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Seishi Yokomizo (1902–1981)

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The Honjin Murders (1946) 579 cópias
The Inugami Curse (1976) 375 cópias
The Village of Eight Graves (1951) 205 cópias
Death on Gokumon Island (1947) 188 cópias
The Devil's Flute Murders (1953) 86 cópias
A Devilish Temari Song (1998) 15 cópias
Fragranze di morte (2022) 4 cópias
怪獣男爵 3 cópias
仮面舞踏会 3 cópias
The Little Sparrow Murders (2024) 3 cópias
くらやみ婿 2 cópias
鬼火 2 cópias
扉の影の女 : 他一篇 (1975) 2 cópias
女怪 (1996) 2 cópias
Beloe i chernoe (2006) 1 exemplar(es)
呪いの塔 = noroinoto 1 exemplar(es)
悪魔の家 = akumanoie 1 exemplar(es)
女王蜂 = joubachi 1 exemplar(es)
夜光虫 = yakochu 1 exemplar(es)
夜歩く = yoruaruku 1 exemplar(es)
三つ首塔 (角川文庫) (1972) 1 exemplar(es)
首 (角川文庫) (1976) 1 exemplar(es)
夜歩く (角川文庫) (1973) 1 exemplar(es)
Бал-маскарад 1 exemplar(es)

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Nome padrão
Yokomizo, Seishi
Nome de batismo
Data de nascimento
Data de falecimento
Local de enterro
Seishun-en cemetery, Kawasaki, Kanagawa
País (para mapa)
Locais de residência
Kobe, Japan
Osaka Pharmaceutical College (Pharmacy)



The Devil's Flute Murders is set in 1947 and was was first published in 1951. It is particularly interesting for its depiction of post-war Japan: there are food shortages; transport is unreliable; the power goes off every day; enormous numbers of buildings have been destroyed in bombings and subsequent fires. The family at the centre of the story once belonged to the nobility, which has recently been abolished. Viscount Tsubaki has disappeared and is thought to have committed suicide because he has discovered a terrible family shame. He leaves behind his inbred, hysterical wife who believes she can see her dead husband. Her daughter, Mineko, employs Detective Kindaichi to investigate her father's disappearance.

The other characters are the wife's evil brother and his wife and son; an elderly Count, uncle to Tsubaki's wife and her brother; a mysterious young man who is thought to be the son of Tsubaki's old school friend; the wife's devoted servant; another servant; the Count's young mistress. There is also a horde of minor characters, most of whose names start with "O" or "K" so it's hard to keep track.

The narration is highly melodramatic and beset by similes. Initially I found it distracting, but after a while the excessiveness became part of the book's charm. The plot is extraordinarily complicated, with many strands and a central locked-room mystery.

An entertaining read.
… (mais)
pamelad | outras 3 resenhas | May 23, 2024 |
The head of the Inugami family has died, leaving a complex will that leads to murder. Inugami had three daughters, each to a different mistress, and showed neither them nor their mothers any interest or affection. His daughters married and each produced a son, one of whom stands to inherit the bulk of the Inugami fortune should he be chosen as a husband by the beautiful granddaughter of Inugami's mentor, a priest who saved him from starvation and death. This is a ludicrously artificial mystery, but very entertaining. It was first published in 1946, when soldiers were returning from the war. A disfigured returned soldier in a rubber mask plays an important role, as does another returned serviceman who hides his identity with a muffler. There are lots of interesting cultural bits and pieces.… (mais)
pamelad | outras 13 resenhas | May 22, 2024 |
Originally written in 1973 and now released by Bolinda Publishing with translation from the Japanese by Jim Rion and narrated by Akira Matsumoto. The story is set in post WW2 Japan and was reflective of the times post war which was contemporary for the author. The Detective Kindaichi Mysteries first came out as serials and later as books which were popular in Japan. The series is finding new readers among those whose families originated there and seems to be quite popular with those who have a greater understanding of the background. Which is my roundabout way of saying that while the deductions were exemplary, I found it slow and difficult for me to relate. But it is interesting and I do favor books set in places I can never afford to visit. And I geek history. Glad that I read it.
I requested and received a free temporary audio copy from Bolinda Audio via NetGalley. Thank you!
… (mais)
jetangen4571 | outras 3 resenhas | Apr 15, 2024 |
This is a real 'locked-room murder mystery' that young private detective Kosuke Kindaichi is determined to solve.
During the wedding night, the head of the Ichiyanagis and his bride are brutally killed. When they were found in the morning, no traces were found in the fresh snow around the building, all the shutters were closed and the door was locked from the inside. How could the murderer have escaped? What happened? This mystery is written with many twists and turns. On the one hand, the reader thinks he is on the trail of the murderer, but soon realises that he is looking in the wrong direction.
It was a very exciting and amusing read.
… (mais)
Ameise1 | outras 30 resenhas | Apr 14, 2024 |



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