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The Agatha Awards are given for materials first published in the United States by a living author during the calendar year, either in hardcover, as a paperback original, or e-published by an mostrar mais e-publishing firm and are awarded in five categories: Best Novel Best First Novel Best Short Story Best Nonfiction Book Best Children's/Young Adult Novel The Agatha Awards honor the "traditional mystery." That is to say, books best typified by the works of Agatha Christie as well as others. For these purposes, the genre is loosely defined as mysteries that: contain no explicit sex contain no excessive gore or gratuitous violence usually feature an amateur detective take place in a confined setting and contain characters who know one another Novels and stories featuring police officers and private detectives may qualify for the awards, but materials generally classified as "hard-boiled" are not appropriate. At an annual convention in Washington, D.C., the Agatha Awards are handed out by Malice Domestic Ltd, mostrar menos
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Fevereiro 5: Nominee2023 Recente

Winner 25

Nominee 128

The Beautiful Mystery de Louise Penny2012
The Diva Digs Up the Dirt de Krista Davis2012
A Fatal Winter de G. M. Malliet2012
The Buzzard Table de Margaret Maron2012
The Other Woman de Hank Phillippi Ryan2012
Three-Day Town de Margaret Maron2011
The Real Macaw de Donna Andrews2011
The Diva Haunts the House de Krista Davis2011
Wicked Autumn de G. M. Malliet2011
A Trick of the Light de Louise Penny2011
Bury Your Dead de Louise Penny2010
Stork Raving Mad de Donna Andrews2010
The Scent of Rain and Lightning de Nancy Pickard2010
Air Time de Hank Phillippi Ryan2010
Drive Time de Hank Phillippi Ryan2010
Truly, Madly de Heather Webber2010
The Brutal Telling de Louise Penny2009
Swan for the Money de Donna Andrews2009
Bookplate Special de Lorna Barrett2009
Royal Flush de Rhys Bowen2009
The Cruellest Month de Louise Penny2008
Six Geese A-Slaying de Donna Andrews2008
A Royal Pain de Rhys Bowen2008
Buckingham Palace Gardens de Anne Perry2008
I Shall Not Want de Julia Spencer-Fleming2008
A Fatal Grace de Louise Penny2007
The Penguin Who Knew Too Much de Donna Andrews2007
Her Royal Spyness de Rhys Bowen2007
Hard Row de Margaret Maron2007
Murder with Reservations de Elaine Viets2007
The Virgin of Small Plains de Nancy Pickard2006
The Saddlemaker's Wife de Earlene Fowler2006
Why Casey Had to Die: A Harry Bronson Mystery (Five Star First Edition Mystery) de L. C. Hayden2006
All Mortal Flesh de Julia Spencer-Fleming2006
Messenger of Truth de Jacqueline Winspear2006
The Body in the Snowdrift de Katherine Hall Page2005
Owls Well That Ends Well de Donna Andrews2005
Rituals of the Season de Margaret Maron2005
The Belen Hitch de Pari Noskin Taichert2005
Trouble in Spades de Heather Webber2005
Pardonable Lies de Jacqueline Winspear2005
Birds of a Feather de Jacqueline Winspear2004
We'll Always Have Parrots de Donna Andrews2004
By a Spider's Thread de Laura Lippman2004
High Country Fall de Margaret Maron2004
The Pearl Diver de Sujata Massey2004
Letter From Home de Carolyn G. Hart2003
Crouching Buzzard, Leaping Loon de Donna Andrews2003
Mumbo Gumbo de Jerrilyn Farmer2003
Dream House de Rochelle Krich2003
Last Lessons of Summer de Margaret Maron2003
Shop Till You Drop de Elaine Viets2003
You've Got Murder de Donna Andrews2002
Death of Riley de Rhys Bowen2002
Blues in the Night de Rochelle Krich2002
The Body in the Bonfire de Katherine Hall Page2002
A deusa dourada de Elizabeth Peters2002
Murphy's Law de Rhys Bowen2001
Arkansas Traveler de Earlene Fowler2001
Morto até o anoitecer de Charlaine Harris2001
Shadows of Sin de Rochelle Krich2001
The Bride's Kimono de Sujata Massey2001
Storm Track de Margaret Maron2000
Guns and Roses: A Modern Mystery Set in Colonial Willamsburg de Taffy Cannon2000
Killer Wedding de Jerrilyn Farmer2000
The Floating Girl de Sujata Massey2000
He Shall Thunder in the Sky de Elizabeth Peters2000
Mariner's Compass de Earlene Fowler1999
Immaculate Reception de Jerrilyn Farmer1999
Death on the River Walk de Carolyn Hart1999
In Big Trouble de Laura Lippman1999
Butchers Hill de Laura Lippman1998
Liar de Jan Burke1998
Dove in the Window de Earlene Fowler1998
Blind Bloodhound Justice de Virginia Lanier1998
Home Fires (Deborah Knott Mysteries) de Margaret Maron1998
The Ape Who Guards the Balance de Elizabeth Peters1998
The Devil in Music de Kate Ross1997
Hocus de Jan Burke1997
Dreaming of the Bones de Deborah Crombie1997
Goose in the Pond de Earlene Fowler1997
Seeing a Large Cat de Elizabeth Peters1997
Up Jumps the Devil de Margaret Maron1996
Kansas Troubles de Earlene Fowler1996
The Grass Widow de Teri Holbrook1996
Hearts and Bones de Margaret Lawrence1996
Strong as Death de Sharan Newman1996
If I'd Killed Him When I Met Him de Sharyn McCrumb1995
Miracles in Maggody de Joan Hess1995
The Wandering Arm de Sharan Newman1995
Twilight de Nancy Pickard1995
Escapade de Walter Satterthwait1995
She Walks These Hills de Sharyn McCrumb1994
Scandal in Fair Haven de Carolyn G. Hart1994
The Beekeeper's Apprentice de Laurie R. King1994
Angel of Death de Rochelle Majer Krich1994
Night Train to Memphis de Elizabeth Peters1994
Dead Man's Island de Carolyn G. Hart1993
Old Scores de Aaron Elkins1993
O Little Town of Maggody de Joan Hess1993
Fair Game de Rochelle Majer Krich1993
Southern Discomfort de Margaret Maron1993
To Live & Die in Dixie de Kathy Hogan Trocheck1993
Bootlegger's Daughter de Margaret Maron1992
Southern Ghost de Carolyn G. Hart1992
The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter de Sharyn McCrumb1992
Defend and Betray de Anne Perry1992
A cobra, o crocodilo e o cão de Elizabeth Peters1992
I.O.U. de Nancy Pickard1991
Make No Bones de Aaron J. Elkins1991
The Christie Caper de Carolyn G. Hart1991
An Owl Too Many de Charlotte MacLeod1991
O último camelo caiu ao meio-dia de Elizabeth Peters1991
Bum Steer de Nancy Pickard1990
Real Murders de Charlaine Harris1990
Deadly Valentine de Carolyn G. Hart1990
The Face of a Stranger de Anne Perry1990
The Potter's Field de Ellis Peters1990
Naked Once More de Elizabeth Peters1989
The Sirens Sang of Murder de Sarah Caudwell1989
A Little Class on Murder de Carolyn G. Hart1989
Corpus Christmas de Margaret Maron1989
Philly Stakes de Gillian Roberts1989
Something Wicked de Carolyn G. Hart1988
The Widows Club de Dorothy Cannell1988
Mischief in Maggody de Joan Hess1988
Paying the Piper de Sharyn McCrumb1988
Dead Crazy de Nancy Pickard1988


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