Hampshire Book AwardsShortlist

Given by Hampshire County Council, School Library Service

Outros Nomes: Hampshire Illustrated Book Award (Inglês), Hampshire Information Book Award (Inglês), Hampshire Picture Book Award (Inglês)
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The Hampshire Illustrated Book Award is an annual award given to illustrated works of children's literature. The award is judged by children in Year 5 and run by Hampshire County Council's School mostrar mais Library Service. The shortlist is announced in October each year, and the winner in December. An award ceremony is held in March the following year. mostrar menos
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Shortlist 349

When the World Was Ours de Liz KesslerHampshire Book Award2023
WHEN I SEE BLUE de Lily BaileyHampshire Book Award2023
We Were Wolves de Jason CockcroftHampshire Book Award2023
The Boy Behind The Wall de Maximillian JonesHampshire Book Award2023
Rebel Skies de Ann Sei LinHampshire Book Award2023
Once Upon a Fever: a unique fantasy novel for fans of Philip Pullman de Angharad walkerHampshire Book Award2023
The Station Cat de Stephen HogtunIllustrated Book Award2023
If the World Were 100 Animals: A Visual Guide to Earth's Amazing Creatures de Miranda SmithInformation Book Award2023
Everyday STEM Science―Geology de Emily DoddInformation Book Award2023
Racial Equality de Anita GaneriInformation Book Award2023
Meet the Minibeasts de Sarah RidleyInformation Book Award2023
ThisIsOurWorld de Tracey TurnerInformation Book Award2023
The Day Fin Flooded the World de Adam StowerPicture Book Award2023
Elephant Detectives de Ged AdamsonPicture Book Award2023
A Hero Called Wolf de Lucy RowlandPicture Book Award2023
Grandad's Camper de Harry WoodgatePicture Book Award2023
Ground Zero de Alan GratzHampshire Book Award2022
Cardboard Cowboys de Brian ConaghanHampshire Book Award2022
The Five Clues (Don’t Doubt The Rainbow 1) de Anthony KesselHampshire Book Award2022
Black Brother, Black Brother de Jewell Parker RhodesHampshire Book Award2022
Tsunami Girl de Julian SedgwickHampshire Book Award2022
Giften de Leyla SuzanHampshire Book Award2022
The Barnabus Project de Terry FanIllustrated Book Award2022
The Wolf’s Secret de Myriam DahmanIllustrated Book Award2022
Ride the Wind de Nicola DaviesIllustrated Book Award2022
Mayor Bunny's Chocolate Town de Elys DolanIllustrated Book Award2022
The Bear in the Stars de Alexis SnellIllustrated Book Award2022
Alice's adventures in Wonderland de Jeanne WillisIllustrated Book Award2022
Endangered Wildlife: Rescuing Ocean Life de Anita GaneriInformation Book Award2022
Why Don't Eyeballs Fall Out?: And Other Questions About the Human Body de Anna ClaybourneInformation Book Award2022
How to Be a Vet and Other Animal Jobs de Jess FrenchInformation Book Award2022
Mountains de kahnrebeccaInformation Book Award2022
Fabulously Feisty Queens: 15 of the brightest and boldest women who have ruled the world de Valerie WildingInformation Book Award2022
The ABC Factor: Meet a host of extraordinary animals in this brilliantly funny alphabet story with a strong message about self-belief de Katrina CharmanPicture Book Award2022
Fabulous Fifi,: The Flamenco Flamingo de Alice CorriePicture Book Award2022
The best worst day ever de Sophy HennPicture Book Award2022
National Trust: The Wide, Wide Sea de Anna WilsonPicture Book Award2022
The Invincible Summer of Juniper Jones de Daven McQueenHampshire Book Award2021
Last Paper Crane de Kerry DreweryHampshire Book Award2021
