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Andy Weir was born and raised in California on June 16, 1972. He is the author of the bestselling, award winning book The Martian. Weir states, I started writing fiction and just putting it up on my website. The Martian was posted in serial format for free for people to read. Its popularity mostrar mais prompted Weir to self-publish a Kindle version on Amazon in 2012. The Martian rocketed to the top of Amazon's online bestseller charts soon after its release. Random House publishers soon heard of The Martian's success, spurring a book deal. This title won the Adult Debut Prize in the Indie Choice Book Awards 2015, the same year that it became listed on the New York Times bestseller list. He was also awarded The John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer in 2016. He is the author of Artemis. It was published in November 2017 and has become a New York Times bestseller. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos


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The Martian (2012) 17,822 cópias
Artemis (2017) 5,891 cópias
Project Hail Mary (2021) — Autor — 5,707 cópias
The Martian [2015 film] (2011) — Autor — 756 cópias
Rand0m1ze (2019) 351 cópias
The Egg (2009) 272 cópias
Cheshire Crossing (2019) 189 cópias
The Egg and Other Stories (2017) 75 cópias
Diary of an AssCan (2015) 61 cópias
James Moriarty, Consulting Criminal (2017) — Autor — 47 cópias
Annie's Day 28 cópias
The Chef 13 cópias
Lacero 10 cópias
The Real Deal 9 cópias
Bored World 9 cópias
Meeting Sarah 8 cópias
Antihypoxiant 6 cópias
Access 5 cópias
Zhek 3 cópias
Twarrior 2 cópias
Digitocracy 1 exemplar(es)
Rat 1 exemplar(es)

Associated Works

Press Start to Play (2015) — Contribuinte — 254 cópias
Forward Collection (2019) — Contribuinte — 21 cópias


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enjoyed the story, a bit heavy on science, I might have learned a thing or too.
billa18 | outras 323 resenhas | Feb 29, 2024 |
The author manages to convey exciting fantasy story telling through scientific problem solving which is mostly realistic and even educational. The book is a model for the genre of sci-fi where story unravels through novel imagined design constraints in a physically realistic world.

The world of hard science often does land with slight cliche’ story structures but it works. The point of these stories is how details matter and the drama in the scientific method.

The audio book production is perfect.… (mais)
yates9 | outras 323 resenhas | Feb 28, 2024 |
“Cute” and an ambitious mix of pieces to work to but not convincing in that the characters feel somehow stereotypes rather than real. Still amazing mastery at weaving hard sci-fi into the novel.

The story feels like it is aimed at a teen audience but this is not so evident in cover etc…
yates9 | outras 350 resenhas | Feb 28, 2024 |
It's pretty clear from the get-go that astronaut Mark Watney is actually going to survive being thought dead and being abandoned on Mars, despite his pronouncements about how truly fucked he is. Andy Weir didn't go to all the trouble to write this story about an astronaut left behind just to have him die at the end, much less somewhere in the middle. Thus, there's no suspense or tension.

The pleasure of this novel rather comes from two other sources. First, the intellectual interest of creating problems Watney might encounter in this extreme situation and then resolving them. Food going to run out way before any possible rescue? Figure out a way to grow lots of potatoes inside your habitable dome with the small handful you have. You need water for that. Set up a lab to strip rocket fuel of its hydrogen, apply a small flame at the end of a funnel directing the escaping hydrogen into the oxygen rich air to create water vapor which will be collected from the air by your life support system and stored as water. Imperfect hydrogen burn turns your dome into a potential hydrogen bomb? Evacuating all the oxygen will allow controlled hydrogen burn-off, but then no oxygen will kill the earth bacteria you've incredibly managed to foster in the Martian dirt to turn it into farmable soil. You have a space suit, but the bacteria don't. Ah, send them into near hibernation with freezing temperature! But that would kill the potatoes. Hmm. And so on. It can be a fun game.

Secondly, Watney's wisecracking character turns the novel into a sort of black comedy. It is not possible to imagine a more jovial, well-adjusted, full of zingers kinda guy in the bleak, lonely situation of being the only human on a planet hostile to your continued life, with any rescue years later a questionable prospect at best (allegedly). He does his best to keep us amused.
… (mais)
lelandleslie | outras 1,231 resenhas | Feb 24, 2024 |



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