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“Love is worth it.” I adored this story! Take a single dad still deeply in love with his deceased wife, a spunky app developer sworn off love and marriage, and a darling four year old girl who wraps them both around her little finger, and you have the makings of a deep, endearing, sweet romcom. Did I mention he’s the captain of a professional hockey team? This story took hold of me and didn’t let go. I binged it in a day!

Veronica “Ronnie” Pratt has problems. She just found out her boyfriend betrayed her, and her mother missing for 25 years has resurfaced. Now out of a job and sworn off love, she finds herself looking for something new. When a friend on her dad’s hockey team needs help after his nanny leaves, Ronnie steps in and is soon won over by the cutest little four year old and her gruff, teddy-bear-underneath, protective dad.

Archer Sullivan had one true love of his life before he lost her two years ago. As a single dad, he struggles trying to raise Indy on his own. When his nanny leaves for a family emergency, he needs a replacement fast and turns to Ronnie for help. When one night turns into several days, he offers Ronnie the nanny position telling himself it’s just temporary. But, when Ronnie starts getting under his skin with the sweet way she treats him and interacts with his daughter, he has to decide if he can open his heart again.

I loved Ronnie, Archer & Indy! Both Ronnie and Archer have deep, sensitive issues they need to work through. I loved seeing them rely on faith and each other as they struggled through their difficulties. Their slow build, friends to more romance oozed with a sizzling underlying attraction throughout. I loved their amazing first kiss *sigh* and the thoughtful gifts they gave each other: a unique care basket, cupcakes, a rage room, and more.

Then there’s Indy! Such an adorable four year old with all the mischief and sweetness of that age. I loved how she was realistically written. One of my favorite parts was the tea parties with her dad. “Princess!” I also loved her wanting to be like Ronnie.

The author does a fantastic job balancing grief, loss, forgiveness, and betrayal with faith, humor, and romance. I love the complex characters she creates who feel real and authentic and whose issues are relatable and endearing. Highly recommend to sports romance, Christian romance, and romcom fans! I received an advanced complimentary copy from the author and also purchased a copy through Kindle Unlimited. All opinions are my own and voluntarily provided.
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Melissas-Bookshelf | Mar 25, 2024 |
Latisha Sexton is quickly becoming a favorite author! I love her romantic suspense novels, her women’s fiction novel, and now a Christmas romcom. What can’t she write?! The Hart of Christmas is a cute, second chance, best friend’s brother, enemies to lovers romcom. It’s also a closed door hockey romance with forced proximity/snowed in, and former high school sweethearts. So many amazing tropes that make for one hard to put down story.

Dex is a handsome, hockey player who’s currently injured and hoping to spend a few days recovering at his stepsister’s home. In a funny remeet-cute, he’s surprised to find his old flame staying there too. He regrets what happened between them in high school and has never quite gotten over Millie. Can he convince her he’s changed, persuade her to forgive him, and give them a second chance?

Millie Jane Brooks wants to be a music star just like her Granny. But when her dreams don’t come true in Nashville, she decides to spend a few days in her best friend’s empty home to recuperate and figure out what to do next. Imagine her surprise when her best friend’s famous hockey player stepbrother and the boy who broke her heart is there too! Then, imagine getting snowed in and being forced to spend the holidays together. The sparks fly and the situation makes for a romantic tension filled, fun, funny adventure as the two reconnect and try to reconcile the past.

I loved Millie’s and Dex’s story! The banter and good natured teasing were adorable. From cute nicknames to making homemade popcorn garlands to spider rescues and a demon cat, I loved all the funny, sweet moments between these two. I enjoyed how the author gave us periodic flashbacks from high school in the story providing clues as to what happened between them. I also liked the faith element woven throughout. It was shared in a natural way with faith being an everyday part of the characters’ lives.

The secondary characters were endearing too. I loved Millie’s Gram and her best friend Beth. They both provided sage advice when Millie really needed it.

This darling romcom Christmas novella is the perfect length to enjoy during the busy Christmas season. There’s plenty of romance, humor, and faith that Christian romcom lovers will enjoy. It’s the fun start to a new hockey romance multi-author series and I’m looking forward to the next book. I received an advanced complimentary copy from the author but also purchased a copy through Kindle Unlimited. All opinions are my own and voluntarily provided.
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Melissas-Bookshelf | Dec 13, 2023 |
This book! Latisha Sexton keeps proving over & over why she’s a fantastic author. If you love deep, well told women’s fiction with an inspiring message, you’ll love Neverending Mercy. It’ll take you on an emotional journey of love, betrayal, friendship, forgiveness, & redemption.

