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Prêmios literários: CBCA Honour Book

Prêmios literários por capa

Obras (323)

The Australian Book of Trains de J. H. MartinHighly Commended, 1948
Beetles Ahoy! de Ada JacksonHighly Commended, 1948
Bush cobbers de Musette MorellHighly Commended, 1948
The Story of Shadow the Rock Wallaby de Leslie ReesHighly Commended, 1948
Bluecap and Bimbi de Leslie ReesHighly Commended ∙ 1950
Bonza the bull de Dora BirtlesHighly Commended ∙ 1950
Little brown piccaninnies of Tasmania de Jane FletcherHighly Commended, 1950
The Story of Kurri Kurri the Kookaburra de Leslie ReesHighly Commended, 1950
Wild river de Bernard O'ReillyHighly Commended, 1950
Churinga tales : stories of Alchuringa - the Dream-time of the Australian Aborigines de Erle WilsonCommended, 1951
Kiewa adventure de Allan AldousCommended, 1951
Spear and Stockwhip de Richard H. GravesCommended, 1951
Starland of the South de William Allan McNairHighly Commended, 1951
Cousins Come Lately de Eve PownallHighly Commended ∙ 1952
Wild dog frontier de William HatfieldCommended ∙ 1952
Australian and New Zealand ships of today de Frank NortonHighly Commended, 1954
Southward ho with the Hentys : the adventures of a pioneer family who sailed from Sussex, England, abroad the barque Caroline in the spring of the year 1829 and with Edward Henty established the first permanent settlement in Victoria at Portland Bay 19th Nov., 1834 de Fitzmaurice HillHighly Commended, 1954
The first hundred years de Helen G. PalmerCommended, 1955
Wild Brother de Mary PatchettHighly Commended, 1955
John of the Sirius de Doris ChadwickHighly Commended, 1956
Penguin Road de Ken DalzielHighly Commended, 1956
The boomerang book of australian poetry de Enid Moodie Heddle (Ed)Highly Commended, 1957
The Brown Land Was Green de Mavis Thorpe ClarkHighly Commended, 1957
It Happened One Summer de Joan PhipsonHighly Commended, 1958
The Silver Brumby de Elyne MitchellHighly Commended, 1959
Lillipilly Hill de Eleanor SpenceCommended, 1961
Silver Brumby's Daughter de Elyne MitchellCommended, 1961
The Forbidden Bridge de Betty RolandCommended, 1962
The Hole in the Hill de Ruth ParkCommended, 1962
Sun on the Stubble de Colin ThieleCommended, 1962
A Picture History of Australia de R. M. CrawfordCommended, 1963
flip the flying possum de Noela YoungCommended Picture Book, 1964
Jamie's discovery de Betty RolandCommended, 1964
Storm Boy de Colin ThieleCommended, 1964
Threat to the Barkers de Joan PhipsonCommended, 1964
The courteous savage : Yagan of Swan River de Mary DurackCommended, 1965
High and Haunted Island de Nan ChauncyCommended, 1965
Jamie's Summer Visitor de Betty RolandHighly Commended, 1965
Winged skis de Elyne MitchellHighly Commended, 1965
The wonderland of nature de Nuri MassCommended, 1965
By the sandhills of Yamboorah (Republished as: Boy alone) de Reginald OttleyHighly Commended, 1966
February Dragon de Colin ThieleCommended, 1966
Indonesian Journey de Ivan SouthallCommended, 1966
The Year of the Currawong de Eleanor SpenceCommended, 1966
Beat of the City de Hesba BrinsmeadSpecial Mention, 1967
The Golden Lamb de Irene GoughCommended, 1967
Naughty Agapanthus de Barbara MacfarlaneHonourable Mention, 1967
The River Kings de Max FatchenCommended, 1967
The Roan Colt de Reginald OttleyCommended, 1967