Unstoppable de Dan FreedmanHampshire Book Award2021
Allies de Alan GratzHampshire Book Award2021
No Fixed Address de Susin NielsenHampshire Book Award2021
Where The World Turns Wild de Nicola PenfoldHampshire Book Award2021
The Couch Potato (The Food Group) de Jory JohnIllustrated Book Award2021
I Am Every Good Thing de Derrick BarnesIllustrated Book Award2021
Bear Island de Matthew CordellIllustrated Book Award2021
Last: The Story of a White Rhino de Nicola DaviesIllustrated Book Award2021
Starbird de Sharon King-ChaiIllustrated Book Award2021
Hike de Pete OswaldIllustrated Book Award2021
Red Alert! Endangered Animals Around the World de Catherine BarrInformation Book Award2021
Go Green!: Join the Green Team and Learn How to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle! de Liz GogerlyInformation Book Award2021
Overpopulation Eco Facts de Izzi HowellInformation Book Award2021
How To Be Extraordinary de Rashmi SirdeshpandeInformation Book Award2021
Polar Bear: Killer King of the Arctic (Top of the Food Chain) de Louise SpilsburyInformation Book Award2021
Elephant in My Kitchen!: A critically acclaimed, humorous introduction to climate change and protecting our natural world de Smriti HallsPicture Book Award2021
The Extraordinary Gardener de Sam BoughtonPicture Book Award2021
Brenda Is a Sheep de Morag HoodPicture Book Award2021
Let's All Creep Through Crocodile Creek de Jonny LambertPicture Book Award2021
Outwalkers de Fiona ShawHampshire Book Award2020
Lost de Eve AinsworthHampshire Book Award2020
Earth Swarm de Tim HallHampshire Book Award2020
Nothing But the Truth de Dick LehrHampshire Book Award2020
Slick de M. M. VaughanHampshire Book Award2020
Jemima Small Versus the Universe de Tamsin WinterHampshire Book Award2020
A Christmas Carol de Tony MittonIllustrated Book Award2020
The Dam de David AlmondIllustrated Book Award2020
Once Upon a Wild Wood de Chris RiddellIllustrated Book Award2020
The Day War Came de Nicola DaviesIllustrated Book Award2020
The Last Tree de Emily Haworth-BoothIllustrated Book Award2020
#Goldilocks: A Hashtag Cautionary Tale de Jeanne WillisIllustrated Book Award2020
The Problem with Plastic: Know Your Facts, Take Action, Save the Oceans de Ruth OwenInformation Book Award2020
The International Space Station de Clive GiffordInformation Book Award2020
Weather de Dr. Jen GreenInformation Book Award2020
DKfindout! Birds de Ben HoareInformation Book Award2020
Wild World de Angela McAllisterInformation Book Award2020
What Do You Do When Your House Is a Zoo? de John KellyPicture Book Award2020
Field Trip to the Moon de John HarePicture Book Award2020
The Little Green Hen de Alison MurrayPicture Book Award2020
Billy and the Dragon de Nadia ShireenPicture Book Award2020
Shell de Paula RawsthorneHampshire Book Award2019
Refugee de Alan GratzHampshire Book Award2019
Satellite de Nick LakeHampshire Book Award2019
Things a Bright Girl Can Do de Sally NichollsHampshire Book Award2019
Scarecrow de Danny WestonHampshire Book Award2019
The Extinction Trials de Susan WilsonHampshire Book Award2019
The Bad Seed de Jory JohnIllustrated Book Award2019
The Wolf, the Duck, and the Mouse de Mac BarnettIllustrated Book Award2019
Storm Whale de Sarah BrennanIllustrated Book Award2019
Cinnamon de Neil GaimanIllustrated Book Award2019
The King Who Banned the Dark de Emily Haworth-BoothIllustrated Book Award2019
Little Mouse and the Red Wall de Britta TeckentrupIllustrated Book Award2019
Joan Procter, Dragon Doctor: The Woman Who Loved Reptiles de Patricia ValdezInformation Book Award2019
