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Prêmios literários: Middle East Outreach Council Book Award

Prêmios literários por capa

Obras (80)

The House of Wisdom de Florence Parry HeidePicture Book, 2000
Habibi de Naomi Shihab NyeYouth Literature, 2000
The Storytellers de Ted LewinHonors, Picture Book, 2000
Traveling Man: The Journey of Ibn Battuta, 1325-1354 de James RumfordPicture Book, 2001
Samir And Yonatan de Daniella CarmiLiterature, 2001
Islam (World Beliefs and Cultures) de Sue PenneyReference, 2001
Celebrating Ramadan de Diane Hoyt-GoldsmithPicture Book, 2002
The Breadwinner de Deborah EllisLiterature, 2002
19 Varieties of Gazelle: Poems of the Middle East de Naomi Shihab NyeLiterature, 2003
Women in the Middle East (revised edition): Tradition and Change de Ramsay M. HarikReference, 2003
Muhammad de DemiPicture Book, 2004
Mosque de David MacaulayYounger Reference, 2004
Teen Life in the Middle East (Teen Life around the World) de Ali Akbar MahdiYouth Reference, 2004
Afghanistan (Witness to History) de David DowningHonorable Mention, Younger Reference, 2004
A History of the Muslim World to 1405: The Making of a Civilization de Vernon O. EggerHonorable Mention, Youth Reference, 2004
Alia's Mission: Saving the Books of Iraq de Mark Alan StamatyPicture Book, 2005
Figs and Fate: Stories About Growing Up in the Arab World Today de Elsa MarstonYouth Literature, 2005
Historical Atlas of Islam de Malise RuthvenReference, 2005
The Librarian of Basra: A True Story from Iraq de Jeanette WinterHonorable Mention, Picture Book, 2005
The Travels of Benjamin of Tudela: Through Three Continents in the Twelfth Century de Uri ShulevitzHonorable Mention, Picture Book, 2005
Lugalbanda: The Boy Who Got Caught Up in a War: An Epic Tale From Ancient Iraq de Kathy HendersonPicture Book, 2006
A Little Piece of Ground de Elizabeth LairdYouth Literature, 2006
The Illustrator's Notebook de Mohieddine EllabbadYouth Non-Fiction, 2006
Mystery Bottle de Kristen BalouchHonorable Mention, Picture Book, 2006
Al-biruni: Master Astronomer And Influential Muslim Scholar of Eleventh-century Persia (Great Muslim Philosophers and Scientists of the Middle Ages) de Bill Scheppler[Series 1-6] Honorable Mention, Youth Non-Fiction, 2006
Al-Khwarizmi: The Inventor of Algebra (Great Muslim Philosophers and Scientists of the Middle Ages) de Corona Brezina[Series 1-6] Honorable Mention, Youth Non-Fiction, 2006
Albucasis Aka Al-zahrawi: Renowned Surgeon of the Arab World (Great Muslim Philosophers and Scientists of the Middle Ages) de Fred Ramen[Series 1-6] Honorable Mention, Youth Non-Fiction, 2006
Averroes (Ibn Rushd): Muslim Scholar, Philosopher, and Physician of the Twelfth Century (Great Muslim Philosophers and Scientists of the Middle Ages) de Liz Sonneborn[Series 1-6] Honorable Mention, Youth Non-Fiction, 2006
Avicenna (Ibn Sina): Muslim Physician And Philosopher of the Eleventh Century (Great Muslim Philosophers and Scientists of the Middle Ages) de Aisha Khan[Series 1-6] Honorable Mention, Youth Non-Fiction, 2006
Al Kindi: Father of Arab Philosophy and Ninth-Century Scientist, Calligrapher, and Musician de Tony Abboud[Series 1-6] Honorable Mention, Youth Non-Fiction, 2006
Lebanon A to Z: A Middle Eastern Mosaic de Marijean BoueriHonorable Mention, Youth Non-Fiction, 2006
One City, Two Brothers de Chris SmithPicture Book, 2007
Tasting the Sky: A Palestinian Childhood de Ibtisam BarakatYouth Literature, 2007
Iran: Opposing Viewpoints de David M. HaugenYouth Non-Fiction, 2007
Iraq (Modern World Nations (Hardcover)) de Dale LightfootYouth Non-Fiction, 2007
Count Your Way Through Iran de James HaskinsHonorable Mention, Picture Book, 2007
The Rich Man and the Parrot de Suzan NadimiHonorable Mention, Picture Book, 2007
Silent Music de James RumfordPicture Book, 2008
