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The Crime Writers' Association was founded by John Creasey in 1953 and it has grown steadily ever since. Its membership has increased, its range of activities has widened, its sponsorship has mostrar mais developed and its prestige has grown. It has adapted itself to changing circumstances in crime publishing and done its utmost to serve the astonishingly diverse group of writers whom it represents. In short, it has become a distinctive feature on the crime-fiction landscape in the UK. Readers and authors alike often wonder how the CWA Dagger nominees and winners are selected. The following should answer some of those questions, as well as giving a comprehensive list of all the winners since they were instituted. Only British publishers can submit entries for the awards, and the submissions must have been published in the English language in the United Kingdom within a limited period of time. The number of awards, as well as their names, have varied over the years. In part this was due to sponsorship: in the mid 1990s the names of four of the Daggers (Gold, Silver, Non Fiction, and Short Story) were expanded to include that of its sponsor, The Macallan, distillers of one of Britain's top whiskies. Since publishers can submit the same book for all relevant awards, it is theoretically possible for a historical crime thriller by a debuting author to win the Duncan Lawrie, Creasey, Historical and Steel Daggers. mostrar menos
Todos, Winner (275), Shortlist (960), Nominee (1), No Stage (1)
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Winner 275

The Kingdoms of Savannah de George Dawes GreenGold Dagger2023
The Darkest Sin de D. V. BishopHistorical Dagger2023
Agent Seventeen de John BrownlowIan Fleming Steel Dagger2023
Dirt Town de Hayley ScrivenorJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2023
Sunset Swing de Ray CelestinGold Dagger2022
Sunset Swing de Ray CelestinHistorical Dagger2022
Dead Ground de M. W. CravenIan Fleming Steel Dagger2022
The Appeal de Janice HallettJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2022
We Begin at the End de Chris WhitakerGold Dagger2021
Midnight at Malabar House de Vaseem KhanHistorical Dagger2021
When She Was Good de Michael RobothamIan Fleming Steel Dagger2021
The Disaster Tourist de Ko-Eun YunInternational Dagger2021
The Creak on the Stairs de Eva Bjorg AegisdottirJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2021
Good Girl, Bad Girl de Michael RobothamGold Dagger2020
Furious Hours: Murder, Fraud, and the Last Trial of Harper Lee de Casey CepGold Dagger for Non-Fiction2020
Death in the East de Abir MukherjeeHistorical Dagger2020
November Road de Lou BerneyIan Fleming Steel Dagger2020
The Godmother de Hannelore CayreInternational Dagger2020
The Man on the Street de Trevor WoodJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2020
The Puppet Show de M. W. CravenGold Dagger2019
Destroying Angel de S.G. MacLeanHistorical Dagger2019
To the Lions de Holly WattIan Fleming Steel Dagger2019
A Long Night in Paris de Dov AlfonInternational Dagger2019
Scrublands de Chris HammerJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2019
The Spy and the Traitor: The Greatest Espionage Story of the Cold War de Ben MacintyreNon-fiction2019
The Liar de Steve CavanaghGold Dagger2018
Nucleus de Rory ClementsHistorical Dagger2018
Bluebird, Bluebird de Attica LockeIan Fleming Steel Dagger2018
After the Fire de Henning MankellInternational Dagger2018
Lola de Melissa Scrivner LoveJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2018
Blood on the Page de Thomas HardingNon-fiction2018
A Rising Man de Abir MukherjeeEndeavour Historical Dagger2017
The Dry de Jane HarperGold Dagger2017
Close but No Cigar de Stephen PurvisGold Dagger for Non-Fiction2017
Spook Street de Mick HerronIan Fleming Steel Dagger2017
The Dying Detective de Leif G. W. PerssonInternational Dagger2017
Tall Oaks de Chris WhitakerJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2017
Stasi Child de David YoungEndeavour Historical Dagger2016
You Could Do Something Amazing with Your Life (You are Raoul Moat) de Andrew HankinsonGold Dagger for Non-Fiction2016
The Cartel de Don WinslowIan Fleming Steel Dagger2016
The Great Swindle de Pierre LemaitreInternational Dagger2016
Dodgers de Bill BeverlyJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2016
Life or Death de Michael RobothamGold Dagger2015
In Plain Sight: The Life and Lies of Jimmy Savile de Dan DaviesGold Dagger for Non-Fiction2015
The Seeker de S.G. MacLeanHistorical Award2015
Cop Town de Karin SlaughterIan Fleming Steel Dagger2015
Camille de Pierre LemaitreInternational Dagger2015
Fourth of July Creek de Smith HendersonJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2015
The Bookbinder’s Apprentice de Martin EdwardsDagger, Best Short Story of the Year2014
This Dark Road to Mercy de Wiley CashGold Dagger2014
The Siege: 68 Hours Inside the Taj Hotel de Cathy Scott-ClarkGold Dagger for Non-Fiction2014
The Devil in the Marshalsea de Antonia HodgsonHistorical Dagger2014
An Officer and a Spy de Robert HarrisIan Fleming Steel Dagger2014
The Siege de Arturo Pérez-ReverteInternational Dagger2014
The Axeman's Jazz de Ray CelestinJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2014
Acknowledgements de Martin EdwardsMargery Allingham Prize, Short Story2014
Alex de Pierre LemaitreDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2013
The Ghost Riders of Ordebec de Fred VargasDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2013
The Scent of Death de Andrew TaylorEllis Peters Historical Dagger2013
Dead Lions de Mick HerronGold Dagger2013
Midnight in Peking de Paul FrenchGold Dagger for Non-Fiction2013
Fantasma de Roger HobbsIan Fleming Steel Dagger2013
Norwegian by Night de Derek B. MillerJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2013
The Potter's Field de Andrea CamilleriDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2012
Icelight de Aly MonroeEllis Peters Historical Dagger2012
The Rage (World Noir) de Gene KerriganGold Dagger2012
The Eleventh Day: The Full Story of 9/11 and Osama bin Laden de Anthony SummersGold Dagger for Non-Fiction2012
A Foreign Country de Charles CummingIan Fleming Steel Dagger2012
A Land More Kind than Home de Wiley CashNew Blood Dagger2012
Three Seconds de Anders RoslundDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2011
The Somme Stations de Andrew MartinEllis Peters Historical Dagger2011
Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter de Tom FranklinGold Dagger2011
The Killer of Little Shepherds de Douglas StarrGold Dagger for Non-Fiction2011
The Lock Artist de Steve HamiltonIan Fleming Steel Dagger2011
Before I Go to Sleep de S. J. WatsonNew Blood Dagger2011
A Murderous Procession de Ariana FranklinDagger in the Library2010
The Darkest Room de Johan TheorinDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2010
Revenger de Rory ClementsEllis Peters Historical Dagger2010
Blacklands de Belinda BauerGold Dagger2010
Aftermath: The Omagh Bombing and the Families' Pursuit of Justice de Ruth Dudley EdwardsGold Dagger for Non-Fiction2010
A Loyal Spy de Simon ConwayIan Fleming Steel Dagger2010
Good Neighbors de Ryan David JahnJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2010
Bleeding Heart Square de Andrew TaylorCartier Diamond Dagger2009
The Pathologist de Catherine O'KeefeDebut Dagger2009
O homem dos círculos azuis de Fred VargasDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2009
If the Dead Rise Not de Philip KerrEllis Peters Historical Dagger2009
A Whispered Name de William BrodrickGold Dagger2009
The Last Child de John HartIan Fleming Steel Dagger2009
Echoes from the Dead de Johan TheorinJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2009
A Deal with the Devil de Martin SuterDuncan Lawrie International Dagger, Shortlist2008
Lorraine Connection de Dominique ManottiDuncan Lawrie International Dagger, Winner2008
Stratton's War de Laura WilsonEllis Peters Historical Dagger2008
The Hounding of David Oluwale de Kester AspdenGold Dagger for Non-Fiction2008
Criança 44 de Tom Rob SmithIan Fleming Steel Dagger2008
The Collaborator of Bethlehem de Matt Beynon ReesNew Blood Dagger2008
The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie de Alan BradleyDebut Dagger2007
Wash This Blood Clean From My Hand de Fred VargasDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2007
Mistress of the Art of Death de Ariana FranklinEllis Peters Historical Dagger2007
Sharp Objects de Gillian FlynnIan Fleming Steel Dagger and John Creasey2007
The Three Evangelists de Fred VargasDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2006
Red Sky Lament de Edward WrightEllis Peters Historical Dagger2006
Mr. Clarinet de Nick StoneIan Fleming Steel Dagger2006
Still Life de Louise PennyJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2006
Fogo negro de C. J. SansomEllis Peters Historical Dagger2005
Silence of the Grave de Arnaldur IndridasonGold Dagger2005
On the Run de Gregg HillGold Dagger for Non-Fiction2005
On the Run: A Mafia Childhood de Gregg HillGold Dagger for Non-Fiction2005
Brandenburg de Henry PorterIan Fleming Steel Dagger2005
Running Hot de Dreda Say MitchellJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2005
Deadly Web de Barbara NadelSilver Dagger2005
The Burglar on the Prowl de Lawrence BlockCartier Diamond Dagger2004
The Damascened Blade de Barbara CleverlyEllis Peters Historical Dagger2004
Blacklist de Sara ParetskyGold Dagger2004
Cosa Nostra: A History of the Sicilian Mafia de John DickieGold Dagger for Non-Fiction2004
The Italian Boy: A Tale of Murder and Body Snatching in 1830s London de Sarah WiseGold Dagger for Non-Fiction2004
Garden of Beasts de Jeffery DeaverIan Fleming Steel Dagger2004
Amagansett de Mark MillsJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2004
Flesh and Blood de John HarveySilver Dagger2004
The American Boy de Andrew TaylorEllis Peters Historical Dagger2003
Fox Evil de Minette WaltersGold Dagger2003
Pointing from the Grave: A True Story of Murder and DNA de Samantha WeinbergGold Dagger for Non-Fiction2003
The Small Boat of Great Sorrows de Dan FespermanIan Fleming Steel Dagger2003
Mission Flats de William LandayJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2003
Half Broken Things de Morag JossSilver Dagger2003
Na ponta dos dedos de Sarah WatersEllis Peters Historical Dagger2002
The Athenian Murders de José Carlos SomozaGold Dagger2002
Dead Men's Wages de Lilian PizzichiniGold Dagger for Non-Fiction2002
Acid Row de Minette WaltersGold/Silver Dagger Shortlist2002
The Sirius Crossing de John CreedIan Fleming Steel Dagger2002
The Cutting Room de Louise WelshJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2002
The Final Country de James CrumleySilver Dagger2002
The Keep de Jennifer Egan2002
The Office of the Dead de Andrew TaylorEllis Peters Historical Dagger2001
