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The Agatha Awards are given for materials first published in the United States by a living author during the calendar year, either in hardcover, as a paperback original, or e-published by an mostrar mais e-publishing firm and are awarded in five categories: Best Novel Best First Novel Best Short Story Best Nonfiction Book Best Children's/Young Adult Novel The Agatha Awards honor the "traditional mystery." That is to say, books best typified by the works of Agatha Christie as well as others. For these purposes, the genre is loosely defined as mysteries that: contain no explicit sex contain no excessive gore or gratuitous violence usually feature an amateur detective take place in a confined setting and contain characters who know one another Novels and stories featuring police officers and private detectives may qualify for the awards, but materials generally classified as "hard-boiled" are not appropriate. At an annual convention in Washington, D.C., the Agatha Awards are handed out by Malice Domestic Ltd, mostrar menos
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Winner 136

Enola Holmes and the Elegant Escapade de Nancy SpringerChildren's / Young-Adult2022
A World of Curiosities de Louise PennyContemporary Novel2022
Cheddar Off Dead de Korina MossFirst Novel2022
Because I Could Not Stop for Death de Amanda FlowerHistorical Novel2022
I play one on tv de Alan OrloffChildren's / Young-Adult2021
Cajun Kiss of Death de Ellen ByronContemporary Novel2021
Arsenic and Adobo de Mia P. ManansalaFirst Novel2021
Death at Greenway de Lori Rader-DayHistorical Novel2021
How to Write a Mystery: A Handbook from Mystery Writers of America de Mystery Writers of AmericaNon-Fiction2021
Holly Hernandez and the Death of Disco de Richie NarvaezChildren's / Young-Adult2020
All the Devils Are Here de Louise PennyContemporary Novel2020
Murder at the Mena House de Erica Ruth NeubauerFirst Novel2020
The Last Mrs. Summers de Rhys BowenHistorical Novel2020
Phantom Lady: Hollywood Producer Joan Harrison, the Forgotten Woman Behind Hitchcock de Christina LaneNon-Fiction2020
The Long Call de Ann CleevesContemporary Novel2019
One Night Gone de Tara LaskowskiFirst Novel2019
Charity's Burden de Edith MaxwellHistorical Novel2019
The Mutual Admiration Society: How Dorothy L. Sayers and her Oxford Circle Remade the World for Women de Mo MoultonNon-Fiction2019
Mardi Gras Murder de Ellen ByronContemporary Novel2018
The Widows of Malabar Hill de Sujata MasseyHistorical Novel2018
Mastering Plot Twists: How to Use Suspense, Targeted Storytelling Strategies, and Structure to Captivate Your Readers de Jane K. ClelandNon-Fiction2018
Potion Problems (Just Add Magic) de Cindy CallaghanYoung Adult Mystery2018
Sydney Mackenzie Knocks 'Em Dead de Cindy CallaghanChildren's / Young-Adult2017
Glass Houses de Louise PennyContemporary Novel2017
Hollywood Homicide de Kellye GarrettFirst Novel2017
In Farleigh Field de Rhys BowenHistorical Novel2017
From Holmes to Sherlock: The Story of the Men and Women Who Created an Icon de Mattias BoströmNon-Fiction2017
The Library Ghost of Tanglewood Inn de Gigi PandianShort Story2017
The Secret of the Puzzle Box de Penny WarnerChildren's / Young-Adult2016
A Great Reckoning de Louise PennyContemporary Novel2016
The Semester of Our Discontent de Cynthia KuhnFirst Novel2016
