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Sonic Super Special #01: Sonic Vs. Knuckles Battle Royal (1997) — Writer - "The Map" — 2 cópias
Sonic the Hedgehog #52 (1997) 2 cópias
Sonic Super Special #05: Sonic Kids (1998) — Writer (Plot) - "Stop... Sonic Time!" — 2 cópias
The Discovery Zone 1 exemplar(es)


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Jim Amash Inker - "When You and I Were Young, Sally", Inker - "Stop... Sonic Time!", Inker - "Total Re-Genesis", , Inker - "Battle Royal!"
Barry Grossman Colorist - "When You and I Were Young, Sally", Colorist - "Total Re-Genesis", Colorist - "The Map"
Vickie Williams Letterer - "When You and I Were Young, Sally", Letterer - "Total Re-Genesis", Letterer - "The Map"
Karl Bollers Writer (Script) - "Stop... Sonic Time!", Writer - "Total Re-Genesis", Colorist - "Battle Royal!"
Victor Gorelick Managing Editor
Jeff Powell Letterer - "Stop... Sonic Time!", Letterer - "Battle Royal!"
Patrick Spaziante Cover artist
Sam Maxwell Penciler - "Total Re-Genesis", Penciler - "Battle Royal!"
Ken Penders Colorist - "Stop... Sonic Time!", Writer - "Battle Royal!"
Richard Goldwater Editor-in-Chief
Art Mawhinney Penciler - "Stop... Sonic Time!", Penciler - "Total Re-Genesis"
John Hebert Penciler - "Total Re-Genesis"
Manny Galan Penciler - "When You and I Were Young, Sally"
Kent Taylor Writer - "Battle Royal!"
Nelson Rebeiro Penciler - "Total Re-Genesis"
Rich Koslowski Inker - "The Map"
Dave Manak Penciler - "The Map"
Andrew Pepoy Cover artist
Mike Gallagher Writer - "When You and I Were Young, Sally"
Joshua D. Ray Cover artist