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Kiersten White is an author of fantasy books including And I Darken, Now I Rise, the Paranormalcy trilogy, Mind Games, Perfect Lies, The Chaos of Stars, and Illusions of Fate. She also co-wrote In the Shadows with Jim Di Bartolo. (Bowker Author Biography)

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Obras de Kiersten White

Paranormalcy (2010) 2,156 cópias
And I Darken (2016) 1,782 cópias
The Guinevere Deception (2019) 869 cópias
Supernaturally (2011) 835 cópias
Now I Rise (2017) 804 cópias
Hide (2022) 599 cópias
Mind Games (2013) 573 cópias
Slayer (2019) 572 cópias
Endlessly (2012) 562 cópias
The Chaos of Stars (2013) 520 cópias
Bright We Burn (2018) 519 cópias
Illusions of Fate (2012) 293 cópias
Mister Magic (2023) 284 cópias
The Camelot Betrayal (2020) 249 cópias
Perfect Lies (2020) 216 cópias
Chosen (2020) 199 cópias
In the Shadows (2014) 146 cópias
Star Wars Padawan (2022) 144 cópias
The Excalibur Curse (2021) 137 cópias
Wretched Waterpark (2022) 71 cópias
Annie and Fia (2013) 31 cópias
Sister Assassin (2013) 29 cópias
Vampiric Vacation (2022) 29 cópias
Camp Creepy (2023) 22 cópias
Menacing Manor (2023) 16 cópias
ReMade: The Complete Season 1 (2017) — Autor — 12 cópias
Haunted Holiday (2024) 7 cópias
Amazement Park (2023) 4 cópias
Chaos of Starts 1 exemplar(es)
Welcome to Christmas, CA [short work] — Autor — 1 exemplar(es)
Eyes of the Empire 1 exemplar(es)

Associated Works

My True Love Gave to Me (2014) — Contribuinte — 936 cópias
Dear Bully: Seventy Authors Tell Their Stories (2011) — Contribuinte — 320 cópias
Corsets and Clockwork: 13 Steampunk Romances (2011) — Contribuinte — 293 cópias
Who Done It? (2013) — Contribuinte — 136 cópias
That Way Madness Lies (2021) — Contribuinte — 110 cópias


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Really was looking forward to this, but ultimately it wasn't my cup of tea. Interesting premise...love the 90s TV show reunion setup. Not at all scary and kinda one-dimensional characters. Finished it, but only because I hoped it would go somewhere interesting. It never did. Now debating whether I want to read Hide. Who doesn't like an abandoned amusement park as a setting? But fool me twice and all that.
angiestahl | outras 15 resenhas | Apr 4, 2024 |
Thoroughly enjoyed this whole trilogy. Glad that the ending wrapped everything up without feeling rushed or drawn out.

And I’m obsessed with Radu’s story arch from beginning to end.
ilkjen | outras 11 resenhas | Mar 19, 2024 |
Thoroughly enjoyed this whole trilogy. Glad that the ending wrapped everything up without feeling rushed or drawn out.

And I’m obsessed with Radu’s story arch from beginning to end.
ilkjen | outras 11 resenhas | Mar 19, 2024 |
Possible Triggers: Extreme gore
This is a dark horror story that’s filled to overflowing with blood, gore.... with a secret society of high society elites who are murdering the young, and the poor in order to secure the success of their own families. I had to wonder when they would turn on those like themselves when they became too much competition. Fodder for another book maybe. I do not misspeak when I say that it is grisly. The plot is well thought out and cleverly presented with a diverse cast of characters that are almost entirely TOO memorable. The central character and the heroine of this dark tale is very often totally unlikeable, and we learn that she is fighting a very dark past. The storyline is frighteningly simple...the game is composed of fourteen contestants who are dropped off in an abandoned amusement park for a game of extreme...and I do mean extreme... hide-and-seek. The winner is promised not only glorious fame but also a fifty-thousand-dollar cash prize. Believe me... we quickly find out what folks will do for that kind of money. The competitors range from an internet influencer who is looking for viral content for his program, to a couple of techies hoping for a chance to spend earn time with the executives of the extreme sports company that is sponsoring this "event". There is even a young woman trying to rebuild her life after an abusive relationship... and last but not least...a rural gas station attendant who just wants to make some "real-life" friends. Who in the world would want these people as friends??? Why doesn't he just go to a club or to church, or just go to the library??? Oh yeah now I remember...fifty thousand big green ones!! So, our little murdering groupies are composed from all walks and stations of life...all with one common goal in mind...kill before you're killed, then take the money and run quickly to the bank. I will have to say that it was less bleak than I expected after the first couple of chapters, but OMG...the amount of blood gore and body parts that was crammed into these pages! You probably will need to be HUGE fan of horror, or you'll spend a few weeks or months locked away in your house hiding under your covers with ever light in the house on, after finally closing the book. Of course, you'll have to eventually go out for food...but watch your back and stay away from the amusement park!!… (mais)
Carol420 | outras 26 resenhas | Mar 18, 2024 |



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