WAYRBA: Western Australia Young Readers Book Award

Given by West Australian Young Readers' Book Award

Outros Nomes: WAYRBA (Inglês), WAYRBA Hoffman Award for Young Readers (Inglês), WAYRBA Younger Readers Award (Inglês), West Australian Young Readers' Book Award (WAYRBA) (Inglês), , Western Australian Young Readers Award (Inglês)
128 Works / 137 Items 716,628 Books 19,320 Reviews 4.1
Since 2009, The Hoffman Award has been presented to the highest ranked West Australian author. For a time, the Award was presented to the highest ranked Australian Author, and during the period of mostrar mais 1998-2000 it was awarded to the highest ranked West Australian author, in the Picture Book or Younger Reader Categories.

The Avis Page Award is presented in Recognition of Outstanding Voting results. During the period of 1985 – 2008 it was presented to the highest ranked Australian Author in the Older Readers category.

Awards are also given in the categories of Older Readers, Younger Readers, and Picture Books.
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Winner 136

Undercover Princess de Connie GlynnOlder Readers2020
Dragon Post de Emma YarlettPicture Book2020
Into the Wild: Wolf Girl 1 de Anh DoYounger Readers2020
Lintang and the Pirate Queen de Tamara MossHoffman Award2019
Renegades de Marissa MeyerOlder Readers2019
Pig the Star de Aaron BlabeyPicture Book2019
Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow de Jessica TownsendYounger Readers2019
Chip de Kylie HowarthHoffman Award2018
Within these walls de Robyn BavatiOlder Readers2018
The Afghanistan pup de Mark WilsonPicture Book2018
Sisters de Raina TelgemeierYounger Reader2018
The Last Viking Returns de Norman JorgensenHoffman Award2015
The Maze Runner de James DashnerOlder Readers2015
The Day the Crayons Quit de Drew DaywaltPicture Books2015
The 52-Storey Treehouse de Andy GriffithsYounger Readers2015
Eagle Strike de Anthony HorowitzAvis Page Award2014
The House of Hades de Rick RiordanOlder Readers2014
The Three Bears … Sort Of de Yvonne MorrisonPicture Books2014
The 39-Story Treehouse de Andy GriffithsYounger Readers2014
The Fault in Our Stars de John GreenOlder Readers2013
Hairy nose, itchy butt de Elizabeth FrankelPicture Books2013
Wonder de R. J. PalacioYounger Readers2013
The last Viking de Norman JorgensenHoffman Award2012
Lorien Legacies Series - 7 Book Collection de Pittacus LoreOlder Readers2012
Queen of the Falls de Chris Van AllsburgPicture Books2012
The 13-Story Treehouse de Andy GriffithsYounger Readers2012
Ned Kelly and the Green Sash de Mark GreenwoodHoffman Award2011
The Lost Hero de Rick RiordanOlder Readers2011
Missile Mouse: The Star Crusher de Jake ParkerPicture Books2011
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth de Jeff KinneyYounger Readers2011
Pearl Verses the World de Sally MurphyHoffman Award2010
The Hunger Games de Suzanne CollinsOlder Readers2010
Lighthouse Girl de Dianne WolferPicture Books2010
Schooling Around #3: Mascot Madness! de Andy GriffithsYounger Readers2010
Jack's Island de Norman JorgensenHoffman Award2009
Terrier de Tamora PierceOlder Readers2009
Diary of a Wimpy Kid de Jeff KinneyYounger Readers2009
On the Jellicoe Road de Melina MarchettaAvis Page Award2008
The Red Dragon (Book 3) de Andrew LansdownHoffman Award2008
Twilight de Stephenie MeyerOlder Readers2008
Just Shocking! de Andy GriffithsYounger Readers2008
Destroying Avalon de Kate McCaffreyAvis Page Award2007
Nathan Nuttboard : family matters de Anthony EatonHoffman Award2007
Seven Ancient Wonders de Matthew ReillyOlder Readers2007
They Came on Viking Ships de Jackie FrenchYounger Readers2007
Hover Car Racer de Matthew ReillyAvis Page Award2006
Shah de Liliana StaffordHoffman Award2006
Eldest de Christopher PaoliniOlder Readers2006
Garden of the Purple Dragon de Carole WilkinsonYounger Readers2006
Scarecrow de Matthew ReillyAvis Page Award2005
Babies bite : more real facts of life-- de Geoff HavelHoffman Award2005
A Child Called "It" de Dave PelzerOlder Readers2005
Specky Magee and the Season of Champions de Felice ArenaYounger Readers2005
Secrets in the Tingle Forest de Louise SchofieldHoffman Award2004
Saving Francesca de Melina MarchettaOlder Readers2004
Specky Magee And The Great Footy Contest de Garry LyonYounger Readers2004
Chiko: Through the Starting Flags (Bk. 1) de Liliana StaffordHoffman Award2003
Lirael de Garth NixOlder Readers2003
