of electoral politics de Jim Claven
Clarkson on Cars de Jeremy Clarkson
Content Provider: Selected Short Prose Pieces, 2011-2016 de Stewart Lee
Crisis and Consensus in British Politics: From Bagehot to Blair de Michael Williams
Culture Wars in British Literature: Multiculturalism and National Identity de Tracy J. Prince
The Day Diana Died de Christopher Andersen
Descent into Chaos: The U.S. and the Disaster in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Central Asia de Ahmed Rashid
Diana: Her True Story in Her Own Words de Andrew Morton
Different Strokes: Serena, Venus, and the Unfinished Black Tennis Revolution de Cecil Harris
Do You Think You're Clever? The Oxford and Cambridge Questions de John Farndon
Does God Hate Women? de Ophelia Benson
Don't Look Back in Anger: The Rise and Fall of Cool Britannia de Daniel Rachel
The Dreams of Max & Ronnie de Niall GriffithsThe grinner
Elizabeth the Queen: The Life of a Modern Monarch de Sally Bedell Smith
The End of Decline: Blair and Brown in Power de Brian Brivati
The End of the Party: The Rise and Fall of New Labour de Andrew Rawnsley
Eubank: The Autobiography de Chris Eubank
Europe: The Struggle for Supremacy, from 1453 to the Present de Brendan Simms
Fall Out: A Year of Political Mayhem de Tim Shipman
Fellatio, Masochism, Politics and Love de Leo Abse
Fifty Years On: A prejudicial history of Britain since the war de Roy Hattersley
The Final Curtsey de Margaret Rhodes
First Hundred Days de Derek Draper
Flying Free de Nigel Farage
Great Hatred, Little Room: Making Peace in Northern Ireland de Jonathan Powell
The Great Survivors: How Monarchy Made It Into the Twenty-First Century de Peter Conradi
The Guardian October 27 2004
Her Majesty: The Court of Queen Elizabeth II de Robert Hardman
Hitchens vs. Blair de Christopher Hitchens
Des hommes d'Etat de Bruno Le Maire
The Hugo Young Papers: Thirty Years of British Politics - Off the Record de Hugo Young
Illustration: A Theoretical & Contextual Perspective (Advanced Level) de Alan Male
In Sickness and In Power: Illness in Heads of Government During the Last 100 Years de David Owen
Independent Diplomat: Dispatches from an Unaccountable Elite (Crises in World Politics) de Carne Ross
The Insider: The Private Diaries of a Scandalous Decade de Piers Morgan
International Socialism 67, Summer 1995 de John Rees
John Major, Tony Blair and the Conflict of Leadership: Collision Course de Michael Foley
A Journey: My Political Life de Tony Blair
Labour takes power de Denis MacShane
The Last Party: Britpop, Blair and the Demise of English Rock de John Harris
Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong {revised & updated} de James W. Loewen
The Man behind the Smile: Tony Blair and the Politics of Perversion de Leo Abse
Max Clifford: Read All About It de Max Clifford
Misadventures of a Big Mouth Brit de Piers Morgan
Misunderestimated & Overunderappreciated: The George W. Bush Administration as Seen Through the Eyes of the Tribune's Syndicate de Mark Crispin Miller
Monsters: How George Bush Saved the World - and Other Tall Stories de Gerald Scarfe
My Word de Terry Christian
Nine plays de Will Stuartghost of
Off Whitehall: A View from Downing Street by Tony Blair's Advisor de Derek Scott
The Penguin Book of 20th-Century Speeches de Brian MacArthur
The Point of Departure de Robin Cook
Por el bien del imperio : una historia del mundo desde 1945 de Josep Fontana
Power Plays: Win or Lose--How History's Great Political Leaders Play the Game de Dick Morris
The Powers Behind the Prime Minister: The Hidden Influence of Number Ten de Dennis Kavanagh
Pretty Straight Guys de Nick Cohen
The Prime Minister: The Office and Its Holders Since 1945 de Peter Hennessy
Private Eye Annual 2010 (Annuals) de Ian Hislop
The Purple Revolution: The Year That Changed Everything de Nigel Farage
The Queen [2006 film] de Stephen Frears
Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother de William Shawcross
Remaking the Labour Party : from Gaitskell to Blair de Tudor Jones
The Reordering of British Politics: Politics after Thatcher de Dennis Kavanagh
Rifling through My Drawers de Clarissa Dickson Wright
The Rise and Fall of the Murdoch Empire de John Lisners
The Rivals: The Intimate Story of a Political Marriage de James Naughtie
Rough Music: Blair, Bombs, Baghdad, London, Terror de Tariq Ali
Le royaume enchanté de Tony Blair de Philippe Auclair
Scotland: A Graphic History de Jeff Fallow
The Second Plane: September 11: Terror and Boredom de Martin Amis
The Secret State: Preparing for the Worst 1945-2010 de Peter Hennessy
Servants of the People: The Inside Story of New Labour de Andrew Rawnsley
A Short History of England de Simon Jenkins
Speaking for Myself de Cherie Blair
Speaking Out: Lessons in Life and Politics de Ed Balls
Supping with the Devils: Political Journalism de Hugo Young
Terry Jones's War on the War on Terror: Observations and Denunciations by a Founding Member of Monty Python (Nation Book de Terry Jones
Thatcher and Sons: A Revolution in Three Acts de Simon Jenkins
The Third Man: Life at the Heart of New Labour de Peter Mandelson
This Blessed Plot: Britain and Europe from Churchill to Blair de Hugo Young
Tony Blair de Rose Blue
Tony Blair (Major World Leaders) de Bonnie Hinman
Tony Blair in His Own Words de Paul Richards
Tony Blair, l'iconoclaste: un modèle à suivre ? de Jean-Marc Four
Tony Blair, les rendez-vous manqués de Philippe Le Corre
Tony Blair, the Man Who Lost His Smile de Leo Abse
Tony Blair: A Real-Life Reader Biography de Wayne Wilson
Tony Blair: Prime Minister de John Rentoul
Tony Blair: The Making of a World Leader de Philip Stephens
Tony Blair: The Moderniser de Jon Sopel
Tony's Ten Years: Memories of the Blair Administration de Adam Boulton
A Very English Scandal: Sex, Lies and a Murder Plot at the Heart of the Establishment de John Preston
The War in Quotes de David Stanford
Waterstone's Books Quarterly 25/2007 de Ed Wood
Were You Still Up For Portillo? de Brian Cathcart
Why Vote Green 2015: The Essential Guide de Shahrar Ali
Yo, Blair!: Tony Blair's Disastrous Premiership de Geoffrey Wheatcroft
You Can't Say That: Memoirs de Ken Livingstone