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The World Fantasy Awards, associated with the annual World Fantasy Conventions, were established as a fantasy counterpart to the SF-oriented Hugo and Nebula Awards. They differ from those awards mostrar mais in significant ways, primarily in that winners are determined by judges — though two places in each category on the final ballot are determined by votes from convention members. mostrar menos
Todos, Winner (241), Nominee (1,186)
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Winner 241

Africa Risen: A New Era of Speculative Fiction de Sheree Renee ThomasAnthology2023
All Nightmare Long de Tim LebbonCollection2023
Saint Death's Daughter de C. S. E. CooneyNovel2023
Pomegranates de Priya SharmaNovella2023
The Year’s Best African Speculative Fiction (2021): Volume One de Oghenechovwe Donald EkpekiAnthology2022
Midnight Doorways: Fables from Pakistan de Usman T. MalikCollection2022
The Jasmine Throne de Tasha SuriNovel2022
And What Can We Offer You Tonight de Premee MohamedNovella2022
The Big Book of Modern Fantasy de Ann VanderMeerAnthology2021
Where the Wild Ladies Are de Aoko MatsudaCollection2021
Trouble the Saints de Alaya Dawn JohnsonNovel2021
Riot Baby de Tochi OnyebuchiNovella2021
New Suns: Original Speculative Fiction by People of Color de Nisi ShawlAnthology2020
Song for the Unraveling of the World de Brian EvensonCollection2020
Queen of the Conquered de Kacen CallenderNovel2020
Silver in the Wood de Emily TeshNovella2020
The Dark Fantastic: Race and the Imagination from Harry Potter to the Hunger Games (Postmillennial Pop) de Ebony Elizabeth ThomasSpecial Award - Professional2020
Worlds Seen in Passing: Ten Years of Short Fiction de Irene GalloAnthology2019
The Tangled Lands de Paolo BacigalupiCollection2019
Witchmark de C. L. PolkNovel2019
The Privilege of the Happy Ending [novelette] de Kij JohnsonNovella2019
The New Voices of Fantasy de Peter S. BeagleAnthology2018
The Emerald Circus de Jane YolenCollection2018
Passing Strange {novella} de Ellen KlagesLong Fiction2018
The Changeling de Victor LaValleNovel2018
Jade City de Fonda LeeNovel2018
The Birding: A Fairy Tale {short story} de Natalia TheodoridouShort Fiction2018
Dreaming in the Dark de Jack DannAnthology2017
A Natural History of Hell: Stories de Jeffrey FordCollection2017
The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe de Kij JohnsonLong Fiction2017
The Sudden Appearance of Hope de Claire NorthNovel2017
Das Steingeschöpf {short story} de G. V. AndersonShort Fiction2017
Cthulhu's Daughters: Stories of Lovecraftian Horror de Silvia Moreno-GarciaAnthology2016
Bone Swans: Stories de C. S. E. CooneyCollection2016
The Unlicensed Magician de Kelly BarnhillLong Fiction2016
The Chimes de Anna SmaillNovel2016
Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers de Alyssa WongShort Fiction2016
The Art of Horror: An Illustrated History de Stephen JonesSpecial Award - Professional2016
Monstrous Affections: An Anthology of Beastly Tales de Kelly LinkAnthology2015
Gifts for the One Who Comes After de Helen MarshallCollection2015
The Bitterwood Bible de Angela SlatterCollection2015
The Bone Clocks de David MitchellNovel2015
We Are All Completely Fine de Daryl GregoryNovella2015
Do You Like to Look at Monsters? de Scott NicolayShort Fiction2015
Dangerous Women de George R. R. MartinAnthology2014
The Ape's Wife and Other Stories de Caitlin R. KiernanCollection2014
A Stranger in Olondria de Sofia SamatarNovel2014
Wakulla Springs {novella} de Andy DuncanNovella2014
Exotic Gothic 4 de Terry DowlingAnthology2013
Where Furnaces Burn de Joel LaneCollection2013
Alif the Unseen de G. Willow WilsonNovel2013
Let Maps to Others de K. J. ParkerNovella2013
