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A Blue So Dark (2010) 162 cópias
Playing Hurt (2011) 104 cópias
Feral (2014) 76 cópias
Spark (2016) 26 cópias
Christmas at Ruby's (2017) 13 cópias
Come December (2015) 4 cópias
Miles Left Yet (2016) 4 cópias
One Fateful Christmas Eve (2016) 2 cópias
I Remember You (2018) 2 cópias
Sentimental Journey (2019) 2 cópias
Ruby's Story (2021) 2 cópias
Princess Leftover 1 exemplar(es)


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To start, I loved the cover! I'm a visual person. Then the story of a young girl spending time with a special aunt (I have 9) and finally the opportunity to make others happy while being the person you always wanted to be. Now that is Christmas Magic!
whybehave2002 | Jan 2, 2022 |
A great way for Barry to get in good with a stunning blond stranger is to babysit her dog for a minute. Right? And although Molly's first year of teaching fifth grade is a mess, driving an ice cream truck in the summer will make kids flock to her. Right? And being the queasy customer who has to take the first bite of pizza at a new pizzeria on live TV will lead to all kinds of great publicity. Right?

With these stories and more in Funny Meeting You Here: 6 Shorts, author Holly Schindler spins a collection of quick tales about people meeting for the first time. And what a delightful collection it is!

I love it when short reads can keep me on my toes, can give me some unexpected turns while also giving me plenty to relate to. This collection has some touching moments here, some romantic ones there, and zany humor that had me laughing out loud now and then.

Not just kinda smiling, like, "Oh, that was cute," but having a few real laughs, which not all amusing stories do for me.

Now, a time or two, the narration would become a little more obvious than necessary, stating that a character just thought something when the fact that the thoughts were italicized already let me know the character was thinking. And one of the characters seemed unstable to me in a way that might be more serious than funny, leaving me a little uneasy about the end of that story.

Nevertheless, I found this book to be light and entertaining overall, with creative construction and clever twists that make it more than a run-of-the-mill ball of yarn. Worth the read!
… (mais)
NadineC.Keels | Jul 1, 2021 |
I enjoyed this book well was a quick read that introduces kids to some of the issues surrounding gentrification and the privilege of the upper-class. However, I found it a bit too simplistic, predictable, and at times far-fetched for my tastes....probably because I'm a world-weary adult who understands how the real world works. But I liked the sentiment, and I already know some of my kid book clubbers love it, and it will facilitate a good discussion.
LibroLindsay | outras 4 resenhas | Jun 18, 2021 |
What a lovely story. Although the twist wasn't unexpected, it was still nicely done.
NadineC.Keels | Mar 3, 2020 |


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