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A Land of Dreams: Ethnicity, Nationalism, and the Irish in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and Maine, 1880–1923 (NONE) de Patrick Mannion
Claiming the Land: British Columbia and the Making of a New El Dorado de Daniel P Marshall
British Columbia2019
One Job Town: Work, Memory and Betrayal in Northern Ontario de Steven High
Prairie Fairies: A History of Queer Communities and People in Western Canada, 1930-1985 (Studies in Gender and History) de Valerie Korinek
The Prairies2019
From Old Quebec to La Belle Province: Tourism Promotion, Travel Writing, and National Identities, 1920-1967 de Nicole Neatby
Homelands and Empires : Indigenous Spaces, Imperial Fictions, and Competition for Territory in Northeastern North America, 1690-1763 de Jeffers Lennox
Infidels and the damn churches : irreligion and religion in settler British Columbia de Lynne Marks
British Columbia2018
The Iconic North: Cultural Constructions of Aboriginal Life in Postwar Canada de Joan Sangster
The North2018
The Clay We Are Made of: Haudenosaunee Land Tenure on the Grand River de Susan M. Hill
Managing Madness : Weyburn Mental Hospital and the Transformation of Psychiatric Care in Canada de Erika Dyck
The Prairies2018
Griffintown : identity and memory in an Irish diaspora neighbourhood de Matthew Barlow
Kouchibouguac: Removal, Resistance, and Remembrance at a Canadian National Park de Ronald Rudin
The Last Gang in Town: The Epic Story of the Vancouver Police vs. the Clark Park Gang de Aaron Chapman
British Columbia2017
The people and the bay : a social and environmental history of Hamilton Harbour de Nancy B. Bouchier
Imperial Plots: Women, Land, and the Spadework of British Colonialism on the Canadian Prairies de Sarah Carter
The Prairies2017
A place in the sun : Haiti, Haitians, and the remaking of Quebec de Sean Mills
Lions or Jellyfish : Newfoundland-Ottawa Relations since 1957 de Raymond Benjamin Blake
Working Mothers and the Child Care Dilemma: A History of British Columbia's Social Policy de Lisa Pasolli
British Columbia2016
Far Off Metal River: Inuit Lands, Settler Stories, and the Making of the Contemporary Arctic de Emilie Cameron
The North2016
Lunch-Bucket Lives: Remaking the Workers' City de Craig Heron
Metis and the Medicine Line: Creating a Border and Dividing a People de Michel Hogue
The Prairies2016
Techniciens de l'organisation sociale : la réorganisation de l'assistance catholique privée à Montréal (1930-1974) de Amélie Bourbeau
Something of a Peasant Paradise?: Comparing Rural Societies in Acadie and the Loudunais, 1604-1755 de Gregory M.W. Kennedy
Equality Deferred: Sex Discrimination and British Columbia’s Human Rights State, 1953-84 de Dominique Clément
British Columbia2015
Enlightened Zeal: The Hudson's Bay Company and Scientific Networks, 1670-1870 de Theodore Binnema
The North2015
Reclaiming the Don: An Environmental History of Toronto's Don River Valley de Jennifer L. Bonnell
Climber's Paradise: Making Canada's Mountain Parks, 1906-1974 (Mountain Cairns: A Series on the History and Culture of the Canadian Rocky Mountains) de PearlAnn Reichwein
The Prairies2015
Oral history at the crossroads : sharing life stories of survival and displacement de Steven High
The Guardianship of Best Interests: Institutional Care for the Children of the Poor in Halifax, 1850-1960 (McGill-Queen's Studies in the History of Religion) de Renée N. Lafferty
Inventing Stanley Park: An Environmental History (Nature | History | Society Series) de Sean Kheraj
British Columbia2014