Sidetracked de Henning MankellGold Dagger2001
The Infiltrators: The First Inside Account of Life Deep Undercover with Scotland Yard's Most Secret Unit de Philip EtienneGold Dagger for Non-Fiction2001
The Earthquake Bird de Susanna JonesJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2001
Forty Words for Sorrow de Giles BluntSilver Dagger2001
Absent Friends de Gillian LinscottEllis Peters Historical Dagger2000
Motherless Brooklyn de Jonathan LethemGold Dagger2000
Education of a Felon de Edward BunkerGold Dagger for Non-Fiction2000
God Is a Bullet de Boston TeranJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2000
Friends in High Places de Donna LeonSilver Dagger2000
Two for the Lions de Lindsey DavisEllis Peters Historical Dagger1999
A Small Death in Lisbon de Robert WilsonGold Dagger1999
The Case of Stephen Lawrence de Brian CathcartGold Dagger for Non-Fiction1999
Lie in the Dark de Dan FespermanJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1999
Vienna Blood de Adrian MathewsSilver Dagger1999
Cries Unheard: Why Children Kill: The Story of Mary Bell de Gitta SerenyGold Dagger for Non-Fiction1998
A Contas com o Passado de Denise MinaJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1998
Manchester Slingback de Nicholas BlincoeSilver Dagger1998
Black and Blue de Ian RankinGold Dagger1997
The Jigsaw Man de Paul BrittonGold Dagger for Non-Fiction1997
Body Politic de Paul JohnstonJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1997
Popcorn de Ben EltonGold Dagger1996
Faith and Treason: The Story of the Gunpowder Plot de Antonia FraserGold Dagger for Non-Fiction1996
Bloodhounds de Peter LoveseySilver Dagger1996
The Mermaids Singing de Val McDermidGold Dagger1995
One for the Money de Janet EvanovichJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1995
A Grave Talent de Laurie R. KingJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1995
Sunburn de Laurence ShamesLast Laugh Dagger Award1995
The Summons de Peter LoveseySilver Dagger1995
The Scold's Bridle de Minette WaltersGold Dagger1994
Criminal Shadows : Unlocking the Minds of Serial Killers and Sexual Predators-and Cracking Cases de David CanterGold Dagger for Non-Fiction1994
Big Town de Doug J. SwansonJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1994
The Villain of the Earth de Simon ShawLast Laugh Dagger Award1994
Smilla's Sense of Snow de Peter HøegSilver Dagger1994
Cruel and Unusual de Patricia CornwellGold Dagger1993
Murder in the Heart de Alexandra ArtleyGold Dagger for Non-Fiction1993
The Mamur Zapt and the Spoils of Egypt de Michael PearceLast Laugh Dagger Award1993
Fatlands de Sarah DunantSilver Dagger1993
The Way Through the Woods de Colin DexterGold Dagger1992
The Reckoning: The Murder of Christopher Marlowe de Charles NichollGold Dagger for Non-Fiction1992
The Ice House de Minette WaltersJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1992
Native Tongue de Carl HiaasenLast Laugh Dagger Award1992
Bucket Nut de Liza CodySilver Dagger1992
King Solomon's Carpet de Barbara VineGold Dagger1991
Giordano Bruno and the Embassy Affair de John BossyGold Dagger for Non-Fiction1991
Devil in a Blue Dress de Walter MosleyJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1991
Angels in Arms de Mike RipleyLast Laugh Dagger Award1991
Deep Sleep de Frances FyfieldSilver Dagger1991
Bones and Silence de Reginald HillGold Dagger1990
The Passing of Starr Faithfull de Jonathan GoodmanGold Dagger for Non-Fiction1990
Postmortem de Patricia CornwellJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1990
Killer Cinderella de Simon ShawLast Laugh Dagger Award1990
Not That Kind of Place de Frances FyfieldRumpole Award1990
The Late Candidate de Mike PhillipsSilver Dagger1990
The Wench is Dead de Colin DexterGold Dagger1989
A Gathering of Saints: A True Story of Money, Murder and Deceit de Robert LindseyGold Dagger for Non-Fiction1989
A Real Shot in the Arm de Annette RoomeJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1989
Angel Touch de Mike RipleyLast Laugh Dagger Award1989
The Shadow Run de Desmond LowdenSilver Dagger1989
Ratking de Michael DibdinGold Dagger1988
The Secret Lives of Trebitsch Lincoln de Bernard WassersteinGold Dagger for Non-Fiction1988
Death's Bright Angel de Janet NeelJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1988
Death in a Distant Land de Nancy LivingstonLast Laugh Dagger Award1988
Blood Shot de Sara ParetskySilver Dagger1988
A Fatal Inversion de Barbara VineGold Dagger1987
Perfect Murder: A Century of Unsolved Homicides de Bernard TaylorGold Dagger for Non-Fiction1987
The Dark Apostle de Denis KilcommonsJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1987
Presumed Innocent de Scott TurowSilver Dagger1987
Live Flesh de Ruth RendellGold Dagger1986
Evil Angels de John BrysonGold Dagger for Non-Fiction1986
Tinplate de Neville SteedJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1986
A Taste for Death de P. D. JamesSilver Dagger1986
Monkey Puzzle de Paula GoslingGold Dagger1985
Killing for Company: The Case of Dennis Nilsen de Brian MastersGold Dagger for Non-Fiction1985
The Latimer Mercy de Robert RichardsonJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1985
Last Seen Alive de Dorothy SimpsonSilver Dagger1985
The Twelfth Juror de B. M. GillGold Dagger1984
In God's Name: An Investigation into the Murder of Pope John Paul I de David YallopGold Dagger for Non-Fiction1984
A Very Private Enterprise de Elizabeth IronsideJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1984
The Tree of Hands de Ruth RendellSilver Dagger1984
Accidental Crimes de John HuttonGold Dagger1983
The Caravaggio Conspiracy de Peter WatsonGold Dagger for Non-Fiction1983
The Ariadne Clue de Carol ClemeauJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1983
The Night the Gods Smiled de Eric WrightJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1983
The Papers of Tony Veitch de William McIlvanneySilver Dagger1983
The False Inspector Dew de Peter LoveseyGold Dagger1982
Earth to Earth de John CornwellGold Dagger for Non-Fiction1982
Caroline Minuscule de Andrew TaylorJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1982
Ritual Murder de S. T. HaymonSilver Dagger1982
Gorky Park de Marin Cruz SmithGold Dagger1981
Prisoner without a Name, Cell without a Number de Jacobo TimermanGold Dagger for Non-Fiction1981
The Ludi Victor de James LeighJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1981
The Dead of Jericho de Colin DexterSilver Dagger1981
The Murder of the Maharajah de H. R. F. KeatingGold Dagger1980
Conspiracy de Anthony SummersGold Dagger for Non-Fiction1980
Dupe de Liza CodyJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1980
Justiça à Moda Antiga de Ellis PetersSilver Dagger1980
Whip Hand de Dick FrancisGold Dagger1979
Rachman de Shirley GreenGold Dagger for Non-Fiction1979
A Running Duck de Paula GoslingJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1979
Service of All the Dead de Colin DexterSilver Dagger1979
The Chelsea Murders de Lionel DavidsonGold Dagger1978
The Mystery of the Princes de Audrey WilliamsonGold Dagger for Non-Fiction1978
Saturday of Glory de David SerafinJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1978
A Figura de Cera de Peter LoveseySilver Dagger1978
Rogue Eagle de James McClureSilver Dagger1978
The Honourable Schoolboy de John le CarréGold Dagger1977
The Judas Pair de Jonathan GashJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1977
Laidlaw de William McIlvanneySilver Dagger1977
A Demon in My View de Ruth RendellGold Dagger1976
Death of a Thin-Skinned Animal de Patrick AlexanderJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1976
The Seven-Per-Cent Solution de Nicholas MeyerGold Dagger1975
Acid Drop de Sara GeorgeJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1975
The Black Tower de P. D. JamesSilver Dagger1975
Other Paths to Glory de Anthony PriceGold Dagger1974
The Big Fix de Roger L. SimonJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1974
The Grosvenor Square Goodbye de Francis CliffordSilver Dagger1974
The Defection of A.J. Lewinter de Robert LittellGold Dagger1973
Don't Point that Thing at Me de Kyril BonfiglioliJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1973
A Coffin for Pandora de Gwendoline ButlerSilver Dagger1973
The Levanter de Eric AmblerGold Dagger1972
The Rainbird Pattern de Victor CanningSilver Dagger1972
The Steam Pig de James McClureGold Dagger1971
Shroud for a Nightingale de P. D. JamesSilver Dagger1971
Young Man, I Think You're Dying de Joan FlemingGold Dagger1970
The Labyrinth Makers de Anthony PriceSilver Dagger1970
The Old English Peep Show de Peter DickinsonGold Dagger1969
Another Way of Dying de Francis CliffordSilver Dagger1969
The Glass-Sided Ants' Nest de Peter DickinsonGold Dagger1968
Murder Against the Grain de Emma LathenGold Dagger1967
The Menorah Men de Lionel DavidsonGold Dagger1966
The Far Side of the Dollar de Ross MacdonaldGold Dagger1965
The Perfect Murder de H. R. F. KeatingGold Dagger1964
The Chill de Ross MacdonaldSilver Dagger1964
The Spy Who Came in From the Cold de John le CarréGold Dagger1963
When I Grow Rich de Joan FlemingGold Dagger1962
The Spoilt Kill de Mary KellyGold Dagger1961
The Night of Wenceslas de Lionel DavidsonGold Dagger1960
Passage of Arms de Eric AmblerGold Dagger1959
Someone from the Past de Margot BennettGold Dagger1958
The Colour of Murder de Julian SymonsGold Dagger1957
The Second Man de Edward GriersonGold Dagger1956
The Little Walls de Winston GrahamGold Dagger1955

Shortlist 960

The Kingdoms of Savannah de George Dawes GreenGold Dagger2023
The Lost Man of Bombay de Vaseem KhanGold Dagger2023
A Killing in November de Simon MasonGold Dagger2023
The Clockwork Girl de Anna MazzolaGold Dagger2023
The Winter Guest de W.C. RyanGold Dagger2023
The Silent Brother: A Literary Thriller de Simon Van Der VeldeGold Dagger2023
The Darkest Sin de D. V. BishopHistorical Dagger2023
The Clockwork Girl de Anna MazzolaHistorical Dagger2023
The Homes de J.B. MyletHistorical Dagger2023
The Bangalore Detectives Club de Harini NagendraHistorical Dagger2023
Blue Water de Leonora NattrassHistorical Dagger2023
Hear No Evil de Sarah SmithHistorical Dagger2023
Agent Seventeen de John BrownlowIan Fleming Steel Dagger2023
Take Your Breath Away de Linwood BarclayIan Fleming Steel Dagger2023
The Botanist de M. W. CravenIan Fleming Steel Dagger2023
Alias Emma de Ava GlassIan Fleming Steel Dagger2023
May God Forgive de Alan ParksIan Fleming Steel Dagger2023
The Ink Black Heart de Robert GalbraithIan Fleming Steel Dagger and John Creasey2023
Dirt Town de Hayley ScrivenorJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2023
Breaking de Amanda CassidyJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2023
The Local: A Legal Thriller de Joey HartstoneJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2023
London in Black Paperback Jack Lutz de Jack LutzJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2023