The Apprentice's Masterpiece: A Story of Medieval Spain de Melanie LittleYouth Literature, 2008
Extraordinary Women from the Muslim World de Natalie MaydellYouth Non-Fiction, 2008
The Best Eid Ever de Asma Mobin-UddinHonorable Mention, Picture Book, 2008
Four Feet, Two Sandals de Karen Lynn WilliamsHonorable Mention, Picture Book, 2008
The Butter Man de Elizabeth LettsPicture Book, 2009
Wanting Mor de Rukhsana KhanYouth Literature, 2009
The Iranian Revolution (Pivotal Moments in History) de Brendan JanuaryYouth Non-Fiction, 2009
The Grand Mosque of Paris: A Story of How Muslims Rescued Jews During the Holocaust de Karen Gray RuelleHonorable Mention, Picture Book, 2009
A Bottle in the Gaza Sea de Valérie ZenattiHonorable Mention, Youth Literature, 2009
Extra Credit de Andrew ClementsHonorable Mention, Youth Literature, 2009
The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Arabia de Mary BeardwoodHonorable Mention, Youth Non-Fiction, 2009
The Middle East Today: Political, Geographical and Cultural Perspectives de Dona J. StewartHonorable Mention, Youth Non-Fiction, 2009
How Many Donkeys?: An Arabic Counting Tale de Margaret Read MacDonaldPicture Book, 2010
Shooting Kabul de N. H. SenzaiYouth Literature, 2010
A Brief History of Saudi Arabia de James WynbrandtYouth Non-Fiction, 2010
Kings and Carpenters: One Hundred Bible Land Jobs You Might Have Praised or Panned (Jobs in History) de Laurie CoulterHonorable Mention, Picture Book, 2010
Encyclopedia of Muslim-American History de Edward E. Curtis IVHonorable Mention, Youth Non-Fiction, 2010
Mirror de Jeannie BakerPicture Book, 2011
Where The Streets Had A Name de Randa Abdel-FattahYouth Literature, 2011
The Genius of Islam: How Muslims Made the Modern World de Bryn BarnardYouth Non-Fiction, 2011
How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less de Sarah GliddenYouth Non-Fiction, 2011
The Secret Message de Mina JavaherbinHonorable Mention, Picture Book, 2011
Time to Pray de Maha AddasiHonorable Mention, Picture Book, 2011
Folktales of Turkey: From Agri to Zelve de Serpil UralPicture Book, 2012
The Wooden Sword: A Jewish Folktale from Afghanistan de Ann Redisch StamplerPicture Book, 2012
Alif the Unseen de G. Willow WilsonYouth Literature, 2012
Jerusalem: Chronicles from the Holy City de Guy DelisleYouth Literature, 2012
Beyond Bullets: A Photo Journal of Afganistan de Rafal GerszakYouth Nonfiction, 2012
Bye Bye Babylon: Beirut 1975-1979 de Lamia ZiadéYouth Nonfiction, 2012
What's the Buzz?: Honey for a Sweet New Year de Allison OfananskyHonorable Mention, Picture Book, 2012
Living Through The Arab-Israeli War Since 1948 (Living Through) de Alex WoolfHonorable Mention, Youth Nonfiction, 2012
Hands Around the Library: Protecting Egypt's Treasured Books de Karen Leggett AbourayaPicture Book, 2013
The Girl Who Fell to Earth: A Memoir de Sophia Al-MariaYouth Literature, 2013
The Arab World Thought of It: Inventions, Innovations, and Amazing Facts (We Thought Of It) de Saima S HussainYouth Non-Fiction, 2013
The Compassionate Warrior: Abd el-Kader of Algeria de Elsa MarstonYouth Non-Fiction, 2013
Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns: A Muslim Book of Colors de Hena KhanHonorable Mention, Picture Book, 2013
A Fort of Nine Towers: An Afghan Family Story de Qais Akbar OmarHonorable Mention, Youth Literature, 2013
A Game for Swallows: To Die, To Leave, To Return de Zeina AbirachedHonorable Mention, Youth Literature, 2013
Razia's Ray of Hope: One Girl's Dream of an Education de Elizabeth SunebyPicture Book, 2014
Fear of Beauty de Susan FroetschelYouth Literature, 2014
The Camel in the Sun de Griffin OndaatjeHonorable Mention, Picture Book, 2014
Never Say a Mean Word Again: A Tale from Medieval Spain de Jacqueline JulesHonorable Mention, Picture Book, 2014

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