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Butcher & Blackbird (2023) 878 cópias
Leather & Lark (2024) 189 cópias
Black Sheep (2022) 45 cópias
A Shadow In The Reaping (2021) 7 cópias
A Heart of Bitter Poison (2022) 3 cópias
The Diviner (2021) 2 cópias


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“Just like in nature, the prettiest things are often the most poisonous.”

I honestly didn't think I could love a book more than Butcher & Blackbird but holy cow. I think this one is so much better. Lark is probably my favorite character that Brynne Weaver has in this series. She's a "multiple deleter" with a flair and I adore her for it. She's the perfect level of quirk while also masking to be who she thinks others need her to be. Lark would literally do anything to protect the ones she loves, even if that means marrying the man she can't stand... Lachlan Kane. It's perfect because Lachlan doesn't really see beneath the carefree persona for a long time; which provides for some amazing banter between the two. The only time it gets better... after she discovers that dear sweet Lachlan enjoys a little smut reading. I loved how the humor really managed to balance out the intense and horrible dynamics of the book.
What I don't love is that yet again Brynne Weaver has decided to ruin more foods for me. Also what is it with this woman and eyes? But no for real... if you loved B&B I am telling you that this one will surpass it for you. You aren't even going to believe how quickly you fall in love with Lachlan and even Lark. I enjoyed so much about this book that I don't even know what to focus on. I think my absolute favorite character has to be Ethel. The woman literally does whatever she wants and isn't afraid of anyone or anything and I love that about her. I loved the pacing of this one and the extra element of a threat we don't know. Brynne Weaver is really learning to make me enjoy the slow burn to be honest. Oh does she know how to ramp up the tension between characters to the perfect moment. And I have to admit I did not see that bonus chapter coming... pun intended.
… (mais)
BookReviewsbyTaylor | Jun 11, 2024 |
Knife happy serial killers fall in love amidst the gore.
This is hella dirty - in terms of cussing, violence and sex.

This is not my jam, hence why I didn’t rate it.
spiritedstardust | outras 14 resenhas | Jun 1, 2024 |
Wow, this book was the spiciest I have read yet! Wowza 🌊🌶️🌊

I enjoyed the book, fell in love with the main characters and even loved the killing because, hey, they deserved it!

The twist at the end was great and I didn’t see it coming and I feel like I am pretty good about mind guessing some plots but this one surprise slapped me…..and I kinda liked it!

Looking forward to the next one to see what these two will do in the next book. How can they top that barrage of energy and spice?

I’ll say it again, just wowza!
… (mais)
AngelaOMalley72 | outras 14 resenhas | May 25, 2024 |
Love the spicy voice and unique story. Had higher expectations.
vickiv | outras 14 resenhas | Apr 2, 2024 |





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