No Country for Girls de Emma StylesJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2023
Outback de Patricia WolfJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2023
Sunset Swing de Ray CelestinGold Dagger2022
Before You Knew My Name de Jacqueline BublitzGold Dagger2022
Razorblade Tears de S.A. CosbyGold Dagger2022
The Unwilling: A Novel de John HartGold Dagger2022
The Shadows of Men de Abir MukherjeeGold Dagger2022
The Trawlerman de William ShawGold Dagger2022
The Devil You Know: Encounters in Forensic Psychiatry de Gwen AdsheadGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2022
The Irish Assassins: Conspiracy, Revenge and the Phoenix Park Murders that Stunned Victorian England de Julie KavanaghGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2022
Empire of Pain: The Secret History of the Sackler Dynasty de Patrick Radden KeefeGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2022
The Disappearance of Lydia Harvey: A True Story of Sex, Crime and the Meaning of Justice de Julia LaiteGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2022
Unusual Suspect How To Rob A Bank de Ben MachellGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2022
The Dublin Railway Murder: The Sensational True Story of a Victorian Murder Mystery de Thomas MorrisGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2022
April in Spain de John BanvilleHistorical Dagger2022
Crow Court de Andy CharmanHistorical Dagger2022
Not One Of Us de Alis HawkinsHistorical Dagger2022
Edge of the Grave de Robbie MorrisonHistorical Dagger2022
A Corruption of Blood de Ambrose ParryHistorical Dagger2022
Dead Ground de M. W. CravenIan Fleming Steel Dagger2022
Find You First de Linwood BarclayIan Fleming Steel Dagger2022
The Pact de Sharon BoltonIan Fleming Steel Dagger2022
The Devil's Advocate de Steve CavanaghIan Fleming Steel Dagger2022
Dream Girl de Laura LippmanIan Fleming Steel Dagger2022
Hotel Cartagena de Simone BuchholzInternational Dagger2022
Bullet Train de Kotaro IsakaInternational Dagger2022
Oxygen de Sacha NaspiniInternational Dagger2022
People Like Them de Samira SediraInternational Dagger2022
The Rabbit Factor de Antti TuomainenInternational Dagger2022
The Appeal de Janice HallettJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2022
Welcome to Cooper de Tariq AshkananiJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2022
Repentance de Eloísa DíazJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2022
The Mash House de Alan GillespieJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2022
Where Ravens Roost de Karin NordinJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2022
How to Kidnap the Rich de Rahul RainaJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2022
Waking the Tiger de Mark WightmanJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2022
We Begin at the End de Chris WhitakerGold Dagger2021
City of Ghosts de Ben CreedGold Dagger2021
Troubled Blood de Robert GalbraithGold Dagger2021
The Postscript Murders de Elly GriffithsGold Dagger2021
Midnight Atlanta de Thomas MullenGold Dagger2021
We Keep the Dead Close: A Murder at Harvard and a Half Century of Silence de Becky CooperGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2021
These Are Not Gentle People: A True Story de Andrew HardingGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2021
Dancing with the Octopus: A Memoir of a Crime de Debora HardingGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2021
The Book of Trespass: Crossing the Lines that Divide Us de Nick HayesGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2021
Agent Sonya: Moscow's Most Daring Wartime Spy de Ben MacintyreGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2021
Snow de John BanvilleHistorical Dagger2021
The Unwanted Dead de Chris LloydHistorical Dagger2021
The City Under Siege de Michael RussellHistorical Dagger2021
Skelton's Guide to Domestic Poisons (Skelton’s Guides) de David StaffordHistorical Dagger2021
The Mimosa Tree Mystery de Ovidia YuHistorical Dagger2021
The Nothing Man de Catherine Ryan HowardIan Fleming Steel Dagger2021
The Devil and the Dark Water de Stuart TurtonIan Fleming Steel Dagger2021
One by One de Ruth WareIan Fleming Steel Dagger2021
We Begin at the End de Chris WhitakerIan Fleming Steel Dagger2021
Anxious People de Fredrik BackmanInternational Dagger2021
The Coral Bride de Roxanne BouchardInternational Dagger2021
Three de Dror MishaniInternational Dagger2021
To Cook a Bear de Mikael NiemiInternational Dagger2021
The Seven Doors de Agnes RavatnInternational Dagger2021
The One That Got Away de Egan HughesJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2021
The Bone Jar de S W KaneJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2021
Fortune Favors the Dead de Stephen SpotswoodJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2021
Three-Fifths de John VercherJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2021
What You Pay For de Claire AskewGold Dagger2020
Forced Confessions: A Harrowgate Crime Festival Exclusive de William BrodrickGold Dagger2020
Joe Country de Mick HerronGold Dagger2020
Death in the East de Abir MukherjeeGold Dagger2020
Corrupt Bodies: Death and Dirty Dealing in a London Morgue de Peter EverettGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2020
Honour: Achieving Justice for Banaz Mahmod de Caroline GoodeGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2020
The Fatal Passion of Alma Rattenbury de Sean O'ConnorGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2020
The Professor and the Parson: A Story of Desire, Deceit and Defrocking de Adam SismanGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2020
The Adventures of Maud West, Lady Detective: Secrets and Lies in the Golden Age of Crime de Susannah StapletonGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2020
In Two Minds de Alis HawkinsHistorical Dagger2020
Metropolis de Philip KerrHistorical Dagger2020
The Bear Pit de S.G. MacLeanHistorical Dagger2020
The Anarchists' Club de Alex ReeveHistorical Dagger2020
The Paper Bark Tree Mystery de Ovidia YuHistorical Dagger2020
This is Gomorrah: the dark web threatens one innocent man de Tom ChatfieldIan Fleming Steel Dagger2020
One Way Out de A. A. DhandIan Fleming Steel Dagger2020
Between Two Evils de Eva DolanIan Fleming Steel Dagger2020
Cold Storage de David KoeppIan Fleming Steel Dagger2020
The Whisper Man de Alex NorthIan Fleming Steel Dagger2020
Summer of Reckoning de Marion BrunetInternational Dagger2020
Like Flies from Afar: A Novel de K. FerrariInternational Dagger2020
November de Jorge GalánInternational Dagger2020
The Fragility of Bodies de Sergio OlguínInternational Dagger2020
Little Siberia de Antti TuomainenInternational Dagger2020
Your House Will Pay de Steph ChaJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2020
My Lovely Wife de Samantha DowningJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2020
Little White Lies de Philippa EastJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2020
The Wreckage de Robin Morgan-BentleyJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2020
All the Hidden Truths de Claire AskewGold Dagger2019
What We Did de Christobel KentGold Dagger2019
Unto Us a Son is Given de Donna LeonGold Dagger2019
American By Day de Derek B. MillerGold Dagger2019
A Station on the Path to Somewhere Better de Benjamin WoodGold Dagger2019
All That Remains: A Life in Death de Sue BlackGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2019
An Unexplained Death: The True Story of a Body at the Belvedere de Mikita BrottmanGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2019
Murder by the Book: The Crime That Shocked Dickens' London de Claire HarmanGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2019
The Feather Thief: Beauty, Obsession, and the Natural History Heist of the Century de Kirk Wallace JohnsonGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2019
The Five: The Untold Lives of the Women Killed by Jack the Ripper de Hallie RubenholdGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2019
The Quaker de Liam McIlvanneyHistorical Dagger2019
Smoke and Ashes de Abir MukherjeeHistorical Dagger2019
The House on Half Moon Street de Alex ReeveHistorical Dagger2019
Tombland de C. J. SansomHistorical Dagger2019
Blood & Sugar de Laura Shepherd-RobinsonHistorical Dagger2019
Give Me Your Hand de Megan AbbottIan Fleming Steel Dagger2019
Safe Houses de Dan FespermanIan Fleming Steel Dagger2019
Killing Eve: No Tomorrow de Luke JenningsIan Fleming Steel Dagger2019
Lives Laid Away de Stephen Mack JonesIan Fleming Steel Dagger2019
Memo From Turner de Tim WillocksIan Fleming Steel Dagger2019
Weeping Waters de Karin BrynardInternational Dagger2019
The Cold Summer de Gianrico CarofiglioInternational Dagger2019
Newcomer de Keigo HigashinoInternational Dagger2019
The Root of Evil de Håkan NesserInternational Dagger2019
The Forger de Cay RademacherInternational Dagger2019
The Boy at the Door de Alex DahlJohn Creasey2019
Turn a Blind Eye de Vicky NewhamJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2019
Overkill de Vanda SymonJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2019
Trust Me, I'm Dead de Sherryl ClarkDebut Dagger2018
London Rules de Mick HerronGold Dagger2018
Since We Fell de Dennis LehaneGold Dagger2018
Resurrection Bay de Emma ViskicGold Dagger2018
Black Dahlia, Red Rose: The Crime, Corruption, and Cover-Up of America's Greatest Unsolved Murder de Piu EatwellGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2018
Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI de David GrannGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2018
The Fact of a Body: A Murder and a Memoir de Alexandria Marzano-LesnevichGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2018
Rex v Edith Thompson: A Tale of Two Murders de Laura ThompsonGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2018
Money in the Morgue de Ngaio MarshHistorical Dagger2018
A Necessary Evil de Abir MukherjeeHistorical Dagger2018
Lightning Men de Thomas MullenHistorical Dagger2018
Fire de L.C. TylerHistorical Dagger2018
Nine Lessons de Nicola UpsonHistorical Dagger2018
If I Die Before I Wake de Emily KochIan Fleming Steel Dagger2018
An Act of Silence de Colette McBethIan Fleming Steel Dagger2018
The Chalk Man de C. J. TudorIan Fleming Steel Dagger2018
The Force de Don WinslowIan Fleming Steel Dagger2018
Zen and the Art of Murder de Oliver BottiniInternational Dagger2018
Three Days and a Life de Pierre LemaitreInternational Dagger2018
The Frozen Woman de Jon MicheletInternational Dagger2018
Offering to the Storm de Dolores RedondoInternational Dagger2018
The Accordionist de Fred VargasInternational Dagger2018
Gravesend de William BoyleJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2018
IQ de Joe IdeJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2018
