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Terence Hanbury White was born on May 29, 1906 in Bombay, India. He attended Cheltenham College, Gloucestershire, and Queen's College, Cambridge. The success of his autobiography, England Have My Bones, allowed him to leave teaching after six years and devote his time to writing. Although he wrote mostrar mais a wide array of novels and some poetry, he is best known for The Once and Future King, his four-volume retelling of the legend of King Arthur, which became the basis for both the musical, Camelot, and the Disney film, The Sword in the Stone. White died on January 17, 1964, while returning home from a lecture tour in America. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos


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The Once and Future King (1938) 15,383 cópias
The Book of Merlyn (1941) 3,725 cópias
The Sword in the Stone (1938) 3,362 cópias
Mistress Masham's Repose (1946) — Autor — 1,368 cópias
The Goshawk (1951) 565 cópias
The Age of Scandal (1950) 306 cópias
The Ill-Made Knight (1940) 145 cópias
Elephant and Kangaroo (1947) 144 cópias
Darkness at Pemberley (1932) 137 cópias
England Have My Bones (1936) 117 cópias
The Master (1957) 113 cópias
Farewell Victoria (1500) 88 cópias
The Candle in the Wind (1958) 66 cópias
The Scandalmonger (1952) 22 cópias
They Winter Abroad (1932) — Autor — 15 cópias
A Joy Proposed (1982) 10 cópias
The Troll (1935) 8 cópias
First Lesson (1969) — Autor — 5 cópias
Camelot 1 exemplar(es)
Svr̃det i stenen 1 exemplar(es)
The Books of Merlyn 1 exemplar(es)
The Once and Future King 1 exemplar(es)
Earth Stopped (1934) 1 exemplar(es)
Merlyn and me (SRA pilot library) (1964) 1 exemplar(es)
The Unicorn 1 exemplar(es)
Dead Mr. Nixon 1 exemplar(es)

Associated Works

The Sword in the Stone [1963 film] (1963) — Original story — 636 cópias
The Oxford Book of English Ghost Stories (1986) — Contribuinte — 547 cópias
The Oxford Book of Modern Fairy Tales (1993) — Contribuinte — 370 cópias
Shudder Again: 22 Tales of Sex and Horror (1993) — Contribuinte — 232 cópias
Unicorns! (1982) — Contribuinte — 226 cópias
The Golden Treasury of Children's Literature Set (1961) — Contribuinte — 210 cópias
Modern Classics of Fantasy (1939) — Contribuinte — 209 cópias
The Oxford Book of English Short Stories (1998) — Contribuinte — 196 cópias
Science Fiction Stories (1991) — Contribuinte — 183 cópias
Camelot [1967 film] (1967) — Original story — 166 cópias
Black Water 2: More Tales of the Fantastic (1990) — Contribuinte — 153 cópias
Murder & Other Acts of Literature (1997) — Contribuinte — 149 cópias
Bestiary! (1985) — Contribuinte — 123 cópias
Great Irish Tales of Fantasy and Myth (1994) — Contribuinte — 108 cópias
The Year's Best Fantasy Stories: 5 (1980) — Contribuinte — 87 cópias
Camelot: A New Musical [libretto] (1961) — Original play — 83 cópias
Camelot: Original 1960 Broadway Cast Recording (1960) — Original story — 79 cópias
Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Scream Along with Me (1970) — Contribuinte — 66 cópias
65 Great Tales of Horror (1981) — Contribuinte — 59 cópias
Reading for Pleasure (1957) — Contribuinte — 51 cópias
The Young Oxford Book of Nasty Endings (1997) — Contribuinte — 42 cópias
Tales of Dungeons and Dragons (1986) — Contribuinte — 24 cópias
Open the Door (1965) — Contribuinte — 22 cópias
Kingdoms of Sorcery: An Anthology of Adult Fantasy (1976) — Contribuinte — 21 cópias
The British at Home (1939) — Introdução — 15 cópias
Walt Disney's The Wizards' Duel (1963) — Original story — 15 cópias
Visions and Imaginations: Classic Fantasy Fiction (2005) — Contribuinte — 13 cópias
Tall Short Stories (1960) — Contribuinte — 9 cópias
Das Hobbit-Buch (1988) — Autor — 7 cópias
Ghostly, grim and gruesome: An anthology (1976) — Contribuinte — 7 cópias