Unutterable Horror: A History of Supernatural Fiction, Volume 1 de S. T. JoshiSpecial Award - Nonprofessional2013
Unutterable Horror: A History of Supernatural Fiction, Volume 2 de S. T. JoshiSpecial Award - Nonprofessional2013
The Weird: A Compendium of Strange and Dark Stories de Ann VanderMeerAnthology2012
The Bible Repairman and Other Stories de Tim PowersCollection2012
Osama de Lavie TidharNovel2012
A Small Price to Pay for Birdsong de K. J. ParkerNovella2012
The Paper Menagerie {short story} de Ken LiuShort Fiction2012
My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me: Forty New Fairy Tales de Kate BernheimerAnthology2011
What I Didn't See: Stories de Karen Joy FowlerCollection2011
Who Fears Death de Nnedi OkoraforNovel2011
The Maiden Flight of McCauley’s Bellerophon [Novella] de Elizabeth HandNovella2011
Fossil-Figures de Joyce Carol OatesShort Fiction2011
American Fantastic Tales: Terror and the Uncanny from Poe to the Pulps de Peter StraubAnthology2010
American Fantastic Tales: Terror and the Uncanny from the 1940s to Now de Peter StraubAnthology2010
There Once Lived a Woman Who Tried to Kill Her Neighbour's Baby: Scary Fairy Tales de Lyudmila PetrushevskayaCollection2010
The Very Best of Gene Wolfe de Gene WolfeCollection2010
The City & The City de China MiévilleNovel2010
The Brides of Rollrock Island de Margo LanaganNovella2010
The Pelican Bar [short fiction] de Karen Joy FowlerShort Fiction2010
Paper Cities: An Anthology of Urban Fantasy de Ekaterina SediaAnthology2009
The Drowned Life de Jeffrey FordCollection2009
The Shadow Year de Jeffrey FordNovel2009
Tender Morsels de Margo LanaganNovel2009
If Angels Fight de Richard BowesNovella2009
26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss [short story] de Kij JohnsonShort Fiction2009
Inferno de Ellen DatlowAnthology2008
Tiny Deaths de Robert ShearmanCollection2008
Ysabel de Guy Gavriel KayNovel2008
Illyria de Elizabeth HandNovella2008
Singing of Mount Abora de Theodora GossShort Fiction2008
Salon Fantastique: Fifteen Original Tales of Fantasy de Ellen DatlowAnthology2007
Map of Dreams de M. RickertCollection2007
Soldier of Sidon de Gene WolfeNovel2007
Botch Town de Jeffrey FordNovella2007
Journey into the Kingdom de M. RickertShort Fiction2007
The Fair Folk de Marvin KayeAnthology2006
The Keyhole Opera de Bruce Holland RogersCollection2006
Kafka on the Shore de Haruki MurakamiNovel2006
Voluntary Committal de Joe HillNovella2006
Commcomm de George SaundersShort Fiction2006
Acquainted with the Night de Barbara RodenAnthology2005
Dark Matter: Reading the Bones de Sheree R. ThomasAnthology2005
Black Juice de Margo LanaganCollection2005
Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell de Susanna ClarkeNovel2005
The Growlimb de Michael SheaNovella2005
Singing My Sister Down [short story] de Margo LanaganShort Fiction2005
Strange Tales, Volume I de Rosalie ParkerAnthology2004
Bibliomancy de Elizabeth HandCollection2004
Tooth and Claw de Jo WaltonNovel2004
A Crowd of Bone de Greer GilmanNovella2004
Don Ysidro de Bruce Holland RogersShort Fiction2004
The Green Man: Tales from the Mythic Forest de Ellen DatlowAnthology2003
Leviathan Three de Jeff VanderMeerAnthology2003
The Fantasy Writer's Assistant and Other Stories de Jeffrey FordCollection2003
The Facts of Life de Graham JoyceNovel2003
The Library de Zoran ZivkovicNovella2003
Creation {short story} de Jeffrey FordShort Fiction2003
The Museum of Horrors de Dennis EtchisonAnthology2002
Skin Folk de Nalo HopkinsonCollection2002
The Other Wind de Ursula K. Le GuinNovel2002
The Bird Catcher de S. P. SomtowNovella2002
Queen for a Day de Albert E. CowdreyShort Fiction2002
Dark Matter: A Century of Speculative Fiction From the African Diaspora de Sheree R. ThomasAnthology2001
