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Criança 44 (2008) 4,789 cópias, 292 resenhas
The Secret Speech (2009) 1,540 cópias, 89 resenhas
The Farm (2014) 890 cópias, 70 resenhas
Agent 6 (2013) 889 cópias, 46 resenhas
Cold People (2023) 151 cópias, 8 resenhas
Child 44 / The Secret Speech (2012) 10 cópias, 1 resenha
London Spy (2016) 10 cópias
Kälte (2023) 7 cópias
System (2015) 2 cópias

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London, England, UK
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London, England, UK
University of Cambridge
St. John Donald (United Agents)
Bob Bookman (CAA)
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Tom Rob Smith (born 1979) is an English writer. The son of a Swedish mother and an English father, Smith was raised in London where he lives today. After graduating from Cambridge University in 2001, he completed his studies in Italy, studying creative writing for a year. After these studies, he worked as a scriptwriter.

His first novel, Child 44, about a series of child murders in Stalinist Russia, appeared in early 2008 and was translated into 17 languages.



I enjoyed this book , mainly for its depiction of a community at war with itself. The description of the characters, their fear of the secret police and of each other is very convincing. I give it a three stars as the crime and the criminal are the least convincing part of the story. But I thoroughly recommend reading it and I will watch the movie when it comes out to see how they handle it. I wonder how some of the people who lived through those times feel about it. From other reviews here it appears that they too feel it is a good depiction of the time.… (mais)
Rory_Bergin | outras 291 resenhas | Jun 11, 2024 |
If you like character driven stories rather than plot driven, you might enjoy this book. Maybe. I didn't feel like the characters had much depth to them at all, and there wasn't really much of an arc for any of them... so maybe not.
If you're more into plot driven stories, you're definitely likely to have problems with this story and it's complete and utter lack of any feeling of closure.
ardaiel | outras 7 resenhas | Mar 4, 2024 |
Awesome, thrilling read. This is the type of book that you peek your head in and think "well this is taking a bit to get started," but then the author suddenly snatches you by the collar, drags you in, and just won't let go. Tom Rob Smith writes his characters, locations, the time period, everything amazingly well. I'd give this more stars if possible.
thatnerd | outras 291 resenhas | Mar 2, 2024 |
On a pleasant summer day, aliens arrive and tell humankind that they have one month to move to Antarctica or else. It's quite a beginning for a novel, and an interesting one, but that's all we get of that. Everyone either moves south or prepares to die without question or resistance. The waters around Antarctica are filled with boats of every description, people are huddled on the shores of the most hostile continent in the middle of its winter, lacking fuel, shelter or clothing, which gives the great real start to the novel, seeing how people came together to...oh, never mind. As soon as people are huddled on shore, the book jumps forward twenty years.

This book is by Tom Rob Smith, who wrote Child 44 and a few other novels centered around the Soviet Union and its sphere of influence during the Cold War. They were thrillers, but ones well anchored in their historical setting, had interesting and plausible plots, and well-developed and complex characters. None of those elements make an appearance in this book.

So what is this book about, since it didn't care to waste time on the alien invasion or in polar survival? Well, since humankind is crowded onto a hostile area with very few resources and no interest in what is happening elsewhere, since people are living in extremely crowded and squalid conditions with barely enough of anything to survive, with all resources strictly controlled and rationed, with any surviving supplies from the rest of the world accessible only to the well-connected, with the end of any sort of representative government, and society controlled by a group of unelected elites, you'd expect that the story would finally gel around a resistance movement. You would be wrong. In this world, scarcity and over-crowding bring docility and contentment to the masses because, the author tells us several times, libertarianism has ended criminality. Also, there are draconian punishments for not being content and happy, but mostly it's a libertarian paradise, don't look to closely at how it works, that's not what this book is interested in.

So what is this book about? Well, because survival is so precarious, and the population dropping, all the scientists left have come together to create weird and terrifying hybrid animals that want to kill the remaining people. Yes, this was the consensus of the the best and brightest -- with aliens occupying most of the world, maybe, although no one has seen any sign of them, with humans desperately in need of a sustainable way to produce the things they need for survival, all the remaining wealth and resources is dedicated to building an enormous underground laboratory to make what they first intended to be small adjustments to the genetic code to make people better adapted to this new harsh environment, but now that all ethical considerations are considered moot, the scientists get over-excited and just keep one-upping themselves creating new animal hybrids, each one smarter, stronger and more able to survive and kill everyone. Do I need to tell you how this ends? Because, honestly, I gave up 85% of the way through. None of this was interesting, except, as it was written, the scientists weren't the bad guys. Also, since there was no more representative government, all the various world leaders opened a bar together. That was kind of interesting.
… (mais)
1 vote
RidgewayGirl | outras 7 resenhas | Jan 14, 2024 |



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