How Does My Home Work? de Chris ButterworthInformation Book Award2019
An Infographic Guide to London de Simon HollandInformation Book Award2019
Neil Armstrong and the Moon Landings (Why do we remember?) de Izzi HowellInformation Book Award2019
Amazing Animal Homes de Chris PackhamInformation Book Award2019
Spyder de Matt CarrPicture Book Award2019
There Was an Old Giant Who Swallowed a Clock de Becky DaviesPicture Book Award2019
You're Called What? de Kes GrayPicture Book Award2019
Little Red Reading Hood de Lucy RowlandPicture Book Award2019
Instructions for a Secondhand Heart de Tamsyn MurrayHampshire Book Award2018
Fir (Red Eye) de Sharon GoslingHampshire Book Award2018
The Island at the End of Everything de Kiran Millwood HargraveHampshire Book Award2018
Between the Lies (KelpiesTeen) de Catherine MacPhailHampshire Book Award2018
A Dangerous Crossing de Jane MitchellHampshire Book Award2018
A Seven Letter Word de Kim SlaterHampshire Book Award2018
Once Upon an Alphabet: Short Stories for All the Letters de Oliver JeffersIllustrated Book Award2018
Kevin de Rob BiddulphIllustrated Book Award2018
King of the Sky de Nicola DaviesIllustrated Book Award2018
Pigeon P.I. de Meg McLarenIllustrated Book Award2018
Peace Lily: The World War 1 Battlefield Nursey de Hilary RobinsonIllustrated Book Award2018
The Wright Brothers (Fact Cat: History) de Jane BinghamInformation Book Award2018
Our Very Own Dog: Taking Care of Your First Pet de Amanda McCardieInformation Book Award2018
What's the season? de Ruth OwenInformation Book Award2018
Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World de Kate PankhurstInformation Book Award2018
Oceans and seas de Steve ParkerInformation Book Award2018
Danny McGee Drinks the Sea de Andy StantonPicture Book Award2018
There Is No Dragon In This Story de Lou CarterPicture Book Award2018
Tidy de Emily GravettPicture Book Award2018
The Bad Bunnies' Magic Show de Mini GreyPicture Book Award2018
River of Ink: 1: Genesis de Helen DennisHampshire Book Award2017
Bubble de Stewart FosterHampshire Book Award2017
Railhead de Philip ReeveHampshire Book Award2017
Island de Nicky SingerHampshire Book Award2017
My Name Is Not Friday de Jon WalterHampshire Book Award2017
Night Vision de Ella WestHampshire Book Award2017
Where the Bugaboo Lives de Sean TaylorIllustrated Book Award2017
Imaginary Fred de Eoin ColferIllustrated Book Award2017
Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World's Most Famous Bear de Lindsay MattickIllustrated Book Award2017
Ossiri and the Bala Mengro de Richard O'NeillIllustrated Book Award2017
Dare to Care: Pet Dragon de Mark RobertsonIllustrated Book Award2017
Lucinda Belinda Melinda McCool de Jeanne WillisIllustrated Book Award2017
The Epic Book of Epicness: The World's Most Epic Facts de Adam FrostInformation Book Award2017
I (Don't) Like Snakes de Nicola DaviesInformation Book Award2017
The Amazing Universe de Herbert FriedmanInformation Book Award2017
DKfindout! Volcanoes de Maria GillInformation Book Award2017
Wild Adventures de Brita GranströmInformation Book Award2017
Hoot Owl, Master of Disguise de Sean TaylorPicture Book Award2017
We're in the Wrong Book! de Richard ByrnePicture Book Award2017
The Storybook Knight de Helen DochertyPicture Book Award2017
Poles Apart de Jeanne WillisPicture Book Award2017
Looking at the Stars de Jo CotterillHampshire Book Award2016
Winterkill de Kate A. BoormanHampshire Book Award2016
Apple and Rain de Sarah CrossanHampshire Book Award2016
Devil You Know (Kelpiesteen) de Catherine MacPhailHampshire Book Award2016