Dandy Gilver & the Reek of Red Herrings de Catriona McPhersonHistorical Novel2016
Mastering Suspense, Structure, and Plot: How to Write Gripping Stories That Keep Readers on the Edge of Their Seats de Jane K. ClelandNon-Fiction2016
Andi Unstoppable de Amanda FlowerChildren's / Young-Adult2015
Long Upon the Land de Margaret MaronContemporary Novel2015
On The Road with Del & Louise: A Novel in Stories de Art TaylorFirst Novel2015
Dreaming Spies de Laurie R. KingHistorical Novel2015
The Golden Age of Murder de Martin EdwardsNon-Fiction2015
The Mummy's Curse de Penny WarnerChildren's / Young-Adult2014
Truth Be Told de Hank Phillippi RyanContemporary Novel2014
Well Read, Then Dead de Terrie Farley MoranFirst Novel2014
Queen of Hearts de Rhys BowenHistorical Novel2014
Writes of Passage: Adventures on the Writer's Journey de Hank Phillippi RyanNon-Fiction2014
Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library de Chris GrabensteinChildren's / Young-Adult2013
The Wrong Girl de Hank Phillippi RyanContemporary Novel2013
Death Al Dente de Leslie BudewitzFirst Novel2013
A Question of Honor de Charles ToddHistorical Novel2013
The Hour of Peril: The Secret Plot to Murder Lincoln Before the Civil War de Daniel StashowerNon-Fiction2013
The Haunted Lighthouse de Penny WarnerChildren's / Young-Adult2012
Lowcountry Boil de Susan M. BoyerFirst Novel2012
Dandy Gilver and an Unsuitable Day for a Murder de Catriona McPhersonHistorical Novel2012
Books to Die For: The World's Greatest Mystery Writers on the World's Greatest Mystery Novels de John ConnollyNon-Fiction2012
The Beautiful Mystery de Louise PennyNovel2012
The Black Heart Crypt de Chris GrabensteinChildren's / Young-Adult2011
Learning to Swim de Sara J. HenryFirst Novel2011
Naughty in Nice de Rhys BowenHistorical Novel2011
Books, Crooks and Counselors: How to Write Accurately About Criminal Law and Courtroom Procedure de Leslie BudewitzNon-Fiction2011
Three-Day Town de Margaret MaronNovel2011
The Other Side of Dark de Sarah SmithChildren's / Young-Adult2010
The Long Quiche Goodbye de Avery AamesFirst Novel2010
Agatha Christie's Secret Notebooks: Fifty Years of Mysteries in the Making de John CurranNon-Fiction2010
Bury Your Dead de Louise PennyNovel2010
The Hanging Hill: A Haunted Mystery de Chris GrabensteinChildren's / Young-Adult2009
The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie de Alan BradleyFirst Novel2009
Dame Agatha's Shorts de Elena SantangeloNon-Fiction2009
The Brutal Telling de Louise PennyNovel2009
On the House de Hank Phillippi RyanShort Story2009
The Crossroads: A Haunted Mystery de Chris GrabensteinChildren's / Young-Adult2008
Death of a Cozy Writer de G. M. MallietFirst Novel2008
How to Write Killer Historical Mysteries: The Art and Adventure of Sleuthing Through the Past de Kathy Lynn EmersonNon-Fiction2008
The Cruellest Month de Louise PennyNovel2008
The Light in the Cellar: A Molly Mystery de Sarah M. BuckeyChildren's / Young-Adult2007
Prime Time de Hank Phillippi RyanFirst Novel2007
Arthur Conan Doyle: Life in Letters de Arthur Conan DoyleNon-Fiction2007
A Fatal Grace de Louise PennyNovel2007
The Heat of the Moon de Sandra ParshallFirst Novel2006
Don't Murder Your Mystery de Chris RoerdenNon-Fiction2006
The Virgin of Small Plains de Nancy PickardNovel2006
Down the Rabbit Hole de Peter AbrahamsChildren's / Young-Adult2005
Flush de Carl HiaasenChildren's / Young-Adult2005
