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Rosewater (2016) 1,233 cópias, 56 resenhas
The Murders of Molly Southbourne (2017) 378 cópias, 29 resenhas
Far from the Light of Heaven (2021) 335 cópias, 17 resenhas
The Rosewater Insurrection (2019) 294 cópias, 10 resenhas
The Rosewater Redemption (2019) 221 cópias, 7 resenhas
The Survival of Molly Southbourne (2019) 110 cópias, 12 resenhas
Making Wolf (2015) 42 cópias, 3 resenhas
The Legacy of Molly Southbourne (2022) 37 cópias, 3 resenhas
Jackdaw (2022) 13 cópias
The Last Pantheon (2015) 12 cópias, 5 resenhas
Immortal, Invisible (2024) 6 cópias
Apologists 2 cópias

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The Book of Witches: An Anthology (2023) — Contribuinte — 61 cópias, 1 resenha
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BSFA Awards 2019 (2020) — Autor — 2 cópias


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This series continues to be one of the most unique series I've read. This book picks up almost immediately after the events of the first book, and in some instances, concurrently with events from the first book. But while the first book is predominantly from one character's perspective, here we see events from many different points of view, and it really broadens the impact of the events from book 1. I like how the author doesn't take time to explain much of what happened in the first book, but I imagine that if I hadn't read this immediately after book 1, I may have been a bit lost. A few of the new characters fell a little flat for me, most notably Eric, his storyline didn't seem to have much impact on the events, but maybe it was just set-up for book 3. The aliens continue to be very fascinating and come across as truly alien, which I appreciate. But mostly, this book is just very weird, kind of sprawling, even though its still a smallish setting, but it wasn't as tight of a novel due to all of the different POVs. It didn't keep my focus as much as book 1, but I'm still looking forward to finishing this series.… (mais)
quickmind | outras 9 resenhas | Jun 10, 2024 |
I really enjoyed this one. The somewhat clinical, almost simplistic narration style of the main character Kaaro, almost belies the reader into thinking it is a simple story, but it is not. It is a rich, layered story, with much symbolism that will take another reading to unpack. This story is not told linearly, and there are multiple storylines being told concurrently, and I usually hate that, but the reason I hate it is that it feels lazy or like a cheap trick to pad a story, but here it is done masterfully. I think one problem readers may have with this book is that the main character and narrator, Kaaro, is not all that likable, he's a but unreliable, and he can be sexist. I found it interesting that the author chose to present the first part of this story from Kaaro's perspective, with all of his faults. But it works for the story, as an introduction to the main conflict, from a source who is a bit detached from it. He wants to take an outsider's approach, and isn't motivated by higher ideals. In his youth, Kaaro was a thief, and as he develops abilities, his thievery transforms from the physical, to the mental, where he can steal a person's privacy by reading their minds and inner thoughts. He finds missing things, but doesn't fully understand how his abilities work, or know what he's capable of if he applied himself.

The near-future Nigerian setting is very interesting and worked very well for the story. The overarching story took a bit of time to reveal itself, but all of the tidbits and details in the lead-up were enough to keep me interested. I would read this again and I will continue the series because despite Kaaro not being a "save-the-world" type of person, I want to see how this conflict is going to play out.
… (mais)
quickmind | outras 55 resenhas | May 23, 2024 |
Esta resenha foi escrita no âmbito dos Primeiros Resenhistas do LibraryThing.
Interesting. A collaboration writing about African superheroes. Now usually I have a down on superhero comix, thinking them (a) teenaged male fiction with a good dollop of eye candy, (b) fascist and (c) overly violent, but I actually rather enjoyed this. I did find it slightly difficult keeping the characters straight to begin with; it didn't help having various secret identities floating round, both historical and current. I liked the weaving of CIA interference with African politics (in fact, the assassination of Patrice Lumumba eventually led to my family leaving Egypt and settling in the UK).
What I would have liked to see is more interweaving of history and backstory; especially of the Kushite and the Aksum Kingdoms given that Black Power and the Pan African begin interacting with humanity before we became H. sapiens. The two have a long-running feud which could make for an interesting secret history. Recommended.
… (mais)
Maddz | outras 4 resenhas | May 7, 2024 |
Esta resenha foi escrita no âmbito dos Primeiros Resenhistas do LibraryThing.
I received this eBook for free in exchange for an honest review from LibraryThing Early Reviews. The Last Pantheon” is a compelling novella that explores the nuanced line between heroes and villains through the lens of African superheroes. Co-authored by Tade Thompson and Nick Wood, this story diverges from traditional comic book narratives by offering a fresh perspective rooted in African culture and history. An enjoyable read to be sure. Read the full review on myt blog The Thugbrarian Review at https://thugbrarianreview.wordpress.com/2024/05/07/new-world-fiction/… (mais)
Archivist13 | outras 4 resenhas | May 7, 2024 |



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