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The Rescuers (1959) 1,149 cópias
Miss Bianca (1962) 464 cópias
Cluny Brown (1944) 392 cópias
The Turret (1963) 315 cópias
Miss Bianca in the Salt Mines (1966) 246 cópias
Miss Bianca in the Orient (1970) 241 cópias
Britannia Mews (1946) 228 cópias
The Nutmeg Tree (1937) 208 cópias
The Foolish Gentlewoman (1948) 176 cópias
Something Light (1960) 164 cópias
The Gypsy in the Parlour (1953) 122 cópias
The Eye of Love (1957) 112 cópias
The Flowering Thorn (1934) 91 cópias
Rhododendron Pie (1930) 81 cópias
Miss Bianca in the Antarctic (1971) 81 cópias
Martha in Paris (1962) 74 cópias
The Innocents (1971) 70 cópias
Bernard the Brave (1976) 70 cópias
The Stone of Chastity (1940) 68 cópias
Bernard into Battle (1978) 61 cópias
Harlequin House (1939) 55 cópias
Four Gardens (1935) 52 cópias
The Sun in Scorpio (1965) 48 cópias
Martha, Eric and George (1964) 44 cópias
In Pious Memory (1967) 28 cópias
Fanfare for Tin Trumpets (1932) 28 cópias
Lise Lillywhite (1951) 27 cópias
Rosa (1969) 23 cópias
The Faithful Servants (1975) 22 cópias
Summer Visits (1977) 21 cópias
Miss Bianca and the Rescuers (1982) 18 cópias
Melisande (1960) 10 cópias
Three Companion Pieces (1941) 10 cópias
The Tigress on the Hearth (1955) 9 cópias
Sophy Cassmajor (1934) 6 cópias
Lost at the Fair (1965) 5 cópias
The Nymph and the Nobleman (1932) 4 cópias
The Magical Cockatoo (1974) 2 cópias
Lady in Waiting: A Play (1941) 1 exemplar(es)
Muserejsen 1 exemplar(es)
Lady in Waiting 1 exemplar(es)
Mr. Hamble's Bear 1 exemplar(es)

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This is the story of Ann Laventie, caught up in her bohemian family's cleverness and determined to fit in. This is Ann's coming of age. She constantly compares herself to her siblings Elizabeth, an essay writer, and Dick, an artist, and to their father, Richard Laventie, an intellectual. But it will take Ann time to realise they're full of themselves, snooty and not as talented as she originally thought.
rel="nofollow" target="_top">https://readableword.wordpress.com/2022/04/09/rhododendron-pie-by-margery-sharp/
… (mais)
Nicky24 | outras 5 resenhas | May 3, 2024 |
(Print: 1930; Chato & Windus; 358 pages.)
Digital: 1/4/2021; 9781913527624; Dean Street Press; 225 pages.
(Audio: No)
(Film: No).

Miss Ann Laventie – Begins with her 10th birthday and then progresses into her young adult years.
Elizabeth Laventie – Ann’s sister
Dick Laventie – Ann’s brother
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Laventie – Ann’s parents
Martha – Parlourmaid to the Laventies
Gayfords – Family that lives next door to the Laventies
Gilbert Croy – A house guest

After reading two of Margery Sharps later books I decided it was time to start with the first, this one. Not finding it through any of my library Overdrive subscriptions, I purchased it, quite inexpensively, from Kindle.
A quaint and charming story of a young lady growing up; her family, her neighbors, her interests, . . . well, in short, her life.

(Clara Margery Melita Sharp) Margery Sharp (1/25/1905-3/14/1991). Margery was the youngest daughter of Henry Sharp and Clara Ellen. According to the book’s preface, even as Margery Sharp’s first work, this novel was highly sought-after. It was “reportedly written in one month.”

"To My Mother"


Sussex, England; London


Family relationships, neighbors, matrimony

From Chapter 6
“The British film industry, however, seemed to have forgotten all about Mr. Croy, for he stayed on at Whitenights with every appearance of content. And the Laventies were glad to keep him, since he proved an admirable companion, talking intelligently and unhesitatingly on every polite subject. He sat to Dick for an Egyptian looking profile called ‘Resurection,’ shared Mr. Laventie’s Restoration enthusiasms, and provided Elizabeth with material for an exceptionally brilliant essay on lyricism in photography. He also managed to spend a considerable amount of time talking to Ann in the orchard.
This she found more agreeable than she would have thought possible after that first unfortunate morning in the window-seat. Without exactly intending to she fell back shamelessly on her dreamy eye-brows, drifting off into a reverie whenever the conversation became too much for her: and then they would sit in silence under the apple-trees until some slight natural incident (the fall of a pigeon’s feather or passage of a bumble bee) started a fresh train of comment and allusion. Or until Elizabeth came out for rest and stimulus after a morning at her essays.”