Better Off Wed de Laura DurhamFirst Novel2005
Girl Sleuth: Nancy Drew and the Women Who Created Her de Melanie RehakNon-Fiction2005
The Body in the Snowdrift de Katherine Hall PageNovel2005
Chasing Vermeer de Blue BalliettChildren's / Young-Adult2004
Dating Dead Men de Harley Jane KozakFirst Novel2004
Private Eyelashes: Radio's Lady Detectives de Jack FrenchNon-Fiction2004
Birds of a Feather de Jacqueline WinspearNovel2004
The Seventh Knot de Kathleen KarrChildren's / Young-Adult2003
Maisie Dobbs de Jacqueline WinspearFirst Novel2003
Amelia Peabody's Egypt: A Compendium de Elizabeth PetersNon-Fiction2003
Letter From Home de Carolyn G. HartNovel2003
Red Card: A Zeke Armstrong Mystery de Daniel J. HaleChildren's / Young-Adult2002
In the Bleak Midwinter de Julia Spencer-FlemingFirst Novel2002
They Died in Vain: Overlooked, Underappreciated and Forgotten Mystery Novels de Jim HuangNon-Fiction2002
You've Got Murder de Donna AndrewsNovel2002
The Mystery of the Haunted Caves de Penny WarnerChildren's / Young-Adult2001
Bubbles Unbound de Sarah StrohmeyerFirst Novel2001
Seldom Disappointed de Tony HillermanNon-Fiction2001
Murphy's Law de Rhys BowenNovel2001
Death on a Silver Tray de Rosemary StevensFirst Novel2000
100 Favorite Mysteries of the Century de Jim HuangNon-Fiction2000
Storm Track de Margaret MaronNovel2000
The Man in the Civil Suit de Jan BurkeShort Story2000
Murder with Peacocks de Donna AndrewsFirst Novel1999
Teller of Tales: The Life of Arthur Conan Doyle de Daniel StashowerNon-Fiction1999
Mariner's Compass de Earlene FowlerNovel1999
The Doctor Digs a Grave de Robin HathawayFirst Novel1998
Mystery Reader's Walking Guide, Washington, D.C. de Alzina Stone DaleNon-Fiction1998
Butchers Hill de Laura LippmanNovel1998
The Salaryman's Wife de Sujata MasseyFirst Novel1997
Detecting Men: A Readers Guide and Checklist for Mystery Series Written by Men (Detecting Men) de Willetta L. HeisingNon-Fiction1997
The Devil in Music de Kate RossNovel1997
Murder on a Girls' Night Out de Anne GeorgeFirst Novel1996
Detecting Women 2: Reader's Guide and Checklist for Mystery Series Written by Women de Willetta L. HeisingNon-Fiction1996
Up Jumps the Devil de Margaret MaronNovel1996
The Body in the Transept de Jeanne M. DamsFirst Novel1995
Mystery Reader's Walking Guide: Chicago de Alzina Stone DaleNon-Fiction1995
If I'd Killed Him When I Met Him de Sharyn McCrumbNovel1995
Do Unto Others de Jeff AbbottFirst Novel1994
By a Woman's Hand: A Guide to Mystery Fiction by Women de Jean SwansonNon-Fiction1994
She Walks These Hills de Sharyn McCrumbNovel1994
Track of the Cat de Nevada BarrFirst Novel1993
The Doctor, the Murder, the Mystery de Barbara D'AmatoNon-Fiction1993
Dead Man's Island de Carolyn G. HartNovel1993
Blanche on the Lam de Barbara NeelyFirst Novel1992
Bootlegger's Daughter de Margaret MaronNovel1992
Zero at the Bone de Mary Willis WalkerFirst Novel1991
I.O.U. de Nancy PickardNovel1991
Deborah's Judgment de Margaret MaronShort Story1991
The Body in the Belfry de Katherine Hall PageFirst Novel1990
Bum Steer de Nancy PickardNovel1990
Grime and Punishment de Jill ChurchillFirst Novel1989
Naked Once More de Elizabeth PetersNovel1989
A Wee Doch and Doris {story} de Sharyn McCrumbShort Story1989
A Great Deliverance de Elizabeth GeorgeFirst Novel1988
Something Wicked de Carolyn G. HartNovel1988


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