Between Raid and Rebellion: The Irish in Buffalo and Toronto, 1867-1916 (McGill-Queen's Studies in Ethnic History) de William Jenkins
Clearing the Plains: Disease, Politics of Starvation, and the Loss of Aboriginal Life de James Daschuk
The Prairies2014
The Colonization of Mi'kmaw Memory and History, 1794-1928: The King v. Gabriel Sylliboy de William C. Wicken
Standing Up with Ga'axsta'las: Jane Constance Cook and the Politics of Memory, Church, and Custom (Women and Indigenous Studies Series) de Leslie A. Robertson
British Columbia2013
The Reindeer Botanist: Alf Erling Porsild, 1901-1977 de Patricia Wendy Dathan
The North2013
Try to Control Yourself: The Regulation of Public Drinking in Post-Prohibition Ontario, 1927-44 de Dan Malleck
Hunger, Horses, and Government Men: Criminal Law on the Aboriginal Plains, 1870-1905 de Shelley A. M. Gavigan
The Prairies2013
Ruling by Schooling Quebec: Conquest to Liberal Governmentality - A Historical Sociology de Bruce Curtis
Lawyers and Legal Culture in British North America: Beamish Murdoch of Halifax (Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History) de Philip Girard
Contesting White Supremacy: School Segregation, Anti-Racism, and the Making of Chinese Canadians de Timothy J. Stanley
British Columbia2012
Making the Scene: Yorkville and Hip Toronto in the 1960s de Stuart Henderson
Wet Prairie: People, Land, and Water in Agricultural Manitoba (The Nature - History - Society Series) de Shannon Stunden Bower
Wife to Widow: Lives, Laws, and Politics in Nineteenth-century Montreal de Bettina Bradbury
Managed Annihilation: An Unnatural History of the Newfoundland Cod Collapse (Nature/History/Society) de Dean Bavington
The Power of Place, the Problem of Time: Aboriginal Identity and Historical Consciousness in the Cauldron of Colonialism de Keith Thor Carlson
British Columbia2011
People of the Lakes: Stories of our Van Tat Gwich'in Elder/Googwandak Nakhwach Van Tat Gwichin de Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation
The North2011
Collections and Objections: Aboriginal Material Culture in Southern Ontario, 1791-1914 de Michelle A. Hamilton
One of the Family: Metis Culture in Nineteenth-Century Northwestern Saskatchewan de Brenda Macdougall
The Prairies2011
Eva Circé-Côté de Andrée Lévesque
Backwoods Consumers and Homespun Capitalists: The Rise of a Market Culture in Eastern Canada de Béatrice Craig
Atlantic Canada2010
Burlesque West: Showgirls, Sex, and Sin in Postwar Vancouver de Becki Ross
British Columbia2010
The industrial transformation of subarctic Canada de Liza Piper
The North2010
The Nurture of Nature: Childhood, Antimodernism, and Ontario Summer Camps, 1920-55 (Nature/History/Society) de Sharon Wall
Immigrants in Prairie Cities: Ethnic Diversity in Twentieth-Century Canada de Royden Loewen
The Prairies2010
Les Réformistes de Eric Bédard
Essays on Northeastern North America, 17th & 18th Centuries de John G. Reid
Makuk: A New History of Aboriginal-White Relations de John Sutton Lutz
British Columbia2009
Tenants in Time: Family Strategies, Land, and Liberalism in Upper Canada, 1799-1871 de Catharine Anne Wilson
The Importance of Being Monogamous: Marriage and Nation Building in Western Canada to 1915 (The West Unbound: Social and Cultural Studies) de Sarah Carter
The Prairies2009
Histoire de Québec et de sa région de Collectif
Endgame 1758: The Promise, the Glory, and the Despair of Louisbourg's Last Decade (France Overseas: Studies in Empire and D) de A. J. B. Johnston
Atlantic Canada2008
The Archive of Place: Unearthing the Pasts of the Chilcotin Plateau (Nature, History, Society Series) de William J. Turkel
British Columbia2008