RATING: 4 stars. I enjoyed it for it’s light mood and the writing.

4/12/21 – 6/14/2021
… (mais)
TraSea | outras 5 resenhas | Apr 29, 2024 |
(Print: hardback: 1/1/1960; ASIN : B005KEGHGW; Little Brown Pub. Paperback: 2/13/2018; 9781504050876; Open Road Media; 250 pages.)
Digital text: 4/12/2016; ASIN B01C54MJYS; Open Road Media; 219 pages.
(Audio: No)
(Film: No).

Miss Louisa Mary Datchett – 30-year-old female dog photographer.
Milkman - Louisa's milkman and friend
Number Ten - neighbor friend
Hugo Pym – neighbor friend
F. (Freddy) Pennon – a person of interest
Enid Anstruther – Freddy’s old friend
Mr. Ross (Rossy) – adviser
Mr. (Teddy) & Mrs. (Molly) Meares – Kennel owners.
James (Jimmy) Brown - a person of interest
Mrs. Brent – dog owner at Boydon Court
Admiral Colley - a new friend
Mr. Andrew McAndrew – a new Scottish acquaintance Louisa finds annoying
Mr. Clark – a person of interest
Catherine Clark – Mr. Clark’s daughter
Toby Clark - Mr. Clark’s son
Paul Clark - Mr. Clark’s son

I think this is a book that came free when I activated my new Kindle Reader. I started it in November 2020 and didn’t get it finished until now (3/9/21) only because I don’t have as much time to read print as I do to listen to audiobooks. I may have to see if any of Ms. Sharp's books are available through the library.
Louisa enjoys male company and is very quick to be of aid to any fellow needing assistance, but she’s begun to feel the time has come to settle down. We get to follow her as she attempts to suss out who an appropriate match would be. I love this British author’s broad command of English—some of the vocabulary is so specific to the time and place that I couldn’t find definitions to everything.

Margery Sharp (1/25/1905-3/14/1991). According to Amazon, “Margery Sharp is renowned for her sparkling wit and insight into human nature, both of which are liberally displayed in her critically acclaimed social comedies of class and manners. Born in Yorkshire, England, Sharp wrote pieces for Punch magazine after attending college and art school. In 1930, she published her first novel, Rhododendron Pie, and in 1938, married Maj. Geoffrey Castle. Sharp wrote twenty-six novels, three of which—Britannia Mews, Cluny Brown, and The Nutmeg Tree—were made into feature films, and fourteen children’s books, including The Rescuers, which was adapted into two Disney animated films.”

Historical fiction

Paddington, Gladstone Mansions, Bournemouth, Dorking, Braydon


Relationships, matrimony, society, dogs, photography

From Chapter Twenty-Three
“’I don’t know if your father consulted you,’ continued Louisa bravely, ‘before I came?’
‘No, he didn’t. At least, he told us at breakfast—but I don’t think one can call that consulting,’ said Catherine, still readily.
‘It must have been rather a surprise?’
Catherine reflected.
‘Not exactly. I mean, Dad loves giving us surprises. So that though things may be surprising in themselves, they’re not exactly surprising.’
It was a rather neat piece of dialectic, but little help to Louisa. She pressed on.
‘Given that you weren’t surprised, how do you feel about the results?’
Once again Catherine reflected.
‘Well, how long are you staying?’
Louisa’s heart sank. She’d asked for the truth, now here it came!
‘That depends a good deal on what you tell me. In fact, on what you and Paul and Toby really think about me. If you could think of me as—well, as a permanency—’ hazarded Louisa.
The sentence was never finished. Catherine instantly seized its every implication. For a moment she simply stared. Then—“Louisa! D’you mean to say you’d marry Dad?’ cried Catherine.
Ravished by delight and surprise as she was—
‘Don’t say it!’ cried Louisa superstitiously.
‘But would you?’
‘If you and the boys—’
‘But , darling Louisa, there’s nothing we’d like better!’ cried Catherine. ‘We just didn’t dare hope! We’re all for it!—If you’ve any doubts, just wait while I fetch Toby and Paul!’

