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The British Fantasy Society presents this award every year at FantasyCon. See also the nominees.

Note - The novel award used to be called The August Derleth Fantasy Award and was awarded to the mostrar mais best horror or fantasy novel of the year. In 2012 the BFS decided to just award the August Derleth Award for best horror novel, and have a new award (the Robert Holdstock Award) for best fantasy novel. mostrar menos
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Winner 207

Someone in Time: Tales of Time-Crossed Romance de Jonathan StrahanAnthology2023
Just Like Home de Sarah GaileyAugust Derleth Award2023
Under the Moon: Collected Speculative Fiction de E. M. FauldsCollection2023
Leech de Hiron EnnesNewcomer2023
An Earnest Blackness de Eugen BaconNon-Fiction2023
The Queen of the High Fields de Rhiannon A. GristNovella2023
The Spear Cuts Through Water de Simon JimenezRobert Holdstock Award2023
Sinopticon 2021: A Celebration of Chinese Science Fiction de Xueting Christine NiAnthology2022
The Last House on Needless Street de Catriona WardAugust Derleth Award2022
Never Have I Ever: Stories de Isabel YapCollection2022
The Girl from the Sea de Molly Knox OstertagComic / Graphic Novel2022
Writing the Uncanny: Essays on Crafting Strange Fiction de Dan CoxonNon-Fiction2022
Defekt de Nino CipriNovella2022
She Who Became the Sun de Shelley Parker-ChanRobert Holdstock Award2022
Dominion: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction from Africa and the African Diaspora de Zelda KnightAnthology2021
Mexican Gothic de Silvia Moreno-GarciaAugust Derleth Award2021
The Watcher in the Woods de Charlotte BondCollection2021
Die, Vol. 2: Split the Party de Kieron GillenComic / Graphic Novel2021
Women Make Horror: Filmmaking, Feminism, Genre de Alison PeirseNon-Fiction2021
Ring Shout de P. Djèlí ClarkNovella2021
The Once and Future Witches de Alix E. HarrowRobert Holdstock Award2021
New Suns: Original Speculative Fiction by People of Color de Nisi ShawlAnthology2020
The Reddening de Adam NevillAugust Derleth Award2020
Sing Your Sadness Deep de Laura MauroCollection2020
Die, Vol. 1: Fantasy Heartbreaker de Kieron GillenComic / Graphic Novel2020
Us [2019 film] de Jordan PeeleFilm/TV Production2020
The Dark Fantastic: Race and the Imagination from Harry Potter to the Hunger Games (Postmillennial Pop) de Ebony Elizabeth ThomasNon-Fiction2020
Ormeshadow de Priya SharmaNovella2020
The Bone Ships de R. J. BarkerRobert Holdstock Award2020
The Water Dancer de Ta-Nehisi CoatesSydney J. Bounds Award2020
Year's Best Weird Fiction, Vol. 5 de Robert ShearmanAnthology2019
Little Eve de Catriona WardAugust Derleth Award2019
All the Fabulous Beasts de Priya SharmaCollection2019
Widdershins [webcomic] de Kate AshwinComic / Graphic Novel2019
Widdershins, Vol. 7: Curtain Call de Kate AshwinComic / Graphic Novel2019
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse [2018 film] de Bob PersichettiFilm/TV Production2019
The Tea Master and the Detective de Aliette de BodardNovella2019
The Bitter Twins de Jen WilliamsRobert Holdstock Award2019
Empire of Sand de Tasha SuriSydney J. Bounds Award2019
New Fears: New Horror Stories by Masters of the Genre de Mark MorrisAnthology2018
The Changeling de Victor LaValleAugust Derleth Award2018
Strange Weather de Joe HillCollection2018
Monstress, Volume 2: The Blood de Marjorie M. LiuComic / Graphic Novel2018
Get Out [2017 film] de Jordan PeeleFilm/TV Production2018
Gender Identity and Sexuality in Current Fantasy and Science Fiction de Francesca T BarbiniNon-Fiction2018