Girl in Snow de Danya KukafkaJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2018
East of Hounslow de Khurrum RahmanJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2018
A False Report: A True Story of Rape in America de T. Christian MillerNon-fiction2018
The Beautiful Dead de Belinda BauerGold Dagger2017
Dead Man's Blues de Ray CelestinGold Dagger2017
Spook Street de Mick HerronGold Dagger2017
The Girl in Green de Derek B. MillerGold Dagger2017
A Rising Man de Abir MukherjeeGold Dagger2017
A Dangerous Place: The Story of the Railway Murders de Simon FarquharGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2017
The Scholl Case: The Deadly End of a Marriage de Anja Reich-OsangGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2017
The Wicked Boy: The Mystery of a Victorian Child Murderer de Kate SummerscaleGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2017
A Passing Fury: Searching for Justice at the End of World War II de A. T. WilliamsGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2017
Another Day in the Death of America de Gary YoungeGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2017
The Devil's Feast de M. J. CarterHistorical Dagger2017
The Ashes of Berlin de Luke McCallinHistorical Dagger2017
The Long Drop de Denise MinaHistorical Dagger2017
By Gaslight de Steven PriceHistorical Dagger2017
The City in Darkness de Michael RussellHistorical Dagger2017
You Will Know Me de Megan AbbottIan Fleming Steel Dagger2017
The Killing Game de J. S. CarolIan Fleming Steel Dagger2017
We Go Around in the Night and Are Consumed by Fire de Jules GrantIan Fleming Steel Dagger2017
Redemption Road de John HartIan Fleming Steel Dagger2017
The Constant Soldier de William RyanIan Fleming Steel Dagger2017
A Fine Line de Gianrico CarofiglioInternational Dagger2017
Blood Wedding de Pierre LemaitreInternational Dagger2017
Adam's Rib de Antonio ManziniInternational Dagger2017
The Legacy of the Bones de Dolores RedondoInternational Dagger2017
A Climate of Fear de Fred VargasInternational Dagger2017
The Pictures de Guy BoltonJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2017
Ragdoll de Daniel ColeJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2017
Distress Signals de Catherine Ryan HowardJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2017
Sirens de Joseph KnoxJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2017
Good Me Bad Me de Ali LandJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2017
The Other Side of Silence de Philip KerrEndeavour Historical2016
The House at Baker Street de Michelle BirkbyEndeavour Historical Dagger2016
A Book of Scars de William ShawEndeavour Historical Dagger2016
The Jazz Files de Fiona Veitch SmithEndeavour Historical Dagger2016
Striking Murder de A. J. WrightEndeavour Historical Dagger2016
Sexy Beasts: The True Story of the "Diamond Geezers" and the Record-Breaking $100 Million Hatton Garden Heist de Wensley ClarksonGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2016
Jeremy Hutchinson's Case Histories: From Lady Chatterley's Lover to Howard Marks de Thomas GrantGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2016
A Very Expensive Poison: The Assassination of Alexander Litvinenko and Putin's War with the West de Luke HardingGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2016
John le Carré: The Biography de Adam SismanGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2016
Black Widow de Chris BrookmyreGoldsboro Gold2016
Blood, Salt, Water de Denise MinaGoldsboro Gold Dagger2016
Rain Dogs de Adrian McKintyIan Fleming Steel2016
Make Me de Lee ChildIan Fleming Steel Dagger2016
Real Tigers de Mick HerronIan Fleming Steel Dagger2016
The English Spy de Daniel SilvaIan Fleming Steel Dagger2016
Six Four de Hideo YokoyamaInternational2016
The Truth and Other Lies: A Novel de Sascha ArangoInternational Dagger2016
Icarus de Deon MeyerInternational Dagger2016
The Murderer in Ruins de Cay RademacherInternational Dagger2016
Fever City de Tim BakerJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2016
Freedom's Child de Jax MillerJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2016
Eileen de Ottessa MoshfeghJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2016
The Good Liar de Nicholas SearleJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2016
The Golden Age of Murder de Martin EdwardsNon-fiction2016
A Kim Jong-Il Production: The Extraordinary True Story of a Kidnapped Filmmaker, His Star Actress, and a Young Dictator's Rise to Power de Paul FischerGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2015
Ghettoside: A True Story of Murder in America de Jill LeovyGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2015
Gun Baby Gun: A Bloody Journey into the World of the Gun de Iain OvertonGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2015
One of Us: The Story of Anders Breivik and the Massacre in Norway de Åsne SeierstadGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2015
Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption de Bryan StevensonGold Dagger For Non-Fiction2015
Pleasantville de Attica LockeGoldsboro Gold2015
The Shut Eye de Belinda BauerGoldsboro Gold Dagger2015
The Rules of Wolfe de James Carlos BlakeGoldsboro Gold Dagger2015
The Silkworm de Robert GalbraithGoldsboro Gold Dagger2015
Mr. Mercedes de Stephen KingGoldsboro Gold Dagger2015
The Silent Boy de Andrew TaylorHistorical Award2015
Havana Sleeping de Martin DaviesHistorical Dagger2015
The Man from Berlin de Luke McCallinHistorical Dagger2015
The Taxidermist's Daughter de Kate MosseHistorical Dagger2015
Lamentation de C. J. SansomHistorical Dagger2015
Missing de Sam HawkenIan Fleming Steel Dagger2015
The Girl on the Train de Paula HawkinsIan Fleming Steel Dagger2015
Nobody Walks de Mick HerronIan Fleming Steel Dagger2015
The White Van de Patrick HoffmanIan Fleming Steel Dagger2015
The Night the Rich Men Burned de Malcolm MackayIan Fleming Steel Dagger2015
The Kind Worth Killing de Peter SwansonIan Fleming Steel Dagger2015
Cobra de Deon MeyerInternational Dagger2015
Arab Jazz de Karim MiskéInternational Dagger2015
Into a Raging Blaze de Andreas NormanInternational Dagger2015
Falling Freely, as in a Dream de Leif G. W. PerssonInternational Dagger2015
The Invisible Guardian de Dolores RedondoInternational Dagger2015
The Girl in the Red Coat de Kate HamerJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2015
The Abrupt Physics of Dying de Paul E. HardistyJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2015
You de Caroline KepnesJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2015
Everything I Never Told You de Celeste NgJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2015
Death in Delft de Graham BrackDebut Dagger2014
Keep Your Friends Close de Paula DalyGold Dagger2014
The First Rule of Survival de Paul MendelsonGold Dagger2014
How the Light Gets In de Louise PennyGold Dagger2014
Did She Kill Him?: A Victorian Tale of Deception, Adultery, and Arsenic de Kate ColquhounGold Dagger for Non-Fiction2014
Life After Death de Damien EcholsGold Dagger for Non-Fiction2014
The Girl: A Life in the Shadow of Roman Polanski de Samantha GeimerGold Dagger for Non-Fiction2014
Manson: The Life and Times of Charles Manson de Jeff GuinnGold Dagger for Non-Fiction2014
Undercover: The True Story of Britain's Secret Police de Paul LewisGold Dagger for Non-Fiction2014
Kitty Peck and the Music Hall Murders de Kate GriffinHistorical Dagger2014
Treachery de S. J. ParrisHistorical Dagger2014
Theft of Life de Imogen RobertsonHistorical Dagger2014
The City of Strangers de Michael RussellHistorical Dagger2014
The Dead Can Wait de Robert RyanHistorical Dagger2014
The Late Scholar de Jill Paton WalshHistorical Dagger2014
Apple Tree Yard de Louise DoughtyIan Fleming Steel Dagger2014
Natchez Burning de Greg IlesIan Fleming Steel Dagger2014
Strange Shores de Arnaldur IndridasonInternational Dagger2014
Irene de Pierre LemaitreInternational Dagger2014
Forty Days Without Shadow: An Arctic Thriller de Olivier TrucInternational Dagger2014
Plan D de Simon UrbanInternational Dagger2014
Dog Will Have His Day de Fred VargasInternational Dagger2014
The Strangler Vine de M. J. CarterJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2014
The Silent Wife de A. S. A. HarrisonJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2014
The Devil in the Marshalsea de Antonia HodgsonJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2014
The Missing File de D.A. MishaniDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2013
Two Soldiers de Anders RoslundDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2013
The Collini Case de Ferdinand von SchirachDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2013
Death in Sardinia de Marco VichiDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2013
The Heretics de Rory ClementsEllis Peters Historical Award2013
Pilgrim Soul de Gordon FerrisEllis Peters Historical Award2013
The Paris Winter de Imogen RobertsonEllis Peters Historical Award2013
Dead Men and Broken Hearts de Craig RussellEllis Peters Historical Award2013
The Twelfth Department de William RyanEllis Peters Historical Award2013
Rubbernecker de Belinda BauerGold Dagger2013
The Shining Girls de Lauren BeukesGold Dagger2013
Say You're Sorry de Michael RobothamGold Dagger2013
Ratlines de Stuart NevilleIan Fleming Steel Dagger2013
The Sentinel de Mark OldfieldIan Fleming Steel Dagger2013
Capital Punishment de Robert WilsonIan Fleming Steel Dagger2013
Fantasma de Roger HobbsJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2013
Something You Are de Hanna JamesonJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2013
The Necessary Death of Lewis Winter de Malcolm MackayJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2013
Rage Against the Dying de Becky MastermanJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2013
Shadow of the Rock de Thomas MogfordJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2013
The City of Shadows de Michael RussellJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2013
City of Blood de MD VillersJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2013
I Will Have Vengeance: The Winter of Commissario Ricciardi de Maurizio De GiovanniDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2012
Until Thy Wrath Be Past de Åsa LarssonDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2012
Spoor de Deon MeyerDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2012
Phantom de Jo NesbøDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2012
The Dark Valley de Valerio VaresiDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2012
The Crown de Nancy BilyeauEllis Peters Historical Award2012
Bitter Water de Gordon FerrisEllis Peters Historical Award2012
Prague Fatale de Philip KerrEllis Peters Historical Award2012
Sacrilege de S. J. ParrisEllis Peters Historical Award2012
A Willing Victim de Laura WilsonEllis Peters Historical Award2012