Hunters at the margin : Native people and wildlife conservation in the Northwest Territories de John Sandlos
The North2008
Craft capitalism : craftworkers and early industrialization in Hamilton, Ontario, 1840-1872 de Robert Kristofferson
Influenza 1918: Disease, Death, and Struggle in Winnipeg (Studies in Gender and History) de Esyllt W. Jones
The Prairies2008
"Nous protégeons l'infortune". Les origines populaires de l'économie sociale au Québec de Martin Petitclerc
Rural Protest on Prince Edward Island de Rusty Bittermann
Atlantic Canada2007
Unsettling Encounters: First Nations Imagery in the Art of Emily Carr de Gerta Moray
British Columbia2007
Do Glaciers Listen?: Local Knowledge, Colonial Encounters, and Social Imagination (Canadian Studies Series) de Julie Cruikshank
The North2007
Changing Places: History, Community, and Identity in Northeastern Ontario de Kerry M. Abel
Living with Strangers: The Nineteenth-Century Sioux and the Canadian-American Borderlands de David G. McCrady
The Prairies2007
Magistrates, police and people : everyday criminal justice in Quebec and Lower Canada de Donald William Fyson
Penelope's Web : Some Preceptions of Women in European and Canadian Society de N. E. S. Griffiths
Atlantic Canada2006
The Half-Lives of Pat Lowther de Christine Wiesenthal
British Columbia2006
Like Our Mountains: A History of Armenians in Canada de Isabel Kaprielian-Churchill
Saskatchewan: A New History de Bill Waiser
The Prairies2006
Household Politics: Montreal Families and Postwar Reconstruction (Studies in Gender and History) de Magda Fahrni
Fish into Wine: The Newfoundland Plantation in the Seventeenth Century de Peter E. Pope
Atlantic Canada2005
Fish versus Power: An Environmental History of the Fraser River (Studies in Environment and History) de Matthew D. Evenden
British Columbia2005
The Last Imaginary Place: A Human History of the Arctic World de Robert McGhee
The North2005
Journey to the Ice Age: Discovering an Ancient World de Peter L. Storck
The Bar U & Canadian ranching history de Simon M. Evans
The Prairies2005
Babies for the Nation: The Medicalization of Motherhood in Quebec, 1910-1970 de Denyse Baillargeon
The Rule of the Admirals: Law, Custom, and Naval Government in Newfoundland, 1699-1832 (Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History) de Jerry Bannister
Atlantic Canada2004
Sojourning sisters : the lives and letters of Jessie and Annie McQueen de Jean Barman
British Columbia2004
Across Time and Tundra: The Inuvialuit of the Western Arctic de Ishmael Alunik
The North2004
Marriage of Minds: Isabel and Oscar Skelton Reinventing Canada de Terence Allan Crowley
Archbishop A.-A. Taché of St. Boniface: The "Good Fight" and the Illusive Vision (The Missionary Oblates of Mary Immacu de Raymond Huel
The Prairies2004
L'engagement sociologique: la tradition sociologique du Québec francophone (1886-1955). de Jean-Philippe Warren
Mi'kmaq Treaties on Trial: History, Land, and Donald Marshall Junior de William C. Wicken
Atlantic Canada2003
Making Native Space: Colonialism, Resistance, and Reserves in British Columbia de Cole Harris
British Columbia2003
Arctic Justice: On Trial for Murder, Pond Inlet, 1923 (McGill-Queen's Native and Northern Series) de Shelagh D. Grant
The North2003
The Founding Moment: Church, Society and the Construction of Trinity College de William Westfall
Common and Contested Ground: A Human and Environmental History of the Northwestern Plains de Theodore Binnema
The Prairies2003
Atlantic Canada: A Region in the Making (Illustrated History of Canada) de Margaret Conrad
Atlantic Canada2002