Passing Strange {novella} de Ellen KlagesNovella2018
The Ninth Rain de Jen WilliamsRobert Holdstock Award2018
Looking for Laika de Laura MauroiShort Fiction2018
Under the Pendulum Sun de Jeannette NgSydney J. Bounds Award2018
Lightspeed Magazine, Issue 73 • June 2016 (People of Colo(u)r Destroy Science Fiction! special issue) de Nalo HopkinsonAnthology2017
Disappearance at Devil's Rock de Paul TremblayAugust Derleth Award2017
Some Will Not Sleep: Selected Horrors de Adam NevillCollection2017
Monstress, Volume 1: Awakening de Marjorie M. LiuComic / Graphic Novel2017
Arrival [2016 film] de Denis VilleneuveFilm/TV Production2017
Stay Crazy de Erica L. SatifkaNewcomer2017
The Geek Feminist Revolution de Kameron HurleyNon-Fiction2017
The Ballad of Black Tom de Victor LaValleNovella2017
The Tiger and the Wolf de Adrian TchaikovskyRobert Holdstock Award2017
White Rabbit de Georgina BruceShort Fiction2017
The Doll Collection de Ellen DatlowAnthology2016
The Girl From Rawblood de Catriona WardAugust Derleth Award2016
Ghost Summer: Stories de Tananarive DueCollection2016
Bitch Planet, Vol. 1: Extraordinary Machine de Kelly Sue DeConnickComic / Graphic Novel2016
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell [2015 TV series] de Toby HaynesFilm/TV Production2016
Letters to Tiptree de Alexandra PierceNon-Fiction2016
The Pauper Prince and the Eucalyptus Jinn de Usman T. MalikNovella2016
Uprooted de Naomi NovikRobert Holdstock Award2016
Fabulous Beasts de Priya SharmaShort Fiction2016
Sorcerer to the Crown de Zen ChoSydney J. Bounds Award2016
Lightspeed Magazine, Issue 49 • June 2014 (Women Destroy Science Fiction! special issue) de Christie YantAnthology2015
No One Gets Out Alive de Adam NevillAugust Derleth Award2015
Nick Nightmare Investigates de Adrian ColeCollection2015
Through the Woods de Emily CarrollComic / Graphic Novel2015
Cuckoo Song de Frances HardingeRobert Holdstock Award2015
The End of the Road: An Anthology of Original Fiction de Jonathan OliverAnthology2014
The Shining Girls: A Novel de Lauren BeukesAugust Derleth Award2014
Monsters in the Heart de Stephen VolkCollection2014
Demeter de Becky CloonanComic / Graphic Novel2014
Beauty de Sarah PinboroughNovella2014
A Stranger in Olondria de Sofia SamatarRobert Holdstock Award2014
Magic: An Anthology of the Esoteric and Arcane de Audrey NiffeneggerAnthology2013
Last Days de Adam NevillAugust Derleth Award2013
Remember Why You Fear Me: The Best Dark Fiction of Robert Shearman de Robert ShearmanCollection2013
The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine de John Llewellyn ProbertNovella2013
Some Kind of Fairy Tale: A Novel de Graham JoyceRobert Holdstock Award2013
The Weird: A Compendium of Strange and Dark Stories de Ann VanderMeerAnthology2012
The Ritual de Adam NevillAugust Derleth Award2012
Everyone's Just So So Special de Robert ShearmanCollection2012
Locke & Key: Keys to the Kingdom de Joe HillGraphic Novel2012
Supergods: What Masked Vigilantes, Miraculous Mutants, and a Sun God from Smallville Can Teach Us About Being Human de Grant MorrisonNon-Fiction2012
Gorel & The Pot Bellied God de Lavie TidharNovella2012
Among Others de Jo WaltonRobert Holdstock Award2012
Back from the Dead: The Legacy of the Pan Book of Horror Stories de Johnny MainsAnthology2011
Demon Dance de Sam StoneAugust Derleth Fantasy Award [declined]2011
Full Dark, No Stars de Stephen KingCollection2011
At the Mountains of Madness: A Graphic Novel de H. P. LovecraftComic / Graphic Novel2011