Selby Stardom de Duncan BallYounger Readers2003
Juice de Katy WatsonAvis Page Award2002
The Amber Spyglass de Philip PullmanOlder Readers2002
The Forests of Silence de Emily RoddaYounger Readers2002
The Other Side of Dawn de John MarsdenAvis Page Award2001
Selby Surfs de Duncan BallHoffman Award2001
Holes de Louis SacharOlder Readers2001
Harry Potter e o Cálice de Fogo de J. K. RowlingYounger Readers2001
Sink or swim de Ron BunneyAvis Page Award2000
Surf's Up de Diana ChaseHoffman Award2000
The Night Is for Hunting de John MarsdenOlder Readers2000
Harry Potter e a Pedra Filosofal de J. K. RowlingYounger Readers2000
Guitar Highway Rose de Brigid LowryAvis Page Award1999
Blueback de Tim WintonHoffman Award1999
Burning for Revenge de John MarsdenOlder Readers1999
The Quicksand Pony de Alison LesterYounger Readers1999
Lockie Leonard, Legend de Tim WintonAvis Page Award1998
Someone Like Me de Elaine ForrestalHoffman Award1998
The Third Day, The Frost de John MarsdenOlder Readers1998
Lily and me de Moses AaronYounger Readers1998
Queen Kat, Carmel & St Jude Get A Life de Maureen McCarthyAvis Page Award1997
Selby Supersnoop de Duncan BallHoffman Award1997
Salamandastron de Brian JacquesOlder Readers1997
Selby Supersnoop de Duncan BallYounger Readers1997
The Power of One de Bryce CourtenayAvis Page Award1996
Where the Whales Sing de Victor KelleherHoffman Award1996
The Power of One de Bryce CourtenayOlder Readers1996
Topsy-turvy Storybook de Dick King-SmithYounger Readers1996
Tomorrow, When the War Began de John MarsdenAvis Page Award1995
Undone! de Paul JenningsHoffman Award1995
Tomorrow, When the War Began de John MarsdenOlder Readers1995
Undone! de Paul JenningsYounger Readers1995
Looking for Alibrandi de Melina MarchettaAvis Page Award1994
Unbearable! de Paul JenningsHoffman Award1994
Looking for Alibrandi de Melina MarchettaOlder Readers1994
Unbearable! de Paul JenningsYounger Readers1994
Del-Del de Victor KelleherAvis Page Award1993
Gumboots and Other Risks de Gillian BarnettHoffman Award1993
Del-Del de Victor KelleherOlder Readers1993
Snotty Bumstead de Hunter DaviesYounger Readers1993
Brother Night de Victor KelleherAvis Page Award1992
Uncanny! de Paul JenningsHoffman Award1992
Mattimeo de Brian JacquesOlder Readers1992
Uncanny! de Paul JenningsYounger Readers1992
Lockie Leonard, Human Torpedo de Tim WintonAvis Page Award1991
The Paw Thing (Puffin Books) de Paul JenningsHoffman Award1991
Mossflower de Brian JacquesOlder Readers1991
Selby Screams de Duncan BallYounger Readers1991
Jodie's Journey de Colin ThieleAvis Page Award1990
Redwall de Brian JacquesOlder Readers1990
Selby Speaks: More Adventures of a Talking Dog de Duncan BallYounger Readers1990
Unreal! de Paul JenningsAvis Page Award1989
Ghost and the Gory Story de Duncan BallHoffman Award1989
When the Phone Rang de Harry MazerOlder Readers1989
Matilda de Roald DahlYounger Readers1989
Dead Birds Singing de Marc TalbertOlder Readers1988
Grandma Cadbury's Trucking Tales de Dianne BatesYounger Readers1988
The Third Eye de Lois DuncanOlder Readers1987
Back Home de Michelle MagorianOlder Readers1987
Selby's secret de Duncan BallYounger Readers1987
People Might Hear You de Robin KleinAvis Page Award1986
Hating Alison Ashley de Robin KleinHoffman Award1986
The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole de Sue TownsendOlder Readers1986
The Witches de Roald DahlYounger Readers1986
When We Ran de Keith LeopoldAvis Page Award1985
The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13¾ de Sue TownsendOlder Readers1985
The BFG de Roald DahlYounger Readers1985
Did You Hear What Happened to Andrea? de Gloria D. MiklowitzOlder Readers1984
George's Marvelous Medicine de Roald DahlYounger Readers1984
Goodnight Mister Tom de Michelle MagorianOlder Readers1983
Samantha on Stage de Susan Clement FarrarYounger Readers1983
Cockroach That Wrote a Symphony de Trevor ToddHoffman Award1982
Forbidden Paths of Thual (Puffin Books) de Victor KelleherOlder Readers1982
Superfudge de Judy BlumeYounger Readers1982
Don't Hurt Laurie! de Willo Davis RobertsOlder Readers1981
Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes de Eleanor CoerrYounger Readers1981
My Darling Villain de Lynne Reid BanksOlder Readers1980
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing de Judy BlumeYounger Readers1980

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