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I love this cook book! I'm a huge movie fan and I love to cook. I was so excited to come across it! Fortunately it did not disappoint me. I had so much fun reading through this. I know. You are wondering why only 4 stars then. Unfortunately the recipes are not easily accessible. I highlighted each of them to be able to quickly find the one I want. Also there were no photos of the finished recipe. Not even one. I took half a star for each. If the author corrects this, it is easily a five star book.
There are wonderful photos from the movies. I loved those. They may be the reason why there are no recipe photos. I get that but it is a cookbook. Tossing in a recipe photo from each themed sections would really complete this book. As mentioned, the recipes are divided according to movie themes. This was a brilliant idea for a cookbook. Each themed section includes the recipes, movie quotes and trivia! I love it, love it, love it! I have already sent out texts regarding some of the trivia to my son. The chapter ends with party tips and movie lists. It makes planning a fun night easy peasy. I'm all about stress free entertaining.
In case you are wondering, will she make all the recipes? Are the recipes complicated? Are the ingredients difficult to find? In full honesty, I will definitely not be making every recipe. At least not as they are. Some recipes call for ingredients that I, or a family member or friend, don't care for or are allergic to. Most likely those I will experiment with to make them to our taste. Only a few recipes looked like they would need an experienced cook, (please note: this is only my opinion). For me, the only truly complicated recipes were the ones included, written in their original form, from certain eras. All others, for me, have ingredient lists that contain common food. I live in Alaska so I pretty much believe if I can locate an ingredient, anyone can. Lol.
Overall I am impressed with this cookbook. I believe it to be one I will use often. I would recommend it, especially for movie chefs.
… (mais)
Wulfwyn907 | Jan 30, 2022 |
Not for those of us who ? Traditional Pasta..... I was thinking: "this stuff is just plain weird & unappetizing, and I'm sure as Hades Not Going to Eat This!" So, then I look at the title of the book, rather than the photo on the cover and I'm like: "Ah No, Wonder..... I Get It!" Minus a star!

This is a heavy book for a heavy price: $35.... The pages are slick and the photos are limited. For me Photos are a major part of a cookbook, not only do I want photos for most every dish, I want them to tantalize my taste buds. Moving on to the recipes: the titles are in a heavy bold colored font, the ingredients are on a side frame in a small bold font which is quite readable. The recipe begins with an explanation in a very thin hard to read font and the instructions are in a tiny bold font, which I can not read..... What good is a cookbook when you Can't Read the Instructions? Minus another star!!

Contents include: Introduction; How to Cook Pasta Like an Italian(?): the Recipe Chapters; Pasta Glossary; Sources; Acknowledgements; and Index.

Appetizers & Soups: Pasta Sushi; Pasta Pretzel Sticks; Award-Winning Macaroni Fritters; and Soup in a Sack

Fruit: Pasta w/ artichokes, prunes & sage; Berries, basil & bells; Rigatoni w/ red apples, rosemary, & red onions; and Spaghetti w/ oranges, dates & anchovies

Nuts (Um Yeah): Corzetti w/ marjoram; Pasta w/ mint pistachio pesto; Chicory pesto w/ trofie; Radiatore w/ radicchio, beer & hazelnuts; and Pasta w/ almond tomato pesto.....

Have you had enough yet?

Vegetarian: Bucatini dome (This looked gross, like a pasta beehive stuffed w/ peas & things); Pasta without water; Risotto style pasta spaghetti w/ potatoes; and Kamut spaghetti w/ bean "meatballs"

Fish: Purple pasta; Trout & snails; Tagliatelle w/ smoked trout & licorice (blech)"Worms" & eels; Slow simmered tuna, caramelized onions, & "candles"; and Fish heads, fish heads.

Meat; Savory Chocolate & Coffee (ewwwwwwwwwwww); Fresh Pasta; Holidays; and Pasta for Dessert....

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Auntie-Nanuuq | Jan 18, 2016 |
This was part of the recent estate sale lot I purchased. It's not a book I would pick for myself - thinking it pretentious, snooty and a bit expensive (at $35) for a cookbook. However, I was pleasantly surprised and more than a little glad it was part of my haul. Instead of ridiculous foodie nonsense and expensive ingredients, this felt more like a cookbook with hand-written notes. Each recipe was easy to follow, with no special jargon or equipment needed. Surrounding it, Segan included tidbits about ancient ingredients, food preparation techniques, rituals, traditions and of course, quotes from Philosophers about food, pleasure and the stomach. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys unique recipes with history on the side. Personally, I can't wait for my fig tree to fruit next year, not that I finally have a few fig recipe I want to try.… (mais)
empress8411 | Nov 27, 2013 |


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