On the Edge of Empire: Gender, Race, and the Making of British Columbia, 1849-1871 (Studies in Gender and History) de Adele Perry
British Columbia2002
In Order to Live Untroubled: Inuit of the Central Artic 1550 to 1940 de Rene Fossett
The North2002
Couture and Commerce: The Transatlantic Fashion Trade in the 1950s de Alexandra Palmer
Medicine that walks : disease, medicine and Canadian Plains native people, 1880-1940 de Maureen K. Lux
The Prairies2002
Against the Grain: Foresters and Politics in Nova Scotia de Anders Sandberg
Atlantic Canada2001
Turning Trees Into Dollars de Gordon H. Hak
British Columbia2001
The Public at Play: Gender and the Politics of Recreation in Post-War Ontario de Shirley Maye Tillotson
Alberta's North: A History, 1890-1950 de Donald Wetherell
The Prairies2001
Histoire sociale des idées au Québec 1760-1896 de Yvan Lamonde
J.B. McLachlan: A Biography: The Story of a Legendary Labour Leader and the Cape Breton Coal Miners de David Frank
Atlantic Canada2000
Beyond the City Limits: Rural History in British Columbia de R. W. Sandwell
British Columbia2000
Saqiyuq: Stories from the Lives of Three Inuit Women (Mcgill-Queen's Native and Northern Series, 19) de Nancy Wachowich
The North2000
The waning of the green Catholics, the Irish, and identity in Toronto, 1887-1922 de Mark G. McGowan
Once upon an Oldman : special interest politics and the Oldman River Dam de Jack Glenn
The Prairies2000
Families in Transition: Industry and Population in Nineteenth-Century Saint-Hyacinthe (Studies on the History of Quebec.) de Peter Gossage
The Art of Nation-Building: Pageantry and Spectacle at Quebec's Tercentenary de H. V. Nelles
Excessive expectations maritime commerce and the economic development of Nova Scotia, 1740-1870 de Julian Gwyn
Atlantic Canada1999
The Man from Halifax: Sir John Thompson, Prime Minister de P. B. Waite
Atlantic Canada1999
Colonizing Bodies: Aboriginal Health and Healing in British Columbia, 1900-50 de Mary-Ellen Kelm
British Columbia1999
Gamblers and Dreamers: Women, Men, and Community in the Klondike de Charlene Porsild
The North1999
The Legacy of Shingwaukonse: A Century of Native Leadership de Janet E. Chute
the limits of labour: class formation and the labour movement in calgary, 1883-1929 de David Bright
The Prairies1999
Oatmeal and the Catechism: Scottish Gaelic Settlers in Quebec de Margaret Bennett
The Many Landfalls of John Cabot de Peter Edward Pope
Atlantic Canada1998
The Resettlement of British Columbia: Essays on Colonialism and Geographical Change de Cole Harris
British Columbia1998
This Distant and Unsurveyed Country: A Woman's Winter at Baffin Island, 1857-1858 (Mcgill-Queen's Native and Northern Se de W. Gillies Ross
The North1998
Becoming modern in Toronto : the Industrial Exhibition and the shaping of a late Victorian culture de Keith Walden
As Their Natural Resources Fail: Native People and the Economic History of Northern Manitoba, 1870-1930 de Frank Tough
The Prairies1998
The Tenant League of Prince Edward Island, 1864-1867: Leasehold Tenure in the New World de Ian Ross Robertson
Atlantic Canada1997
Cheap Wage Labour: Race and Gender in the Fisheries of British Columbia de Alicja Muszyńska
British Columbia1997
Chilkoot Trail: Heritage Route to the Klondike de David Neufeld
The North1997
Public men and virtuous women : the gendered languages of religion and politics in Upper Canada, 1791- de Cecilia Louise Morgan
Prêtres et fidèles dans le diocèse de Saint-Hyacinthe, 1820-1875 de Christine Hudon
Hope and Deception in Conception Bay de Sean T. Cadigan
Atlantic Canada1996
A Thousand Blunders: The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway and Northern British Columbia de Frank Leonard