(411) 20th century (209) anthology (375) Arthur (234) Arthurian (957) Arthurian legend (498) British (183) British literature (184) Camelot (134) children (121) children's (264) children's literature (138) classic (431) classics (443) England (328) English literature (172) fantasy (3,679) fiction (3,331) Folio Society (185) folklore (120) historical fiction (356) history (190) horror (142) King Arthur (917) knights (126) literature (381) magic (200) medieval (226) Merlin (346) non-fiction (117) novel (446) own (148) paperback (122) read (293) sff (152) short stories (391) T. H. White (136) to-read (1,358) unread (228) young adult (120)

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Nome padrão
White, T. H.
Nome de batismo
White, Terence Hanbury
Outros nomes
Aston, James
White, Tim
Data de nascimento
Data de falecimento
Local de enterro
First Cemetery of Athens, Greece
País (para mapa)
England, UK
Local de nascimento
Bombay, British India
Local de falecimento
Piraeus, Athens, Greece
Causa da morte
heart failure
Locais de residência
Doolistown, County Meath, Ireland
Alderney, Channel Islands
Queens' College, University of Cambridge (BA|1928)
Cheltenham College
David Higham



The Once and Future King Group Read: General Thread em 75 Books Challenge for 2010 (Junho 2010)


This book is a mess, but kind of a glorious, interesting mess. It is a retelling of the Arthurian legend, based on Sir Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur. As originally published, it consisted of four books. After the author's death a fifth book (The Book of Merlyn) was published, and the edition of The Once and Future King I read included that too.

Let's talk about each of the books:

1) The Sword in the Stone: this is about Arthur's childhood, and about how the wizard Merlyn mentored him to prepare him to become the king of England who would put an end to the abuses of the often brutal feudal lords and redirect the energies of those warriors towards the defense of what is right. It is a children's book, told in a very whimsical way, with magic adventures, blundering and comical knights, Arthur being turned into different animals to learn lessons from them... White tells the story in a very conversational tone, on purpose using many anachronisms that contribute to the whimsical atmosphere of the story. However, there are also some serious themes underlying it all. White introduces a strong pacifist message in the story.

2) The Queen of Air and Darkness: this book is mostly about Queen Morgause and her children (Gawain, Agravain, Gaheris and Gareth... Mordred would come later). It tells how their mother's pernicious brand of love influenced and, to a certain extent, warped those children. It also tells how Mordred was conceived. At the same time, it tells about the first part of Arthur's reign and the wars he fought against the lords who were not ready to accept his vision. Although some whimsical elements remain (like King Pellinore's eternal persecution of the Questing Beast), the tone is much more serious. It is particularly interesting for the complex psychological portrayal of Gawain and his brothers.

3) The Ill-Made Knight: this book is mainly about Lancelot, and about his ill-fated love affair with Queen Guinevere. In White's hands, Lancelot is a truly complex and fascinating character. This is the longest book and and the one that develops the central themes of the story.

4) The Candle in the Wind: this book tells the end of Arthur's tale, and it shows how his kingdom and the Round Table fall apart, consumed by resentments and tragic sins.

5) The Book of Merlyn: this one was included in the edition I read, but in many other editions it is not included. It is set during Arthur's last night, when Merlyn appears again and they revisit many of the lessons he had as a boy, and spend too much time on lengthy political and philosophical lectures. I frankly did not see the point. I mean, I think Arthur's story is very well-suited for the pacifist message White includes, but sometimes the more a message is hammered the less effective it becomes. At this point in the narrative, these lectures are really out of place. They should have remained unpublished. If your edition has it, unless you are a completist, my advice would be to read only the last chapter of this book, which is a nice epilogue to Arthur's story.

All in all, the book is a bit disorganized. Sometimes an important event that we had not read about is mentioned in passing, and later it is actually told, thus causing some confusion. Sometimes White is given to digressions that contribute little to the story. However, it is also a huge, fascinating story, at times beautifully told. The interpretation of the characters is excellent. White makes them complex and conflicted, in a way that makes them seem real people.
… (mais)
jcm790 | outras 206 resenhas | May 26, 2024 |
My target is to have this read by 2020-09-26, for a book club zoom meeting that day. The zoom book club meeting came and went. The discussion was interesting even though I hadn’t finished the book.

This book expounds the idea that we do not have choice, that there is a course of life set for us that we cannot alter. I don’t believe that. I believe that we do have choice, and our choices make a difference in the direction of our lives and our resultant happiness.

Life is complicated in that most of the time our understanding is imperfect. Missteps were made by main characters because of their misunderstanding of who really cared for them, and who was plotting to betray them.

I like the ending. It did not wrap everything up and put a pretty bow around it.
… (mais)
bread2u | outras 206 resenhas | May 15, 2024 |


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