Beluthahatchie and Other Stories de Andy DuncanCollection2001
Declare de Tim PowersNovel2001
The Man on the Ceiling [novella] de Steve Rasnic TemNovella2001
The Pottawatomie Giant de Andy DuncanShort Fiction2001
At the Foot of the Story Tree de Bill SheehanSpecial Award - Nonprofessional2001
J.R.R. Tolkein: Author of the CenturySpecial Award - Professional2001
Silver Birch, Blood Moon de Ellen DatlowAnthology2000
Moonlight and Vines de Charles de LintCollection2000
Thraxas de Martin ScottNovel2000
The Transformation Of Martin Lake de Jeff VanderMeerNovella2000
The chop girl {novelette} de Ian R. MacLeodShort Fiction2000
Dreaming Down-Under de Jack DannAnthology1999
Black Glass: Stories de Karen Joy FowlerCollection1999
The Antelope Wife de Louise ErdrichNovel1999
The Summer Isles {novella} de Ian R. MacLeodNovella1999
The Specialist's Hat {short story} de Kelly LinkShort Fiction1999
Bending the Landscape: Fantasy de Nicola GriffithAnthology1998
The Throne of Bones de Brian McNaughtonCollection1998
The Physiognomy de Jeffrey FordNovel1998
Streetcar Dreams de Richard BowesNovella1998
Dust Motes de P. D. CacekShort Fiction1998
The Encyclopedia of Fantasy de John CluteSpecial Award - Professional1998
Starlight 1 de Patrick Nielsen HaydenAnthology1997
The Wall of the Sky, the Wall of the Eye de Jonathan LethemCollection1997
Godmother Night de Rachel PollackNovel1997
A City in Winter de Mark HelprinNovella1997
Thirteen Phantasms [short fiction] de James P. BlaylockShort Fiction1997
The Psychotronic Video Guide To Film de Michael J. WeldonSpecial Award - Professional1997
The Penguin Book of Modern Fantasy by Women de A. Susan WilliamsAnthology1996
Seven Tales and a Fable de Gwyneth JonesCollection1996
The Prestige de Christopher PriestNovel1996
Radio Waves {novelette} de Michael SwanwickNovella1996
The Grass Princess [short story] de Gwyneth JonesShort Fiction1996
Little Deaths de Ellen DatlowAnthology1995
The Calvin Coolidge Home for Dead Comedians de Bradley DentonCollection1995
A Conflagration Artist de Bradley DentonCollection1995
Towing Jehovah de James MorrowNovel1995
Last Summer at Mars Hill [novella] de Elizabeth HandNovella1995
The Man in the Black Suit [short story] de Stephen KingShort Fiction1995
Full Spectrum 4 de Lou AronicaAnthology1994
Alone with the Horrors: The Great Short Fiction of Ramsey Campbell, 1961-1991 de Ramsey CampbellCollection1994
Glimpses de Lewis ShinerNovel1994
Under the Crust {novella} de Terry LamsleyNovella1994
The Lodger [short story] de Fred ChappellShort Fiction1994
Metahorror de Dennis EtchisonAnthology1993
The Sons of Noah & Other Stories de Jack CadyCollection1993
Last Call de Tim PowersNovel1993
The Ghost Village [novelette] de Peter StraubNovella1993
This Year's Class Picture de Dan SimmonsShort Fiction1993
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Fourth Annual Collection de Ellen DatlowAnthology1992
The Ends of the Earth de Lucius ShepardCollection1992
Boy's Life de Robert R. McCammonNovel1992
The Ragthorn de Robert HoldstockNovella1992
The Somewhere Doors [short fiction] de Fred ChappellShort Fiction1992
Best New Horror de Stephen JonesAnthology1991
The Start of the End of It All de Carol EmshwillerCollection1991
Only Begotten Daughter de James MorrowNovel1991
The Sandman #19 (Dream Country: A Midsummer Night's Dream) de Neil GaimanNovella1991
Bones (novella) de Pat MurphyNovella1991
The Sandman #19 (Dream Country: A Midsummer Night's Dream) de Neil GaimanShort Fiction1991
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Second Annual Collection de Ellen DatlowAnthology1990
Richard Matheson: Collected Stories, Vol. 1 de Richard MathesonCollection1990
Madouc de Jack VanceNovel1990
Great Work of Time {novella} de John CrowleyNovella1990
