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Behind the Throne (2016) 375 cópias, 26 resenhas
A Pale Light in the Black (2020) 203 cópias, 13 resenhas
After the Crown (2016) 175 cópias, 12 resenhas
Beyond the Empire (2017) 133 cópias, 8 resenhas
There Before the Chaos (2018) 123 cópias, 4 resenhas
Hold Fast Through the Fire (2021) 71 cópias, 3 resenhas
Down Among the Dead (The Farian War) (2019) 66 cópias, 5 resenhas
Out Past the Stars (The Farian War, 3) (2021) 61 cópias, 4 resenhas
The Ghosts of Trappist (2023) 44 cópias, 2 resenhas


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A space opera inter-service games combo, centered around a crew of space-police ship and the newest crew member a woman from the family who produces the anti-aging drug and has joined this branch of the service against her family's will. Fast moving with good flow, the games are described lightly enough not to drag on the story. Many of the beats are familiar, but the central mystery works well enough to keep this from just being a root for the home team games book.
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quondame | outras 12 resenhas | Jun 6, 2024 |
{first in NeoG trilogy ; science fiction, space, future}(2020)

This series was recommended to me after I read the Indranan War series by the same author. When I finished this book three months ago I just put a place holder for it and then rushed on with my reading; I'm back to try and review it in hindsight (using the notes I jotted down on Litsy as I read).

Maxine Carmichael has, against family tradition, joined the NeoG (Near-Earth Orbital Guard) - who patrol our solar system - instead of the Navy or the family company. Commander Rosa Martín Rivas and the crew of Zuma's Ghost of the NeoG are still smarting from a close loss in last year's Boarding Games and are hoping to win this year - but Max is replacing their best swordsman and she has different strengths. The main focus of the story is the inter-forces Games, as the chapter headings suggest, but there are other things happening out in the solar system. In between patrolling - when they discover that there is a deadly mystery linked back to the Carmichael's company - the crew train and compete in the Games .

I found this book easy to read and more-ish but not too intense. For some reason, though I enjoyed it, I didn't feel deeply invested in the characters; maybe it was because some events that we see the build-up to then finish off-screen? It gave the book a feeling of incompleteness and the time jumps it entailed didn't help either.

Initially I found all the names confusing at the beginning especially when they were given their proper name the first time we saw them but a nickname (without an explanation as to who it belonged to) on their second mention. Plus, a lot of names are similar: Ma/ Max, Nika/Zika all on the same crew but not related and Nika has an adopted sister with a completely different name.

This was a fun, light read. There seemed to be a suggestion of ESP in some of the characters though that didn't crystallise into anything in this book. I think I have a thing for Doge, the metal AI dog who reminds me a lot of our own real-life canine.

The NeoG oath, recited by the crew just before they go out to compete in one of the rounds of the Game, which also explains the title of this story:
They all circled around her and Rosa felt her heart shake for a moment when she met Ma’s eyes. He reached out and put his hand on hers. “We go out into the black,” he said
“To protect the lost,” Sapphi continued.
“And weary travelers far from home,” Locke and Garcia said together and shared a grin.
“We go out into the black.” D’Arcy’s rumbling bass was in Rosa’s ear as he reached past her, putting his other hand on her back.
“Without thought of return.” Akane’s clear soprano rang through the tunnel and Rosa knew the other teams were watching them.
“Because it is our duty to stand between.” Tamago filled in the gap on Rosa’s other side.
“Those who need us,” Huang said.
“And all the things on silent wings.” Murphy’s eyes were shining with unshed tears.
“That come to steal their lives away.” Jenks met Rosa’s gaze and then Max put her hand on the top of the pile.
“We are the sentinels, always ready to defend the pale light that shines in the black.”
“We are the NeoG,” Rosa looked around, nodded once, and dropped her hand.
Worth giving it a go.

(March 2024)
3.5-4 stars
… (mais)
humouress | outras 12 resenhas | Jun 2, 2024 |
I really liked this book because the characters were interesting and well-drawn. The world-building was not too far off a possible future for Terrans. It posits an answer to the question: what would need to be invented for humans to be able to travel out of our solar system?

At its heart this is a political murder mystery. There are a lot of sports-related (mostly kick-boxing) combats that act as the framework around which the story plays out. There is a spare use of “techno-babble”.

It took a bit to get oriented at the beginning – first names and pronouns – but was a good, fast thrill ride after that. One that I would recommend be read in one sitting.
… (mais)
Dorothy2012 | outras 12 resenhas | Apr 22, 2024 |
Much like the previous one this feels a little bit forced regarding the different permutations and relationships with family and friends. If you're open and tolerant though the rest of the plot remains interesting and insightful. Again a little bit rushed, and perhaps lacking in some of the details that made Hail so much fun. There is a lot going on and we only follow a few characters so many events don't seem to quite get the depth they deserve. Fortunately it looks like the Games won't be making a further appearance, but sadly they're replaced by Jenk's Doge which is gaining capabilities every page. It even has arms now. There's a also an increase in the "Interstitials" which I mostly don't like as they're cutaways to characters we don't engage with in timelines that aren't clear.

The essence is that Ships have been going missing from the Trappist system. It's unclear if humanity has managed to colonize other worlds, but the implication is that they have, and hence unclear again, why we're back on this one. Or why it's the NeoG's job to investigate and then solve the problem. They do have some Navy assistance when they ask for it. The action then skips back and forth between various character's personal problems, the ever-present (but diminishing importance) Games and a couple of different angles around the main quest. I think it's a lack of balance between the characters and the action that I didn't quite get on with. Whether you'll enjoy this depends what you like in your science fiction.

And a fundamental technology plot hole is that a space ships' 'rail gun' fired on the ground will do a lot more than just knock over a few space suits. The principle of magnetic acceleration usually applied to the term doesn't scale down to land war. Wagers has up until now avoided errors like this.

Although I enjoyed a lot of it I'm not sure I'm that interested in reading more of the NeoG, and will wait until Wagers writes in another world.
… (mais)
reading_fox | 1 outra resenha | Jul 20, 2023 |



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