British Columbia and Yukon1996
Wild Things: Nature, Culture, and Tourism in Ontario, 1790-1914 de Patricia Jasen
In Subordination: Professional Women 1870-1970 de Mary Kinnear
Prairie Provinces and North-West Territories1996
Histoire de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue de Odette Vincent
The Atlantic Region to Confederation: A History de Phillip A. Buckner
Atlantic Provinces1995
Making Law, Order, and Authority in British Columbia, 1821-1871 (The Social History of Canada; 50) de Tina Merrill Loo
British Columbia and Yukon1995
Matters of Mind: The University in Ontario, 1791-1951 de A. B. McKillop
Histoire de l'Outaouais de Chad Gaffield
Tangled Webs of History: Indians and the Law in Canada's Pacific Coast Fisheries de Dianne Newell
British Columbia and Yukon1994
While the Women Only Wept: Loyalist Refugee Women in Eastern Ontario de Janice Potter-MacKinnon
Firing Heather: The Life and Times of Nellie McClung de Mary E. Hallett
Prairie Provinces and North-West Territories1994
La prairie en Nouvelle-France, 1647-1760 : étude d'histoire sociale de Louis Lavallée
The Atlantic Provinces in Confederation de E.R. Forbes
Atlantic Provinces1993
Nineteenth-Century Cape Breton: A Historical Geography de Stephen Hornsby
Atlantic Region1993
Otter Skins, Boston Ships, and China Goods: The Maritime Fur Trade of the Northwest Coast, 1785-1841 de James R. Gibson
British Columbia and Yukon1993
Ontario's Heritage Quilts de Marilyn I. Walker
Muddling through : the remarkable story of the Barr Colonists de Lynne Bowen
Prairie Provinces and North-West Territories1993
From Outpost to Outport: A Structural Analysis of the Jersey-Gaspe Cod Fishery, 1767-1886 de Rosemary Ommer
Atlantic Region1992
The West beyond the West: A History of British Columbia de Jean Barman
British Columbia and Yukon1992
The people of Glengarry : Highlanders in transition, 1745-1820 de Marianne McLean
A Country So Interesting: The Hudson's Bay Company and Two Centuries of Mapping 1670-1870 (Rupert's Land Record Society) [Paperback] [2011] (Author) Richard I. Ruggles de Richard I. Ruggles
Prairie Provinces and North-West Territories1992
Crofters and habitants : settler society, economy, and culture in a Quebec Township, 1848-1881 de J. I. Little
Lost Harvests: Prairie Indian Reserve Farmers and Government Policy (Mcgill-Queen's Native and Northern Series) de Sarah Carter
So longe as there comes noe women: Origins of English settlement in Newfoundland de W. Gordon Handcock
An Enterprising Life de Cyril E. Leonoff
The Gender of Breadwinners: Women, Men and Change in Two Industrial Towns, 1880-1950 de Joy Parr
Seafaring Labour: The Merchant Marine of Atlantic Canada, 1820-1914 de Eric W. Sager
Atlantic Canada1990
Distant neighbors : a comparative history of Seattle & Vancouver de Norbert MacDonald
British Columbia1990
Greenbank: Country Matters in 19th Century Ontario de W. H. Graham
The Social Credit Phenomenon de Alvin Finkel
Prairie Region1990
Histoire du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean de Camil Girard
The Island Acadians, 1720-1980 de Georges Arsenault
La Côte-du-Sud, cette inconnue de Gaston Deschênes
Sacred Feathers: The Reverend Peter Jones (Kahkewaquonaby) and the Mississauga Indians de Donald B. Smith
Vulcan: The Making of a Prairie Community de Paul Voisey
Language, Schooling, and Cultural Conflict: The Origins of the French-Language Controversy in Ontario de Chad Gaffield
Histoire de la ville de Québec, 1608-1871 de John Hare
Part of the land, part of the water : a history of the Yukon Indians / de Catharine McClellan
Bibliography of Newfoundland de Agnes C. O'Dea
