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I picked up this book by chance in a library, and it was a quick read

if you remove the author's moral grand-standing, it is one of the few books that, indirectly, delivers a detailed description of what implies introducing in Italy practices that are standard across economies based on a stock market, and the kind of resistance to change that you can expect locally

interesting, if you consider that currently Italy is an attractive market where many family-owned companies, much smaller than the FIAT group, but still with interesting IPR and skilled staff, including in R&D (e.g. Luxottica is currently on newspapers) are struggling to do a generational change (as the post-WWII expansionist phase has been replaced over the last two decades by a significant trend toward a reduction of manufacturing capacity, usually shifted abroad)

if you search in my profile (/catalog/aleph123), you can find other recent books on Italy and how it is managing the transition
aleph123 | Oct 13, 2014 |