The Boundless de Kenneth OppelHampshire Book Award2016
Smart de Kim SlaterHampshire Book Award2016
The Cat, the Dog, Little Red, the Exploding Eggs, the Wolf, and Grandma de Diane FoxIllustrated Book Award2016
The Three Ninja Pigs de David BedfordIllustrated Book Award2016
I Am Henry Finch de Alexis DeaconIllustrated Book Award2016
Sidewalk Flowers de JonArno LawsonIllustrated Book Award2016
Greenling de Levi PinfoldIllustrated Book Award2016
Can I Build Another Me? de Shinsuke YoshitakeIllustrated Book Award2016
Predators (Visual Explorers) de Toby ReynoldsInformation Book Award2016
A Rock Is Lively de Dianna Hutts AstonInformation Book Award2016
Be an Explorer (Go Wild) de Chris OxladeInformation Book Award2016
A Walk in Paris de Salvatore RubbinoInformation Book Award2016
Incredible insects de Richard SpilsburyInformation Book Award2016
Use Your Imagination de Nicola O'ByrnePicture Book Award2016
The New Small Person de Lauren ChildPicture Book Award2016
My Alien and Me de Smriti Prasadam-HallsPicture Book Award2016
What a Wonderful World de Bob ThielePicture Book Award2016
The Screaming Staircase de Jonathan StroudHampshire Book Award2015
Captain de Sam AngusHampshire Book Award2015
Ghost Hawk de Susan CooperHampshire Book Award2015
Thirteen de Tom HoyleHampshire Book Award2015
Counting by 7s de Holly Goldberg SloanHampshire Book Award2015
The Last Minute de Eleanor UpdaleHampshire Book Award2015
Winter's Child de Angela McAllisterIllustrated Book Award2015
The Promise de Nicola DaviesIllustrated Book Award2015
The Clockwork Dragon de Jonathan EmmettIllustrated Book Award2015
Hermelin the Detective Mouse de Mini GreyIllustrated Book Award2015
Lucky de David MackintoshIllustrated Book Award2015
Mr. Wuffles! de David WiesnerIllustrated Book Award2015
Lions (Animal Lives) de Sally MorganInformation Book Award2015
Journey Through the Solar System (The Wonderful World of Simon Abbott) de Simon AbbottInformation Book Award2015
Scholastic Discover More: Ancient Egypt de Penelope ArlonInformation Book Award2015
Super Skeleton (Body Works) de Anna ClaybourneInformation Book Award2015
Animal Kingdom (The World in Infographics) de Jon RichardsInformation Book Award2015
Supertato de Sue HendraPicture Book Award2015
Something Different (The Little Somethings) de Jill LewisPicture Book Award2015
Herman's Letter de Tom PercivalPicture Book Award2015
There's a Lion in My Cornflakes de Michelle RobinsonPicture Book Award2015
Bodyguard Hostage Book 1 de Chris BradfordHampshire Book Award2014
After Tomorrow de Gillian CrossHampshire Book Award2014
Far Rockaway de Charlie FletcherHampshire Book Award2014
Chasing the Dark de Sam HepburnHampshire Book Award2014
The Phenomenals: A Tangle of Traitors de F. E. HigginsHampshire Book Award2014
Wonder de R. J. PalacioHampshire Book Award2014
The Day the Crayons Quit de Drew DaywaltIllustrated Book Award2014
Journey de Aaron BeckerIllustrated Book Award2014
Weasels de Elys DolanIllustrated Book Award2014
Where the Poppies Now Grow de Hilary Ann RobinsonIllustrated Book Award2014
Jemmy Button de Jennifer UmanIllustrated Book Award2014
Scholastic Discover More: Weather de Penelope ArlonInformation Book Award2014
Get Cooking! de DKInformation Book Award2014
How Did That Get In My Lunchbox?: The Story of Food de Chris ButterworthInformation Book Award2014
Shelters and Habitats (Outdoor Explorers) de Sandy GreenInformation Book Award2014
Spider: The Life and Times of a Young Spider (Animal Diaries) de Steve ParkerInformation Book Award2014
Lion vs Rabbit de Alex LatimerPicture Book Award2014