Victorian Architecture in London and Southwestern Ontario: Symbols of Aspiration de Nancy Z. Tausky
Indian European Trade Relations in the Lower Saskatchewan River Region to 1840 de Paul Clifford Thistle
Strangers from a secret land : the voyages of the brig Albion and the founding of the first Welsh settlements in Canada de Peter Thomas
Silver Harvest: The Fundy Weirmen's Story de Richard Wilbur
Saint John : the making of a colonial urban community de Thomas William Acheson
Captured heritage : the scramble for Northwest Coast artifacts de Douglas Cole
Spadina Avenue de Rosemary Donegan
Athabasca Oil Sands: Northern Resource Exploration, 1875-1951 de Barry Glen Ferguson
Nastawgan: The Canadian North by Canoe & Snowshoe de Bruce W. Hodgins
Gentlemen and Jesuits: Quests for Glory and Adventure in the Early Days of New France de Elizabeth Jones
Ontario's history in maps de R. Louis Gentilcore
Vancouver centennial bibliography : a project of the Vancouver Historical Society de Linda Louise Hale
Harvest of Stones: The German Settlement in Renfrew County de Brenda Lee-Whiting
Batoche (1870-1910) de Diane Payment
Forging a consensus : historical essays on Toronto de Victor L. Russell
The Irish in Ontario: A Study in Rural History de Donald Harman Akenson
Early Loyalist Saint John: The origin of New Brunswick politics, 1783-1786 de David Graham Bell
Kitchener: An Illustrated History de John English
The Canadian Prairies: A History de Gerald Friesen
The Steamboat Era In the Muskokas: Volume I: To the Golden Years de Richard Tatley
The Steamboat Era In the Muskokas: Volume II: Golden Years to Today de Richard Tatley
Boss Whistle - The Coal Miners of Vancouver Island Remember de Lynne Bowen
The Canadian Prairie West and the ranching frontier de David H. Breen
David Boyle: From Artisan to Archaeologist de Gerald Killan
Louisbourg Portraits de Christopher Moore
Mining Photographs And Other Pictures, 1948-1968: A Selection from the Negative Archives of Shedden Studio, Glace Bay, C de Leslie Shedden
Dictionary of Newfoundland English de G.M. Story
Hamilton: An Illustrated History (History of Canadian Cities) de John Weaver
Maps and Dreams: Indians and the British Columbia Frontier de Hugh Brody
Hopeful travellers : families, land, and social change in mid-Victorian Peel County, Canada West de David Paul Gagan
British Columbia: A History de Margaret A. Ormsby
Micmac Quillwork: Micmac Indian Techniques of Porcupine Quill Decoration : 1600-1950 de Ruth Holmes Whitehead
A history of Newfoundland and Labrador de Frederick William Rowe
The Regional Decline of a National Party de David E. Smith
Timber Colony: A Historical Geography of Early Nineteenth-Century New Brunswick de Graeme Wynn
Winnipeg: A Social History of Urban Growth 1875-1914 de Alan F. J. Artibise
Stefansson and the Canadian Arctic de Richard J. Diubaldo
A History of Glengarry de Royce MacGillivray
The harvests of war : the Prairie West, 1914-1918 de John Herd Thompson
Micmacs and Colonists: Indian White Relations in the Maritime Provinces 1713 1867 de Leslie Upton
The maritime rights movement, 1919-1927 : a study in Canadian regionalism de Ernest R. Forbes
Prairie capitalism: Power and influence in the New West (Canada in transition series) de John Richards
Gothic dreams : the life and times of a Canadian architect, William Critchlow Harris, 1854-1913 de Robert C. Tuck
History of the County of Ontario, 1615-1875 de Leo A Johnson
Ontario and the First World War, 1914-18 (Publications - Champlain Society : Ontario series ; 10) de Barbara M. Wilson


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