The wish cat de Jean ChapmanCommended, 1967
Blue above the trees de Mavis Thorpe ClarkCommended, 1968
The Fox Hole de Ivan SouthallCommended, 1968
Mathinna's People de Nan ChauncyCommended, 1968
Midnite de Randolph StowHighly Commended, 1968
Sharpur the carpet snake de Lydia PenderCommended, 1968
Wandjina: Children of the Dreamtime: Aboriginal Myths & Legends de Roland Edward RobinsonCommended, 1968
Children of the desert de Phyl Wallacecommended, 1969
Cricket: the Australian way de Jack PollardCommended, 1969
Let the Balloon Go de Ivan SouthallCommended, 1969
The Loyall Virginian de George FinkelCommended, 1969
I Own the Racecourse de Patricia WrightsonHighly Commended, 1969
Wood, wire and fabric; a saga of Australian flying de John GoodeCommended, 1969
Blue Fin de Colin ThieleHighly Commended, 1970
Finn's Folly de Ivan SouthallCommended, 1970
John the Mouse Who Learned to Read (Picture Puffin) de Beverley RandellCommended Picture Book, 1970
Obstreperous de Ted GreenwoodCommended Picture Book, 1970
The Ombley-Gombley de Peter Wesley-SmithCommended, 1970
SIX DAYS BETWEEN A SECOND. de Marjory O'DeaCommended, 1970
Climb a Lonely Hill de Lilith NormanCommended, 1971
James Cook, Royal Navy de George FinkelCommended, 1971
Story of China de Lo Hui-MinHighly Commended, 1971
Hughie de David MartinCommended, 1972
Minnie de Annette Macarthur-OnslowFavourable Mention, 1972
The Windmill at Magpie Creek de Christobel MattingleyHighly Commended, 1972
Barnaby and the Rocket de Lydia PenderCommended Picture Book, 1973
Joseph and Lulu and the Prindiville House Pigeons de Ted GreenwoodCommended Picture Book, 1973
An Older Kind of Magic de Patricia WrightsonHighly Commended, 1973
The Bunyip of Berkeley's Creek de Jenny WagnerSpecial Award, 1974
The Fire in the Stone de Colin ThieleCommended, 1974
The Giant Devil-Dingo de Dick RoughseyCommended, 1974
The Spirit Wind de Max FatchenHighly Commended, 1974
Callie's Castle de Ruth ParkHighly Commended, 1975
Djugurba : tales from the spirit time de Marcie MuirCommended, 1975
Magpie Island de Colin ThieleCommended, 1975
Uncle Gustav's ghosts de Colin ThieleCommended, 1975
Annie's Rainbow de Ron BrooksHighly Commended Picture Book, 1976
Aranea: A Story About a Spider (Picture Puffin) de Jenny WagnerCommended Picture Book, 1976
A Dog Called George de Margaret BaldersonHighly Commended, 1976
Hey phantom singlet de Simon FrenchSpecial Mention, 1976
Terry's Brrrmmm GT de Ted GreenwoodCommended Picture Book, 1976
ABC of monsters de Deborah NilandHighly Commended Picture Book, 1977
The Cats de Joan PhipsonHighly Commended, 1977
Hebe's Daughter de Celia SyredCommended, 1977
Tell Us Tales: Stories, Songs, Verses and Things to Do: a Selection from Tell Me a Tale and Tell Me Another Tale de Jean ChapmanCommended Picture Book, 1977
The Aboriginal children's history of Australia de Australia's Aboriginal ChildrenCommended PIcture Book, 1978
A Candle for Saint Anthony de Eleanor SpenceHighly Commended, 1978
The curse of the turtle de Thomas Albert RoyCommended, 1978
The lieutenant : an epic tale of courage and endurance on the high seas de Jack BennettCommended, 1978
The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch de Ronda ArmitageHighly Commended Picture Book, 1978
The Sugar-Plum Christmas Book de Jean ChapmanCommended Picture Book, 1978
