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This book would/will be extremely useful when finally getting around to a vintage pattern.
beautifulshell | 1 outra resenha | Aug 27, 2020 |
Scenes from all Jane Austen's major novels
By sally tarbox on September 7, 2016
Format: Paperback
An absolutely lovely book, featuring a set of dolls (about 11 inches tall) in various outfits and scenarios from assorted works by Jane Austen. The dolls are knitted in 4 ply and in the round.

Pride and Prejudice features both Jane's and Lydia's weddings, a home scene (Mrs Bennett in her dressing gown berating her long suffering husband) and the fateful ball (Jane eavesdropping on the bachelors' conversation from behind a curtain) among others.
Then there's Emma - painting a portrait of Harriet, picnicking with Miss Bates (a homely lady in her bonnet, shawl and spectacles).
Sense and Sensibility focusses on Willoughby rescuing Marianne in the rain and the duel (how to knit a sword!).
In Persuasion we see our heroine at the knitted pianoforte (a long-legged Regency version of the instrument).
Mansfield Park's scene is of Sir Thomas interrupting the young people's efforts to stage a play.
And in 'Catherine is caught snooping', the scene from Northanger Abbey, we see her surprised while searching a dark room (includes details on how to make a spider and cobweb.)

I love all the early 19th century outfits and accessories - there's every possible style of clothing and such varied things as a birdbath, a fan,a chandelier, a parasol, a cat and a sheep...

Have borrowed this from library but it's so good I must get a copy to keep.

PS Have just finished knitting my first Regency lady (figure only, not yet clothes.) I had grand ambitions of trying to do it in the round but this is NOT a suitable item for your first attempt on 4 needles! I converted it to flat knitting and while it's not perfect, it worked out (except by blindly following instructions her bust was one at each end so she had to be seamed up front. And then madly tweaked to get head seam to the back so sher wouldn't have line up middle of her face! Not for new knitters but if you're fairly practised it's do-able. Lots of shaping - thighs, calves etc, unlike most dolls that are straight all way up. Now cant wait to dress her!
… (mais)
starbox | Sep 7, 2016 |
This is a really neat book, with half being devoted to knitting patterns, and the other half about adapting vintage patterns for your body shape and adding vintage elements to modern patterns. I didn't knit any of the patterns myself, but I read the sections about adapting vintage patterns and retro-styling modern patterns. There was a good mix of instruction, explanation, and visualizations.
monnibo | 1 outra resenha | May 29, 2014 |

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