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Karin Slaughter was born in Georgia on January 6, 1971. In 2001, she published her first novel, Blindsighted, which made the Dagger Award shortlist for Best Thriller Debut. She is the author of the Grant County series and the Will Trent series. Her stand-alone novels include Cop Town, Pretty Girls, mostrar mais and Pieces of Her. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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Obras de Karin Slaughter

Blindsighted (2001) 3,363 cópias
Pretty Girls (2016) 3,046 cópias
Triptych (2006) 2,938 cópias
Fractured (2008) 2,500 cópias
Kisscut (2002) 2,452 cópias
A Faint Cold Fear (2003) 2,450 cópias
Faithless (2005) 2,398 cópias
Indelible (2004) 2,321 cópias
The Good Daughter (2017) 2,119 cópias
Undone (2009) 2,092 cópias
Beyond Reach (2007) 2,080 cópias
Broken (2010) 1,955 cópias
Ninguem Pode Saber (2018) 1,885 cópias
Fallen (2011) 1,660 cópias
The Kept Woman (2016) 1,330 cópias
The Last Widow (2019) 1,130 cópias
Criminal (2012) 1,095 cópias
Cop Town (2014) 1,083 cópias
The Silent Wife (2020) 1,048 cópias
False Witness (2021) 964 cópias
Unseen (2013) 943 cópias
Girl, Forgotten (2022) 901 cópias
Martin Misunderstood (2008) 468 cópias
After That Night (2023) 412 cópias
Cleaning the Gold (2019) 349 cópias
Snatched (2012) 343 cópias
Like a Charm: A Novel in Voices (2004) — Editor; Contribuinte — 318 cópias
Last Breath (2017) 297 cópias
Busted - short story (2013) 224 cópias
Triptych / Faithless (2006) 110 cópias
Thorn in My Side [short story] (2011) 104 cópias
The Unremarkable Heart (2010) 88 cópias
Blindsighted / Kisscut (2007) 34 cópias
Three Twisted Stories (2015) 31 cópias
Blindsighted [Abridged] (2001) 25 cópias
The Blessing of Brokenness (2012) 18 cópias
The Truth About Pretty Girls (2013) 12 cópias
Short Story (2019) 9 cópias
Go Deep (2015) 7 cópias
Indelible / Faithless (2007) 7 cópias
Necessary Women (2015) 6 cópias
Kisscut [Abridged] (2002) 6 cópias
Puntgaaf korte verhalen (2021) 2 cópias
The Mean Time [novella] (2014) 2 cópias
Girl;, Forgetten 1 exemplar(es)
The Recidivists (2009) 1 exemplar(es)
Unohdettu tyttö 1 exemplar(es)
Epäluotettava todistaja 1 exemplar(es)
La morte e cieca 1 exemplar(es)
Fallen / Thorn in My Side (2011) 1 exemplar(es)
The Last Widow / Cleaning the Gold (2019) 1 exemplar(es)
Will Trent Series, 8-Book Set (2016) 1 exemplar(es)
Fanget (2017) 1 exemplar(es)

Associated Works

The Library Book (2012) — Contribuinte — 398 cópias
MatchUp (2017) — Contribuinte — 319 cópias
First Thrills (2010) — Contribuinte — 253 cópias
Vengeance (2012) — Contribuinte — 160 cópias
Tart Noir (2002) — Contribuinte — 111 cópias
The Mystery Box (2013) — Contribuinte — 93 cópias
The Penguin Book of Crime Stories (2007) — Contribuinte — 17 cópias
First Thrills: Volume 3 (2011) — Contribuinte — 10 cópias


2016 (71) adult (75) anthology (105) Atlanta (202) audio (113) audiobook (220) crime (1,100) crime and mystery (64) crime fiction (433) crime thriller (71) detective (234) ebook (427) fiction (1,775) Georgia (359) Grant County (169) hardcover (91) Karin Slaughter (154) Kindle (271) library (186) murder (295) mystery (1,706) mystery-thriller (127) novel (111) own (154) paperback (80) police (110) police procedural (107) psychological thriller (68) read (477) Sara Linton (370) serial killer (92) series (253) short stories (123) signed (66) suspense (560) thriller (1,814) to-read (3,043) unread (88) USA (144) Will Trent (302)

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Georgia, USA
Locais de residência
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
crime novelist
Victoria Sanders (Victoria Sanders and Associates)
Pequena biografia
Karin Slaughter (born January 6, 1971) is an American crime writer. The author of eighteen novels, Slaughter has sold more than 35 million copies of her books, which have been published in 37 languages and have debuted at #1 in the United Kingdom, Germany, and The Netherlands. Her first novel, Blindsighted (2001), was published in 27 languages and made the Crime Writers' Association's Dagger Award shortlist for "Best Thriller Debut" of 2001. She is also the 2015 CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger winner for novel Cop Town. Her novel, Pieces of Her, was published in 2018. The novel will be adapted into a television series of the same name and it will be released on Netflix.

Slaughter is a library advocate and founded Save the Libraries, a non-profit organization that campaigns to support US public libraries. The Save the Libraries fund has provided over $300,000 to the DeKalb County Public Library in Atlanta, Georgia.

Characters from Slaughter's two main series, Grant County and Will Trent (Atlanta), were brought together in her novels Undone (2009), titled Genesis internationally, and Broken (2010). In these novels, Will Trent and Sara Linton work cases set in Atlanta and Grant County, respectively.




Wow. Did not expect to like this book this much, I'm kind of a wreck. 4.5 stars.
escapinginpaper | outras 103 resenhas | May 18, 2024 |
After That Night (Will Trent, #11) by Karin Slaughter

Sara tries to save the life of a patient (Dani Copper) who has been brutally attacked and left for dead. Unable to save her Dani, Sara decides she is not going to let this rest. Will investigates a case with a few similarities to a horrific event in Sara's life fifteen years prior.

How are the two cases connected and what will be found as they did deeper into this case? With the Help of Faith and Amanda ,secrets are slowly revealed leading to the most disturbing outcome of an unimaginable crime spree.

The story moves at an even pace leading up to a slow burn. With attention to details, engaging dialog, edge-of-your seat chills, intense nail-biting moments. I was engrossed from the start, leading up to the shocking conclusion.

After That Night has been one of Karin Slaughter most compelling stories yet. I highly recommend to those who enjoy procedural crime/thriller/suspense.

*Trigger warnings as mentions of rape/sexual assault and suicide
… (mais)
SheriAWilkinson | outras 19 resenhas | May 16, 2024 |
The Last Widow by Karin Slaughter

The story moves at a steady pace. Very detail oriented pulling me deep into the story. Alternating between Will and Sara kept me on edge, anticipating the next move.

The plot was so realistic, it was (almost) frightening. Truly a thought-provoking , page-turning hard to put down read.

Karin Slaughter knows how to grab your attention and not let go. I highly recommend The Last Widow to those who enjoy thrilling, suspense filled reads.
SheriAWilkinson | outras 44 resenhas | May 12, 2024 |
I like the continuing characters but some of the crimes being investigated are rather gory, in "Undone" especially.
drthubbie | May 11, 2024 |



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