Vengeance in Mind de Natasha CooperGold Dagger2012
Grandad, There's a Head on the Beach de Colin CotterillGold Dagger2012
The Flight de M. R. HallGold Dagger2012
Turn of Mind de Alice LaPlanteGold Dagger2012
The Child Who de Simon LelicGold Dagger2012
Bereft de Chris WomersleyGold Dagger2012
Dare Me de Megan AbbottIan Fleming Steel Dagger2012
The Shadow Patrol de Alex BerensonIan Fleming Steel Dagger2012
The Fear Index de Robert HarrisIan Fleming Steel Dagger2012
The Dispatcher de Ryan David JahnIan Fleming Steel Dagger2012
Uncommon Enemy de Alan JuddIan Fleming Steel Dagger2012
Reamde de Neal StephensonIan Fleming Steel Dagger2012
The Doll Princess de Tom BennJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2012
Heart-Shaped Bruise de Tanya ByrneJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2012
So Much Pretty de Cara HoffmanJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2012
Good People de Ewart HuttonJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2012
The Expats de Chris PavoneJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2012
What Dies in Summer de Tom WrightJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2012
To Live Outside the Law: Caught by Operation Julie, Britain's Biggest Drugs Bust de Leaf FieldingNonfiction Gold Dagger2012
DarkMarket: Cyberthieves, Cybercops and You de Misha GlennyNonfiction Gold Dagger2012
Hood Rat de Gavin KnightNonfiction Gold Dagger2012
The Negotiator: My Life at the Heart of the Hostage Trade de Ben LopezNonfiction Gold Dagger2012
Evil Relations: The Man Who Bore Witness Against the Moors Murderers de David SmithNonfiction Gold Dagger2012
The Wings of the Sphinx de Andrea CamilleriDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2011
Needle in a Haystack de Ernesto MalloDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2011
The Saint-Florentin Murders de Jean-Francois ParotDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2011
Le fleuve des brumes de Valerio VaresiDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2011
An Uncertain Place de Fred VargasDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2011
Death on a Galician Shore de Domingo VillarDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2011
Prince de Rory ClementsEllis Peters Historical Award2011
The Red Coffin de Sam EastlandEllis Peters Historical Award2011
The Hanging Shed de Gordon FerrisEllis Peters Historical Award2011
The Cleansing Flames de R. N. MorrisEllis Peters Historical Award2011
Island of Bones de Imogen RobertsonEllis Peters Historical Award2011
The Villa Triste de Lucretia GrindleGold/Silver Dagger2011
The Lock Artist de Steve HamiltonGold/Silver Dagger2011
Hanging Hill de Mo HayderGold/Silver Dagger2011
The Cypress House de Michael KorytaGold/Silver Dagger2011
White Heat de M. J. McGrathGold/Silver Dagger2011
Snowdrops de A. D. MillerGold/Silver Dagger2011
The End of the Wasp Season de Denise MinaGold/Silver Dagger2011
The Trinity Six de Charles CummingIan Fleming Steel Dagger2011
The Cobra de Frederick ForsythIan Fleming Steel Dagger2011
The Good Son de Michael GruberIan Fleming Steel Dagger2011
An Agent of Deceit de Christopher Morgan JonesIan Fleming Steel Dagger2011
Cold Rain de Craig SmithIan Fleming Steel Dagger2011
Before I Go to Sleep de S. J. WatsonIan Fleming Steel Dagger2011
Savages de Don WinslowIan Fleming Steel Dagger2011
The Dogs of Rome de Conor FitzgeraldJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2011
The Dead Women of Juarez de Sam HawkenJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2011
Into the Darkest Corner de Elizabeth HaynesJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2011
The Poison Tree de Erin KellyJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2011
Sister de Rosamund LuptonJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2011
Or the Bull Kills You de Jason WebsterJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2011
Mr Briggs' Hat: A Sensational Account Of Britain's First Railway Murder de Kate ColquhounNon-fiction Gold Dagger2011
The Invention of Murder: How the Victorians Revelled in Death and Detection and Created Modern Crime de Judith FlandersNon-fiction Gold Dagger2011
Malavita de Tonino BenacquistaDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2010
August Heat de Andrea CamilleriDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2010
Hypothermia de Arnaldur IndridasonDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2010
A Rainha do Castelo do Ar de Stieg LarssonDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2010
13 Hours de Deon MeyerDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2010
Washington Shadow de Aly MonroeEllis Peters Historical Award2010
Heresy de S. J. ParrisEllis Peters Historical Award2010
Heartstone de C. J. SansomEllis Peters Historical Award2010
The Anatomy of Ghosts de Andrew TaylorEllis Peters Historical Award2010
To Kill a Tsar de Andrew WilliamsEllis Peters Historical Award2010
Conman de Richard AsplinGold/Silver Dagger2010
Blood Harvest de Sharon BoltonGold/Silver Dagger2010
Rain Gods de James Lee BurkeGold/Silver Dagger2010
Shadowplay de Karen CampbellGold/Silver Dagger2010
The Strange Case of the Composer and His Judge de Patricia DunckerGold/Silver Dagger2010
Still Midnight de Denise MinaGold/Silver Dagger2010
The Way Home de George PelecanosGold/Silver Dagger2010
61 Hours de Lee ChildIan Fleming Steel Dagger2010
Gone de Mo HayderIan Fleming Steel Dagger2010
Slow Horses de Mick HerronIan Fleming Steel Dagger2010
The Dying Light de Henry PorterIan Fleming Steel Dagger2010
Innocent de Scott TurowIan Fleming Steel Dagger2010
The Gentlemen's Hour de Don WinslowIan Fleming Steel Dagger2010
Martyr de Rory ClementsJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2010
The Pull of The Moon de Diane JanesJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2010
Rupture de Simon LelicJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2010
Stop Me de Richard Jay ParkerJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2010
Random de Craig RobertsonJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2010
Cut Short de Leigh RussellJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2010
The Holy Thief de William RyanJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2010
A Carrion Death de Michael StanleyDebut Dagger2009
Arctic Chill de Arnaldur IndriðasonDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2009
A menina que brincava com fogo de Stieg LarssonDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2009
O Redentor de Jo NesboDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2009
Echoes from the Dead de Johan TheorinDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2009
The Dead of Winter de Rennie AirthEllis Peters Historical Award2009
The Redemption of Alexander Seaton de S.G. MacLeanEllis Peters Historical Award2009
The Information Officer de Mark MillsEllis Peters Historical Award2009
The Interrogator de Andrew WilliamsEllis Peters Historical Award2009
An Empty Death de Laura WilsonEllis Peters Historical Award2009
When Will There Be Good News? de Kate AtkinsonGold Dagger2009
In the Dark de Mark BillinghamGold Dagger2009
Hit and Run de Lawrence BlockGold Dagger2009
The Coroner de M. R. HallGold Dagger2009
Dark Times in the City de Gene KerriganGold Dagger2009
The Brass Verdict de Michael ConnellyIan Fleming Steel Dagger2009
Dark Places de Gillian FlynnIan Fleming Steel Dagger2009
Calumet City: A Novel de Charlie NewtonIan Fleming Steel Dagger2009
Moscow Rules de Daniel SilvaIan Fleming Steel Dagger2009
The Tourist de Olen SteinhauerIan Fleming Steel Dagger2009
Shadow de Karin AlvtegenInternational Dagger2009
Sweetsmoke de David FullerJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2009
Bad Catholics de James GreenJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2009
No Way to Say Goodbye de Rod MadocksJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2009
Old City Hall de Robert RotenbergJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2009
The Blood Detective de Dan WaddellJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2009
The Patience of the Spider de Andrea CamilleriDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2008
Os homens que não amavam as mulheres de Stieg LarssonDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2008
A Deal with the Devil de Martin SuterDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2008
Relíquias Sagradas de Fred VargasDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2008
The Serpent's Tale de Ariana FranklinEllis Peters Historical Award2008
A Quiet Flame de Philip KerrEllis Peters Historical Award2008
Death on a Branch Line de Andrew MartinEllis Peters Historical Award2008
Revelation de C. J. SansomEllis Peters Historical Award2008
Bleeding Heart Square de Andrew TaylorEllis Peters Historical Award2008
The Tin Roof Blowdown de James Lee BurkeGold Dagger2008
The Coroner's Lunch de Colin CotterillGold Dagger2008
Night Work de Steve HamiltonGold Dagger2008
What the Dead Know de Laura LippmanGold Dagger2008
A Vengeful Longing de R. N. MorrisGold Dagger2008
Ritual de Mo HayderIan Fleming Steel Dagger2008
The Crime Writer de Gregg HurwitzIan Fleming Steel Dagger2008
Shatter de Michael RobothamIan Fleming Steel Dagger2008
The Echelon vendetta de David StoneIan Fleming Steel Dagger2008
Finding Nouf de Zoe FerrarisJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2008
Absolution de Caro RamsayJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2008
Criança 44 de Tom Rob SmithJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2008
The Art of Political Murder. Who Killed the Bishop? de Francisco GoldmanNon-fiction Gold Dagger2008
The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher: A Shocking Murder and the Undoing of a Great Victorian Detective de Kate SummerscaleNon-fiction Gold Dagger2008
Shame de Karin AlvtegenDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2007
The Exception de Christian JungersenDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2007
The Attack de Yasmina KhadraDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2007
Sun Storm de Åsa LarssonDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2007
The Redbreast de Jo NesbøDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2007
The Snake Stone de Jason GoodwinEllis Peters Historical Award2007
The One from the Other de Philip KerrEllis Peters Historical Award2007
Murder at Deviation Junction de Andrew MartinEllis Peters Historical Award2007
The Savage Garden de Mark MillsEllis Peters Historical Award2007
The Tenderness of Wolves de Stef PenneyEllis Peters Historical Award2007
By the Time You Read This de Giles BluntGold/Silver Dagger2007
Pegasus Descending de James Lee BurkeGold/Silver Dagger2007
Brother Grimm de Craig RussellGold/Silver Dagger2007
Sovereign de C. J. SansomGold/Silver Dagger2007