Boori de Bill ScottHighly Commended, 1979
Come Danger, Come Darkness de Ruth ParkCommended, 1979
The Oath of Bad Brown Bill de Stephen AxelsenCommended Picture Book, 1979
The Pochetto Coat de Ted GreenwoodCommended, 1979
The Trouble with Mr Harris de Ronda ArmitageHighly Commended Picture Book, 1979
The Gould League book of Australian birds de Don GoodsirCommended Book of the Year, 1980
Once there was a swagman de Hesba BrinsmeadBook of the Year highly commended, 1980
River Murray Mary de Colin ThieleCommended. 1980
Sinabouda Lily: A Folk Tale from Papua New Guinea de Robin AndersonCommended Picture Book, 1980
The useless donkeys de Lydia PenderCommended Picture Book, 1980
Darkness under the hills de William Neville ScottHighly Commended, 1981
Jandy Malone and the nine o'clock tiger de Barbara BoltonCommended, 1981
Mr. Archimedes' Bath de Pamela AllenCommended Picture Book, 1981
The Seventh Pebble de Eleanor SpenceCommended Picture Book, 1981
Bumble's Dream de Bruce TreloarCommended Picture Book, 1982
Cannily, Cannily de Simon FrenchCommended, 1982
Journey Behind the Wind de Patricia WrightsonHighly Commended, 1982
The Tram to Bondi Beach de Libby HathornHighly Commended Picture Book, 1982
Whistle Up the Chimney de Nan HuntCommended Picture Book, 1982
Five Times Dizzy de Nadia WheatleyCommended, 1983
The left overs de Eleanor SpenceHighly Commended, 1983
Tin Lizzie and Little Nell (1990 Reading Rainbow) de David CoxCommended Picture Book, 1983
Toby's MillionsCommended, 1983
The train de Witold GenerowiczHighly Commended Picture Book, 1983
Turramulli the giant Quinkin de Percy TreziseCommended Picture Book, 1983
Breaking up de Frank WillmottCommended, 1984
The Devil's stone de Helen FrancesCommended, 1984
The Friends of Emily Culpepper (Piccolo Books) de Ann ColeridgeCommended Picture Book, 1984
Penny Pollard's Diary de Robin KleinHighly Commended, 1984
Possum Magic de Mem FoxHighly Commended Picture Book, 1984
The white crane de Junko MorimotoCommended Picture Book, 1984
Ayu and the Perfect Moon de David CoxCommended Picture book, 1985
Dancing in the Anzac Deli de Nadia WheatleyCommended, 1985
Eleanor, Elizabeth de Libby GleesonHighly Commended, 1985
Home in the Sky de Jeannie BakerCommended Picture Book, 1985
The Inch Boy de Junko MorimotoHighly Commended Picture Book, 1985
Me and Jeshua de Eleanor SpenceCommended, 1985
The changelings of Chaan de David J. LakeCommended, 1986
Clive Eats Alligators (Sandpiper Houghton Mifflin Books) de Alison LesterCommended Picture Book, 1986
First there was Frances de Bob GrahamCommended Picture Book, 1986
The House That Was Eureka de Nadia WheatleyCommended, 1986
Little Brother de Allan BaillieHighly Commended, 1986
A Piece of Straw de Junko MorimotoHighly Commended Picture Book, 1986
All about Anna and Harriet and Christopher and Me de Libby HathornYounger Readers, 1987
Animalia de Graeme BasePicture Book, 1987
Murgatroyd's Garden de Judy ZavosPicture Book, 1987
Sister Madge's Book of Nuns de Doug MacLeodYounger Readers, 1987
Space Demons de Lian HearnOlder Readers, 1987
Taronga de Victor KelleherOlder Readers, 1987
I Am Susannah de Libby GleesonOlder Readers, 1988
Deezle Boy de Eleanor SpenceOlder Readers, 1988
The Long Red Scarf de Nette HiltonPicture Book, 1988
Looking out for Sampson de Libby HathornYounger Readers, 1988