5 stars. I enjoyed it for it’s light mood and the writing.

11/200/2020 – 3/9/2021
… (mais)
TraSea | outras 7 resenhas | Apr 29, 2024 |
BIBLIOGRAPHIC DETAILS (Print: (1937) 4/12/2016; B01C54MIO4; Open Road, Reprint edition; 216 pages. Unabridged.
This is the format I consumed - *Digital: (1937) 4/12/2016; 9781504034326; Open Road Media; 1827 KB. Unabridged.
(Audio: Possibly Audible)
(Film: Julia Misbehaves—1948: From Wikipedia___ “Julia Misbehaves is a 1948 American romantic comedy film[2][3] starring Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon as a married couple who are separated by the man's snobbish family. They meet again many years later, when the daughter whom the man has raised, played by Elizabeth Taylor, invites her mother to her wedding. The film also features Peter Lawford and Cesar Romero.
This adaptation of Margery Sharp's 1937 novel The Nutmeg Tree, which was also the basis of the 1940 Broadway play Lady in Waiting,[4] was director Jack Conway's final film.).”

SERIES No, but this is her 7th publication.

Julia Packett – A widow
Fred Genocchio – A circus entertainer and Julia’s love interest
Susan Packett – Julia’s daughter
Sylvester Packett – Julia’s husband
Mrs. Packett – Juia’s mother-in-law
Bryan Relton – Susan’s love interest
Sir William Waring – Susan’s guardian

How I picked it: I enjoy the author, so downloaded what came up on a search on her name. Since Margery’s books don’t rely on one another, not being a series, I decided to grab what I could.
What it’s about: A middle-aged widow whose a bit flighty, upon request, goes to visit her daughter in France who was raised by her grandmother to give marital advice.
This was a light, fun read.
AUTHOR: (Clara Margery Melita Sharp) Margery Sharp (1/25/1905-3/14/1991). Margery was the youngest daughter of Henry Sharp and Clara Ellen. According to the book’s preface, even as Margery Sharp’s first work, this novel was highly sought-after. It was “reportedly written in one month.”
DEDICATION: Not shown in the digital version
GENRE: Historical fiction
LOCATIONS: England, France
SUBJECTS: Family relationships, matrimony, social hierarchies
“After a few moments the heavy footsteps retreated, the lighter ones returned.
“Now, Julia, what is it? These men—”
“Have they gone?”
“Gone and glad to,” replied Mr. Lewis. “They are very modest men, my dear, and so am I. But they haven’t gone farther than the stairs.”
“Can they hear us?”
“They can hear me if I shout for help. They seem to think that there is stuff in there besides the usual fittings.”
“There is,” said Julia. “That’s what I want you for. There’s stuff in here I’ve got to sell—good stuff—and you’ve always been a sport to me, Joe, so I’m giving you first chance. There’s a real lacquer table, and a new mattress, and a genuine antique grandfather clock, and a lovely dinner service, and a picture of a stag that’s a real painting. I’ll take thirty quid for the lot.”
“Not from me you won’t,” said Mr. Lewis.
Julia sat up with a splash. “Of all the old Jews! Why, the stag’s worth that alone, and I didn’t mean to include it. I’m offering you the table and the clock and a new mattress and a dinner service, and dirt cheap at that.”
“Well, let me look at ’em,” said Mr. Lewis patiently.
“Of course you can’t look at them. I’m in the bath.”
“You mean you want me to buy blind?”
“That’s it,” agreed Julia. “Have a flutter.”
Mr. Lewis reflected. He was a man who liked to get everything cut and dried.
“You mean you will sell me, for thirty pounds, stuff I haven’t even seen, which is probably worth twenty-five bob, and which already belongs to whatever fool has been giving you credit?”
“That’s right,” said Julia cheerfully, “except that it’s worth more like sixty, and I only owe five. What’s your favourite tune?”
“The Blue Danube,” said Mr. Lewis.
Julia sang it.”
RATING: 4 stars. I enjoyed it for it’s light mood and the writing.
STARTED-FINISHED 8/2/21 – 9/12/2021
… (mais)
TraSea | outras 16 resenhas | Apr 29, 2024 |



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