The Faithful Spy de Alex BerensonIan Fleming Steel Dagger2007
The Woods de Harlan CobenIan Fleming Steel Dagger2007
City of Lies de R.J. ElloryIan Fleming Steel Dagger2007
The Night Ferry de Michael RobothamIan Fleming Steel Dagger2007
Triptych de Karin SlaughterIan Fleming Steel Dagger2007
The Intruders de Michael Marshall SmithIan Fleming Steel Dagger2007
Objects of Desire de C.J. EmersonJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2007
The Wrong Kind of Blood de Declan HughesJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2007
Borderlands de Brian McGillowayJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2007
The Last Days of Newgate de Andrew PepperJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2007
The Dead of Summer de Camilla WayJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2007
Excursão a Tíndari de Andrea CamilleriDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2006
Autumn of the Phantoms de Yasmina KhadraDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2006
Dead Horsemeat de Dominique ManottiDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2006
Borkmann's Point de Håkan NesserDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2006
Blood on the Saddle de Rafael ReigDuncan Lawrie International Dagger2006
The Pale Blue Eye de Louis BayardEllis Peters Historical Award2006
Nefertiti de Nick DrakeEllis Peters Historical Award2006
The Janissary Tree de Jason GoodwinEllis Peters Historical Award2006
The Sultan's Seal de Jenny WhiteEllis Peters Historical Award2006
The Chemistry of Death de Simon BeckettGold/Silver Dagger2006
Red Leaves de Thomas H. CookGold/Silver Dagger2006
Safer Than Houses de Frances FyfieldGold/Silver Dagger2006
Wolves Of Memory de Bill JamesGold/Silver Dagger2006
A Thousand Lies de Laura WilsonGold/Silver Dagger2006
The Lincoln Lawyer de Michael ConnellyIan Fleming Steel Dagger2006
Sweet Gum de Jo-Anne GoodwinIan Fleming Steel Dagger2006
Pig Island de Mo HayderIan Fleming Steel Dagger2006
The English Assassin de Daniel SilvaIan Fleming Steel Dagger2006
The Mercy Seat de Martyn WaitesIan Fleming Steel Dagger2006
Contact Zero de David WolstencroftIan Fleming Steel Dagger2006
Immoral de Brian FreemanJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2006
Ice Trap de Kitty SewellJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2006
Die With Me de Elena ForbesDebut Dagger2005
The God of Chaos de Tom BradbyEllis Peters Historical Award2005
The Palace Tiger de Barbara CleverlyEllis Peters Historical Award2005
After the Armistice Ball de Catriona McPhersonEllis Peters Historical Award2005
The Portrait de Iain PearsEllis Peters Historical Award2005
A Death in Vienna de Frank TallisEllis Peters Historical Award2005
Calling Out for You de Karin FossumGold/Silver Dagger2005
In Matto's Realm de Friedrich GlauserGold/Silver Dagger2005
Skinny Dip de Carl HiaasenGold/Silver Dagger2005
O homem do avesso de Fred VargasGold/Silver Dagger2005
A Blind Eye de G. M. FordIan Fleming Steel Dagger2005
A Good Day to Die de Simon KernickIan Fleming Steel Dagger2005
The Apothecary's House de Adrian MathewsIan Fleming Steel Dagger2005
Labyrinth de Kate MosseIan Fleming Steel Dagger2005
Double Cross Blind de Joel N. RossIan Fleming Steel Dagger2005
A Death in Vienna de Daniel SilvaIan Fleming Steel Dagger2005
The Great Stink de Clare ClarkJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2005
Bloody Harvests de Richard KunzmannJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2005
Grip de David McKeowenJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2005
The Shape of Sand de Marjorie EcclesEllis Peters Historical Award2004
Hell at the Breech de Tom FranklinEllis Peters Historical Award2004
The Thief Taker de Janet GleesonEllis Peters Historical Award2004
The Dante Club de Matthew PearlEllis Peters Historical Award2004
The Judgment of Caesar de Steven SaylorEllis Peters Historical Award2004
The Torment of Others de Val McDermidGold/Silver Dagger2004
Midnight Cab de James W. NicholGold/Silver Dagger2004
The Lover de Laura WilsonGold/Silver Dagger2004
The Warlord's Son de Dan FespermanIan Fleming Steel Dagger2004
Paranoia de Joseph FinderIan Fleming Steel Dagger2004
Tokyo de Mo HayderIan Fleming Steel Dagger2004
Hard Landing de Stephen LeatherIan Fleming Steel Dagger2004
Dead I Well May Be de Adrian McKintyIan Fleming Steel Dagger2004
The Confessor de Daniel SilvaIan Fleming Steel Dagger2004
The Jasmine Trade de Denise HamiltonJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2004
The Three Body Problem de Catherine ShawJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2004
The Devil's Playground de Stav SherezJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2004
Soul of the Desert de Maria E. SchneiderDebut Dagger2003
The White Russian de Tom BradbyEllis Peters Historical Award2003
The Advocate de Marcello FoisEllis Peters Historical Award2003
London Dust de Lee JacksonEllis Peters Historical Award2003
Blood on the Wood de Gillian LinscottEllis Peters Historical Award2003
Dissolução de C. J. SansomEllis Peters Historical Award2003
The Bridge of Sighs de Olen SteinhauerEllis Peters Historical Award2003
The Winter Queen de Boris AkuninGold/Silver Dagger2003
Almost Blue de Carlo LucarelliGold/Silver Dagger2003
The Blind Man of Seville de Robert WilsonGold/Silver Dagger2003
Persuader de Lee ChildIan Fleming Steel Dagger2003
Candlemoth de Roger Jon ElloryIan Fleming Steel Dagger2003
The Nightspinners de Lucretia Walsh GrindleIan Fleming Steel Dagger2003
The Company de Robert LittellIan Fleming Steel Dagger2003
Empire State de Henry PorterIan Fleming Steel Dagger2003
Traitor's Kiss de Gerald SeymourIan Fleming Steel Dagger2003
Backlash de Roderic DuncanJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2003
Murder and Acquisitions de Haughton MurphyDebut Dagger2002
The Craze de Paul SouthernDebut Dagger2002
The Jupiter Myth de Lindsey DavisEllis Peters Historical Award2002
The Pale Companion de Philip GoodenEllis Peters Historical Award2002
Dead Man Riding de Gillian LinscottEllis Peters Historical Award2002
The Athenian Murders de José Carlos SomozaEllis Peters Historical Award2002
The Desperate Remedy: Henry Gresham and the Gunpowder Plot de Martin StephenEllis Peters Historical Award2002
Scaredy Cat de Mark BillinghamGold/Silver Dagger2002
Jolie Blon's Bounce de James Lee BurkeGold/Silver Dagger2002
City of Bones de Michael ConnellyGold/Silver Dagger2002
Acid Row de Minette WaltersGold/Silver Dagger2002
The Master of Rain de Tom BradbyIan Fleming Steel Dagger2002
Without Fail de Lee ChildIan Fleming Steel Dagger2002
Hostage de Robert CraisIan Fleming Steel Dagger2002
Lime's Photograph de Leif DavidsenIan Fleming Steel Dagger2002
The French Executioner de C. C. HumphreysIan Fleming Steel Dagger2002
Tango One de Stephen LeatherIan Fleming Steel Dagger2002
The 25th Hour de David BenioffJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2002
The Emperor of Ocean Park de Stephen L. CarterJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2002
The Dark Fields de Alan GlynnJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2002
The Water Clock de Jim KellyJohn Creasey Memorial Dagger2002
Ode to a Banker de Lindsey DavisEllis Peters Historical Award2001
A Distinction of Blood de Hannah MarchEllis Peters Historical Award2001
A Cold Touch of Ice de Michael PearceEllis Peters Historical Award2001
Last Seen in Massilia de Steven SaylorEllis Peters Historical Award2001
Mortal Sins de Penelope WilliamsonEllis Peters Historical Award2001
Maggots, Murder, and Men: Memories and Reflections of a Forensic Entomologist de Zakaria ErzinçlioğluGold Non-fiction2001
Patriot Traitors: Roger Casement, John Amery and the Real Meaning of Treason de Adrian WealeGold Non-fiction2001
Dancing With the Virgins de Stephen BoothGold/Silver Dagger2001
Baby Love de Denise DanksGold/Silver Dagger2001
Right as Rain de George P. PelecanosGold/Silver Dagger2001
Paradise Salvage de John FuscoJohn Creasy Memorial Dagger2001
The Ice Harvest de Scott PhillipsJohn Creasy Memorial Dagger2001
Blindsighted de Karin SlaughterJohn Creasy Memorial Dagger2001
Good Bad Woman de Elizabeth WoodcraftJohn Creasy Memorial Dagger2001
River of Darkness de Rennie AirthEllis Peters Historical Award2000
Guilty Knowledge de Clare CurzonEllis Peters Historical Award2000
The Murdered House de Pierre MagnanEllis Peters Historical Award2000
The Devil's Highway de Hannah MarchEllis Peters Historical Award2000
Death of An Effendi de Michael PearceEllis Peters Historical Award2000
A Little Death de Laura WilsonEllis Peters Historical Award2000
Purple Cane Road de James Lee BurkeGold/Silver Dagger2000
The Skull Mantra de Eliot PattisonGold/Silver Dagger2000
Havana Bay de Marin Cruz SmithGold/Silver Dagger2000
Lost de Lucy WadhamGold/Silver Dagger2000
Stone Baby de Joolz DenbyJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2000
Lost Girls de Andrew PyperJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger2000
Falconer and the Great Beast de Ian MorsonEllis Peters Historical Award1999
Wings of Fire de Charles ToddEllis Peters Historical Award1999
Angels Flight de Michael ConnellyGold/Silver Dagger1999
Phreak de Denise DanksGold/Silver Dagger1999
Staring at the Light de Frances FyfieldGold/Silver Dagger1999
Um Corpo Para O Crime de Val McDermidGold/Silver Dagger1999
Dead Souls de Ian RankinGold/Silver Dagger1999
Provocation de Charlotte GrimshawJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1999
Quinn de Seamus SmythJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1999
Fire Hawk de Geoffrey ArcherGold/Silver Dagger1998
A Long Finish de Michael DibdinGold/Silver Dagger1998
On Beulah Height de Reginald HillGold/Silver Dagger1998
King Suckerman de George P. PelecanosGold/Silver Dagger1998
The Locust Farm de Jeremy DronfieldJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1998
Down on Ponce de Fred WillardJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1998
The Church of Dead Girls de Stephen DobynsGold/Silver Dagger1997
Transgressions de Sarah DunantGold/Silver Dagger1997
The Reluctant Investigator de Frank LeanGold/Silver Dagger1997
Black Hornet de James SallisGold/Silver Dagger1997
The Riot Act (A Mask Noir Title) de Jon StockJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1997
A Test of Wills de Charles ToddJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1997
Cadillac Jukebox de James Lee BurkeGold/Silver Dagger1996
Death is Now My Neighbour de Colin DexterGold/Silver Dagger1996
Impressões e provas de John DunningGold/Silver Dagger1996
A Private Inquiry de Jessica MannGold/Silver Dagger1996
Of Wee Sweetie Mice and Men de Colin BatemanLast Laugh Dagger1996
Stormy Weather de Carl HiaasenLast Laugh Dagger1996
Dark Spectre de Michael DibdinGold/Silver Dagger1995
Death in the Garden de Elizabeth IronsideGold/Silver Dagger1995
A Piece of Justice de Jill Paton WalshGold/Silver Dagger1995
