Mark Lynton History Prize

Given by Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism

62 Works 39,484 Books 874 Reviews 4.2
Awarded by the J. Anthony Lukas Prize Project

Co-administered by the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and the Nieman Foundation at Harvard. The Mark Lynton History Prize ($10,000) mostrar mais is awarded to the book-length work of history, on any subject, that best combines intellectual or scholarly distinction with felicity of expression. Began in 1999. mostrar menos
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Fevereiro 28: Finalist2024 Recente

Winner 26

Last Call at the Hotel Imperial: The Reporters Who Took On a World at War de Deborah Cohen2023
Surviving Katyń: Stalin's Polish Massacre and the Search for Truth de Jane Rogoyska2022
A Question of Freedom: The Families Who Challenged Slavery from the Nation’s Founding to the Civil War de William G. Thomas III2021
Black Radical: The Life and Times of William Monroe Trotter de Kerri K. Greenidge2020
The War Before the War: Fugitive Slaves and the Struggle for America's Soul from the Revolution to the Civil War de Andrew Delbanco2019
The New Negro: The Life of Alain Locke de Jeffrey C. Stewart2019
Stalin, Volume II: Waiting for Hitler, 1929-1941 de Stephen Kotkin2018
City of Dreams: The 400-Year Epic History of Immigrant New York de Tyler Anbinder2017
KL: A History of the Nazi Concentration Camps de Nikolaus Wachsmann2016
Lincoln and the Power of the Press: The War for Public Opinion de Harold Holzer2015
Book of Ages: The Life and Opinions of Jane Franklin de Jill Lepore2014
The Passage of Power de Robert A. Caro2013
Common Sense: A Political History de Sophia Rosenfeld2012
The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America's Great Migration de Isabel Wilkerson2011
The Greeks and Greek Love: A Bold New Exploration of the Ancient World de James Davidson2010
Vermeer's Hat: The Seventeenth Century and the Dawn of the Global World de Timothy Brook2009
Our Savage Neighbors: How Indian War Transformed Early America de Peter Silver2008
Middle Passages: African American Journeys to Africa, 1787-2005 de James T. Campbell2007
The Peabody Sisters: Three Women Who Ignited American Romanticism de Megan Marshall2006
Beasts of the Fields: A Narrative History of California Farmworkers, 1769-1913 de Richard Steven Street2005
River of Shadows: Eadweard Muybridge and the Technological Wild West de Rebecca Solnit2004
The Diligent: A Voyage Through the Worlds of the Slave Trade de Robert Harms2003
A Past in Hiding: Memory and Survival in Nazi Germany de Mark Roseman2002
Crucible of War: The Seven Years' War and the Fate of Empire in British North America, 1754-1766 de Fred Anderson2001
Embracing Defeat: Japan in the Wake of World War II de John W. Dower2000
King Leopold's Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror and Heroism in Colonial Africa de Adam Hochschild1999

Finalist 36

Judgment at Tokyo: World War II on Trial and the Making of Modern Asia de Gary J. Bass2024
The Rediscovery of America: Native Peoples and the Unmaking of U.S. History de Ned Blackhawk2024
King: A Life de Jonathan Eig2024
Before the Movement: The Hidden History of Black Civil Rights de Dylan C. Penningroth2024
Anansi's Gold: The Man Who Looted the West, Outfoxed Washington, and Swindled the World de Yepoka Yeebo2024
Bad Mexicans: Race, Empire, and Revolution in the Borderlands de Kelly Lytle Hernandez2023
The Invention of Miracles: Language, Power, and Alexander Graham Bell's Quest to End Deafness de Katie Booth2022
Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom de David W. Blight2019
Spain in Our Hearts: Americans in the Spanish Civil War, 1936–1939 de Adam Hochschild2017
The Defender: How the Legendary Black Newspaper Changed America de Ethan Michaeli2017
Just Another Southern Town: Mary Church Terrell and the Struggle for Racial Justice in the Nation's Capital de Joan Quigley2017
The Brazen Age: New York City and the American Empire: Politics, Art, and Bohemia de David Reid2017
The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914 de Christopher Clark2014
The Patriarch: The Remarkable Life and Turbulent Times of Joseph P. Kennedy de David Nasaw2013
Conversions: Two Family Stories from the Reformation and Modern America (New Directions in Narrative History) de Craig Harline2012
Pox: An American History de Michael Willrich2012
Claude Levi-Strauss: The Poet in the Laboratory de Patrick Wilcken2011
A Gambling Man: Charles II's Restoration Game de Jenny Uglow2010
The Hemingses of Monticello: An American Family de Annette Gordon-Reed2009
The Bitter Road to Freedom: A New History of the Liberation of Europe de William I. Hitchcock2009
The Thief at the End of the World: Rubber, Power, and the Seeds of Empire de Joe Jackson2009
The Years of Extermination: Nazi Germany and the Jews, 1939-1945 de Saul Friedländer2008
India After Gandhi: The History of the World's Largest Democracy de Ramachandra Guha2008
Waiting 'Til the Midnight Hour: A Narrative History of Black Power in America de Peniel E. Joseph2007
Caviar and Ashes: A Warsaw Generation's Life and Death in Marxism, 1918-1968 de Marci Shore2007
Postwar: A History of Europe Since 1945 de Tony Judt2006
Israel on the Appomattox: A Southern Experiment in Black Freedom from the 1790s Through the Civil War de Melvin Patrick Ely2005
Gulag: A History de Anne Applebaum2004
A Nation under Our Feet: Black Political Struggles in the Rural South from Slavery to the Great Migration de Steven Hahn2004
Natasha's Dance: A Cultural History of Russia de Orlando Figes2003
Larding the Lean Earth: Soil and Society in Nineteenth-Century America de Steven Stoll2003
The Popes Against the Jews: The Vatican's Role in the Rise of Modern Anti-Semitism de David I. Kertzer2002
Victorian Sensation: The Extraordinary Publication, Reception, and Secret Authorship of Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation de James A. Secord2002
Ho Chi Minh de William J. Duiker2001
The Murder of Helen Jewett: The Life and Death of a Prostitute in Nineteenth-century New York de Patricia Cline Cohen1999
The Name of War: King Philip's War and the Origins of American Identity de Jill Lepore1999


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