A Paddock of Poems (Puffin story books) de Max FatchenYounger Readers, 1988
Where the Forest Meets the Sea de Jeannie Bakerpicture book, 1988
Answers to Brut de Lian HearnOlder Readers, 1989
The Australopedia: How Australia works after 200 years of other people living here de Joan GrantYounger Readers, 1989
The Lake at the End of the World de Caroline MacdonaldOlder Readers, 1989
Melanie and the night animal de Lian HearnYounger Readers, 1989
My Place in Space de Robin HirstPicture Book, 1989
The Dragon of Mith de Kate WalkerYounger Readers, 1990
Grandad's Magic de Bob GrahamPicture Book, 1990
The Journey Home de Alison LesterPicture Book, 1990
Merryll of the Stones de Brian CaswellOlder Readers, 1990
Papa and the olden days de Rachel TonkinYounger Readers, 1990
Thunderwith de Libby HathornOlder Readers, 1990
Boris and Borsch de Robin KleinYounger Readers, 1991
Brother Night de Victor KelleherOlder Readers, 1991
Counting on Frank de Rod ClementPicture Book, 1991
The family book of Mary Claire de Eleanor SpenceOlder Readers, 1991
The Farseekers de Isobelle CarmodyOlder Readers, 1991
Hector & Maggie de Janet McLeanPicture Book, 1991
Change the Locks de Simon FrenchOlder Readers, 1992
Hist! de C. J. DennisPicture Book, 1992
Misery Guts de Morris GleitzmanYounger Readers, 1992
Peter de Kate WalkerOlder Readers, 1992
William Tell de Margaret EarlyPicture Book, 1992
Belinda de Pamela AllenPicture Book, 1993
Blabber Mouth de Morris GleitzmanYounger Readers, 1993
Galax-Arena de Lian HearnOlder Readers, 1993
A long way to Tipperary (UQP young adult fiction) de Sue GoughOlder Readers, 1993
The Web de Nette HiltonYounger Readers, 1993
Where's Mum? de Libby GleesonPicture Book, 1993
Australian owls, frogmouths & nightjars de Jill MorrisEve Pownall Award, 1994
Dog Tales de Janet McLeanPicture Book, 1994
Dougy de James MoloneyOlder Readers, 1994
Honey Sandwich de Elizabeth HoneyYounger Readers, 1994
Life in a rotten log de Kathie AtkinsonEve Pownall Award, 1994
Lucy in the leap year de Nadia WheatleyYounger Readers, 1994
The Paw de Natalie Jane PriorPicture Book, 1994
Bamboozled de David LeggePicture Book, 1995
The Burnt Stick de Anthony HillYounger Readers, 1995
The Deliverance of Dancing Bears de Elizabeth StanleyPicture Book, 1995
Gracey de James MoloneyOlder Readers, 1995
The night Tolkien died de Nadia WheatleyOlder Readers, 1995
Somewhere Around the Corner de Jackie FrenchYounger Readers, 1995
Too many Captain Cooks de Alan TuckerEve Pownall Award, 1995
Woodlore de Cameron MillerEve Pownall Award, 1995
45 & 47 Stella Street and Everything That Happened de Elizabeth HoneyYounger Readers, 1996
The Big Bazoohley de Peter CareyYounger Readers, 1996
The First Book of Samuel de Ursula DubosarskyOlder Readers, 1996
Johnny Hart's Heroes de David MetzenthenOlder Readers, 1996
Peeling the Onion de Wendy OrrOlder Readers, 1996
The race de Christobel MattingleyPicture Book, 1996
Sleeping Dogs de Sonya HartnettOlder Readers, 1996
The Story of Rosy Dock de Jeannie BakerPicture Book, 1996
Yakkinn the swamp tortoise: the most dangerous year de Guundie KuchlingEve Pownall Award, 1996
Don't Pat the Wombat! de Elizabeth HoneyYounger Readers, 1997
Let's Eat! de Ana ZamoranoPicture Book, 1997
The Midnight Gang de Margaret WildPicture Book, 1997
