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Bernie Sanders is a U.S. Senator from Vermont. He also served 16 years in the House of Representatives making him the longest serving independent member of Congress in American history. Bernie Sanders was born in 1941 in Brooklyn and attended Brooklyn College and the University of Chicago. After mostrar mais graduating in 1964, he moved to Vermont. In 1981, he was elected to the first of four terms as mayor of Burlington. Sanders lectured at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard and at Hamilton College in upstate New York before his 1990 election as Vermont's at-large member in Congress. Throughout his career he has focused on the shrinking American middle class and the growing income and wealth gaps in the United States. As chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs, Sanders in 2014 passed legislation reforming the VA health care system. Sanders was tapped by Senate leadership to be the ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee. He also serves on the Environment and Public Works Committee, where he has focused on global warming and rebuilding our nation's crumbling infrastructure. He is a member of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, where he has championed efforts to transform our energy system from fossil fuels to renewable power sources like solar and wind. Sanders also sits on the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, where he has fought for greater access to affordable health care and improved education programs from pre-K to college Sanders' campaign against Hillary Clinton for the party's 2016 U.S. presidential nomination raised more money in small, individual contributions than any other in American history, and helped him rise to international recognition. He is the author of the New York Times bestseller Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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(eng) Full name: Bernard Sanders; known as Bernie Sanders

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Our revolution (2016) 669 cópias
Outsider in the White House (1997) 310 cópias
Where We Go from Here (2018) 200 cópias

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Make Change (2020) — Prefácio, algumas edições52 cópias
Playing Bigger Than You Are: A Life in Organizing (2012) — Prefácio — 4 cópias
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This book takes you through the political career of Bernie Sanders. After reading this l have a deep respect and admiration for a man who has spent his life working to make the World a better place for his constituents. He's truly a genuine person and unlike any politician l've known.
ShawnEllsworth | outras 6 resenhas | May 29, 2024 |
Senators Sanders' treatment of the ills of what he calls "uber-capitalism" are often quiet shallow. I think any working class person through the experience own there own lives can plainly see what Sanders has devoted a book to. We see it at the grocery store, the gas station, in our hopes for our children, and our worries for our parents and grandparents.

Frankly, I could only get through about half the book, before I gave up on reading about things that I lived and know as my own experience. I truly don't know who this book is for. Is it meant for the worker to read as a sort of look back over the last four years? This is how I took it, and that makes this a rather boring and redundant tome. Another purpose I see, is this book is for the petit-bouergoise, the liberal bicoastal elite. Who certainly contributed to the collective suffering of the last four years, but with their jobs moving online and their subsisting on DoorDash, rather than the existential threats suffered by other workers, namely death by disease and lack of care.

Where the treatments of Sanders' policy claims felt painful and far from novel, his more biographical description of the past four years, when he discusses his own actions, were extremely engrossing. I would have much preferred if the entire book was such, rather than a little crumb of biographical stories interspersed between facts and figures and politically correct damnations of the one percent of the one percent.
… (mais)
BaileyC | outras 5 resenhas | May 10, 2024 |
I placed this on hold from my library without knowing it was shelved in the teen section. But in a way that makes sense as Bernie's plainspoken and conversational style fits for anyone who has even a cursory understanding of current events. It's topical in covering the economy, healthcare, education, the environment, social justice, and immigration. And he diagnosis them in terms that anyone can understand. As a bonus, he focuses on the moral implications of these things in a way that fits anyone regardless of what their political ideology is. The infographics are cool but what's especially great is the listing of the different organizations that cover these problems. Highly recommended.… (mais)
JuntaKinte1968 | outras 6 resenhas | Dec 6, 2023 |
I think it was George Orwell who said something like - "The best books are those that tell you what you already know" . Already being quite angry about capitalism, as a global system that threatens our very existence, I found much in this book that I was familiar with, but it was still a terrific read. Like other reviewers, I found Bernie's description of his part in the last two Democratic Party's presidential selections and US election campaigns slightly tedious, (some would say self-serving, but I think that's unfair), but his passionate and closely-argued denouncements of the dominance of US politics and media by the super-rich and multinational corporations really hit home. Growing inequality, poor health care and education, the marginalisation of large swathes of the population from politics, and the dangers of climate collapse can all be sheeted home to the dominance of the wealthy few, particularly in opposing fairness in taxation and social reforms that favour the poor - or even the middle class - over the super-rich.
Greed and corruption, even within the Democratic Party which Bernie sought to lead, are main the obstacles he rails about, and he deserves huge credit for the relative success he has had in making these issues central to the political debate - against enormous odds.
There is much that I don't fully understand about the American political system, and at times Bernie seems to presume knowledge about how things work there (what is a "super-PAC" for example?) but the policy solutions he presents are crystal-clear - and transferable to any country with a free-market economy and a functioning democracy - distorted though that often is.
From an Australian perspective, Bernie's battles with the corporate elites and the upper echelons of the US Democratic Party echo similar battles between the leaders of the ruling Australian Labor Party and their fractious allies on the left, including the Australian Greens.
I was a little surprised though to see how little emphasis Bernie gives to the real and ever-present dangers of climate change and global warming - a clear case of corporate greed trumping the common good, environmental hazards and even human survival. Gun control in the USA is another issue he barely mentions (the role of the NRA, etc.?) .
… (mais)
1 vote
noellib | outras 5 resenhas | Jul 2, 2023 |


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