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There was so much I liked about this book, but by the end it still felt like a liked-didn’t-love situation. The reader, Lillian Rachel, was very good—I’d listen to more with her as narrator, perhaps even another in this series.

I do like when the main conflict in a romance isn’t the relationship itself but something the romantic leads can team up and conquer together. That was mostly the case with this book, and I was glad that Quen and Catherine were so sure and secure in each other pretty early on. There were several nice swoony scenes, about on par with Nancy Campbell Allen’s love scenes, if a little steamier. No sex, but plenty of burn.

I don’t know. There was almost too little tension in this. The leads, thankfully, get over their angst about getting together pretty soon, and there aren’t any regretful take-backs after the first kiss. I liked that a lot. The tension brought in by Lord Bircham and Mrs. Burke didn’t really have any teeth since Catherine had quite powerful friends to back her up, and her grandmother was already starting to recover. The revelations about Mrs. Burke and her reason for trying to force a marriage to her son felt very rushed and not that convincing.

By the end, the protagonists felt a little too perfect and their sensibilities more modern than I thought was realistic, especially Quen’s. He’d be a perfect boyfriend or fiancé by today’s standards! I might try another in the series, just to see how it is with a different couple. I do like that the author is willing to dump the more predictable angst that can be found in these books.
… (mais)
Harks | outras 3 resenhas | Dec 17, 2022 |
My Dearest Duke by Kristin Vayden
Historical regency romance. Closed door. Sibling best friend troupe.
Rowles inherited his title of Duke at the death of his brother. He left his Cambridge profession as a Divinity professor to take his position in society and care for his mother in what would now be labeled as dementia.
Lady Joan Morgan has her first season in society. She’s known Rowles for years but having danced her first waltz with him at her brother’s prompting, she’s now certain of his goodness and as a potential husband. Her main concern is in telling him of her clandestine work for the War Department and whether he will support her continued work.

A historical romance where I once again learned interesting facts. I expected more of the story to be around her secret work but while that was a small portion, I’d say more it was about death, sickness, and the hero and heroine’s immediate support of each other.

“The furnisher would see to the hiring of the mutes, mourners, and jobbers to transport his mother’s coffin to the family grave site”.
So much has changed over the years, not just the names of the workers, but the entire process of burying our loved ones. Apparently women were not encouraged to attend the funeral procession at the time.
The wedding process has changed as well. From a couple of days after legal announcements made by the groom to year long waits and exorbitant planning and celebrations.
The gloves too have always fascinated me. In this story she is reading alone and has leather gloves on. Or maybe she put them on when he came into the library but they put importance on wearing them. It’s not like they had plagues, right? Ok, they did, but that’s not why the gloves were worn.
Did you know the kaleidoscope was invented by David Brewster? Now you do.
There were a few unanswered questions which I assume will make this part of a series.

I received a copy of this from NetGalley.
… (mais)
Madison_Fairbanks | 1 outra resenha | Nov 11, 2022 |
Dukes and realizations!

Whilst I rather liked the characters of Rowles Haywind, Duke of Westmore, and Lady Joan Morgan, I felt the storyline meandered far too much.
A nobleman whose mother’s mental illness makes him wary of ever marrying in case he passes the illness onto his children. He was at his best at Cambridge. When his older brother died he had to ex-chance Cambridge for a Dukedom. His love of challenging conversations has never left him and that’s what Joan provides, stimulating discourse, and maybe something more.
A young noblewoman who hides considerable talents for detecting, exposing forgeries and works secretly for the war office, Joan wants a normal life, but how much will her secret make a husband shudder. There’s a hint of presence but didn’t fully develop. Joan also wants a world where the freedom to be equal and have the same opportunities as men is normal.
Mental health conditions of the time and the addiction to laudenham, are discussed. The terror of such situations is talked about but these ideas didn’t flow comfortably, rather they’re inserted and somewhat stilted. Rowles makes sure his mother is cared for even though the attempts to reason with her are fraught. I must say it was rather shocking that his mother and brother had discussed putting Rowles into Bedlam should his scholarship and attitude to servants cause concern amongst the ton.
Chapters are headed by supposed quotes from Joan of Arc. I was finding the relevance somewhat scattered. Although Joan’s code name is Saint. So there’s a hint.
There are many positive interactions but it all felt slightly off key.
I had no problem with content having a Christian flavour, but there was just too many other threads at play.

A Sourcbooks ARC via NetGalley.
Many thanks to the author and publisher.
… (mais)
eyes.2c | 1 outra resenha | Nov 7, 2022 |
I realized I had deprioritized this book because the cover model looks like she stepped out of a recent magazine, and because I don’t quite understand the title. I enjoyed this cute, clean short story of frenemies to lovers. I would have liked it to be longer but I appreciated the angst and will check out more from his author.
Rhiannon.Mistwalker | Aug 19, 2022 |

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