Harold Finds a Voice de Courtney DicmasPicture Book Award2014
Toys in Space de Mini GreyPicture Book Award2014
Troll Swap de Leigh HodgkinsonPicture Book Award2014
My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece de Annabel PitcherHampshire Book Award2013
Cracks de Caroline GreenHampshire Book Award2013
Department 19 de Will HillHampshire Book Award2013
All Fall Down de Sally NichollsHampshire Book Award2013
Burn Mark de Laura PowellHampshire Book Award2013
The Gladiator de Simon ScarrowHampshire Book Award2013
The Pirates Next Door de Jonny DuddleIllustrated Book Award2013
Maude The Not-So-Noticeable Shrimpton de Lauren ChildIllustrated Book Award2013
The Spider and the Fly de Mary HowittIllustrated Book Award2013
The Frank Show de David MackintoshIllustrated Book Award2013
Black Dog de Levi PinfoldIllustrated Book Award2013
How Dinosaurs Really Work! de Alan SnowIllustrated Book Award2013
Fizzing Physics (Science Crackers) de Steve ParkerInformation Book Award2013
Knight Survival Guide de Anna ClaybourneInformation Book Award2013
Lets Ride a Bike (Lets Find Out) de Ruth WaltonInformation Book Award2013
Wolf Won't Bite! de Emily GravettPicture Book Award2013
Stanley's Stick de John HegleyPicture Book Award2013
George Flies South de Simon JamesPicture Book Award2013
If I Could Paint the World de Sarah MassiniPicture Book Award2013
Half Brother de Kenneth OppelHampshire Book Award2012
Burning Secrets de Clare ChambersHampshire Book Award2012
Outlaw de Stephen DaviesHampshire Book Award2012
Reckless de Cornelia FunkeHampshire Book Award2012
Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer de John GrishamHampshire Book Award2012
Angel Burn de L. A. WeatherlyHampshire Book Award2012
Marshall Armstrong is New to Our School de David MackintoshIllustrated Book Award2012
Happiness Is a Watermelon on Your Head de Daniel HahnIllustrated Book Award2012
Three by the Sea de Mini GreyIllustrated Book Award2012
Major Glad, Major Dizzy de Jan OkeIllustrated Book Award2012
The Lion & the Mouse de Jerry PinkneyIllustrated Book Award2012
Iggy Wilder's Great Lost Dog Adventure de Marcia WilliamsIllustrated Book Award2012
Otto the Book Bear de Katie CleminsonPicture Book Award2012
Angelica's Sprockets Pockets de Quentin BlakePicture Book Award2012
Sir Laughalot de Tony MittonPicture Book Award2012
Bedtime for Monsters de Ed VerePicture Book Award2012
TimeRiders de Alex ScarrowHampshire Book Award2011
Diary of a Wimpy Vampire: The Undead Have Feelings Too de Tim CollinsHampshire Book Award2011
Halo de Zizou CorderHampshire Book Award2011
She Thief de Daniel FinnHampshire Book Award2011
Monster Republic de Ben HortonHampshire Book Award2011
Death Cloud de Andrew LaneHampshire Book Award2011
The Santa Trap de Jonathan EmmettIllustrated Book Award2011
Me and You de Anthony BrowneIllustrated Book Award2011
Crazy Hair de Neil GaimanIllustrated Book Award2011
In Flanders Fields de Norman JorgensenIllustrated Book Award2011
Rumblewick and the Dinner Dragons. Hiawyn Oram, Sarah Warburton (Rumblewick Letters) de Hiawyn OramIllustrated Book Award2011
The Lost Thing de Shaun TanIllustrated Book Award2011
This is My Book de Mick InkpenPicture Book Award2011
What the Ladybird Heard de Julia DonaldsonPicture Book Award2011
My Mom Has X-ray Vision de Angela McAllisterPicture Book Award2011
The Loon on the Moon de Chae StrathiePicture Book Award2011
The Hunger Games de Suzanne CollinsHampshire Book Award2010
Dot Robot de Jason BradburyHampshire Book Award2010
Devil's Kiss de Sarwat ChaddaHampshire Book Award2010