Reptiles (Nature Company Discoveries Libraries) de Carson CreaghEve Pownall Award, 1997
Rowan and the Keeper of the Crystal de Emily RoddaYounger Readers, 1997
Antonio S and the Mystery of Theodore Guzman de Odo HirschYounger Readers, 1998
Detective Donut and the Wild Goose Chase de Bruce WhatleyPicture Book, 1998
Gilbert's ghost train de David MetzenthenOlder Readers, 1998
Josh de Janet McLeanPicture Book, 1998
Lockie Leonard, Legend de Tim WintonOlder Readers, 1998
One Less Fish de Kim Michelle ToftEve Pownall Award, 1998
Rattler's Place de Patricia WrightsonYounger Readers, 1998
Bob the builder & the elves de Emily RoddaYounger Readers, 1999
Camphor Laurel de Sarah WalkerOlder Readers, 1999
Grandpa de Lilith NormanPicture Book, 1999
Highway de Nadia WheatleyPicture Book, 1999
Night Train de Judith ClarkeOlder Readers, 1999
Borrowed Light de Anna FienbergOlder Readers, 2000
Captain Mack de James RoyYounger Readers, 2000
Hannah and the Tomorrow Room de Libby GleesonYounger Readers, 2000
Inside The Australian Ballet de Diana LawrensonEve Pownall Award, 2000
Killing Aurora de Helen BarnesOlder Readers, 2000
Luke's Way of Looking de Nadia WheatleyPicture Book, 2000
Memorial de Gary CrewPicture Book, 2000
Away with the birds de Errol BroomeYounger Readers, 2001
Building the Sydney Harbour Bridge de John NicholsonEve Pownall Award, 2001
Dogs de Bill CondonOlder Readers, 2001
Fighting Ruben Wolfe de Markus ZusakOlder Readers, 2001
A is for Aunty de Elaine RussellEve Pownall Award, 2001
The Lost Thing de Shaun TanPicture Book, 2001
Max de Bob GrahamEarly Childhood, 2001
Nips XI de Ruth StarkeYounger Readers, 2001
Pog de Lyn LeeEarly Childhood, 2001
The Singing Hat de Tohby RiddlePicture Book, 2001
Baby Bilby, Where Do You Sleep? de Narelle OliverEve Pownall, 2002
The Deadly Flu de Kerry GreenwoodYounger Readers, 2002
Getting The Girl de Markus ZusakOlder Readers, 2002
Have Courage, Hazel Green de Odo HirschYounger Readers, 2002
Mahalia de Joanne HornimanOlder Readers, 2002
My dog de John HeffernanPicture Book, 2002
Soldier Boy: The True Story of Jim Martin, The Youngest ANZAC de Anthony HillEve Pownall, 2002
Where Does Thursday Go? de Janeen BrianEarly Childhood, 2002
A Árvore Vermelha de Shaun TanPicture Book, 2002
The Barrumbi Kids de Leonie NorringtonYounger Readers, 2003
Black snake : the daring of Ned Kelly de Carole WilkinsonEve Pownall, 2003
Diary of a Wombat de Jackie FrenchPicture Book, 2003
Horrendo's Curse de Anna FienbergYounger Readers, 2003
Mighty Murray de John NicholsonEve Pownall, 2003
Painted Love Letters de Catherine BatesonOlder Readers, 2003
The Potato People de Pamela AllenEarly Childhood, 2003
Too Loud Lily de Sofie LagunaEarly Childhood, 2003
Walking Naked de Alyssa BrugmanOlder Readers, 2003
A Year on Our Farm de Penny MatthewsPicture Book, 2003
Art, History, Place de Christine NichollsEve Pownall, 2004
Boys Of Blood & Bone de David MetzenthenOlder Readers, 2004
Do-Wrong Ron de Steven HerrickYounger Readers, 2004
Little Humpty de Margaret WildEarly Childhood, 2004
Mister Monday de Garth NixOlder Readers, 2004
The Naming of Tishkin Silk de Glenda MillardYounger Readers, 2004
Reggie Queen of the Street de Margaret BarbaletEarly Childhood, 2004
Shutting the chooks in de Libby GleesonPicture Books, 2004
The Story Of Gallipoli de Patrick CarlyonEve Pownall, 2004