Eisenheim the Illusionist [short story] de Steven MillhauserShort Fiction1990
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: First Annual Collection de Ellen DatlowAnthology1989
Storeys from the Old Hotel de Gene WolfeCollection1989
Koko de Peter StraubNovel1989
The Skin Trade de George R. R. MartinNovella1989
Winter Solstice, Camelot Station {poem} de John M. FordShort Fiction1989
A Biographical Dictionary of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists de Robert E. WeinbergSpecial Award - Professional1989
The Architecture of Fear de Kathryn CramerAnthology1988
The Jaguar Hunter de Lucius ShepardCollection1988
Replay de Ken GrimwoodNovel1988
Buffalo Gals, Won't You Come Out Tonight [short fiction] de Ursula K. Le GuinNovella1988
Friend's Best Man [short fiction] de Jonathan CarrollShort Fiction1988
Tales of the Quintana Roo de James Tiptree Jr.Collection / Anthology1987
O Perfume - A História de um Assassino de Patrick SüskindNovel1987
Hatrack River [novelette] de Orson Scott CardNovella1987
Red Light de David J. SchowShort Fiction1987
Favorite Folktales from Around the World de Jane YolenSpecial Award - Professional1987
Imaginary Lands de Robin McKinleyCollection / Anthology1986
Song of Kali de Dan SimmonsNovel1986
Nadelman's God de T. E. D. KleinNovella1986
Paper Dragons [novelette] de James P. BlaylockShort Fiction1986
Books of Blood 1-3 de Clive BarkerCollection / Anthology1985
Mythago Wood de Robert HoldstockNovel1985
The Unconquered Country de Geoff RymanNovella1985
Still Life With Scorpion de Scott BakerShort Fiction1985
The Mysteries of Harris Burdick de Chris Van AllsburgSpecial Award - Professional1985
High Spirits de Robertson DaviesCollection / Anthology1984
The Dragon Waiting de John M. FordNovel1984
Black Air (novella) de Kim RobinsonNovella1984
Elle est Trois, (La Mort) [short story] de Tanith LeeShort Fiction1984
The High Kings de Joy ChantSpecial Award - Professional1984
Nightmare Seasons de Charles L. GrantCollection / Anthology1983
Nifft the Lean de Michael SheaNovel1983
Confess The Seasons de Chales L. GrantNovella1983
The Gorgon [short story] de Tanith LeeShort Fiction1983
Elsewhere: Tales of Fantasy de Terri WindlingCollection / Anthology1982
Little, Big de John CrowleyNovel1982
The Fire When It Comes [novella] de Parke GodwinNovella1982
The Dark Country [short story] de Dennis EtchisonShort Fiction1982
The Reach de Stephen KingShort Fiction1982
Dark Forces de Kirby McCauleyCollection / Anthology1981
The Shadow of the Torturer de Gene WolfeNovel1981
The Ugly Chickens [novelette] de Howard WaldropShort Fiction1981
Amazons! de Jessica Amanda SalmonsonCollection / Anthology1980
Watchtower de Elizabeth A. LynnNovel1980
Mackintosh Willy de Ramsey CampbellShort Fiction1980
Shadows de Charles L. GrantCollection / Anthology1979
Gloriana de Michael MoorcockNovel1979
Naples [short fiction] de Avram DavidsonShort Fiction1979
The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy through 1968 [3-volume set] de Donald Henry TuckSpecial Award - Nonprofessional1979
Murgunstrumm and Others de Hugh B. CaveCollection / Anthology1978
Our Lady of Darkness de Fritz LeiberNovel1978
The Chimney de Ramsey CampbellShort Fiction1978
Frights de Kirby McCauleyCollection / Anthology1977
Doctor Rat de William KotzwinkleNovel1977
There's A Long Long Trail A-winding de Russell KirkShort Fiction1977
The Enquiries of Doctor Eszterhazy de Avram DavidsonCollection1976
Bid Time Return de Richard MathesonNovel1976
Belsen Express [short story] de Fritz LeiberShort Fiction1976
Worse Things Waiting de Manly Wade WellmanCollection1975
The Forgotten Beasts of Eld de Patricia A. McKillipNovel1975
Pages from a Young Girl's Journal de Robert AickmanShort Fiction1975


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