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Dan van der Vat (1939–2019)

Autor(a) de Pacific Campaign: The U.S.-Japanese Naval War 1941-1945

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Vat, Dan van der
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Vat, Daniel Francis Jeroen van der
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Alkmaar, Holland
Vat, Daan van der (father)



Very readable account of a fascinating event in maritime history. Good background on the development of the German naval fleet.
K9VB | outras 4 resenhas | Apr 27, 2024 |
This is a reasonably good overview of World War II in the Pacific, written for a general audience so while it's well-researched there are no footnotes within the text. My studies of other materials are in line wth the facts as presented here, so given the book's purpose I believe the list of sources in the back is sufficient. A more scholarly publication would, of course, use footnotes or (preferably, to me) endnotes.

It's not clear, though, whether this is meant to be a history or an analysis of the campaign. It starts as the former, presenting mostly facts with explanations as needed, but as the book goes on the author injects his own opinions more and more frequently. I happen to agree with most of them, but it becomes distracting when they're just inserted into the narrative.

Keep in mind that this book was published in 1991, so there are some pieces of conventional wisdom that have since been reexamined as new information has come to light, documents have been declassified, and so on. I don't mean conspiracy theories, for which I have little to no respect; I'm talking about honest reappraisal due to the fresh availability of facts. I notice this more at the beginning of the book than in later chapters.

If you're looking for an overview of the war in the Pacific with some but not overwhelming detail, this book is just what you need. Of necessity, though, it can't go into great depth given the enormity of the conflict -- for that you'll want to find books on the individual operations.
… (mais)
dsliesse | outras 2 resenhas | Jul 3, 2023 |
From the author of The Atlantic Campaign comes a historic account of the greatest naval conflict: the Pacific campaign of World War II.

Dan van der Vat's naval histories have been acclaimed on both sides of the Atlantic as “definitive,” “extraordinary,” and “vivid and harrowing.” Now he turns to the greatest naval conflict in history: the Pacific campaign of World War II. Drawing on neglected archives of firsthand accounts from both sides, van der Vat interweaves eyewitness testimony with sharp, analytical narration to provide a penetrating reappraisal of the strategic and political background of both the Japanese and American forces, as well as a major reassessment of the role of intelligence on both sides. A comprehensive evaluation of all aspects of the war in the Pacific, The Pacific Campaign promises to be the standard work on the U.S.-Japanese war for years to come.… (mais)
Alhickey1 | outras 2 resenhas | Apr 17, 2023 |
As you might expect from the title, this book explains the circumstances surrounding the scuttling of the German fleet in Scapa Flow, Orkney, after the First World War. It draws upon archive materials, eyewitness accounts, and survivors’ stories told to the author many years later. The idea of the book is an interesting one, but I found the writing style a bit old-fashioned—the author is prone to referring to ships as “she” and to “Man’s” achievements, which provokes eye-rolling on my part. It is a book of many details, which interested readers will enjoy but which for this reader were overwhelming. I would say this is a book better read when you have the attention span to read carefully. For me, in the middle of present global circumstances, this is not the right book for the times.… (mais)
rabbitprincess | outras 4 resenhas | Jun 6, 2020 |



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