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Rebound (2013) 51 cópias
Hannah and the Highlander (1705) 46 cópias
Susana and the Scot (2015) 33 cópias
Lana and the Laird (2016) 32 cópias
Dragonfly Kisses (2013) 29 cópias
Smoking Holt (2013) 23 cópias
Adam's Obsession (2012) 23 cópias
Dark Fancy (2013) 21 cópias
Hot Alpha SEALs (Box Set 12-in-1) (2014) — Contribuinte — 18 cópias
A Midsummer Night's Romance: Anthology (2021) — Contribuinte — 15 cópias
Dark Duke (2014) 14 cópias
Dukes by the Dozen (2019) — Contribuinte — 14 cópias
Devlin's Dare (2014) 14 cópias
Say Yes to the Scot (2017) — Autor — 14 cópias
Heart of Ash (2013) 12 cópias
Tristan's Temptation (2012) 12 cópias
12-Alarm Cowboys (2015) — Contribuinte — 10 cópias
Making Over Maris (2013) 10 cópias
Parker's Passion (2014) 9 cópias
Brigand (2014) 9 cópias
Training Tess (2012) 8 cópias
Stud for Hire (2016) 7 cópias
Brought to His Knees (11-in-1) — Contribuinte — 6 cópias
Cowboy 12 Pack: Twelve-Novel Boxed Set (2015) — Contribuinte — 6 cópias
Timeless Kisses (Excerpts) (2016) — Contribuinte — 6 cópias
Kilts & Claymores (2016) 6 cópias
Man Hungry (2013) 6 cópias
Lust Eternal (2013) 6 cópias
The Soldier's Refuge (2023) 5 cópias
Folly (2012) 5 cópias
Defiant (2016) 5 cópias
Cowboy Justice 12-Pack (2016) — Contribuinte — 5 cópias
The Real McCoy (2016) 5 cópias
Accidental Homecoming (2021) 5 cópias
Tarnished Honor (2016) 4 cópias
Laird of Her Heart (2015) 4 cópias
Extreme Couponing (2013) 4 cópias
Pushing Her Buttons (2012) 4 cópias
Recipe for a Homecoming (2021) 4 cópias
First Ride Cowboy Collection — Contribuinte — 3 cópias
Rising Green (2012) 3 cópias
Trickery (2012) 3 cópias
Spurred On (Stripped Down) (2017) 3 cópias
The Mistletoe Duke (2020) 2 cópias
Ever My Love: The Lore of the Lucius Ring — Contribuinte — 2 cópias
Call of the Wild Wind (2016) 2 cópias
Snow Angels (2014) 2 cópias
The Airman's Homecoming (2023) 2 cópias
Protect and Serve (2016) 1 exemplar(es)
Come Hell or High Water (2016) 1 exemplar(es)
A Father's Redemption (2024) 1 exemplar(es)
Hell Yeah!: Gun Shy (2016) 1 exemplar(es)
Heartbreak On A Stick (2015) 1 exemplar(es)

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York, Sam
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Nicole Rescinti (Seymour Agency)



Terrific story about two people with painful pasts who find peace, healing, and love when they return to their hometown. Natalie shook the dust of Coho Cove from her shoes as soon as she graduated from high school. The painful memories of those years still haunt her, especially the one betrayal that broke her heart. When she returns to help her sisters care for their mother, Jax is the last person she wants to see.

Jax also left town after graduation and joined the military, returning home a changed man. Thanks to his PTSD, he craves solitude and spends most of his time in his studio. Years of therapy and hard work have helped somewhat. He is still haunted by his mistake with Natalie and hopes her return will allow him to finally apologize.

I loved watching the relationship develop between Natalie and Jax. A stunned Natalie listens to Jax as he apologizes despite her lingering anger and hurt. She never expected that to happen. I loved watching them reconnect and rekindle their friendship and then see that friendship grow into more. I loved how they understood each other and their traumas and how the depth of that understanding intensified their connection. The scene after Jax's nightmare was incredibly moving, and his reaction was heart-wrenching. On the other hand, I loved Jax's support when Natalie encountered the bullies of her teen years and how that helped her put that past behind her. But as their feelings for each other deepen there are obstacles to overcome, such as her work in LA and his need for the peace of their small town. I loved how they faced their fears, looking deep inside themselves to understand what had changed and what they wanted moving forward. The ending was terrific; I hope to see more of them in future books.

The secondary characters were fantastic, showing the importance and complexities of family. Because of her flight from home and reluctance to return, Natalie's relationships with her mother and sisters are strained and complicated. Her mother's stroke has changed her. Gone is the polished woman who did everything possible to enhance her husband's military career. In her place is someone who is blunt and not much interested in what other people think. Natalie's sisters, Amy and Celeste, have been carrying the load and aren't shy about sharing that it's Natalie's turn. Jax's sister, Sheida, was fantastic. I loved her caring nature and how it comes out with her work, friends, and family. She worries about Jax and constantly fusses at him about not getting out. She also tries to fix him up with random women. She's excited when Natalie comes home and wants her to stay, so she tries to match Natalie with her male friends.

I enjoyed reading about Natalie's background as a military kid. As a Marine junior and Marine wife, I am familiar with the challenges of a transient lifestyle, and Natalie's story hit home. It isn't always easy to make friends as a child or adult, and I ached for Natalie and her high school experience. I could also identify with her memories of the benefits of her travels. Her comment about trips to Munich and Paris from Stuttgart, Germany, resonated with me because I currently live in Stuttgart, and the travel opportunities have been incredible. The culture shock from Europe to a tiny American town made Natalie's transition much more difficult.
… (mais)
scoutmomskf | Dec 4, 2023 |
Perfect for someone looking for a quick read, with a sassy and fun female lead, and a handsome and charming male lead.
wallace2012 | outras 3 resenhas | Nov 4, 2023 |
I enjoy this series but they are too short for the money.
DebJack | outras 2 resenhas | Jul 28, 2023 |


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