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Image credit: Author pic used on Facebook. The first time I saw an edited version of this pic was on the cover of my personalized horror story - part of the Literature-ly You series.


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Tastes of Horror 1 exemplar(es)
Still Fine 1 exemplar(es)
Meet: He came, they ate. (2022) 1 exemplar(es)
This or That 1 exemplar(es)
Survivor 1 exemplar(es)
Influenza: Strain 'Z' 1 exemplar(es)

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Year's Best Hardcore Horror Volume 3 (2018) — Contribuinte — 9 cópias


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This is my first book by Matt Shaw and although extreme horror isn't my usual go to this was an interesting read and I would recommend. They say everything has a price and this makes you really think about that while you are reading. Don't worry about grabbing your favorite snack when you sit down with this one, you won't need or want it.
cdeboard | outras 3 resenhas | May 29, 2024 |

Short story summed up, a married woman is arriving to an Air B&B to meet up with her married lover. She gets there before him and as she is setting up the landline rings. She answers it thinking it's the guy she's supposed to be meeting. They have been hooking up for a couple of years, with no intentions of leaving their other spouces. Just some fun.

The person who is on the line is not her lover, but someone else who has been watching and judging her for her actions. This book is a "one shot" in a single Air B&B and is a cat & mouse over the phone.

Quick in-between books read. If you have an hour to kill or want to read something quick, this is a good one. Be warned, this is Matt Shaw, so you can expect all manner of fuckeduppery.

In the end, it's just a book.
… (mais)
Library_Breeder | 1 outra resenha | May 3, 2024 |

This is a two part novella which actually contains two distinctly different stories set in the same universe with one or two of the same characters.
The Suicide Club:
People who decided to commit suicide discover (and I can't remember how) a "club" that offers them the ability to kill themselves in such a way that their loved ones don't feel bad about them dying. The only catch is that they must wait a year before the suicide happens, and they must attend a weekly "support group". When they decided to join this "club" they are tattooed with a dead-head moth and proceed to live their life for the next year knowing that they have a day to look forward to as being their last day on earth.

The first story is about one of the members of the club and his personal experiences with it as well as his discovery of what it all means. The character who is the face of the club, the one who facilitates the joining, and the one who runs the group is the character who we follow into the next novella which is directly after this one.
Skeletons ΓÇ£The Sequel to the Suicide ClubΓÇ¥
A group of arrivals to London find out they must go directly to a Covid quarantine hotel, this story is about those people. Each person is given a bit of backstory and screentime so that we learn enough about them to know what they are about. If you have read the book "How Much To" you know what kind of character descriptions Matt uses in this style. Basically we get the God's view of a group of people.

I liked this one because Matt broke the 4th wall enough that I learned about the fact that he has a website that allows people to purchased various book related items, and the ability to occasionally purchase a part in one of his novellas. You can also purchase a personally written short story or novella just for you. Also, I discovered Matt's views on the Johnny Depp/Amber Herd situation (which I agree with)
We learn this when we "read" what the characters are reading while on that bus going to the Covid Hotel.

The two stories are intertwined by the character who is the facilitator of the "Suicide Club", as he is present in both stories as the same character.

Matt give a bit of an explanation on why he put both books into this one and just marketed it as one book at the end.
… (mais)
Library_Breeder | 1 outra resenha | May 3, 2024 |
I really liked the first three books in this series, but it seems that Matt has kind of run out of ideas. I really don't think he needs to make each book a whole different show, but maybe he could go back and create new questions/challenges with new characters. Keep the original "How Much To" framework but add new characters, new backstories. He is a brilliant writer, he should have no problems coming up with new "Jigsaw" type challenges. The framework of the first three books was great, but once he moved away from the true "game show" elements and went to haunted houses with criminals and whatever this is, he lost me.

I really loved the whole "Cabin in the Woods" feel of the first three stories that put this series above any other plain old "extreme horror" or "torture porn". Matt has gone from a fresh, dark humor with stomach turning scenes to straight up torture porn with no real depth. I didn't finish this book because it wasn't really feeling it.
… (mais)
Library_Breeder | May 3, 2024 |


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