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Bear (1976) — Posfácio, algumas edições608 cópias
The Studhorse Man (1969) — Introdução, algumas edições93 cópias
The Oxford Book of Stories by Canadian Women in English (1999) — Contribuinte — 28 cópias


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Honestly, I think there's a giant weakness in the middle: Derrick acts as a sounding board to all of the narrator's complex, tho artful and insightful, thots. He asks simple questions after her intricate and precise commentary, and I find his responses inadequate, maybe even disinterested.

However, the book enacts its own restlessness, and I found myself, at parts, impatient, yes restless, with the (lack of) plot. So I find the novel (if one can call it that) successful, but would rather Derrick be a fullness of his own, rather than a response-and-reply.… (mais)
biblioclair | outras 2 resenhas | Jun 20, 2023 |
I've been wanting to read this for a while. In 1978, the author won a $50,000 prize for the best first novel by a Canadian writer.

This is the story of Judith, who grew up on a pig farm, moved to the city to work as a secretary, but decides to buy her own farm in her mid-twenties. The author has done an amazing job of interspersing childhood events, Judith's affair with her boss in the city, and current events almost seamlessly. The characters are complex and I loved this story....by learning about aspects of Judith's life, we understand the choices she made. Great writing, good story.… (mais)
LynnB | 1 outra resenha | Feb 7, 2020 |
"Only recently have we come to enjoy some freedom from clothing designed to create an aesthetic of beauty based on physical impairment, elongated waists, squeezed breasts, and bound stomachs and buttocks. It is a wonder we can still walk. And who will be responsible for what those tortures have created? The existence of smelling salts, hysteria, frigidity and shrewishness can all be attributed to uncomfortable underwear."

Arachne Manteia is a heroine like no other. She is a mercurial adventurer who has a secret hankering for a suburban home, irreverent without actually being disrespectful, a loner yet in need of a partner for her nonchalant sexual liaisons, a panty sales rep peddling them to all the small towns in Alberta yet personally eschewing the product. According to Ovid, Arachne was a great weaver who boasted that her skill was greater than that of the older Athena. In van Herk's allegorical story, Arachne divulges her secretive life only to her friend Thena. Spidery allusions are abundant and clevery woven into the story. As usual with van Herk, her feminist symbolism is hugely entertaining!

I'm sorry to say I've had this 5-star book on the shelf for a long time. I could have, should have, enjoyed it years ago.
… (mais)
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VivienneR | Apr 27, 2016 |
Can you equate death and love?

In Aritha Van Herk’s Restlessness, we meet Dorcas, a professional traveller (she works as a courier), a woman who has been everywhere in the world, a woman who has no home. Sure, she makes her base in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, but she is not at home there – despite her love for the city, and for the Chinooks and the landmarks that define it. Exhausted by the constant movement, desperate for solace, the courier holes herself up in the Palliser Hotel and awaits a hired assassin to kill/love? her.

Please see the rest of my post on my blog, The Door is Ajar, at http://shernor2.wordpress.com/2012/04/10/restlessness/!
… (mais)
SherNor | outras 2 resenhas | Apr 12, 2012 |



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