Altered Visions: The Art of Vincent Chong de Vincent ChongNon-Fiction2011
The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 20 de Stephen JonesAnthology2010
One de Conrad WilliamsAugust Derleth Fantasy Award2010
Love Songs for the Shy and Cynical de Robert ShearmanCollection2010
Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader? de Neil GaimanComic / Graphic Novel2010
The Language of Dying de Sarah PinboroughNovella2010
What Happens When You Wake Up in the Night de Michael Marshall SmithShort Fiction2010
The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 19 de Stephen JonesAnthology2009
Memoirs of a Master Forger de Graham JoyceAugust Derleth Fantasy Award2009
Bull Running for Girls de Allyson BirdCollection2009
Basil Copper: A Life in Books de Stephen JonesNon-Fiction2009
The Reach of Children de Tim LebbonNovella2009
Do You See? [short story] de Sarah PinboroughShort Fiction2009
The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 18 de Stephen JonesAnthology2008
The Grin of the Dark de Ramsey CampbellAugust Derleth Fantasy Award2008
Old Devil Moon de Christopher FowlerCollection2008
The Scalding Rooms de Conrad WilliamsNovella2008
My Stone Desire de Joel LaneShort Fiction2008
Extended Play: The Elastic Book of Music de Gary CouzensAnthology2007
Dusk de Tim LebbonAugust Derleth Fantasy Award2007
Coisas Frágeis de Neil GaimanCollection2007
Cinema Macabre de Mark MorrisNon-Fiction2007
The Elastic Book of Numbers de Allen AshleyAnthology2006
Os Filhos de Anansi de Neil GaimanAugust Derleth Fantasy Award2006
20th Century Ghosts de Joe HillCollection2006
Best New Horror de Joe HillShort Fiction2006
The Alsiso Project de Andrew HookAnthology2005
The Dark Tower de Stephen KingAugust Derleth Fantasy Award2005
Out of His Mind de Stephen GallagherCollection2005
Breathe de Christopher FowlerNovella2005
The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 14 de Stephen JonesAnthology2004
Full Dark House de Christopher FowlerAugust Derleth Fantasy Award2004
Told by the Dead de Ramsey CampbellCollection2004
American Waitress [short story] de Christopher FowlerShort Fiction2004
Keep Out the Night de Stephen JonesAnthology2003
The Scar de China MiévilleAugust Derleth Fantasy Award2003
Ramsey Campbell, Probably de Ramsey CampbellCollection2003
The Fairy Feller's Master Stroke de Mark ChadbournShort Fiction2003
The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 12 de Stephen JonesAnthology2002
The Night of the Triffids de Simon ClarkAugust Derleth Fantasy Award2002
After Shocks de Paul FinchCollection2002
Goblin City Lights de Simon ClarkShort Fiction2002
Hideous Progeny: A Frankenstein Anthology de Brian WillisAnthology2001
Perdido Street Station de China MiévilleAugust Derleth Fantasy Award2001
Where the Bodies Are Buried de Kim NewmanCollection2001
Naming of Parts [novella] de Tim LebbonShort Fiction2001
The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 10 de Stephen JonesAnthology2000
Indigo de Graham JoyceAugust Derleth Fantasy Award2000
Lonesome Roads de Peter CrowtherCollection2000
White de Tim LebbonShort Fiction2000
Dark Terrors 4 de Stephen JonesAnthology1999
Bag of Bones de Stephen KingAugust Derleth Fantasy Award1999
Ghosts and Grisly Things de Ramsey CampbellCollection1999
The Song My Sister Sang de Stephen LawsShort Fiction1999
Dark Terrors 3 de Stephen JonesAnthology / Collection1998
Light Errant de Chaz BrenchleyAugust Derleth Fantasy Award1998
Wageslaves [short story] de Christopher FowlerShort Fiction1998
The Nightmare Factory de Thomas LigottiAnthology / Collection1997
