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Alaric the Goth: An Outsider's History of the Fall of Rome de Douglas Boin
Antonina or The Fall of Rome de Wilkie Collins
Badass: A Relentless Onslaught of the Toughest Warlords, Vikings, Samurai, Pirates, Gunfighters, and Military Commanders to Ever Live de Ben Thompson
Barbarians and Romans: The Birth Struggle of Europe, A.D. 400-700 de Justine Davis Randers-Pehrson
Byzantium: The Early Centuries de John Julius Norwich
A dama do falcão de Marion Zimmer Bradley
Destined Mate de Katie Reus
Famous Men of the Middle Ages de John H. Haaren
Galla Placidia Augusta: A Biographical Essay de Stewart Irvin Oost
Grey Knights de Ben CounterJusticar, Grey Knights
Heart of Atlantis de Alyssa Day
How the Irish Saved Civilization de Thomas Cahill
How to Survive History: How to Outrun a Tyrannosaurus, Escape Pompeii, Get Off the Titanic, and Survive the Rest of History's Deadliest Catastrophes de Cody Cassidy
If Wishes Were Horses: A Land of the Fey story. de Sarah Leslie
The Keepers' Tattoo de Gill Arbuthnott
The Land of Sorrow [novelette] de Phyllis Eisenstein
Princess of Fire (Zebra Historical Romance) de Shannon Drake
Protector's Mate de Katie Reus
Renunciates of Darkover de Marion Zimmer Bradley
The Sea Witch de Katee RobertPrince Eric
The shorter Cambridge medieval history, volume i : the later Roman empire to the twelfth century de C. W. Previté-Orton
Sword of Chaos and other stories de Marion Zimmer Bradley
The Underwood See de Michael Lawrence
Victories of the Space Marines de Christian Dunn
Wishing on a Dream de Michele Notaro