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Strachey, Barbara Halpern
Data de nascimento
Data de falecimento
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England, UK
Local de nascimento
Oxford, England, UK
Local de falecimento
Oxford, England, UK
Locais de residência
Jericho, Oxfordshire, England, UK
Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK
Oxford University (Lady Margaret Hall)
Strachey, Ray (mother)
Strachey, Julia (half-sister)
Berenson, Mary (grandmother)
Whitall Smith, Hannah (great-grandmother)
Pearsall Smith, Logan (great-uncle)
Russell, Alys (great-aunt) (mostrar todas 12)
Strachey, Marjorie (aunt)
Strachey, James (uncle)
Strachey, Lytton (uncle)
Strachey, Dorothy (aunt)
Stephen, Karin (aunt)
Strachey, Oliver (father)
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Barbara Strachey was born in Oxford, England, a daughter of Oliver Strachey, a cryptographer in both World War I and World War II, and the feminist politician writer, and amateur painter Rachel "Ray" Strachey. The family belonged to the famous Bloomsbury Group of artists and intellectuals. Barbara attended schools in London, Oxford, Switzerland, and Vienna. She read history at Oxford University and went to work for the BBC for a period. There she was involved in the transformation of the General Overseas Service into the BBC World Service in 1965. In 1934, Barbara married Olaf Hultin, with whom she had a son; they divorced in 1937. She remarried in 1937 to Wolf Halpern, an American, who was killed in 1943 serving in World War II. After the death of her younger brother, computer scientist Christopher Strachey in 1975, she moved to a small house in the Jericho neighborhood of Oxford. She took up writing and produced several biographical works. A devoted fan of J.R.R. Tolkien, she wanted fuller and more detailed maps to go with his books. So she decided to create them herself, although not a professional cartographer or artist. Her efforts provided readers of The Lord of the Rings with a new and more vivid idea of Middle-earth, and her atlas book Journeys of Frodo (1981) remains an essential companion to Tolkien’s masterpiece.



Es un atlas basado en la Tierra Media, que traza los viajes emprendidos por los personajes de la epopeya de Tolkien.

El libro consta de 51 mapas bicolores (un mapa general de la Tierra Media y 50 mapas numerados) a distintas escalas, basados en originales de Christopher Tolkien a partir de los bocetos de su padre. Cada mapa está en una página a la derecha, en formato apaisado, y representa las características físicas en negro y las rutas que siguen los personajes por carreteras y caminos. Las flechas indican la dirección del viaje y las fechas aparecen en rojo. Indica en los bordes la distancia en millas hacia Bolsón Cerrado y hay así mismo escalas para representar las distancias y una indicación de la fase o fases lunares visibles en las fechas indicadas.

Cada mapa numerado va acompañado de una descripción en la página de la izquierda, en la que Strachey describe la parte de la ruta indicada, justificando a menudo sus decisiones topográficas con citas del libro. En algunos casos señala discrepancias en las descripciones topográficas, por ejemplo alterando ocasionalmente el curso de una carretera o de un río alegando que de otro modo sería incoherente con otras descripciones de Tolkien del terreno.
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Minyatur | outras 7 resenhas | Feb 5, 2024 |
Loved this. It helps to be able to visualize such a big and awesome world MiddleEarth is.
So wonderful.
Shahnareads | outras 7 resenhas | Jun 21, 2017 |
The Journeys of Frodo is without a doubt my favorite Tolkien reference book. It took me some time to find a perfect first edition, but it sits proudly on my shelves now. The love and detail and level of seriousness put into the maps warms my heart. I enjoy following the map chapter by chapter as I read through the rings.
Vanessa_Kittle | outras 7 resenhas | Feb 5, 2013 |
Based on Tolkien’s descriptions in The Lord of the Rings and his original paintings and drawings of Middle Earth, Journeys of Frodo tracks the routes taken by the hobbit and his companions of the Fellowship all the way to Gondor and, in the case of Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin, back to the Shire. Barbara Strachey had long wanted more detailed maps to follow the action and, failing the provision of a definitive atlas, embarked on the task herself despite having no background in cartography.

At the time this was published this felt to me like groundbreaking stuff with its chronologies and lunar phases, cross-referencing and discussion of inconsistencies to accompany the maps Strachey drew. In many ways it remains authoritative, if also of its time. The fifty-odd hand-drawn maps detailing each part of Frodo’s (and the others’) routes in two colours are complemented on a facing page by summaries of the related sections of the narrative, along with the author’s comments and reflections. To have the relevant pages at hand when reading the work rather than constant referral back to Tolkien’s original maps (or the re-drawn versions) in another part of the volume is certainly very useful and manageable.

The original atlas appeared in 1981, and was later republished with revisions in 1998. Nowadays I suspect that the maps would be re-jigged by professional cartographers, the chronologies dissected by Christopher Tolkien and the discussion edited by a committee. I might well buy this hypothetical new version, but for now Journeys of Frodo is a charming as well as useful guide for Middle Earth lovers embarking on their first or umpteenth reading; it certainly is less bulky and more accessible than some of the illustrated encyclopaedias I’ve seen. In view of the renewed interest in Tolkien’s world-building as the film trilogy of The Hobbit gets rolled out it’s just a shame Strachey never produced Journeys of Bilbo as a companion volume.

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ed.pendragon | outras 7 resenhas | Aug 8, 2010 |


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