The violin man de Colin ThompsonPicture Book, 2004
Belonging de Jeannie BakerPicture Book, 2005
Billy Mack's war de James RoyYounger Readers, 2005
By the River de Steven HerrickOlder Readers, 2005
Fireshadow de Anthony EatonOlder Readers, 2005
Gogo Fish!: The Story of the Western Australian State Fossil Emblem de John A. LongEve Pownall Award, 2005
The Grief Book: Strategies for Young People de Elizabeth VercoeEve Pownall Award, 2005
A horse called Elvis de John HeffernanYounger Readers, 2005
Mutt Dog! de Stephen Michael KingEarly Childhood, 2005
Seven more sleeps : Babs the baby & Fog the dog de Margaret WildEarly Childhood, 2005
The Glory Garage: Growing up Lebanese Muslim in Australia de Nadia JamalEve Pownall Award, 2006
Hoosh! camels in Australia de Janeen BrianEve Pownall Award, 2006
The island de John HeffernanPicture Book, 2006
Kisses for Daddy de Frances WattsEarly Childhood, 2006
Lost Property de James MoloneyOlder Readers, 2006
Millie And the Night Heron de Catherine BatesonYounger Readers, 2006
No Worries de Bill CondonOlder Readers, 2006
Once de Morris GleitzmanYounger Readers, 2006
The Sound of the Sea de Jacqueline HarveyPicture Book, 2006
What the sky knows de Nike BourkeEarly Childhood, 2006
The Red Shoe de Ursula DubosarskyOlder Readers, 2007
Clancy & Millie and the Very Fine House de Libby GleesonEarly Childhood, 2010
Fox and fine feathers de Narelle OliverPicture Book, 2010
Kip de Christina BoothEarly Childhood, 2010
Maralinga : the An̲angu story de Yalata Aboriginal Community.Eve Pownall Award, 2010
Polar eyes : a journey to Antarctica de Tanya PatrickEve Pownall Award, 2010
Come down, cat! de Sonya HartnettEarly Childhood, 2012
The dream of the thylacine de Margaret WildPicture Book, 2012
Flood de Jackie FrenchPicture Book, 2012
The Little Refugee de Anh DoEve Pownall, 2012
Nanberry: Black Brother White de Jackie FrenchYounger Readers, 2012
A Straight Line to My Heart de Bill CondonOlder Readers, 2012
That's Not a Daffodil! de Elizabeth HoneyEarly Childhood, 2012
The truth about Verity Sparks de Susan GreenYounger Readers, 2012
When We Were Two de Robert NewtonOlder Readers, 2012
Friday Brown de Vikki WakefieldOlder Readers, 2013
Herman and Rosie de Gus GordonPicture Book, 2013
The Ink Bridge de Neil GrantOlder Readers, 2013
Pennies For Hitler de Jackie FrenchYounger Readers, 2013
Sophie Scott Goes South de Alison LesterPicture Book, 2013
The Tender Moments of Saffron Silk de Glenda MillardYounger Readers, 2013
Topsy-turvy world : how Australian animals puzzled early explorers de Kirsty MurrayEve Pownall, 2013
A true story : Lyrebird! de Jackie KerinEve Pownall, 2013
Banjo and Ruby Red de Libby GleesonEarly Childhood, 2014
The Categorical Universe of Candice Phee de Barry JonsbergYounger Readers, 2014
Fairytales for Wilde girls de Allyse NearOlder Readers, 2014
Ice, wind, rock : Douglas Mawson in the Antarctic de Peter GouldthorpeEve Pownall, 2014
King Pig de Nick BlandPicture Book, 2014
Light Horse Boy de Dianne WolferYounger Readers, 2014
The Silver Button de Bob GrahamPicture Book, 2014
The Sky So Heavy de Claire ZornOlder Readers, 2014
Welcome to My Country de Lak Lak BurarrwangaEve Pownall, 2014
The Minnow de Diana SweeneyOlder Readers, 2015
Nona and Me de Clare AtkinsOlder Readers, 2015

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