I loved the way this story was told. Not only do we get multiple perspectives, but it alternates between present day & when Ruth met Haley & Crosby at age eleven. What happened in the past is slowly revealed as Ruth grows up until it catches up to the present.

In present day, Ruth is a nurse caring for cancer patients now living in Ohio. When her mother begs her to return home, she finally agrees to a visit. What awaits her when she arrives will change her life forever.

At age eleven, Ruth was anticipating meeting the daughter of her mother’s best friend. She just knew they’d be best friends too. However, Haley is fourteen going on 20 & the complete opposite of Ruth. There’s also an unexpected guest, Crosby, Haley’s handsome older half brother.

The relationship between these three is complicated. Ruth struggles to fit in with Haley yet maintain her standards. She also has a huge crush on Crosby. When Ruth finally reaches the age where Crosby notices her, she’s faced with betrayal & heartbreak.

I loved Crosby & Ruth. I loved the way he called her Tink, the witty banter, the winks, the Beatles, and those scorching kisses.

I loved the changes Haley goes through. The author completely changed my opinion of her & now I can’t wait to get her story.

Ruth is such a great example of faith & forgiveness. She has every reason to feel bitter, yet she finds comfort through her faith. I loved the prayer journals she kept & her willingness to serve others despite the past.

It’s a heartfelt story with endearing characters that’ll pull you in & not let go. Despite the sometimes heavy subjects, there are plenty of laughs, swoony romance, & a darling little girl named Nora. Highly recommend to Christian fiction fans! I received an advanced complimentary copy from the author. All opinions are my own and voluntarily given.

CW: cancer, underage alcohol & drug use, mentions of underage promiscuity (no details).
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Melissas-Bookshelf | Jun 20, 2023 |
Laitsha Sexton is a new, powerful voice in Christian romantic suspense. In the Midst of the Darkest Hour is the second book in the In the Midst series and it packs a powerful punch. In this story, the author doesn’t shy away from difficult topics such as sex trafficking, abortion, affairs, sexual assault, and murder. While she’s respectful to reader sensibilities and doesn’t go into nitty gritty details, she paints a vivid picture of what it would be like to go through these very real, horrific situations. But, along with the heavy subject matter, is a beautiful message of hope, forgiveness, and love. She also manages to lighten the suspense with humor, romance, and sweet friendships. It’s a second chance suspenseful love story that will keep you turning those pages with endearing characters you’ll want to cheer for.

Lily Cooper has gone through the unimaginable. Forced into sex trafficking, she barely escapes with her life. Six years later, she’s returned home and born a son who is her world. She’s resigned herself to a single life after what she’s gone through, but Malcolm aka “Mac” changes all that. Malcolm’s sister is marrying Lily’s brother, so this makes for lots of opportunities to get to know each other. As they grow closer, Lily thinks she might finally be able to fall in love, but her past has a way of coming back to haunt her.

Malcolm James is an FBI agent whose past is littered with regret. He’s lost his faith and blames himself for the loss of a previous love. The feisty, strong Lily has a way of getting under his skin. Her mysterious past draws him to her. But, when her secrets may have links to his past, he must decide if their relationship is worth fighting for.

Lily and Malcolm have a sort of enemies to lovers vibe that really works well in this story. Their relationship naturally progresses from antagonistic to friends, to more. I loved Malcolm’s tenderness towards Lily. She’s been through the worst imaginable yet he accepts her and offers her that unconditional love she’s yearning for. Lily is so beaten up over her past and blames herself. She’s ashamed to tell her family and friends what happened to her. I loved her growth during the story as she opens up more and recognizes her infinite worth.

The entire book is fast-paced and full of suspense. Lily is constantly looking over her shoulder as the bad guys who kidnapped her are still out there, and you feel this tension throughout the book. The last few chapters are nail-biters! It was impossible to put down.

Highly recommend this book to those who like realistic, more edgy Christian romantic suspense. Though it’s the second book in the series, it can be read as a standalone. Although, I highly recommend reading the first book in the series. The author also includes a list of helpful resources at the end of the story. Looking forward to more books by this author! I received an advanced complimentary copy from the author. All opinions are my own and I was not required to provide a positive review.
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Melissas-Bookshelf | Mar 7, 2023 |