Bang, Bang, You're Dead! de Narinder DhamiHampshire Book Award2010
O Livro do Cemitério de Neil GaimanHampshire Book Award2010
The Set-Up de Sophie McKenzieHampshire Book Award2010
Tortoise v Hare: The Rematch de Preston RuttIllustrated Book Award2010
Iggy Peck, Architect de Andrea BeatyIllustrated Book Award2010
A Child's Garden: A Story of Hope de Michael ForemanIllustrated Book Award2010
Lion Journal (Animal Journals) de Carolyn FranklinIllustrated Book Award2010
Goal! de Mina JavaherbinIllustrated Book Award2010
Leon and the Place Between de Angela McAllisterIllustrated Book Award2010
Super Daisy (Daisy Picture Books) de Kes GrayPicture Book Award2010
Little Boat de Thomas DochertyPicture Book Award2010
Class Three All At Sea de Julia JarmanPicture Book Award2010
Wolf's Magnificent Master Plan de Melanie WilliamsonPicture Book Award2010
Special Operations: Dogfight de Craig SimpsonHampshire Book Award2009
Foundling de D. M. CornishHampshire Book Award2009
Dragonfly de Julia GoldingHampshire Book Award2009
Between Two Seas de Marie-Louise JensenHampshire Book Award2009
Crusade de Elizabeth LairdHampshire Book Award2009
Outcast de Michelle PaverHampshire Book Award2009
Don't Read This Book! de Jill LewisIllustrated Book Award2009
Here Comes Frankie! de Tim HopgoodIllustrated Book Award2009
Stone Age Boy de Satoshi KitamuraIllustrated Book Award2009
The Robot and the Bluebird de David LucasIllustrated Book Award2009
The Boy, the Bear, the Baron and the Bard de Gregory RogersIllustrated Book Award2009
Wonderful Life de Helen WardIllustrated Book Award2009
Skulduggery Pleasant de Derek LandyHampshire Book Award2008
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas de John BoyneHampshire Book Award2008
Nathan Fox: Dangerous Times de Lynn BrittneyHampshire Book Award2008
School's Out Forever de James PattersonHampshire Book Award2008
H.I.V.E.: Higher Institute of Villainous Education de Mark WaldenHampshire Book Award2008
Kat Got Your Tongue de L. A. WeatherlyHampshire Book Award2008
Scoop!: An Exclusive by Monty Molenski de John KellyIllustrated Book Award2008
Meerkat Mail de Emily GravettIllustrated Book Award2008
We're Riding on a Caravan de Laurie KrebsIllustrated Book Award2008
The Flower de John LightIllustrated Book Award2008
Dali and the Path of Dreams de Anna ObiolsIllustrated Book Award2008
Varmints de Helen WardIllustrated Book Award2008
Percy Jackson Graphic Novel: The Lightning Thief de Rick RiordanHampshire Book Award2007
Ellen's People de Dennis HamleyHampshire Book Award2007
Evil Star de Anthony HorowitzHampshire Book Award2007
Peter Raven Under Fire de Michael MolloyHampshire Book Award2007
Divine Madness de Robert MuchamoreHampshire Book Award2007
Devil's Footsteps de E.E. RichardsonHampshire Book Award2007
The Lightning Thief de Rick RiordanHampshire Book Award2007
Castles de Colin ThompsonIllustrated Book Award2007
The Wizard, the Ugly, and the Book of Shame de Pablo BernasconiIllustrated Book Award2007
Wolves de Emily GravettIllustrated Book Award2007
Traction Man is Here! de Mini GreyIllustrated Book Award2007
Baby Brains Superstar de Simon JamesIllustrated Book Award2007
The Incredible Book Eating Boy de Oliver JeffersIllustrated Book Award2007
The Last Apprentice: Curse of the Bane de Joseph DelaneyHampshire Book Award2006
Merrow (Bite) de Louise CooperHampshire Book Award2006
The Last Apprentice (Revenge of the Witch) de Joseph DelaneyHampshire Book Award2006
The Heaven Shop de Deborah EllisHampshire Book Award2006
Blood Pressure de Alan GibbonsHampshire Book Award2006
