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British mystery writer Minette Walters began her literary career as a sub-editor at a romance publishing company. She wrote short stories and romance novels for a time before turning to writing mysteries. Her first mystery novel, The Ice House (1992), won the John Creasy Award for Best First Novel. mostrar mais Later novels have also been award winners. Scold's Bridle won a CWA Gold Dagger and The Sculptress (which was made into a BBC television play) won an Edgar Award. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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The Ice House (1992) 1,606 cópias
The Sculptress (1993) 1,572 cópias
The Breaker (1998) 1,526 cópias
The Scold's Bridle (1994) 1,506 cópias
The Dark Room (1995) 1,505 cópias
The Shape of Snakes (2000) 1,490 cópias
The Echo (1997) 1,385 cópias
Acid Row (2001) 1,302 cópias
Fox Evil (2002) 1,240 cópias
The Devil's Feather (2005) 1,120 cópias
Disordered Minds (2003) 1,062 cópias
The Chameleon's Shadow (2007) 788 cópias
Burning Point (1999) 526 cópias
The Last Hours (2017) 436 cópias
Chickenfeed (2006) 217 cópias

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Absolute quality

Beautifully written and researched as I have come to expect from this Author's Historical fiction, atmospheric descriptive intelligent storytelling, with a real feel for time and place. Engaging from first to last page with superb characterisation throughout. A clever mix of fictional and real people.
Completely and utterly recommended.
Gudasnu | outras 4 resenhas | Apr 30, 2024 |
Sorry, Minette, it's not you, it's the incest.
LaurenThemself | outras 26 resenhas | Feb 20, 2024 |
A homeless man dies of starvation in a garage next to a freezer full of food. Why did he pick that garage and why didn't he eat any of the food he had access to? As journalist Michael Deacon looks into the story, he unravels a complex plot linking 2 unsolved disappearances in the past.
bookworm3091 | outras 19 resenhas | Feb 11, 2024 |
The Turn of Midnight by Minette Walters was published in 2019 and follows straight on from the events in The Last Hours, published in 2017. I received this book from a generous bookish friend in 2019 and it's languished on my TBR until now. Together these two historical fiction titles form the Black Death duology, which is set in 1300s Develish, Dorsetshire.

I read The Last Hours in October 2017 and despite reading The Turn of Midnight six years later, I didn't find myself lost at all. The Last Hours ended on such a memorable cliffhanger that left me out of sorts at the time, yet the author does an excellent job reminding us about the precise state of play when we last caught up with the various characters. My favourite historical fiction authors - Philippa Gregory, Alison Weir and Ken Follett - also manage to strike this balance between boring and repetitive recaps and helpful pointers that enhance the narrative without distracting from it.

To further drive home this point, halfway through The Turn of Midnight, the review copy of The Armour of Light by Ken Follett arrived in my mailbox. I'd requested it from the publisher and it was 730+ pages long so I reluctantly set aside this book in favour of ensuring I met my reviewing commitments. Picking this back up again 2 weeks later, I needn't have worried that a further interruption would diminish my reading enjoyment.

Again Lady Anne is the hero of her demesne, and together with Thaddeus, they have a plan to secure their futures after the black plague has swept through the countryside. The pestilence exposed the worst in some people and the best in others, some cowered in fear while others responded with kindness, unwilling to believe God was punishing them for their sins.

If you've been reading my reviews for any length of time, you'll have noticed that I love a good quote. I take a note as I'm reading and later transcribe all of the quotes when drafting my review. Many of these quotes end up on the cutting room floor but I didn't record any while reading The Turn of Midnight. I checked my review of The Last Hours and I didn't note any quotes while reading that one either. Perhaps it's a relief to read a quote-free review from me for a change, but I can assure you this wasn't due to a lack of great writing.

Lady Anne is a compelling character, a widow navigating a man's world and constantly challenged at every turn, she must be clever to dodge their accusations, negotiate safety and a future for her people. The dialogue was tight and amusing and the ending was immensely satisfying.

The Turn of Midnight by Minette Walters is highly recommended for historical fiction readers, but it won't really work as a standalone, so for maximum understanding and enjoyment, I recommended starting with The Last Hours.
… (mais)
Carpe_Librum | outras 11 resenhas | Nov 27, 2023 |



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