The Dark Room de Minette WaltersGold/Silver Dagger1995
The Greenway de Jane AdamsJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1995
The Dark Backward de Gregory HallJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1995
Ten Lords A-Leaping de Ruth Dudley EdwardsLast Laugh Dagger1995
One for the Money de Janet EvanovichLast Laugh Dagger1995
Maxwell's Flame de M. J. TrowLast Laugh Dagger1995
A Clear Conscience de Frances FyfieldGold/Silver Dagger1994
Crack Down de Val McDermidGold/Silver Dagger1994
Black Betty de Walter MosleyGold/Silver Dagger1994
Tunnel Vision de Sara ParetskyGold/Silver Dagger1994
The Marx Sisters de Barry MaitlandJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1994
Looking for Trouble de Cath StaincliffeJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1994
Written in Blood de Caroline GrahamLast Laugh Dagger1994
After All These Years de Susan IsaacsLast Laugh Dagger1994
Dead Meat de Philip KerrGold/Silver Dagger1993
White Butterfly de Walter MosleyGold/Silver Dagger1993
Death Among the Dons de Janet NeelGold/Silver Dagger1993
Von fremder Kinder Hand. de Robert RichardsonGold/Silver Dagger1993
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Blood Sympathy de Reginald HillLast Laugh Dagger1993
Cabal de Michael DibdinGold/Silver Dagger1992
I is for Innocent de Sue GraftonGold/Silver Dagger1992
Recalled to Life de Reginald HillGold/Silver Dagger1992
A Red Death de Walter MosleyGold/Silver Dagger1992
File Under: Deceased de Sarah LaceyJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1992
Unseen Witness de Lew MatthewsJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1992
Clubbed to Death de Ruth Dudley EdwardsLast Laugh Dagger1992
The Mamur Zapt and the Girl in the Nile de Michael PearceLast Laugh Dagger1992
Dirty Tricks de Michael DibdinGold/Silver Dagger1991
Play Dead de Peter DickinsonGold/Silver Dagger1991
Birth Marks de Sarah DunantGold/Silver Dagger1991
The Fifth Rapunzel de B. M. GillGold/Silver Dagger1991
Death of a Partner de Janet NeelGold/Silver Dagger1991
Deadly Errand de Christine GreenJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1991
Corporate Bodies de Simon BrettLast Laugh Dagger1991
The Mamur Zapt and the Men Behind de Michael PearceLast Laugh Dagger1991
Listening in the Dusk de Celia FremlinGold/Silver Dagger1990
Not That Kind of Place de Frances FyfieldGold/Silver Dagger1990
Rough Treatment de John HarveyGold/Silver Dagger1990
Going Wrong de Ruth RendellGold/Silver Dagger1990
The Becket Factor de Michael David AnthonyJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1990
Bertie and the Seven Bodies de Peter LoveseyLast Laugh Dagger1990
Lestrade and the Guardian Angel de M. J. TrowLast Laugh Dagger1990
Touch of the Past de Jon L. BreenGold/Silver Dagger1989
Silent Thunder de Loren D. EstlemanGold/Silver Dagger1989
A Very Particular Murder de S. T. HaymonGold/Silver Dagger1989
The Way We Die Now de Charles WillefordGold/Silver Dagger1989
A Midsummer Killing de Trevor BarnesJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1989
Nobody's Fool de Marten ClaridgeJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1989
Murder at the Nineteenth de J.M. GregsonJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1989
A Personal Possession de Jeanne HartJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1989
March Violets de Philip KerrJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1989
Count The Days de Lin SummerfieldJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1989
Frost at Christmas de R. D. WingfieldJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1989
Monsieur Pamplemousse Aloft de Michael BondLast Laugh Dagger1989
The Sirens Sang of Murder de Sarah CaudwellLast Laugh Dagger1989
The Rigby File de Tim HealdLast Laugh Dagger1989
Vane Pursuit de Charlotte MacLeodLast Laugh Dagger1989
At Death's Door de Robert BarnardGold/Silver Dagger1988
Greek Gifts de T. J. BinyonGold/Silver Dagger1988
Sheep's Clothing de Celia DaleGold/Silver Dagger1988
Under World de Reginald HillGold/Silver Dagger1988
The Cold Light of Dawn de Graham IsonJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1988
The Fine Art of Murder de Anthony QuoganJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1988
The Hawk de Peter RansleyJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1988
Death in Tokyo de Guy StanleyJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1988
Just Another Angel de Mike RipleyLast Laugh Dagger1988
Death of a God de S. T. HaymonGold/Silver Dagger1987
Child's Play de Reginald HillGold/Silver Dagger1987
The Colour of Blood de Brian MooreGold/Silver Dagger1987
Traveler de John KatzenbachJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1987
The Ritual Bath de Faye KellermanJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1987
Death in Time (Lythway Large Print Books) de Francis LyallJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1987
Forests of the Night de Margaret MooreJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1987
Jumping the Cracks de Rebecca O'RourkeJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1987
An Infinite Number of Monkeys de Les RobertsJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1987
Gallows View de Peter RobinsonJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1987
A Masculine Ending de Joan SmithJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1987
Goodbye, Nanny Gray de Susannah StaceyJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1987
Under Contract de Liza CodyGold/Silver Dagger1986
The Secret of Annexe 3 de Colin DexterGold/Silver Dagger1986
Intensive Care de Peter DunantGold/Silver Dagger1986
A Dark-Adapted Eye de Barbara VineGold/Silver Dagger1986
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Death in Leningrad de John LearJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1986
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Slow Turn de Mike MarquseeJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1986
Murder for Lunch de Haughton MurphyJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1986
A Dangerous Age de Martin SylvesterJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1986
The Unorthodox Murder Of Rabbi Wahl de Joseph TelushkinJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1986
Murder on a Mystery Tour de Marian BabsonGold/Silver Dagger1985
Fete Fatale de Robert BarnardGold/Silver Dagger1985
Performance (A Masters and Green Mystery) de Douglas ClarkGold/Silver Dagger1985
Head Case de Liza CodyGold/Silver Dagger1985
You'd Better Believe It de Bill JamesGold/Silver Dagger1985
The Elberg Collection de Anthony OliverGold/Silver Dagger1985
Field of Blood de Gerald SeymourGold/Silver Dagger1985
A Criminal Comedy de Julian SymonsGold/Silver Dagger1985
Our Fathers' Lies de Andrew TaylorGold/Silver Dagger1985
Disorderly Elements de Bob CookJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1985
Patterns in the Dust de Lesley Grant-AdamsonJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1985
Organized Crimes de Nicholas von HoffmanJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1985
The Trouble at Aquitaine de Nancy LivingstonJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1985
Death at Charity's Point de William G. TapplyJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1985
Not Dead, Only Resting de Simon BrettGold/Silver Dagger1984
Rats' Alley de William GarnerGold/Silver Dagger1984
Stately Homicide de S. T. HaymonGold/Silver Dagger1984
Die again Macready de Jack LivingstonGold/Silver Dagger1984
Penny Black de Susan MoodyGold/Silver Dagger1984
May Day in Magadan de Anthony OlcottGold/Silver Dagger1984
Sound Evidence de June ThomsonGold/Silver Dagger1984
Big Money de Peter TurnbullGold/Silver Dagger1984
Advertise for Treasure de David WilliamsGold/Silver Dagger1984
The Smooth Face of Evil de Margaret YorkeGold/Silver Dagger1984
The Rembrandt Panel de Oliver T. BanksJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1984
Listen for the Click de Jon L. BreenJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1984
Outbid de David HumeJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1984
A healthy body de Gillian LinscottJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1984
A Back Room in Somers Town de John MalcolmJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1984
Dead in the Water de Ted WoodJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1984
Berlin Game de Len DeightonGold/Silver Dagger1983
The Riddle of the Third Mile de Colin DexterGold/Silver Dagger1983
The Danger de Dick FrancisGold/Silver Dagger1983
The Black Seraphim de Michael GilbertGold/Silver Dagger1983
Deadheads de Reginald HillGold/Silver Dagger1983
The Twelfth Night of Ramadan de Kendal J. PeelGold/Silver Dagger1983
The Speaker of Mandarin de Ruth RendellGold/Silver Dagger1983
O Nome da Rosa de Umberto EcoJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1983
Tender Prey de Patricia RobertsJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1983
By Frequent Anguish de S. F. X. DeanGold/Silver Dagger1982
Banker de Dick FrancisGold/Silver Dagger1982
The Skull Beneath the Skin de P. D. JamesGold/Silver Dagger1982
The Conduct of Major Maxim de Gavin LyallGold/Silver Dagger1982
The Old Vengeful de Anthony PriceGold/Silver Dagger1982
A Shot in the Arm de John SherwoodGold/Silver Dagger1982
To Make a Killing de June ThomsonGold/Silver Dagger1982
Swan Song de T. J. BinyonJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1982
Spytrap de William CrispJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1982
Corridors of Death de Ruth Dudley EdwardsJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1982
Murder at the Red October de Anthony OlcottJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1982
Indemnity Only de Sara ParetskyJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1982
The Butcher's Boy de Thomas PerryJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1982
Post mortem de Peter WhalleyJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1982
Converging Parallels de Timothy WilliamsJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1982
Big Bear, Little Bear de David BrierleyGold/Silver Dagger1981
Off Duty de Andrew CoburnGold/Silver Dagger1981
Twice Shy de Dick FrancisGold/Silver Dagger1981
A funeral of gondolas de Timothy HolmeGold/Silver Dagger1981
Fiddle City de Julian BarnesGold/Silver Dagger1981
The Amateur de Robert LittellGold/Silver Dagger1981
Murder Has a Pretty Face de Jennie MelvilleGold/Silver Dagger1981
Thus Was Adonis Murdered de Sarah CaudwellJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1981
Tondo for Short de Peter InchbaldJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1981
Morte de um inglês de Magdalen NabbJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1981
Man on Fire de A. J. QuinnellJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1981