Mudlark de John SeddenHampshire Book Award2006
Ruby Tanya de Robert SwindellsHampshire Book Award2006
The Whisperer de Nick ButterworthIllustrated Book Award2006
Dougal's Deep-sea Diary de Simon BartramIllustrated Book Award2006
Into the Forest de Anthony BrowneIllustrated Book Award2006
Once Upon an Ordinary School Day de Colin McNaughtonIllustrated Book Award2006
The Dragon Machine de Helen WardIllustrated Book Award2006
Tadpole's Promise de Jeanne WillisIllustrated Book Award2006
Private Peaceful de Michael MorpurgoHampshire Book Award2005
Unique de Alison Allen-GrayHampshire Book Award2005
Boy2Girl de Terence BlackerHampshire Book Award2005
Iqbal de Francesco D'AdamoHampshire Book Award2005
Horace de Chris d'LaceyHampshire Book Award2005
Voyage of the Snake Lady de Theresa TomlinsonHampshire Book Award2005
The Dot de Peter H. ReynoldsIllustrated Book Award2005
Ringle tingle tiger de Mark AustinIllustrated Book Award2005
The King with Horse's Ears and Other Irish Folktales de Batt BurnsIllustrated Book Award2005
The Wolves in the Walls de Neil GaimanIllustrated Book Award2005
Bob Robber and Dancing Jane de Andrew MatthewsIllustrated Book Award2005
Rapunzel: A Groovy Fairy Tale de Lynn RobertsIllustrated Book Award2005
A Little Piece of Ground de Elizabeth LairdHampshire Book Award2004
Fat Boy Swim de Catherine FordeHampshire Book Award2004
Another Me de Catherine MacPhailHampshire Book Award2004
Keeper de Mal PeetHampshire Book Award2004
Trollogy de Steve SkidmoreHampshire Book Award2004
Child X de L. A. WeatherlyHampshire Book Award2004
The Adventures of a Nose de Viviane SchwarzIllustrated Book Award2004
Blue John de Berlie DohertyIllustrated Book Award2004
Ben's Magic Telescope de Brian PattenIllustrated Book Award2004
Cinderella: An Art Deco Love Story de Lynn RobertsIllustrated Book Award2004
Two Frogs de Chris WormellIllustrated Book Award2004
Skeleton Key de Anthony HorowitzHampshire Book Award2003
Exodus de Julie BertagnaHampshire Book Award2003
Nightland de Robert DoddsHampshire Book Award2003
Stella de Catherine JohnsonHampshire Book Award2003
Mortal Engines de Philip ReeveHampshire Book Award2003
Match of Death de James RiordanHampshire Book Award2003


The Hampshire Illustrated Book Award is an annual award given to illustrated works of children's literature. The award is judged by children in Year 5 and run by Hampshire County Council's School Library Service. The shortlist is announced in October each year, and the winner in December. An award ceremony is held in March the following year.

(English, Wikipedia)
URL: https://en.wikipedia.org/?curid=14123293#Hampshire_Illustrated_Book_Award
An annual award for the best paperback fiction title published in the previous year for the 11-14 age group. The judges of the award are Year 8 students from participating schools (secondary schools subscribing to the School Library Service). The students are involved in every stage of the award, from selection of both the long and short lists to the final vote for the winning author. (English, Member-written)

The Hampshire Picture Book Award is an annual award given to works of children's literature published in paperback during the previous year. The award is judged by children in Year 1 and run by Hampshire County Council's School Library Service. The shortlist is announced in January each year, and the winner announced in April.

(English, Wikipedia)
URL: https://en.wikipedia.org/?curid=14123293#Hampshire_Picture_Book_Award


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