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(M43'12) Six Frigates, Ian W. Toll em World Reading Circle (Outubro 2012)


Read this in the spring of 2024 instead of reading assigned readings for JMO at the NWC. Actually ended up being helpful for class as my readings of the Leyte Gulf battle coincided with discussions of this battle in class. From the prologue to the epilogue and everything in between, this book was incredible. What an ending to such an awesome trilogy. I will definitely read this again someday. This is the seminole work on the war in the Pacific. So well written and researched from the lowest ranking servicemen to the top brass, JCS, and president. It also included numerous experiences of civilians exposed to the terrible impacts of this war, especially in Japan. Can't say enough about this awesome series. So glad I finally picked it up after a long break of pleasure reading due to the work load at the NWC.… (mais)
SDWets | outras 15 resenhas | May 5, 2024 |
Well-written, deeply researched, and fast-moving, Toll tells the story of the earliest days of the US Navy. Beginning with Congressional debates (politics never changes), through the proving fire of the War of 1812, the story of the six frigates and their crews is also the story of America’s entry onto the world stage as a naval power.
eaharms1 | outras 24 resenhas | Apr 16, 2024 |
Very clear, readable history. Gives a good account of the people, places, and events.
rscottm182gmailcom | outras 24 resenhas | Mar 12, 2024 |
A great conclusion to the Pacific War Trilogy, this book covers just a year of time but is the longest of the books- Toll explains in his Forward that he wanted to get in material he had left out of the previous books, focused on things like the home front, politics in the US and Japan, the submarine actions of the war, etc.

Toll is a great writer, with the perfect blend of flowery prose and precise explication for a popular work of non-fiction. I rate this book a half star below the other two just because this volume seems a bit bloated- it seems like every time the battleships bombard an island prior to an amphibious invasion, he hauls out a slightly different version of the same observation, that "it's hard to imagine how anyone could survive such an awesome display of power". And there's time spent on unnecessary detail- I don't think we need to know where everyone stood for the signing ceremony ending the war.

But overall it's great, and a fast read in spite of it's length. Highly recommended (but read the first two books first)
… (mais)
DanTarlin | outras 15 resenhas | Jul 30, 2023 |



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