Deep and Crisp and Even de Peter TurnbullJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1981
The Lime Pit de Jonathan ValinJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1981
Odd's End de Tim Wynne-JonesJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1981
 The Bunce de Michael De LarrabeitiGold/Silver Dagger1980
Reflex de Dick FrancisGold/Silver Dagger1980
The Garden of Weapons de John GardnerGold/Silver Dagger1980
Innocent Blood de P. D. JamesGold/Silver Dagger1980
Sweet Adelaide de Julian SymonsGold/Silver Dagger1980
Murder for Treasure de David WilliamsGold/Silver Dagger1980
Trick of Diamonds (1980) de Alex AuswaksJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1980
In the Midst of Death de Helen LuceJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1980
In the Secret State de Robert McCrumJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1980
The Nostradamus Traitor de John GardnerGold/Silver Dagger1979
Take murder de John William WainwrightGold/Silver Dagger1979
Cold War de David BrierleyJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1979
Troika de David GurrJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1979
Peripheral Spy de Bernard PetersonJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1979
X Marks the Spot de Michael ButterworthGold/Silver Dagger1978
Trial Run de Dick FrancisGold/Silver Dagger1978
The Dancing Dodo de John E. GardnerGold/Silver Dagger1978
The Last Sentence de Jonathan GoodmanGold/Silver Dagger1978
The Blackheath Poisonings : A Victorian Murder Mystery de Julian SymonsGold/Silver Dagger1978
Copper Gold de Pauline Glen WinslowGold/Silver Dagger1978
Inside Job de Stella AllanJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1978
Head of the force de James BarnettJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1978
Aristotle Detective de Margaret DoodyJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1978
Housespy de Maureen DuffyJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1978
Death in the Morning de Sheila RadleyJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1978
Send No More Roses de Eric AmblerGold/Silver Dagger1977
The Enemy de Desmond BagleyGold/Silver Dagger1977
The Glimpses of the Moon de Edmund CrispinGold/Silver Dagger1977
Death of an Expert Witness de P. D. JamesGold/Silver Dagger1977
A Judgement in Stone de Ruth RendellGold/Silver Dagger1977
The day of the peppercorn kill de John William WainwrightGold/Silver Dagger1977
The Man Who Loved Zoos de Malcolm BosseGold/Silver Dagger1975
Curtain: Poirot's Last Case de Agatha ChristieGold/Silver Dagger1975
The Lively Dead de Peter DickinsonGold/Silver Dagger1975
High Stakes de Dick FrancisGold/Silver Dagger1975
Troublemaker de Joseph HansenGold/Silver Dagger1975
Last Bus to Woodstock de Colin DexterJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1975
Six Days of the Condor de James GradyJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1975
The Robespierre Serial de Nicholas LuardJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1975
Target Practice de Nicholas MeyerJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1975
Harry's Game de Gerald SeymourJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1975
Doctor Frigo de Eric AmblerGold/Silver Dagger1974
The Poison Oracle de Peter DickinsonGold/Silver Dagger1974
Knock Down de Dick FrancisGold/Silver Dagger1974
Ripley's Game de Patricia HighsmithGold/Silver Dagger1974
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy de John le CarréGold/Silver Dagger1974
See the Woman de Dallas BarnesJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1974
Scorpion de Christopher HillJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1974
The Riverside Villas Murder de Kingsley AmisGold/Silver Dagger1973
The Tightrope Men de Desmond BagleyGold/Silver Dagger1973
The Finger of Saturn de Victor CanningGold/Silver Dagger1973
Amigo, Amigo de Francis CliffordGold/Silver Dagger1973
Slay Ride de Dick FrancisGold/Silver Dagger1973
Mad Hatter's Holiday de Peter LoveseyGold/Silver Dagger1973
The Jasius Pursuit de Douglas OrgillGold/Silver Dagger1973
Perfumes of Arabia de Evelyn DewarJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1973
Hotels with Empty Rooms de Harriett GilbertJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1973
Unbecoming Habits de Tim HealdJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1973
Sorry, wrong number de Margaret SimpsonJohn Creasey New Blood Dagger1973
The Odessa File de Frederick ForsythGold/Silver Dagger1972
Smokescreen de Dick FrancisGold/Silver Dagger1972
A Long Silence de Nicolas FreelingGold/Silver Dagger1972
The Friends of Eddie Coyle de George V. HigginsGold/Silver Dagger1972
An Unsuitable Job for a Woman de P. D. JamesGold/Silver Dagger1972
Ask the Right Question de Michael Z. LewinGold/Silver Dagger1972
Blame the Dead de Gavin LyallGold/Silver Dagger1972
The Caterpillar Cop de James McClureGold/Silver Dagger1972
The Players and the Game de Julian SymonsGold/Silver Dagger1972
The Blind Side de Francis CliffordGold/Silver Dagger1971
Sleep and His Brother de Peter DickinsonGold/Silver Dagger1971
Bonecrack de Dick FrancisGold/Silver Dagger1971
The Warsaw Document de Adam HallGold/Silver Dagger1971
Ripley Under Ground de Patricia HighsmithGold/Silver Dagger1971
Dossier 51 de Gilles PerraultGold/Silver Dagger1971
The Alamut Ambush de Anthony PriceGold/Silver Dagger1971
The Laughing Policeman de Maj SjöwallGold/Silver Dagger1971
The Intercom Conspiracy de Eric AmblerGold/Silver Dagger1970
The Sinful Stones de Peter DickinsonGold/Silver Dagger1970
Rat Race de Dick FrancisGold/Silver Dagger1970
Inspector Ghote Breaks an Egg de H. R. F. KeatingGold/Silver Dagger1970
The Odds on Death de Charles DrummondGold/Silver Dagger1969
Enquiry de Dick FrancisGold/Silver Dagger1969
Possession de Celia FremlinGold/Silver Dagger1969
Write on Both Sides of the Paper de Mary KellyGold/Silver Dagger1969
Sunday the Rabbi Stayed Home de Harry KemelmanGold/Silver Dagger1969
Hunter in the Shadows de Jennie MelvilleGold/Silver Dagger1969
The Flaxborough Crab de Colin WatsonGold/Silver Dagger1969
Cargo of Eagles de Margery AllinghamGold Dagger1968
The Burden of Proof de James BarlowGold Dagger1968
I Love, I Kill de John BinghamGold Dagger1968
Miranda must die de Henry CalvinGold Dagger1968
Forfeit de Dick FrancisGold Dagger1968
Overdrive de Michael GilbertGold Dagger1968
Sweet Sister Seduced de S. B. HoughGold Dagger1968
Appleby at Allington de Michael InnesGold Dagger1968
Inspector Ghote Hunts the Peacock de H. R. F. KeatingGold Dagger1968
The Last One Left de John D. MacDonaldGold Dagger1968
Quiet Killer de Donald MacKenzieGold Dagger1968
Lie Down, I Want to Talk to You de William P. McGivernGold Dagger1968
The Bird-Cage de Kenneth O'HaraGold Dagger1968
The Dance of Death de Jeremy PotterGold Dagger1968
The Man Whose Dreams Came True de Julian SymonsGold Dagger1968
A Place for the Wicked de Elleston TrevorGold Dagger1968
One Is One de Miles TrippGold Dagger1968
The Private Wound de Nicholas BlakeGold Dagger (runner-up)1968
All men are lonely now de Francis CliffordGold Dagger1967
Those Who Walk Away de Patricia HighsmithGold Dagger1967
Run Man Run de Chester HimesGold Dagger1967
The Last Best Friend de George SimsGold Dagger1967
The Man Who Killed Himself de Julian SymonsGold Dagger1967
Lonelyheart 4122 de Colin WatsonGold Dagger (runner-up)1967
The Naked Runner de Francis CliffordGold Dagger1966
Billion Dollar Brain de Len DeightonGold Dagger1966
Tall, balding, thirty-five de Anthony FirthGold Dagger1966
Flying Finish de Dick FrancisGold Dagger1966
The King of the Rainy Country de Nicolas FreelingGold Dagger1966
The Crack in the Teacup de Michael GilbertGold Dagger1966
A Provenance of Death de Kenneth GilesGold Dagger1966
Power Play de The GordonsGold Dagger1966
Murder in Canton de Robert van GulikGold Dagger1966
Dead Corse de Mary KellyGold Dagger1966
Seeds of Violence de Miriam SharmanGold Dagger1966
The Doorbell Rang de Rex StoutGold Dagger1966
The Double Agent de John BinghamGold Dagger (runner-up)1966
A Fragment of Fear de John BinghamGold Dagger1965
A Ring of Roses de John BlackburnGold Dagger1965
Odds Against de Dick FrancisGold Dagger1965
The Jealous One de Celia FremlinGold Dagger1965
The loner de Otto FriedrichGold Dagger1965
The Hard Sell de William HaggardGold Dagger1965
The Holm Oaks de P. M. HubbardGold Dagger1965
Friday the Rabbi Slept Late de Harry KemelmanGold Dagger1965
May You Die in Ireland de Michael KenyonGold Dagger1965
Airs Above the Ground de Mary StewartGold Dagger1965
The Belting Inheritance de Julian SymonsGold Dagger1965
End of a Party de Hillary WaughGold Dagger1965
For Kicks de Dick FrancisGold Dagger (runner-up)1965
Accounting for Murder de Emma LathenGold Dagger (runner-up)1965
A Kind of Anger de Eric AmblerGold Dagger1964
A Simple Case of Ill-Will de Evelyn BerckmanGold Dagger1964
The Sad Variety de Nicholas BlakeGold Dagger1964
Funeral in Berlin de Len DeightonGold Dagger1964
Nerve de Dick FrancisGold Dagger1964
Double-Barrel de Nicolas FreelingGold Dagger1964
The Liquidator de John GardnerGold Dagger1964
March to the Gallows de Mary KellyGold Dagger1964
Monkey on a Chain de Edwin LanhamGold Dagger1964
The Drowner de John D. MacDonaldGold Dagger1964
The Fiend de Margaret MillarGold Dagger1964
Two Men in Twenty de Maurice ProcterGold Dagger1964
The End of Solomon Grundy de Julian SymonsGold Dagger1964
The Crime Of Colin Wise de Michael UnderwoodGold Dagger1964
Dead Calm de Charles WilliamsGold Dagger1964
The Most Dangerous Game de Gavin LyallGold Dagger (runner-up)1964
The Chill de Ross MacdonaldGold Dagger (runner-up)1964
Gun Before Butter de Nicolas FreelingGold Dagger1963
The High Wire de William HaggardGold Dagger1963
The Light of Day de Eric AmblerGold Dagger1962
Hopjoy Was Here de Colin WatsonGold Dagger1962
Call for the Dead de John le CarréGold Dagger1961
One Away de Allan PriorGold Dagger1961
My Brother Michael de Mary StewartGold Dagger1960
The Progress of a Crime de Julian SymonsGold Dagger1960
Strike for a Kingdom de Menna GallieGold Dagger1959
A Way Back de James MitchellGold Dagger1959
Hide My Eyes de Margery AllinghamGold Dagger1958
Or Be He Dead de James ByromGold Dagger1958
Undiplomatic exit de John SherwoodGold Dagger1958
Off With His Head de Ngaio MarshGold Dagger1957
Your Money and Your Life de George MilnerGold Dagger1957
The Long Echo (1957) de Douglas RutherfordGold Dagger1957
Time right deadly de Sarah GainhamGold Dagger1956
Gideon's Week de J. J. MarricGold Dagger1956
Man of Two Tribes (An Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte Mystery) de Arthur William UpfieldGold Dagger1956
The Man Who Didn't Fly de Margot BennettGold Dagger1955
Blind Date de Leigh HowardGold Dagger1955
Scales of Justice de Ngaio MarshGold Dagger1955

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