The Tooth Fairy de Graham JoyceAugust Derleth Fantasy Award1997
H. P. Lovecraft: A Life de S. T. JoshiSmall Press1997
Last rites & resurrections de Andy CoxAnthology / Collection1996
Requiem de Graham JoyceAugust Derleth Fantasy Award1996
More Tomorrow [short story] de Michael Marshall SmithShort Fiction1996
The Earth Wire and Other Stories de Joel LaneAnthology / Collection1995
Only Forward de Michael Marshall SmithAugust Derleth Fantasy Award1995
The Temptation of Dr. Stein [short fiction] de Paul J. McAuleyShort Fiction1995
Dark Voices 5 de David SuttonAnthology / Collection1994
The Long Lost de Ramsey CampbellAugust Derleth Fantasy Award1994
The Dog Park [short story] de Dennis EtchisonShort Fiction1994
Darklands: No. 2 de Nicholas RoyleAnthology / Collection1993
Dark Sister de Graham JoyceAugust Derleth Fantasy Award1993
Night Shift Sister [short fiction] de Nicholas RoyleShort Fiction1993
Darklands de Nicholas RoyleAnthology / Collection1992
Outside the Dog Museum de Jonathan CarrollAugust Derleth Fantasy Award1992
The Dark Land [short fiction] de Michael Marshall SmithShort Fiction1992
Best New Horror de Stephen JonesAnthology / Collection1991
Midnight Sun de Ramsey CampbellAugust Derleth Fantasy Award1991
The Man Who Drew Cats [short fiction] de Michael Marshall SmithShort Fiction1991
Carrion Comfort de Dan SimmonsAugust Derleth Fantasy Award1990
On the Far Side of the Cadillac Desert with Dead Folks de Joe R. LansdaleShort Ficton1990
The Influence de Ramsey CampbellAugust Derleth Fantasy Award1989
Fruiting Bodies [short story] de Brian LumleyShort Fiction1989
The Hungry Moon de Ramsey CampbellAugust Derleth Fantasy Award1988
It de Stephen KingAugust Derleth Fantasy Award1987
The Ceremonies de T. E. D. KleinAugust Derleth Fantasy Award1986
The Forbidden de Clive BarkerShort Fiction1986
Incarnate de Ramsey CampbellAugust Derleth Fantasy Award1985
In The Hills, The Cities de Clive BarkerShort Fiction1985
Floating Dragon de Peter StraubAugust Derleth Fantasy Award1984
The Sword of the Lictor de Gene WolfeAugust Derleth Fantasy Award1983
The Breathing Method [short fiction] de Stephen KingShort Fiction1983
Cujo de Stephen KingAugust Derleth Fantasy Award1982
The Dark Country [short story] de Dennis EtchisonShort Fiction1982
The Parasite de Ramsey CampbellAugust Derleth Fantasy Award1981
Death's Master de Tanith LeeAugust Derleth Fantasy Award1980
The Button Molder [short story] de Fritz LeiberShort Fiction1980
The Chronicles Of Thomas Covenant The Unbeliever de Stephen DonaldsonAugust Derleth Fantasy Award1979
Jeffty Is Five [short fiction] de Harlan EllisonShort Fiction1979
Fantasy Tales Volume 01, No. 02 de Stephen JonesSmall Press1979
A Spell for Chameleon de Piers AnthonyAugust Derleth Fantasy Award1978
In the Bag de Ramsey CampbellShort Fiction1978
The Dragon and the George de Gordon R. DicksonAugust Derleth Fantasy Award1977
Two Suns Setting de Karl Edward WagnerShort Fiction1977
The Hollow Lands de Michael MoorcockAugust Derleth Fantasy Award1976
The second book of Fritz Leiber de Fritz LeiberShort Fiction1976
The Sword and the Stallion de Michael MoorcockAugust Derleth Fantasy Award1975
Sticks {novelette} de Karl Edward WagnerShort Fiction1975
Hrolf Kraki's Saga de Poul AndersonAugust Derleth Fantasy Award1974
The Jade Man's Eyes de Michael MoorcockShort Fiction1974
The King of the Swords de Michael MoorcockAugust Derleth Fantasy Award1973
The Knight of the Swords de Michael MoorcockAugust Derleth Fantasy Award1972


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